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Author: Diane Gaston
Title - Lord Grantwell's Christmas Wish
(Seasonal Historical Romance)

Set in Yorkshire, December 1817. Lord Grantwell "Grant" has not seen Lillian Pearson since she stole military papers from him years ago. So he is surprised to find her on his doorstep asking for help. Lillian's husband has been murdered. The evidence points to her. His Portuguese family wants Lillian to hang. Grant does not believe she is telling the truth and is tempted to throw her out. But when his orphaned niece and nephew ask if she can stay at least until Christmas, Grant could not deny them.

To pay Grant back for temporary sanctuary, Lillian takes over care for the children. (Hannah, the maid who had been tending them, is happy to be done with the duty.) Lillian finds that she is still very attracted to Grant and it looks as though he feels it as well. But there is no way to prove herself innocent of stealing those papers long ago or of killing her husband. Yet she has no one else to turn to.

***** FIVE STARS! Author Diane Gaston has a way of describing people and scenery so well, that I could easily envision it all. I actually lost myself in the story and was startled when danger reared its head, even though I knew it was coming. When Christmas rolled around, I was charmed at all the traditions they followed. Many of them I had never heard of before. I felt a warm glow as the children began to realize that they had truly found a home and people who cared for them. Masterfully done! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Sabrina Jeffries, Madeline Hunter, Mary Jo Putney
Title - A Yuletide Kiss (Anthology)

When We Finally Kiss Good Night by Sabrina Jeffries

Fora Younger met Konrad Juncker years ago in Bath. She thought she had found someone worthy to be her husband...until Konrad left without a farewell. Konrad is now a famous playwright whose plays Flora has secretly criticized for The London Society Times. Besides reviewing plays, Flora is also the companion of Lady Hortensia Whitmarch. When they all find themselves (and others) stranded at a lovely inn, the viscountess takes it upon herself to play the role of matchmaker.

The Unexpected Gift by Madeline Hunter

Jenna Waverly owns a grand and respectable inn called The White Rose. Titled gentry often travel the extra miles it takes to stay there. Jenna and her staff treat each as if they were honored guests. She closed the inn for five days every Christmas specifically so she would not have any lodgers. This was her vacation time. Unfortunately, the icy weather has stranded several travelers at the inn. Then there is the gentleman who was found unconscious in the snow. Jenna would do all she could to ensure he survives and get well again. Not only did the gentleman survive, but he managing to spark something within her.

Lucas Avonwood was tracking a broach stolen from his cousin, Marianne. An accident in the snow lands him at The White Rose and under the tender care of its owner. A romance starts between them; one that is threatened by the possibility of Jenna's soon-to-arrive brother being the villain Lucas hunts.

When Strangers Meet by Mary Jo Putney

Katherine "Kate" Mcleod's parents die, leaving her to the mercy of her greedy uncle in Bombay. The uncle decides to put her up for sale. A bedraggled stranger steps forward and becomes her hero. Helping her return to her caring aunt in London before disappearing.

When Daniel Faringdom walks into a tavern on the Bombay waterfront, he finds a gently bred English girl being auctioned off. Unable to sit by and do nothing, Daniel spends almost all his money to win the bidding. The uncle insists they legally wed immediately. Neither Daniel, nor Kate, believes the official to be legitimate. In the seven years since that fateful time, Daniel has worked to better himself. He returns to England now only because he has unexpectedly inherited the Elland barony, property, and all its responsibilities. A snow and ice storm leaves him stranded at a lovely inn. This is where Daniel meets Kate again and learns the wedding vows spoken were legally binding. The pair decide to spend their time of isolation getting to know each other and deciding whether to annul the marriage or if they suit well enough to remain married.

***** FIVE STARS! I normally write a review for each story in an anthology; however, all three of these stories deserve the full five stars and for the same reasons. All have well developed characters, and the stories are masterfully told. Even though each story is separate and can stand alone, they actually intertwine. All three tales happen at the same time, in the same lovely inn. All the characters mingle throughout the entire anthology. Each story focuses on a main couple. There is also a cat that makes a brief appearance in each.

This anthology will put you in the Christmas spirit no matter what day of the year you read it. Romantic, fun, and a bit of humor blends together in a way that will keep you glued to the pages. Outstanding! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Madeline Hunter, Sabrina Jeffries, Mary Jo Putney
Title - Seduction on a Snowy Night (3 novellas)

This novel is composed of three fantastic novellas from three legendary bestselling authors. BONUS: after each novella is a sneak peek of the author’s next novel. Below you will each novella listed separately. Each will have a synopsis, one through five star rating, and a review.

A Christmas Abduction by Madeline Hunter

Caroline Dunham, with the help of a few others, abduct Adam Prescott, Baron Thornhill, as he is en route to enjoy Christmas with relatives. It seems that Adam has done Caroline’s sister wrong and she intends to change that.

**** FOUR STARS! This is a crisp ride in the countryside – with just a bit of kidnapping. The story hooked me immediately as the author described a main character and his surrounding so vividly that I could almost see and smell them myself. Now that is talent! A tad of humor is inserted as well. Seems every time Caroline turns around, Adam has escaped his prison and is popping up beside her. Terrific! ****

A Perfect Match by Sabrina Jeffries

Colonel Lord Heywood arrives at a wintry ball to keep Katherine “Kitty” Nickman from marrying a vile man. To do so, he whisks Kitty and her cousin, Cassandra “Cass” Isles, away – and just in time! (Not that Kitty was thinking about eloping with the vile man known as Captain Lionel Malet, but Malet definitely intended to force the issue.) Yet Heywood may be no better, because he is secretly a fortune hunter. He must wed for money to save his estate. He might consider trying to win Kitty for his own; however, it is Cass that he is drawn to. As for Cass, she is secretly an heiress who intends to marry only for love.

**** FOUR STARS! Sabrina Jeffries definitely knows drama. This story is full of it. From the first page until the last I was entertained. I often found myself grinning or chuckling in amusement. There is even light suspense toward the end. The heroine is head strong and full of determination when it comes to marrying only for love. I adored her from the beginning. Brava! ****

Wicked Winter Night by Mary Jo Putney

Seven years ago, Anthony Raines proposed to Lady Diana Lawrence. Rightly, she turned him down. Then she left England to become a dashing lady traveler and ended up in India. Now Anthony is the fifth Duke of Castleton. Diana has returned to England with her giant pet cat, The Panda. Anthony and Diana meet again at a costumed all (after Diana and her hostess finish showcasing an exotic Hindu dance.) He still wants to marry her, but she is still resisting. To spend time with her, Anthony kidnaps The Panda and sends word where she is to meet him for the cat’s return. Now Diana is snowed in with Anthony at a remote lodge. Passion still simmers between them. Will she succumb?

**** FOUR STARS! Each character is well developed and I came to care for them quickly. Diana is a little too determined to become a spinster, in my opinion, but Anthony may well change that! He certainly has the bravery to risk her wrath by kidnapping her most loving feline companion. I enjoyed seeing some of the Indian culture (dance) in the story as well. ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Joanna Sims
Title - The Sergeant’s Christmas Mission
(Brands of Montana #9)

Former Army Sergeant Shane Brand suffers from untreated PTSD. He has gotten used to being left alone in his garage apartment and drinking to forget. Other than night time gigs where he would sing and strum his guitar, the only other thing he would do is remodel his classic motorcycle. (He has been working on it for years.) But then his new landlady moves in with her two boys. Things are about to change.

Rebecca Adams inherited the house and tenant. Though he looks rough, Shane is nice and easy going. He proves this on day one when he pays a veterinarian to help a dying kitten even though he was allergic to it. Yet he drinks far too much. That is fine as long as he is not drunk around her boys. Now if only she were not so attracted to him.

*** THREE STARS! If you have not read the other titles in this series, as I have not, do not fret. This story stands alone. For those of you who have followed along, you will be glad to see how previous characters are doing. Of course, they are reduced to secondary characters though. Recon, the German Shepheard, and Top, the kitten, are inseparable and add a delight romp or two. This book is perfect for your next vacation read. ***

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Caro Carson
Title - The Majors’ Holiday Hideaway (American Heroes)

Major India Woods has eleven years in the military and is currently stationed in Belgium. Her best friend, Captain Helen Pallas, lives in Fort Hood, Texas. During a two week vacation in December, they trade houses. India tries not to date men with families. She knows what it is like to never have a parents’ attention and refuses to take a father’s attention away from their child. While in Texas, she meets her next door neighbor, who seems to be a carefree bachelor.

Major Aidan Nord has twelve years in service. His four-year-old fraternal twin girls are away with his sister and he is bored – until he meets India. He does not want another woman to pity him being a widow with two kids, so he does not mention his past.

*** THREE STARS! This story is basically two adults having a vacation fling with no strings attached. Expect several bedroom scenes. During the last third of the book, the twins come home and India’s character is sort of in shell shock for awhile. It was interesting to experience. The author did a fabulous job expressing it all. This is a well written story with a bit of humor that I could not read fast enough. ***

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Tara Taylor Quinn
Title - An Unexpected Christmas Baby

Tamara Frost has been called home by her father. He is in need of her help. Someone is stealing from her father’s company, Owens Investments. Tamara is to use her profession, as an efficiency consultant, as a cover to investigate. The prime suspect is Flint Collins. There is no concrete proof the culprit is him though.

Flint’s mother has just died in prison giving birth to a daughter. Flint is still in a bit of shock when he receives three-day-old Diamond Rose. He has given up his plans of going into business for himself. Job security, for Diamond’s sake, means everything to him. She means everything to him. He would be the best brother/father possible for Diamond. Then he meets Tamara at the office and they hit it off. If only she did not act as though she were hiding something from him.

**** FOUR STARS! There is more going on that I tell in my synopsis. It seems at one point that the entire world is conspiring against Flynn, yet he never asks for help. Flynn is a strong character, in more ways than one, so deserves a strong match. He finds that in Tamara. She has had her share of heartbreaks too.

The story is well written and the main characters have well developed backgrounds. I actually came to care for a few of them. I will be looking for more stories by Tara Taylor Quinn. ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Regina Scott, Sarah E. Eden, Jen Geigle Johnson, Annette Lyon, Krista Lynne Jensen, Heather B. Moore
Title - A Yuletide Regency (6 Novellas)

Always Kiss At Christmas by Regina Scott

Mary Rose knows that her mother’s health is getting worse, but no man will listen to her. The only option available is for Mary to wed well and then men will HAVE to listen (or deal with her husband.) Though her mother keeps pushing her toward Chester Godwin, Mary’s heart prefers a rising solicitor, Julian Mayes.

**** FOUR STARS! A delightful story filled with fun and romance during a Christmas Eve party. The entire story happens within twelve hours. Mary/Meredith and Julian will continue their courtship in the Fortune’s Brides series. ****

A Yuletide Match by Sarah E. Eden

Adelaide Northrop is the Ton’s most sought-after and successful matchmaker. Her current assignment is to find a bride for Mr. Porter Bartrum, a widower and young father. To do this, Adelaide would attend a Yuletide house party with him. However, since Porter does not want everyone to know that he has hired her, Adelaide would attend as a guest with his best friend, Vance Munson and his sister, Chloe.

**** FOUR STARS! To me, little Lewis is the best part of the story. He is mischievous, rambunctious, and an utter delight. This story covers a little over a week in time. The character of Adelaide is insightful, observant, as well as inquisitive. I hope to see more of her. ****

The Forbidden Duke by Jen Geigle Johnson

The new Duke of Salsbury, Stephen Harrington, has a strong sense of duty and is expected to court and wed Lady Fenninway. Lady Catherine Aster’s family seeks an alliance with the Lennard family. Everyone knows that the Salsbury and Aster families dislike one another. Each family believes the other family harmed their own. Yet since neither Stephen, nor Catherine, know who the other person is, they have a scandalous dance at a ball. Of course, immediately upon learning the identity of their partner, the two separate. Too bad neither can seem to forget the other.

**** FOUR STARS! It was so interesting to learn why the two families dislike each other so much. It was equally as interesting to watch Stephen and Catherine’s courtship; especially since her uncle avidly hated the Salsbury name. This is a well done story that left me feeling … smug. ****

Mistletoe at Willowsmeade by Annette Lyon

Thirty-two-year-old Eleanor Hadfield is the governess to the children of her cousin, Henry Brunson. Long ago, she had left for her one Season in London and Julian Stephens had went off to war. Now both are spending Christmas at Willowsmeade. Could the pair finally find love?

**** FOUR STARS! Julian is a Navy Captain, so he is used to regrouping and determining his next course. It was fun to watch him do so with Eleanor. The story gave me a warm feeling. Well written and fun to read. ****

Follow the River Home by Krista Lynne Jensen

Arabelle “Abby” Hyatt (and her mother) have finished their time of mourning for her brother, George, and his wife, Jane. They died of consumption last year. Now they must think of themselves and Eleanor, George’s infant daughter. Hybrigge House is entailed to Mr. Hewitt Forbes. Luckily, Mr. Forbes is about to ask for Abby’s hand in marriage. To solve all their problems, Abby is prepared to accept. When Major Isaac Linfield, an old friend of George’s, arrives for a short visit, Abby is thrilled to see a childhood friend. She does not care about his missing leg. It does not make him less of a man. However, Isaac had received a letter from George’s deathbed asking Isaac to look after those he loves, and Isaac intends to do just that.

***** FIVE STARS! Not many authors have the hero of their story be disabled. Jensen is not only brave to have done so, but has done it superbly. This tale of romance left me glowing with pleasure. *****

The New Earl by Heather B. Moore

Celia Thompson’s parents died years ago. Her brother, Bart, died three months ago. Now her father’s second cousin has arrived to take possession of his inheritance, which happened to be her home. She has two options: Move in with Aunt Marianne (when she returns from her third honeymoon) or remain where she is as a charity case. Celia wants to hate Aaron Thompson, but he is too kind, sincere, and understanding. When he asks her to marry him and remain at Banfield Estate with him, she believes the proposal is out of pity and refuses. Now what?

**** FOUR STARS! Though this story could have happened in reality, Lady Celia struck me as a bit too aloof and cool. I never came to care for her. Aaron’s character was the direct opposite. He came across as sensible and warm. Good thin opposites attract. By the end, I was left totally satisfied. ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Sarah J. Maas
Title - Catwoman: Soulstealer

Teenager Selina Kyle grows up in the slums of Gotham City, fighting in the underground arena. It is the only way she can get money to keep a roof over her head and to care for her ailing sister, Maggie. But all that changes when Social Services steps in. In exchange for Maggie going to a decent and loving couple’s home, Selina joins the League of Assassins and heads off to train for two years.

Selina returns as Holly Vanderhees. A rich socialite who cares only for shopping and having a good time. At least, that is what she allows people to believe. In truth, Selina if forging a friendship with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. With Batman away on a mission, Gotham is ripe for picking and the trio of ladies make a formidable team. At night, Catwoman tangles with Batwing. By day, Selina/Holly dallies with Luke Fox, her handsome neighbor.

Catwoman must pull off her biggest heist before the League of Assassins finally catch up to her. Time is running out.

***** FIVE STARS! This story starts out by showing Selina’s horrible, young teen life and explains why it is so much harder than any other person’s. The story continues two years later when she returns to Gotham City with a plan. That plan is kept under wraps by the author until well in the book, and I refuse to tell or give spoilers. When the plan is finally revealed, readers realize that everything Catwoman has done had a specific purpose. In the exciting conclusion, it all comes together and I am left grinning like an idiot. *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Leigh Bardugo
Title - Warbringer (Wonder Woman)

Diana, Princess of Themyscira, knows it is wrong to rescue anyone from shipwrecks along the island’s coasts; but when she spies a teenaged girl barely hanging onto wreckage, Diana acts on instinct and dives in to save her. Diana is only a teenager too and as Queen Hippolyta’s daughter, everyone keeps a sharp eye on her. This makes what she has to do next more difficult. Diana hides the young lady, Alia Mayeux Keralis, in a cave until she can decide what to do. This is when Amazons start getting very sick and earthquakes begin.

Alia has no idea that she is a Warbringer. The birth of a Warbringer signals an age of conflict. Wars will soon follow (such as WWII.) Everywhere she goes people will suddenly become violent. If the Warbringer dies before her seventeenth birthday, no war will come. Therefore, this is a secret society dedicated to identifying and assassinating all Warbringers – and they have Alia targeted.

Diana learns about magical springs at the southern coast of Greece. If she can get Alia off Themyscira without anyone knowing and to the springs before the start of Hekatombaion (the first month in the old Greek calendar) then the line of Warbringers will be broken.

Diana, Alia, and a few people Alia trusts must race to the magical springs while avoiding the Warbringer conflicts and dodging assassins.

***** FOUR & A HALF STARS! From the first page until the last, this story is nonstop action. It was fun to be on Themyscira during the beginning and ending of this book, but watching Diana have an adventure while she was only a teen was even more fun. I mean, just picture a teenaged Diana/Wonder Woman seeing New York for the first time, yet acting as a bodyguard to another (wealthy) teen. Of course, adults do not even consider Diana able to be a bodyguard at first. But the Amazon princess has borrowed a few (familiar) items from the island to help. Watching Diana in battle was thrilling, no matter her age.

The story has some twists, but a few of them are predicable. Others blindsided me. This story is well worth your time and money! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Robert J. Randisi
Title - The Miracle of Revenge (Angel Eyes #1)

Elizabeth “Liz” Archer is a woman on the hunt for the entire Nolan clan. It all started when Bill Nolan killed her fiancé. Liz has never held a gun or rifle, but luck is on her side as she killed Bill Nolan. Soon after, Les Nolan and his sons arrived and killed her entire family. As the only Archer family member left alive, Liz set out to avenge them. Again luck is on her side. She ran into Tate Gilmore who teaches her to shoot. Liz is a natural. With some skill now under her belt, Liz sets her “Angel Eyes” on eliminating the rest of the Nolan family.

**** This would have been five stars if Liz had not turned to prostitution. She was innocent until she gave herself to Tate Gilmore (a well-known gunslinger.) But it did not take long for Liz to begin selling herself out. Too bad, because the rest of the book is fantastic. Be warned: Toward the end (while selling her body to one of her enemies) the sex becomes hard. ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Robert J. Randisi
Title - Death’s Angel (Angel Eyes #2)

When Elizabeth “Liz” Archer spies two men about to overtake and do harm to a lone woman on horseback, she immediately interferes to rescue the lady. Angie Carter and her father was the only people in the area to own land except for James Morris. Problem is that the Carter spread is right dab in the middle of all Morris’s property … and Morris will do anything to get the Carter land, including hire a hit man to kill Angel Eyes.

**** There are several typos in this novel and that kept distracting me from the story. There is no prostitution in this episode. In fact, this has the same flavor as the “Lone Star” series; a female gunslinger who picks the men she lays with and a righteous mission. Until the hired gunman arrives, things are pretty tame. But once he arrives in town, the real fun begins. ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Robert J. Randisi
Title - Wolf Pass (Angel Eyes #3)

Old Gray Hair is the larger and smarter than any known wolf before. The Nez Percé Indians called Old Gray Hair a great god. Eric Neilson had gone up against the wolf and lost. He now sports deep gouges on his back to tell the tale. Now Old Gray Hair haunts his sleep. The only way to stop the nightmares is for Neilson to see Old Gray Hair’s lifeless corpse. To that end, Neilson hires Elizabeth “Liz” Archer.

Liz does not track animals, but Neilson threatened to tell all the newspapers where she currently was. That would bring all the gun shooters who wanted to test her. In other words, Liz hunts the wolf or there would be a blood bath. She reluctantly agrees. But that is not the end of it. Neilson has already hired the best wolf tracker, Loren Page. Liz and Page are to work together. But again, that is not the end of it. While Liz and Page hunt Old Gray Hair, someone else has come to town to kill Page.

*** THREE STARS! This story is not nearly as exciting as the previous two, yet it is still worth your time to read. It was interesting to watch Liz and Page track this fascinating creature. The author even allowed the reader to see through Old Gray Hair’s eyes often! There are some typos, but not nearly as many as in the second book of the series. ***

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Robert J. Randisi
Title - Chinatown Justice (Angel Eyes #4)

Elizabeth “Liz” Archer still had quite a bit of money on her due to killing a legendary wolf. She decided to head for San Francisco for some sightseeing and gambling. During her first night, she meets Victor Drake, a big time rich businessman. Within twenty-four hours, she is framed for killing one of his sons at a crib (whorehouse.) Inspector Dan Granger believes her innocent, yet his chief says to hold her. Therefore, Granger helps her escape. She could try to clear her name and Granger can use her as bait. The killers had made a fatal mistake when they chose Angel Eyes to take the blame for murder.

** TWO STARS! There is more sex in this episode of the series than in the others. There is so much that I believe it was used as filler. Angel Eyes gets around – even with a woman – and few men do not get entertained in her bed. (It would be a much short list to say who Liz did NOT go to bed with.) The investigation is slow going and things do not get interesting until after the novel’s middle. There is very little sustenance to the plot line and I found myself bored at times. I would say this is an okay read, but far from the author’s best work. **

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Robert J. Randisi
Title - Logan’s Army (Angel Eyes #5)

Elizabeth “Liz” Archer enters Loganville, Wyoming, where Edward Logan runs the entire town. He has a piece of every place except the saloon called Honey’s Place. Honey O’Day runs an upscale saloon staffed mainly by females (which encourages more men to enter the establishment.) Honey has her hands busy keeping Logan out of her business. This is difficult to do with his men causing trouble and the sheriff on Logan’s payroll. But when one of Logan’s men beat and rape one of the women, Angel Eye’s decides to step in and help Honey out.

**** FOUR STARS! Honey O’Day is my type of lady, independent and stubborn. This story still has quite a few typos, but if you can ignore them, this story is very entertaining. Now half way into the series, the author is finally starting to dwell on the plot line rather than using too much sex as filler. ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Robert J. Randisi
Title - Bullets & Bad Times (Angel Eyes #6)

Elizabeth “Liz” Archer enters the town of Clearwater in the Dakota Territory. Unknown to Angel Eyes two people are waiting for her. Clay Hammet is a want-to-be gunslinger determined to make a reputation as the man who killed Angel Eyes. Sheriff Al Toliver wants to ensure Hammet does not kill himself by trying to outgun Liz by asking Liz to leave town immediately. Of course, Liz does not look for trouble and would simply have moved on except for the fact that her horse, Blossom, needs a few days to heal a hoof. To make matters worse, four men tried to cheat Liz at poker. She turned the tables and walked out with their money. The four decide they want their money back. Then there is the bank robbery.

***** FIVE STARS! I knew that if I kept reading, I would eventually get a story worth the full five stars from this author. The talent was there, but he put too much time on sex for each story. This time his primary focus was the plot lines. (Yes, there is more than one.) There are still some typos, but this time there is just enough sex and a terrific story that held my attention until the very end. *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Robert J. Randisi
Title - Six-Gun Angel (Angel Eyes #7)

Elizabeth “Liz” Archer travels with Captain Barnaby’s Traveling Wild West and Theater Show in Nevada for various reasons. One, she and her horse had been shot and needed to heal. Two, to help the carnies find the man that had lashed one of theirs to a pine and tortured. Three, to also help the carnies solve the mystery of where the bank robbers’ loot is stashed among the troupe. But there are others looking for the missing money as well.

**** FOUR STARS! More is going on than I mention in my synopsis. Again the author focuses on the plot and the story moves rapidly, but smoothly, along. ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Robert J. Randisi
Title - Avenging Angel (Angel Eyes #8)

When Elizabeth “Liz” Archer hears that Tate Gilmore had been killed, shot in the back, while in Winfield, Texas, she heads for the lone star state. Once there she learns it to be true, except for the part of him being dead. The bank was being robbed by four Mexicans and as Gilmore ran toward the bank, a fifth Mexican on a rooftop shot him in the back. The Mexicans run for Mexico and within two weeks, even with his wound, Gilmore is right behind them, determined to find the man who shot him. Gilmore knows Liz will go to Winfield as soon as she hears so he leaves a note for her, asking her to meet him in Mexico City. When the Mexican Revolutionaries hear of the two gunfighters coming, the plan ways to keep Liz and Gilmore apart while using each to help save Mexico from El Presidente.

*** THREE STARS! Mexico City is the target this time around. When all the players arrive in Mexico City, things get hot and I finally got interested. Until then the story was simply traveling and scheming. However, it is great to see Gilmore and Angel Eyes together again. Be warned of a cliff-hanger ending. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Robert J. Randisi
Title - Angel For Hire (Angel Eyes #9)

La Isla Bonita (The Pretty Island) has a problem with bandits and need them removed. To that end, they make a deal with Pete Sanchez. If he kills the bandits, he can keep all the bandits’ loot. Sanchez sends telegrams off to a dozen mercenaries to meet him in Mexico. Of those dozen is one Tate Gilmore, who is currently with Elizabeth “Liz” Archer, otherwise known as Angel Eyes. Though Tate and Liz never hire out their guns, they agree that this may be a time to do just that.

** TWO STARS! Typos abound, (Example: Chapter Flour) but otherwise the story is okay. Most of the story is teaching women how to use guns, traveling, and strategizing. The bad thing is that, like the last book, this one ends in a cliffhanger. I cannot find any book numbered ten. The ending feels rushed and readers are left believing that Liz and Tate are about to be captured and executed. If so, this is a poor way to end a series. **

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Regina Scott
Title - A Convenient Christmas Wedding (Frontier Bachelors #5)

When Nora Underhill learns that her brother, Charles, and his wife, Meredith, are coming to live in Seattle, she knows it is to draw her back into a life of drudgery. Yet this little seamstress has no intention of allowing that to happen again. In a bold move, Nora proposes a marriage of convenience to Simon Wallin, a rugged logger. In return for Simon’s protection from her overbearing family, Nora offers one hundred and sixty acres of prime farmland.

Simon shoulders the responsibility of caring for his family. That includes his mother, sister, brothers, their wives, all future babies, and the animals. By his calculation his family would just scrape through this winter with enough food for them all. He accepts Nora’s proposal, hoping that he is not making the worst decision of his life. But little by little, Nora’s warmth opens his heart. Simon’s family adores Nora and hopes to see their relationship grow into a true marriage with love. And by the looks the pair shares, that may happen in the near future.

***** FIVE STARS! This story targets the readers who enjoy a Christmas romance story without a lot of danger and tension. After a rough week at work, this way exactly what I needed to help me relax over the weekend. Charles and Meredith bring much drama to the story, but the primary focus remains on Nora and Simon. Nora’s character is honest, warm, and kind-hearted. She loves to do things for others, including the adoptions of a few interesting animals – such as the dog who can talk! Simon’s character is focused mainly on his growing family with no thoughts as to himself. He likes things told to him straight up and no surprises. It is wonderful to watch Nora simply be herself and end up making Simon realize that his life can have the loving happiness that his brothers do.

If you have read the other titles in this series, you will see familiar names as secondary characters. However, you do not have to read any of the other stories to fully enjoy this one. It stands alone. And so does this author! I cannot recommend this novel highly enough. *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Christina Skye, C.H. Admirand, Pamela Morsi, Linda J. Parisi, Jeff DePew, Lori Avocato, Connie Corcoran Wilson, Mathew Kaufman
Title - Romantic Times: Vegas (Volume 2, Anthology)

Ex-Sighting by Pamela Morsi

Ten years ago Regina Hurley had left Jake Wilkins at the altar. When they run across each other in a Vegas bar, old feelings return.

**** FOUR STARS! Very short story but a bit unrealistic. After ten years of not seeing someone, it is a little hard to believe that the pair would resolve everything in five minutes and plan a forever together. ****

The Promise by Linda J. Parisi

Set in 1962 at the Excelsior Hotel in Vegas. Sarah and Lieutenant Michael “Mac” McDonald (Air Rescue Pilot) are on their honeymoon. In a few short days, Mac would be gone for a full year. During that year, Mac’s helicopter goes down and he is listed as MIA.

**** FOUR STARS! This is a light-hearted tale showing that love with a military man can be difficult, but worth it. Good character developments are made within just a dozen or so pages. ****

Same Time, Next Year by Jeff DePew

In 1971, at the Excelsior Hotel, Lennard King had entered the room of his estranged wife with a gun. He shot his wife and her lover before committing suicide. The wife survived. Every year, on the anniversary of the horrible event, she returns. Why?

***** FIVE STARS! This is my favorite story in this anthology. Similar stories have been written, but this one is well executed. I read it twice. *****

What The Hell Happened In Vegas! (A Pauline Sokol romance) by Lori Avocato

Pauline Sokol deals with medical insurance fraud cases. Her nursing experience comes in handy often. This time she and her easy-on-the-eyes partner, Jagger, are guests at the Excelsior Hotel to investigate a chiropractor.

**** FOUR STARS! If you have never read a Pauline Sokol story then you will get a bit of information that you do not really need to know (Goldie’s military background, who Miles is, and Pauline’s religion to name a few.) It does not distract from the story, but it does not add anything either; except one or two pages. This case is simple. Most of the story is Pauline’s fascination with yummy Jagger and the exquisite hotel. ****

Kiss Me And Kill Me With Love by Connie Corcoran Wilson

Set in May 1960. The three McGuire Sisters were opening for Johnny Carson at the Excelsior Hotel. But more backstage is going on than meets the eye. Phyllis McGuire wants to briefly travel to Paris with Dan Rowan. Her sister, Dorothy, know that if she did, Sam Giancana might use his mob connections to kill them both.

** TWO STARS! Most of this short story is spent giving names and information on many characters. I had to take notes to keep everyone straight. Yet nothing really happened to make me feel concern for any of the cast. **

There Will Always Be Vegas by Mathew Kaufman

Arthur Westbrooke is the Chairman and CEO of Diamond Pharmaceuticals. Hunter Grady is a very young bellman at the Excelsior Resort. Arthur had given up on ever finding true love with another man until he met Hunter.

*** THREE STARS! This short story is a male-male relationship. Be warned that there is one “hot” scene. If this bothers you, skip this tale. My only problem is that the relationship between the two is too fast and unrealistic. ***

Love At the Las Vegas Bake Off by C.H. Admirand

Peggy and her sister, Kate, run a diner in Apple Grove, Ohio. Peggy has entered the First Las Vegas Bake-Off and is determined to win. Peggy has been receiving threatening emails, but she refuses to back out of the contest. Kate (and her mom) hire the Justiss brothers to act as Peggy’s bodyguards.

U.S. Marshal Ben Justiss is the last person Peggy McCormack expects to see at the bake-off. No matter how handsome he is, Ben had his chance with her. She is not interested in him and wishes he would go away so she could focus on baking. So why does seeing him with internet cooking sensation, Sofia Stellini, make her so jealous?

***** FIVE STARS! This story is just plain fun. There is a lot of drama, some action, and just enough information about the characters to make new readers pick up previous titles in the Apple Grove series. Loved it! *****

Finding a Hero by Christina Skye

Madison “Maddie” Munro is employed by a secret unit of the US government. She is assigned to run security for a high-profile wedding in a Las Vegas hotel. She expects Izzy Teague, a high-level government operative, to meet her at the hotel and to help him with her special talents; however, she never expects to enter her hotel room to find a handsome stranger.

**** FOUR STARS! Maddie and Izzy are obviously from one of the author’s series. Though this story is mainly dealing with laptop codes and researching backgrounds, the other series seems to deal with demons and some sort of power that has blue lights spreading on Maddie’s hands and arms. It does distract the reader (me) from the current story, but since I often enjoy a good Romantic Fantasy, I am very tempted to research it. As for this story, it is short, quick, and filled with action. Hmm, I may go search the name Gabriel Ross (the man in Maddie’s room) and see what I find on him too. ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Kathy Carmichael
Title - Angel Be Good (Christmas Romance)

The Angelic Council has made a slight miscalculation. Lieutenant Danvers was supposed to die that day in Vietnam. They did not anticipate Daphne to interfere and end up dying in his place. On these very rare instances the newly deceased simply enters heaven early; however, Daphne insists that Leonard (the angel informing her of the Council’s error) go tell the Council to fix the problem and send her back. Returning to her past life is already impossible, but the Council does decide to allow Daphne to return and take over the life and body of another female due to arrive shortly. They only ask that Daphne do them one small favor.

Nathaniel Danvers is CEO of Danvers and Son, a leading department store chain in sixteen states and three countries. He has no idea how the beautiful lady managed to enter his office, much less the building, but he wants her gone. He does not believe in the guardian angel she claims is with her invisibly or anything else that he cannot see, feel, taste, or hear. Yet somehow the silent alarm does not summon help, the doors refuse to open, and he is being forced to watch his life story.

Daphne returns on Christmas Eve, several years after her early death. She has until the end of the night to help the son of Lieutenant Danvers change his ways or he will not make it to heaven. (It had been Nat’s mother who had asked the Heavenly Council for help.) So here Daphne is, paying an after-hours visit to Nat’s office. With Leonard giving flashes of Nat’s past, present, and future on various gadgets she has never seen before, Daphne is about to play Ghost to his Scrooge.

**** FOUR STARS! You do not have to be a fan of the classic tale A Christmas Story to enjoy this delightful romp (but it sure helps.) This romantic story has the same flavor; however, the author has upped the ante by having the “Scrooge” be in the twenty-first century and adding some chemistry between Daphne and Nat. (It does not hurt that Carmichael’s version of Scrooge is H-O-T either.)

Kathy Carmichael has a flare for telling a heartwarming, yet sassy, stories and this one will certainly put you into the holiday spirit! ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Jill Shalvis
Title - Christmas in Lucky Harbor
(First two novels in series and two short stories)

Simply Irresistible
Maddie Moore leaves L.A. (after dumping her abusive boyfriend and losing her job) for the little coastal town of Lucky Harbor, Washington. Her deceased mother, Phoebe Traeger, has left a ramshackled inn to Maddie and her two half-sisters, Tara and Chloe. Maddie is hoping for a new beginning and sees potential in the Lucky Harbor Resort, but a lot of work would be needed simply to bring the inn back up to code. Maddie's biggest problem is convincing her sisters to agree. They want to sell the place, divide the money, and go their separate ways. Money is another problem. The place needs a complete makeover and not one of the sisters has the money for the enormous task.

The contractor Maddie hires turns out to be the hot guy she has recently tried (accidentally, of course) to run off the road. That faux pas had been followed by Maddie tipping over Mr. Hottie's motorcycle shortly thereafter. But unlike the loud men she has ever known, Jax Cullen takes it all in stride. Worse, Jax is making it difficult for Maddie to remember that she has sworn off men.

***** FIVE STARS! As the first sister to have her story told, Maddie is the meekest. Considered to be "The Mouse", Maddie is learning to speak up for herself. Watching this mouse transform into a lioness is pure bliss. The author has given each sister her own unique personality. Yet as different as the three half-sisters are, each has managed to wiggle their way into my heart. THAT is but one sign of a talented writer. "Simply Irresistible" is fun, full of humor, and simply delightful in every way. *****

The Sweetest Thing
Seventeen years ago, at the age of seventeen, Tara Daniels had a fling with Ford. In the end, they give their child up for adoption and Tara leaves for Texas. But recently Tara has returned to Lucky Harbor, Washington. Tara and her half-sisters (Chloe Traeger and Maddie Moore) are opening Lucky Harbor Inn.

Ford Walker is no longer a young teen. Ford is now pure testosterone and sinew. However, the uncontrollable blaze that once burned between him and Tara remains the same – if not hotter. Ford is determined to win Tara back. When Tara’s ex-husband, Logan Perrish, comes to town with the same agenda, Ford tosses down the gauntlet which Logan picks up. May the best man win!

***** FIVE STARS! Lucky Harbor is a close-knitted town full of colorful, caring, and nosey locals that I have come to love. In this story, the locals keeps the town’s Facebook © page updated with interesting goings-on. Unfortunately for Tara, that means grainy cellular photos and postings about the two alpha men competing for her affection. (Hey, what single lady wouldn’t enjoy having a sailing champion and a NASCAR champion begging for her attention? [Besides Tara, that is.]) The town’s page even has a poll going for bets as to which man Tara will finally accept. That is just an example of the humor and fun readers may expect from a Lucky Harbor story. Fabulous! *****

Kissing Santa Claus (Short Story)
It has been five months since Logan Perrish had left Lucky Harbor to return to the racing circuit. Though Sandy Jansen had known he was just a fling, she had no idea how much she would miss the NASCAR driver. Now it is close to Christmas and Sandy is feeling more alone than ever before. Then suddenly Logan is there, claiming he wants her back – forever.

***** FIVE STARS! I have been hoping that Logan would have his story told one day. That day has finally arrived. I am happy to say that it was well worth the wait. *****

Under the Mistletoe (Short Story)
Five years ago Mia travelled from New York to Lucky Harbor, Washington, to find her birth parents. She was immediately accepted and became part of a wonderful family filled with misfits. While there, Mia met and fell in love with Carlos. But Carlos dumped her – for her own good and told her to move on. Mia did.

Mia still lives in New York but often returns to Lucky Harbor. For the past six months she has been dating Nick, a new lawyer for restorative justice. When Mia asks Nick to spend Christmas with her in Lucky Harbor and be her date at the wedding of her aunt, Chloe, Nick declines with no explanation. Brokenhearted, Mia travels alone to Lucky Harbor the next morning.

Nick does not have a family. Going through the system as an orphan is why he chose restorative justice. He has never let anyone get too close – until Mia. He is uncertain about Mia’s big family in Lucky Harbor and how he might feel out of place, but he goes anyway. Nick only knows that without Mia, he is lost. Problem is that now he will have to prove himself to Mia, as well as her protective family. And then there is Carlos.

**** FOUR STARS! It is odd for me to read a story (even a short story) where last names are not given. Since Mia played a big part in The Sweetest Thing; she already felt like a close friend to me. Not so with Nick. With no last name and never seeing the character before, Nick never became real to me. Still, the story is good; even if it is a bit too tame for my taste. ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Hope Ramsay
Title - Last Chance Christmas

Lark Chaikin has no idea why Pop’s last request was to be cremated and his ashes to be spread on the eighteenth hole of a mini golf course in Last Chance, South Carolina. As far as Lark knows, Pop had spent less than two weeks in the small town forty years ago. But she must admit that now is a good time. Taking care of Pop’s ashes gives her an excuse to avoid work briefly and try to come to grips with her nightmares. Lark is a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer. Her photos told the emotional story of what was happening in the war-torn parts of the world. On her recent assignment in Libya, Lark lived through something that has her shaken up. She can no longer bring herself to click the shutter on her camera. She has a little over a week to deal with Pop’s ashes and pull herself together. Christmas Day would see her on a flight to Africa and back to work. Lark learns that the Bible Belt is nothing like home in New York. From the minute she arrives in town, Lark is made to feel very unwelcome.

Police Chief Stonewall “Stone” Rhodes has enough trouble in his life. The last thing he needs is the daughter of the most notorious man ever to set foot in Last Chance causing problems. Her father, Abe, is blamed by many for the death of his grandfather. Lark’s presence has his father furious. No one really knows what happened on the eighteenth hold of Golfing for God that long ago night. Did Zeke have an accident? Or had he been beaten and murdered? But, again, Stone has enough troubles of his own. His wife, Sharon, died six years ago in a car wreck and Stone is still grieving. Lizzy, his teen daughter, is sweet on the new boy from Michigan. David’s family is Jewish, while Lizzy is Christian, and the boy’s mother does not want David to be friends with Lizzy; she want the family to move back to Michigan. Then there is Stone’s eight-year-old daughter, Haley, who believes that she has been seeing a crying angel for many years. Haley is convinced that The Sorrowful Angel wants to earn her wings and return to Heaven. Could his life possibly get any worse?

Stone’s father is standing in Lark’s way of fulfilling Pop’s last request, so while she is stuck in Last Chance, she may as well try to find out what happened forty years ago. As Stone and Lark spend time together, her digging into the past is causing much ado in town. And it looks as though the event of forty years ago just may repeat itself.

**** FOUR STARS! This is a heartwarming story that is perfect for any time of year. It has romance, an old mystery, and even a bit of suspense (when the body of a local man is found) and mayhem. The story’s main focus is on Lark and Stone, but the two daughters get some time in the spotlight as well. Because I live in South Carolina, I was a bit disappointed when Lark received such a hostile welcome, but as the background of the town became clearer I could easily see why the locals would wonder if she was up to no good. Lark’s character goes the extra mile to help Stone’s family bring the Spirit of Christmas back into their lives. By end of the exciting climatic ending, you will be unable to say that angels do not exist and watch over us. I plan to read this story more than once before the New Year. I found it to be downright magical! ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Katie Lane
Title - Hunk for the Holidays (Christmas Contemporary)

Cassandra “Cassie” McPherson is a workaholic. She has always worked hard for her family’s construction business. She is too busy to socialize. Whenever Cassie needs a date for a party or office function, she simply calls an escort service. So when James shows up Cassie assumes he is her hired escort for the evening’s party. Unlike any of her previous escorts, James not only fills out a tuxedo nicely, but he is intelligent, observant, and extremely charming. For once, Cassie is tempted to do what she never has before – have a one night stand.

James built his company, Sutton Construction, from scratch. It is now a million dollar company. As a workaholic with a growing business, he has had to attend several business parties and mingle with all sorts of women, but he has never met anyone like Cassie before. When James realizes that Cassie believes him to be her hired escort, he goes along with it. By the end of the night James has decided that he wants to spend more time with the lovely spitfire. But before he does, James intends to let Cassie know who he really is: her family’s fiercest business rival. However, James never gets a chance to tell Cassie, thanks to the alcoholic drinks. And he wakes up the next morning to the feel of Cassie doing some wild things to him. Now his dilemma is trying to figure out how to reveal who he is without losing the woman of his dreams.

**** FOUR STARS! Avid readers know that the best thing about the holidays (Oct. – Dec.) is the holiday themed stories that are published. This is one of the most fun and entertaining Christmas romances that I have read in the past few years.

Though the story’s main focus remains on Cassie and James, the author includes a side romance between two secondary characters. Then there is Cassie’s ninety-year-old Aunt Wheezie who is always ready to give love a gentle push – or a hard shove when necessary. Add in a mangy cat and some nosey neighbors and you are guaranteed to be entertained. Highly recommended! ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Victoria Alexander
Title - What Happens at Christmas
(Christmas Regency Romance)

Young Camille had wed a man who was substantially older than her, and they had spent eight comfortable years together. Now Camille is a very wealthy widow and is looking to remarry. This year for Christmas, Camille wants a wedding proposal from Prince Nikolai Pruzinsky, of the ruling family of the Kingdom of Greater Avalonia. She does not love the man, but fully expects to fall in love with him after they are married. Since Nikolai has been reading novels by Mr. Charles Dickens, he mentions wanting to experience a traditional English Christmas. Camille decides to grant his wish. Of course, her family has never been what one might call proper, but by a very good stroke of luck everyone is out of the country for Christmas this year. Camille hires a troupe of actors to play the parts of her family, as well as all the other servants. What could possibly go wrong with such a brilliant plan?

Young Grayson Elliott did not confess his feelings of love to Camille until the day before she was to marry. From the kiss they shared that day, Gray could tell that she returned his feelings. Yet he had been too late. He spent the next eleven years on business travels and amassing his fortune. But this year Gray is spending Christmas with his family. Gray tells himself that he is over his feelings for Camille and that seeing her around the area would not be difficult. He should have known better.

Camille has always had some sort of impulsive adventure going on; however, this time her scheme borders on outrageous! Be that as it may, Gray never ignores an opportunity when it presents itself. So when Camille introduces him to Nikolai, Gray insinuates himself into her household by announcing that he has come to spend Christmas with Cousin Camille. Let the games begin!

**** FOUR STARS! I have long enjoyed stories by Victoria Alexander. She always cooks up a wild, romantic plot and spices it up with several tablespoons of wicked humor. This time the author has created a farce to end all farces. The story begins shortly before December Twenty-First and concludes on Christmas Day. Though this time frame is only five days, mad mayhem runs rampant in each one. Not only are the hired troupe filled with poor actors, but Gray is simply delighted to add more chaos into the mix. (I refuse to reveal what he does. Hilarious!) If anything could go horribly wrong for Camille, it does. But for the reader, that is a good thing. I am proud to highly recommend this jewel for your Regency/Romance Christmas list this year. ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Various
Title - A Girl’s Guide to Guns & Monsters (Anthology)

The Drifter by Jane Lindskold: Prudence Bledstoe rides into town on a big buckskin stallion. She has a rifle in her saddle boot and six-guns on her hop. Prudence is hunting a hunter. A paranormal problem. A personal problem for her to put out of its misery, before it kills all.

**** FOUR STARS! A terrific story to start this anthology off right! Set in the old west, but with a suspenseful supernatural element. ****

Our Lady of the Vampires by Nancy Holder: Set in 1929. When the stock market crashes, many of the wealthy suddenly find themselves poor. A mother leaves her fourteen-year-old daughter at an orphanage, so she would not die from starvation. But it is not unusual for one of the girls to be found dead in the mornings. Drained of blood.

**** FOUR STARS! This one has the flavor of an old-time Gothic, but targeted for teens. The ending has an interesting twist. ****

Best Friends by Lilith Saintcrow: Her best friend and lover, Kate, is having trouble at home. Kate’s stepfather may not be human. The teen girls come up with a plan to deal with the problem.

*** THREE STARS! An okay story. Will appeal mostly to teen girls. ***

Elizabeth & Anna’s Big Adventure by Jeanne C. Stein: Elizabeth is eight years old. Her father works in the District Attorney’s office. Uncle David and Aunt Anna are bounty hunters. Aunt Anna is babysitting Elizabeth while everyone else is at a party. When two people claiming to be her dad’s coworkers arrive, Elizabeth lets them in. Instead, the two are thugs out for revenge on her father. But Aunt Anna is in the kitchen … and she is something more than human.

**** FOUR STARS! Short, sweet, with lots of suspense, and fun to read. ****

Lupercalia by Anton Strout: Leis Colchis has had a run of bad luck with guys. With a crossbow strapped across her back, Leis is going to put an end to it.

*** THREE STARS! An interesting twist on Cupid or Eros. This author has a very strange imagination and I like it! ***

Murder, She Workshopped by Kristine Kathryn Rusch: She is spending six weeks at a writers’ workshop in the Midwest. She is a wanna-be writer so the workshop could actually help her. But she is actually attending because she assassinates evil magical creatures that misuse a human form. In week three her target arrives.

*** THREE STARS! This one reads much as a modern day, urban fantasy. The lady is going through a divorce, so many can empathize with her, and is able to deal with the paranormal baddies. ***

Heart of Ash by Jim C. Hines: Lena Greenwood is a dryad. She is whatever her lover wants her to be. Janice is her current lover. At the beginning, Janice wanted Lena to be a superhero. Able to protect the innocent from the evil paranormals. But as Janice gets older, her tastes begin to change, which means Lena begins to change. And when the werejaguars attack, Lena is not as strong as normal – not as much of a superhero as usual.

***** FIVE STARS! Terrific! In all the fantasy stories I have read and all the MMORPGs that I have played online, I have never seen a dryad like this one. *****

Jiang Shi by Elizabeth A. Vaughan: After dealing with evil possums, ninja rats, and mysterious doctors who threw lightning, she could still deal with the small army of angry bikers filling her doorway. But Kate just does not feel like it. She is a middle-aged woman from Toledo who made the mistake of touching an ancient magical talisman and becoming the Wise One. Upon her shoulder sits Wan, an ancient Chinese mouse that guides and teaches her.

*** THREE STARS! Much of the story is filled explaining who Wan is, how she became the Wise One, and why paranormal baddies are showing up. But I still found it to be pretty entertaining. ***

No Matter Where You Go by Tanya Huff: Vicki Nelson was a police detective until her failing eye sight forced her into quitting. She became a private investigator. After discovering that creatures out of nightmare were real and eventually being Changed into a vampire (which cured her eyesight), Vicki is quickly becoming a pro at dealing with the weirder cases in the Toronto area. Her lover, Mike Celluci, is a police detective. When Mike hears that some idiots were possibly trying to call up a demon, the vampire and detective head for the cemetery. But the group of teens are not wanting a demon. They want something else.

***** FIVE STARS! This is a short story involving Vicki and Mike, characters from the author’s Blood Series. If you have not read the five-book series, then you are missing out! This story is just as fabulous as the series is. *****

Signed in Blood by P.R. Frost: Scrap was an imp. He could transform himself into Tess Noncoiré’s Celestial Blade when danger demanded it. He could slip between dimensions and times. When he suddenly drops a special pen in her lap, Tess knows something is up. Seems Scrap must go away for a short time, leaving Tess on her own without a weapon. And, of course, trouble comes knocking.

**** FOUR STARS! I may have to look up this series. If it is as good as this short story is, then it must be utterly terrific. ****

Broch De Shlang by Mickey Zucker Reichert: Melinda Carson is a single mother raising two daughters; one of which had been born with Patau’s Syndrome. Melinda finds it unusual that snakes are suddenly showing up, until she learns that her family is under a curse.

*** THREE STARS! This story is okay, but I found it to be very predictable. ***

The Wooly Mountains by Alexander B. Potter: There has not been a zombie alert in Vermont in almost a year. Vermont’s “Uncannies” get along with humans. Mostly. So what exactly is in the woods?

*** THREE STARS! To the people in this story, monsters are normal. Certain creatures in certain areas, much as wildlife. Territorial too. Good tale. ***

Invasive Species by Nina Kiriki Hoffman: Random Delaney is a vermin hunter. But the vermin she hunts are on spaceships. This time she and her dwarf assistant, Fern, are on a luxury run ship. On this trip the client has them exterminating metal mites. But the pest on board this luxury liner is something totally different from simple metal mites.

***** FIVE STARS! I never thought that an exterminator could ever have such interesting pests to deal with. A fabulous ending for the anthology. *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Mike Arsuaga
Title - Subspecies
(Subspecies #1, Erotic Dark Paranormal)

Doctor James "Jim" White is a vampire. He lives among the humans and teaches at a university. When he steps into the library and spies a lovely blond, Jim has no idea that he has just met the love of his long life.

Samantha "Sam" Johnson is a lycan. (Her kind hates the term werewolf.) She also lives quietly among the humans. Sam leads the good doctor to her apartment, expecting to give him a good tumble in bed before making a meal of him. Both are shocked when they learn what species the other is. Lycans and vampires live for centuries, each relegating the other to myth. The pair decides it would be safer for both of them if they began hunting together. Jim gets the prey's blood and Sam "processes" and freezes the meat for later consumption.

Jim and Sam begin scouring the internet for other non-humans. Lycans and vampires together are called subspecies. The pair creates a web page, Critters of the Night, that the subspecies community quickly recognizes to be the first support group of their kind. Jim and Sam even begin a local support group and others begin to join, but they are all careful so as not to become known by the humans. Whenever a group member needs help, Jim and/or Sam rushes to their aid. And when Detective Charleze Borden of Missing Persons begins to suspect Sam of murder, a couple of group members are there to help eradicate any possible evidence.

Both subspecies have major problems when it comes to reproduction. So when Samantha becomes pregnant, subspecies worldwide take notice.

**** FOUR STARS! No one under the age of seventeen should read this book. There are graphic bedroom scenes (one unwilling/forced), violence, and gore. I stress to all that this is an Erotic Dark Paranormal Series. Consider yourself warned.

This is the first title in the Subspecies Series. It is written in the First Person and follows Jim. My synopsis only reveals a small portion of the story's events. Much more happens than I tell. This title reveals how both species start to come together for the betterment of all. This also means that a form of leadership is needed and, of course, not everyone will be happy about the changes.

Author Mike Arsuaga has created a believable and pretty realistic story that managed to capture my attention quickly and keep my interest until the very end. Fans of the HBO series "True Blood" should seriously consider giving this novel a chance. Very dramatic. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Cara Covington
Title - Love Under Two Benedicts (Lusty, Texas #1 / Erotica)

Five years ago Kelsey Madison sat in the car outside as her husband and little boy went into a store. Her heart had shattered as she watched a crazed killer gun them down. The shooter was caught, but not the accomplice who had been sitting in the getaway vehicle. Kelsey's gaze had met the accomplice's, but the shock had been too much and her mind blocked it out. From then on, Kelsey knew her life would always be empty. There simply was no love left within her to give.

Thanks to the nagging of a good friend, Kelsey has moved to Lusty, Texas, and has opened up her own restaurant called Lusty Appetites. Kelsey had thrown herself into the business and it has become very well known. It even attracts people from far away. The local paper ran an article about the victim-turned-entrepreneur. Kelsey did not know that the horrible events in her past would be mentioned, but the paper handled it well. Of all the people who read the article, two special ones began making plans.

Wesley Connors is a mayoral candidate. His rich sponsor expects a statewide campaign. Connors's face is to be flashed on television screens everywhere. The article reminds Connors that Kelsey had seen his face through the car windshield outside the store. She would be able to recognize his face on television. Before Connors could begin his life in politics, Kelsey would have to be silenced - forever.

Deputy Matthew "Matt" Benedict and his brother, Steven, had their eyes on Kelsey since her first day in town. Knowing about her horrific past, the men knew it would take Kelsey awhile to even become aware of either one of them as men. But when Matt sees that Kelsey has finally taken notice of them, he and Steven begin their campaign to win her heart. The men understand her resolve not to get involved romantically. They would allow Kelsey to believe that is okay. However Matt and Steven plan to seduce the lovely lady into their bed and get her body so addicted to their's that her heart would have no choice but to join in.

Just as Kelsey is becoming used to being in a town full of ménage marriages, as well as being in a ménage affair with two hunky brothers, a mother abandons her five-year-old son, Benny, at Kelsey's restaurant. Kelsey agrees to care for Benny until the law enforcement can locate his mother. Matt and Steven convince Kelsey to move into their home with the child. They have a huge home with plenty of room and the men could help her look after Benny. Matt would keep looking for the missing mom. Steven, who takes care of their horses, would help entertain Benny. For the brothers, everything is going perfectly, until someone begins trying to kill Kelsey.

**** FOUR STARS! Cara Covington did a great job of describing the reaction of how a woman would feel (in my unexperienced opinion) should she have witnessed her family murdered. I totally believe it would take years for a woman to be able to feel emotions again...if ever. It was interesting to watch Kelsey slowly open up to Matt and Steven. As for Connors, the author spends a lot of time showing him stalk Kelsey, but not enough time actually doing anything about his problem. I kept expecting more danger. Kelsey did not even know she was in danger for most of the story. I am very disappointed there.

Unlike many eroticas, this one did not have the pain and humiliation of spankings. Kelsey does get a single slap/sting once or twice, but never turned over a guy's knee and spanked like a child. (Thank goodness!) Kudos to Covington for that! This is a wonderful story that I happily recommend to romance readers who enjoy hot and steamy bedroom time in their stories. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Vanessa Storme.

Author: Annette Blair
Title - Kissingate Magic
(Novella from the Mammoth Book of Scottish Romance)

Set in 1846, Kissingate, Scotland. Five years ago Jacey Lockhart became pregnant. The father had been Gabriel "Gabe" Macgregor, a poor Vicar's son. The baby did not live. Becoming an unwed mother had severe consequences. Jacey's mother, the lady of Lockhart Keep, declared Jacey a disgrace and disinherited her. Since the Lockharts owned the parish living, Jacey's distant cousin, Nick, offered to be a scapegoat for her. By naming Nick as the babe's father, the Macgregors did not lose the parish and Gabe did not lose his living. (Gabe planned to become a Vicar too.) Jacey became an outcast and left in humiliation with her heart broken.

But now, after five years, Jacey is returning. Jacey's mother no longer lives. Gabe, who had wed Jacey's widowed sister, Clara, is not a widow himself. Since Clara's death, Bridget (Clara's young daughter), rarely speaks and never laughs. Though Gabe is Bridget's step-father, he has always felt as if she were his by blood. Bridget used to laugh and play with Gabe, yet now the grieving four-year-old will seldom even look his way. When Gabe writes Suttie, an ageless puppeteer, to come help cheer Bridget up, it never crosses his mind that Suttie would also bring Jacey. Seeing Jacey again is both a blessing and a curse. Gabe still loves Jacey but cannot shake his hurt feelings from her betrayal of having had a baby by another man. However, what hurts Gabe most is that Bridget instantly adores her aunt. To Jacey, Bridget will smile, hug, talk, and laugh. Yet the child's attitude toward Gabe does not alter.

As for Jacey, had Clara never died she would never have returned to Kissingate. Only for her niece would Jacey do so. Jacey must face a condemning village, Gabe among them, a flock who considers him a saint and her a sinner, to see by whom Bridget would be better raised. If Gabe turns out to be what Bridget needs, Jacey will stay in the area, even though she would still be shunned by all, to help in her care. But if Jacey believes that she would be better for Bridget, then Jacey will claim her niece and take her away. Either way, Jacey will never reveal the truth about five years ago. Better Gabe hate her forever than for him to lose all he loves.

***** FIVE STARS! Jacey is a strong-willed heroine with a stoic nature. Gabe's feelings toward Jacey are best called ambivalent. The author, Annette Blair, has given both a talent for prevarication. When it comes to Bridget, the seemingly star-crossed-lovers find themselves in quite a quandary. The results of all this is a story that will incite your interest and leave you with a warm feeling of pleasure. As a bit of added spice, the author has tossed in one or two twists and surprises. The biggest of which I never saw coming. No one can fire a reader's imagination better than Annette Blair! Excellent! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Karen Wiesner
Title - Classic Tales of Horror Retold, Vol. I
(Woodcutter's Grim Novella Series)

"Papa" (Loosely based on Hansel & Gretel)

Six months ago Randall Parker's ex-wife, Josephine, had died in a horrible car accident. With Josephine had been their children, Henry and Grace. Randall's new wife, Amy, feels that the car accident would never have happened had Randall not left Josephine for her. Randall keeps explaining to Amy that there had never been any love in his previous marriage. He had been miserable, so he would have left Josephine eventually. Over the last couple of months, Amy has fallen into deep depression. Randall finally convinces Amy to come away with him to an isolated cabin in the northern part of Wisconsin, in the town of Woodcutter's Grim.

Upon reaching Woodcutter's Grim, the pair cannot help but notice all of the oddities. It is Halloween, yet the town looks deserted. The city's population sign only claims two. The church's sign proclaims that Judgment Day had arrived. Randall's watch, as well as Amy's, has stopped working. And what is with all the piles of sugar that are showing up everywhere?

When the couple reaches the cabin, more sugar piles are seen. Amy insists that Josephine has sent the children back from their graves for revenge. She has been seeing and hearing the kids for months. Until they arrived at the cabin, Randall never heard Henry and Grace calling for him, but now he does.

***** FIVE STARS! This story gave me the exact same eerie feeling that I experienced as I watched the movie titled (based on a video game) "Silent Hill". This tale is the first of a novella series about the Great Evil that dwells in the town of Woodcutter's Grim and its surrounding woods. The Great Evil likes to manifest itself in dark, twisted versions of fairy tales. My advice is to not read this story at night if you are alone. *****

"Blood of Amethyst" (Loosely based on Rumpelstilskin)

Gabe Reece is more than simply the sheriff of Woodcutter's Grim. He is also the Guardian and leader of an elite group of people that protects citizens from the Great Evil that inhabits the woods. Gabe is in love with Amethyst Phillips, who is seven months pregnant. Gabe yearns for Amethyst to marry him and move away from the farm that sits so close to the edge of the woods, but she is taking care of her ailing father. When Amethyst's father disappears in the woods, she refuses to leave the house in case he should return. Gabe quickly comes to realize that something is very wrong with Amethyst. Something in the woods is calling to her.

**** FOUR STARS! Ever wonder why Rumpelstilskin wanted a child of his own? This story gives and answer that will send chills up your spine. Sheriff Gabe Reece had a small role to play in the previous tale, but this time the Guardian takes center stage. Readers learn a little about the town's past, as well as the responsibilities that rest upon the shoulders of Gabe and the Brethren. An intriguing read. ****

"Dancing to the Grave" (Loosely based on The Pied Piper)

Diane Anders-Jones had been best friends with Amethyst until the Great Evil claimed her three years ago. Diane's grief caused her to miscarry. Diane and her husband, Kurt Jones, now have a second chance at having a happy life with each other.

Woodcutter's Grim is unlike any other town. This town is known for its misfortunes. But only a select, covert group of individuals know what is really going on. They are the Chosen Seven. They are the Brethren. They protect the town from the evil pervading it. They are led by the Guardian. Until three years ago, Sheriff Reece held that position. However, on the night Amethyst had been taken and Diane miscarried, the guardianship had been passed on to Prince, a newborn baby. Gabe and Amethyst are Prince's parents. Though Prince is now three-years-old, the boy has the mannerism of someone over the age of fifty.

In Woodcutter's Grim, on Halloween night, no one walks the streets for fun and treats. Everyone attends the "lock-in party" of their choice, dresses up as animals, and plays games. No one leaves the party until daylight the next day. As this Halloween approaches, Diane and Kurt prepare to host their annual "lock-in" party. But lately the town's children have been plagued by a mysterious virus, and only Diane realizes the truth. Can Diane and Kurt save the children from the Great Evil?

**** FOUR STARS! Though this series is basically a blending of romance and horror, the author leaned toward using mystery and suspense in this particular tale. The Brethren have been minus one member since the night of Prince's birth. By the end of this story, the seat will be filled and the Brethren undergo a change or two. Chills never raced down my spine while reading this one, but the suspense kept my eyes glued. ****

"The Amethyst Tower: The Final Chapter" (Loosely based on Rapunzel)

The Brethren is a body of people sworn to protect the town from the Great Evil pervading it. The barriers erected by the Guardian and the Brethren hundreds of years ago no longer contained the evil. Prince is the redeemed child of prophecy. As it was foretold, Princes has been born, died, reborn, and will continue to be - as many times need be - in order to fulfill his destiny. Prince will either rescue the Innocent that is held captive within the Amethyst Tower and bestow salvation on all or he will ultimately fail, leaving the Great Evil to consume all.

Innocent Rapunzel lives in the Amethyst Tower within the Black Woods. Her only company has been a small creature to help tend her every-growing hair and the hideous being she called "Father". In the past, Rapunzel looked forward to visits from Father. Yet as she matured, Rapunzel instinctively began avoiding the touch of Father, sensing his darkness. Recently Father has been informing Rapunzel of her fate in the near future. Her only hope rests squarely on the shoulders of the prince she sees in her dreams.

**** FOUR STARS! This exciting time-traveling romance ties up all the prophecy's loose strings nicely. After I finished reading this book and its addictive stories, I was left wanting more. Four novellas were just not enough to satisfy my craving for Woodcutter's Grim. To my delight, I have been told that the author has another set of stories set within the Woodcutter's Grim series. (Volume II contains a four-book [novellas] dealing with a curse on the Shaussegeny family. These stories are also loosely based on classic fairy tales.) The chills just keep on coming! ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE! or from the author's site by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Stephanie Laurens, Mary Balogh, Jacquie D'Alessandro, & Candice Hern
Title - It Happened One Season (4 Regency Novellas)

The Seduction of Sebastian Trantor by Stephanie Laurens

Sebastian Trantor never thought he would need to wed. After the war ended, Sebastian spent his time increasing his fortune, restoring and settling into the gothic monstrosity he had purchased, and then indulging his interest in ancient languages, scripts, and cryptography. But Sebastian's solitude ends when his brother arrives. Viscount Coningsby has been unable to provide the family with the heir needed to ensure the title and entailed estates remain in safe hands. Should both brothers die, everything goes to a cousin, "Mad Freddie". Once in London, Sebastian is disgusted with all the simpering misses. During a ball, Sebastian escapes to the host's library for some solitude. The last thing he expects is for a young lady to pick the library's lock and then begin going through desk drawers.

Young ladies of the ton are being blackmailed. Miss Tabitha Makepeace is determined to find out by whom and to put an end to it. Fortunately for Tabitha, her search for answers catches the attention of Sebastian. She is unable to break the coding used and he is an expert on the matter. When the two are caught in a compromising position, Tabitha agrees to pretend they are engaged until her mission has been concluded. However, Sebastian intends to use their time together to convince Tabitha to marry him for real.

***** FIVE STARS! This story is more of a mystery suspense than romance, yet I feel it earns a full five star rating. The romance is not omitted. Instead, it slowly blooms between the couple. Well done. *****

Favorite Story Quote:
"Another blasted crush." Sebastian sounded distinctly unamused. "Enlighten me - why do ton hostesses consider assembling more guests than can comfortable fit in their rooms a good thing?"

"You'll have to hold me excused." Tabitha inclined her head to a pair of distant acquaintances. "That's something I've never fathomed myself."

Only Love by Mary Balogh

(Major) Jack Gilchrist had spent seven years in the army. The past five years he spent living in the country. He never even gave thought to marrying anytime soon, if ever. But when his brother, Matthew, Earl of Waterton, informs Jack that it is up to him to produce an heir - and quickly - Jack heads to London. In a fortunate coincidence, Jack meets up with the widow of Colonel Pritchard. Jack had met her while in the army. He recalls that she had been a plain, shy lady. Jack decides Cleo Pritchard would be the perfect choice to become his wife. But Cleo begs to differ. She never became pregnant while married before. Fearing she may be barren, Cleo offers Jack a sort of compromise. They would become lovers. If Jack impregnates her before the end of the Season, Cleo will marry him. Otherwise, they would part ways.

**** FOUR STARS! Needless-to-say in this story the main couple needs more private time than in the other novellas. Yet the author still manages to build a real and lasting love between Jack and Cleo. Most of the story involves Jack overcoming Cleo's reservations. ****

Favorite Story Quote:
"Which, like the color white," he explained to her, "is not the absence of anything but the containment of everything. I sometimes believe that if only I could understand nothing, I would know everything. And sometimes I feel I am about to grasp it - and then it eludes me."

Hope Springs Eternal by Jacquie D'Alessandro

Miss Penelope Markham used to teach art in Italy. But scandal forced her to leave Italy in disgrace and return to England to contemplate a future that looked very bleak. Lack of funds has her residing in one of the poorer sections. Just before she is accosted, Penelope is rescued by Captain Alec Trentwell.

Alec had been the commanding officer of Penelope's late brother, Edward. Through the letters Edward received from his sister and shared with him, Alec feels as though he has known Penelope for years. Now that Penelope has returned, Alec needs to meet her. He plans to introduce himself, then confess his part in Edward's death. Quick, impersonal, emotionless. Never once had he considered that he would be standing on the street, heart and head pounding, and gripping a knife after scaring off a man who would have harmed her. Nor had he imagined that by looking into her eyes, he would be so enthralled. Words fail Alec. Unable to express his guilty conscience, yet feeling a deep sense of responsibility toward her, Alec comes up with a way to remove Penelope from her unsafe quarters. Alec commissions Penelope to paint his portrait. Penelope would stay at his family's townhouse, where his brother, the Earl of Crandall, is currently residing with his family. (So Penelope would be well chaperoned.)

Due to Alec's older brother being unable to produce an heir. The task has been shunted off to Alec. But none of the dozens of society diamonds affects him as Penelope's kisses do. Their marriage is swift. Happy for the first time in so long, Alec keeps putting off his confession. However, the one year anniversary of that horrific day at Waterloo is rapidly approaching. Admitting his part in Edward's death can no longer wait.

***** FIVE STARS! I cannot help but admit that this is my favorite novella within this book. Penelope is not afraid to stand up for herself. She stands on her own two feet with her head held high, asking for nothing from no one. Yet she is honest, straightforward, and gracious - even to those who are not so pleasant toward her. The story is full of sass and witty dialogs. I actually caught myself chuckling several times. A brilliantly crafted tale. *****

Favorite Story Quote:
Alec's brow collapsed into a scowl. "I wasn't barking orders. I was merely -"

"Telling me what to do. In a very commanding way."

Fate Strikes a Bargain by Candice Hern

Captain Nathaniel "Nat" Beckwith has not yet been able to shake off that final stand at Waterloo. He is battle hardened and battle scarred, in both body and mind. Duty has been engrained into Nat. So when his elder brother, Lord Dearne, informs Nat that he must marry and produce an heir to the earldom, Nat prepares to do his familial duty. But Nat does not enjoy being out in society. Before stepping into the crush of party guests, Nat does "a bit of reconnaissance" from behind a potted orange tree and meets Miss Philippa Reynolds.

Philippa had been born with a displaced hip, causing her to walk with a severe limp. Despite her physical flaw, she does not wallow in self-pity and is tired of being smothered from her over-protective family. Within half an hour, Nat proposes marriage to Philippa. She is not insipid, clingy, dramatic, or complicated. She will not mind living away from society and is pleased with the idea of having children of her own. Her only requests are that Nat continue to be straightforward and honest with her, and to never coddle her. If she needs help, she will ask him for it. She desires to be treated as a normal lady. She is lame, not an invalid. With their bargain made, Nat and Philippa need only get through the Season.

**** FOUR STARS! This story shows that just because a person was born with a defect, it does not mean s/he is an invalid. Philippa's crooked hip and severe limp does not keep her from enjoying life. Nor does it make her an idiot. She is very intelligent. Philippa has a clear understanding of how her defect causes others around her to feel and she strives to put them at ease. I cannot help but admire a woman such as Philippa. And I will long remember this heartwarming tale, as well as its moral. ****

Favorite Story Quote:
"I am Miss Reynolds. Philippa Reynolds. If anyone should ask, we will invent someone who made the introductions. An elderly dowager, I think. Yes, the dowager Lady Kumquat, who sadly fell into a fit of the vapors and had to leave, the poor dear."

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Leah Brooke
Title - Crescendo (Erotica)

Set mostly in Philadelphia. Julianna Lovette quit Avante's without a reference. Ken, who runs the business, never did any work but did take all the credit for Julianna's accomplishments. The last straw had been when Ken demanded bed-relations. Julianna now has her own small designer/decorator business, Lovette's Designs. The small jobs Julianna is receiving are not enough to get a better place to live, much less cover all the overdue bills. In a desperate, long-shot hope, Julianna puts in a bid to design and decorate the new Crescendo hotel resort.

Julianna's romantic life has never been exciting. Wanting to find a way to spice it up, she makes the mistake of seeing a man she had met at a club owned by her friend, Gabriel Durand. David turns out to be a rough Dom and Julianna flees. In pain and deeply humiliated, Julianna drives (dangerously) back to her apartment. It is three in the morning. She wants to be alone. She wants a shower. She wants to forget. Getting out of her car, the hysterical woman cannot see through her tears. She falls, adding more painful scraps to her body and dropping her keys. Just as Julianna believes her night can get no worse, two men surround her. Luckily, these men are not the muggers she first assumes.

Nicholas "Nick" Morietti is the dark haired owner of Crescendo. Golden haired Steven "Steve" Vanguard is an ex-Army Ranger, head of security for Crescendo, and Nick's business partner. The two handsome men help Julianna reach her apartment safely and through the confrontation with David a short while afterward. Nick and Steven find themselves enchanted, totally enthralled with Julianna. Upon learning her name and silently realizing she is one of the design bidders they were about to pass over, the men decide to give her bid a second look. Nick and Steve had intended to give the contract to Avante's. A bit of researching and a background check reveals that Julianna is the reason Avante's has such a great reputation.

Neither man can stop thinking about Julianna. Reluctantly, they agree to share her. Understanding Julianna's strong skittishness with men, the duo put their heads together and creates an iron-clad strategy which ensures they have every advantage, including after hours (for needed meetings, updates, etc). But an enemy from Steve's past is back for revenge. Nick and Steve must protect Julianna from those who seek to use her against them.

**** FOUR STARS! Warning! No one under the age of seventeen should read this book. Out of all the eroticas I receive, only a few are worthy enough for me to take the time of writing up a review. This title is worthy! For those wondering, the story surrounds two men and one woman. Both of the men are doms. Sometimes the erotic sections include only Julianna and one of the men. Sometimes all three are involved. No whips. A few "light" toys. No real pain. And, of course, a happily-ever-after.

As for the plot, Steve's enemy is his former captain/friend. Someone is also sabotaging Julianna's progress with decorating the new hotel, causing her to fall behind on her Crescendo contract. I would guess that almost (but not quite) two-thirds of the book is actual plot and story line. Personally, I believe the story would have been better had there been more danger. I would not have minded giving up one or two of the sizzling, private sections of the story in order to read more danger and suspense. I plan to keep an eye on Leah Brooke's future novels for the next year, in hope of finding another tale set in the business world - with suspense, danger, and main characters between the ages of thirty and forty-five. Perhaps I will give Gabriel's story a try when it is released. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Sophie Oak
Title - Three to Ride (Nights in Bliss, Colorado #1, Erotica)

One year ago Elizabeth Courtney went on a blind date with the friend of a friend. Tommy Lane had set off a few red flags, so she had politely declined his offer for a second date. Instead of taking her hint, Tommy began stalking her. During that year, Elizabeth had to deal with his phone calls, letters to her boss, and vandalism. The police had done nothing. Cops tended to stick together. Even Tommy's partner sent Elizabeth threatening phone calls when she built a case against Tommy. But during the last twenty-four hours, Tommy went way too far. Elizabeth could not add arson and attempted murder to her list of charges. With the help of the doctor and nurses who treated her wounds in the hospital, Elizabeth did the only thing possible. She changed her identity and ran for her life.

Due to Tommy catching up with her once, she is on the second of the three identities that had been given to her. Currently her name is Rachel Swift. She has been on the run for over a year. Rachel's money has been depleted. She needs to earn more before she could hit the road again. Rachel finds herself in the oddest little town. Bliss, Colorado, is populated by the strangest, but friendliest, characters. Rachel is a waitress in a diner. Stella, the owner, may be the sanest person in town. But Rachel decides that the most wickedly handsome man is Maxwell "Max" Harper. Max has eaten every meal in the diner during Rachel's two weeks employed there. Stella says the big guy has a bad rep and an even worse temper. People approach Max as if he were a dangerous animal who might pounce at any second. However, Rachel is beginning to understand that Max may be crusty on the outside, but is sweet on the inside.

Max has been excruciatingly polite to everyone in Rachel's vicinity. His anger issues disappear whenever the lovely waitress is around. She is the first girl in Max's thirty years to ever catch his interest. Usually it is his twin brother, Ryan "Rye" Harper, who approaches the girl that they would end up sharing. But over the past year Max and Rye have not shared their women. They still share everything else though. The brothers are like two halves of one person. Whenever one brother is hurt, the other feels the pain too. So it is no surprise to Max when Rye returns to town (from a crime-fighting convention) and is just as intrigued with Rachel as he is. Of course, Rye simply has to try his charm on Rachel and Max finds it amusing that Rachel turns cold toward Rye; however, the brothers can tell that it is Rye's sheriff uniform that bothers the lady. The girl is obviously in trouble. Max and Rye are going to find out exactly who or what Rachel is running from and help her deal with it, whether she likes it or not.

When Max catches Rachel in a small lie, his temper explodes. Worse, Max makes the mistake of yelling at Rachel in the middle of the diner. Rye is standing outside of the diner when Max stumbles out the door and Rachel begins beating him over the head with a dozen roses. Seeing this, Rye simply cannot help it, his fascination with Rachel turns into love. In fact, everyone in Bliss begins to worship the lady. Rachel is the only person that has ever been able to stand up to the bear of the county. And Rachel may very well be the only woman able to take on both Harper brothers.

**** FOUR STARS! This extremely hot romance with lots of humor and more than just a touch of danger. Rachel starts out with only Max, but somewhere around the middle of the story Rachel begins having relations with both brothers simultaneously. I do not recommend anyone under the age of seventeen reading this book. (No duh!) But there are no hard core toys or gadgets.

The cast of local characters are pretty eccentric. This town has everything from the sane Stella to Crazy Mel and his paranoid alien theories. (At least Mel has not shot anyone as yet.) Author Sophie Oak has written a hot romance that simply oozes with witty dialogs, humorous scenes, and suspenseful moments. Downright exuberant! ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Vanessa Storme and Detra Fitch.

Author: Sophie Oak
Title - Two to Love (Nights in Bliss, Colorado #2)

Twenty-five year old Callie Sheppard takes care of everyone except herself. Caring for her mother, who is fighting cancer, is becoming too stressful and Callie needs a break. To that end, Callie has her friend, Stefan, set her up with two guys wanting to share a woman for a wild weekend fling. Finally, Callie was going to lose her innocence. The men are Special Agents Nathan "Nate" Wright and Zane Hollister. The two DEA agents are about to go on a long, undercover assignment to take down an outlaw biker gang called the Barbarians. Their weekend together turns out to be better than any of them could have predicted. But, eventually, the weekend comes to an end. Six years pass.

Bliss, Colorado, is a little town nestled in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The Rio Grande runs through Bliss, splitting the town through the valley. Callie lives in a cabin that is isolated from the rest of the valley. Now that her mother has passed away, Callie feels that the time has come to move on with her life and she is giving serious thought on moving to Denver. Callie wants the kind of love Rachel found with the Harper twins. Having grown up in Bliss, Callie knows that there is no one she desires to settle and have a family with. But before Callie can put her plans into action, the new sheriff arrives. It is none other than Nate, and Zane is with him.

Zane's cover had been blown and he has scars that testify to the brutal torture he had undergone. No longer agents, the pair have come to Bliss to heal. Nate and Zane are determined to win back Callie's broken heart. But when the Barbarians enter Bliss with revenge in mind, the former agents need to keep Callie safe as they somehow end the bounty out on Zane's head.

**** FOUR STARS! This is the second in Sophie Oak's sizzling hot series about the intriguing people that live in Bliss, Colorado. This is M/F/M. (Two men sharing one woman.) Consider yourself warned in advance. No one under the age of seventeen should read this book.

If you have not read the previous title, Three to Ride, you will not find yourself lost. The main trio from that story play secondary roles in this one though. Much more is told about the odd locals. To quote part of the story that describes Bliss, "an entire town of people whose percentage of gun owners dwarfed the national average." These locals take care of their own. When the Barbarians threaten Callie, the entire town pulls out their guns. It is a fun thing to see...uh, read. (Whatever.)

The author keeps a suspenseful and dangerous theme running, while still inserting her unique signature of quirky humor. I am dearly coming to love Sophie Oak's sense of comedy relief. I hope that I have the opportunity to read and review more stories from this author. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Vanessa Storme.

Authors: Gena Showalter, Shannon K. Butcher, Jessica Andersen, & Deidre Knight
Title - On the Hunt (4 Paranormal Novellas)

Ever Night by Gena Showalter

At midnight, marking her eighteenth birthday, Rose Pascal finds herself transported to a dark dimension - a world ruled by a warrior king who hunts and kills her kind. King Vasili of the Northern Realm intends to use Rose for information on other Dimension Walkers. Every year, at midnight marking her birthday, Rose must return to "Nightmare". On her first trip Vasili interrogates her and informs Rose to learn how to fight dirty during the coming year, as well as to seek out information on others like her. On Rose's second trip, Vasili spars with Rose. She returns to her world beaten badly. But on her third trip, Rose and Vasili cannot deny the passion that consumes them both.

**** FOUR STARS! This story would make a terrific full-length novel. As a novella, it is just a bit unbelievable at times. Rose goes from pure hatred and disgust to undying love and adoration within a few short paragraphs. After first being scared for her life and next having to fight and being pummeled, I simply could not see love happening instantaneously. The ending seemed a bit too easy also. A great story with a terrific plot line, but had it been full-length it could have been more fully developed.

The Collector by Shannon K. Butcher

Neal Etan is a sentinel. Every night, for almost five hundred years, he has killed monsters. Upon his chest is a living mark, a tree that shows how much longer Neal will live. There are only enough leaves left for about a year. He could have as little as a couple of months of life left. He lives in constant pain. Few of his people ever find a female Theronai (his race) and even fewer find one that they are compatible with. Currently Neal seeks to acquire a powerful artifact to save his friend's life. The carved wooden box is in the possession of an antique dealer, Viviana Rowan. When Viviana touches Neal, his pain disappears; however, when she releases contact his pain returns even worse. When Synestryn demons begin hunting Viviana, Neal has no time to fully explain what is happening or who she really is. But the one thing Neal is certain of is that he wants to be part of her collection. A permanent part.

***** FIVE STARS! Absolutely perfect in every way. From the very beginning, to the very end I remained on the edge of my seat. Super Glue has nothing on the holding power of this story. Butcher is one amazing author! *****

Crystal Skull by Jessica Andersen

Archaeologist Natalie Albright finds a ruin deep in a rain forest south of the Mexican border. The save entrance is carved with images of winged, six-foot-tall demons. Within the cave Natalie discovers a small screaming-skull carved from a clear yellow crystal. It represents a group of warrior-magi who were supposed to save mankind from the rise of the demons at the end of 2012. The demons are real and they are massing for the 2012 doomsday war. But the magi who were supposed to protect the earth plane had all been killed in 1984. As more and more demons begin to attack, Natalie must team up with her ex to survive.

**** FOUR STARS! Now that the year 2012 has arrived more and more stories are being created with the Mayan doomsday legend as part of the plot line. I found this one to be well done; however, due to being novella-sized, the story felt rushed. Still, the author's writing talent shines through and readers will not be disappointed with them gem. ****

Red Angel by Deidre Knight

Jamie Angel, leader of the Nightshades, and his siblings use their various paranormal abilities to hunt every kind of monster and demon that roams the darkness. (There is now a cease-fire with vampires though.) Jamie is able to smell supernatural entities; however, when Sunny Renfroe enters his life the paramilitary man is stumped. Sunny is not human, but Jamie cannot identify exactly what she is. No one else senses anything odd about the lovely lady. Jamie decides to seduce the answers out of Sunny. Once he could prove that she was not human Jamie would destroy her. But his experiences could never have prepared Jamie for what Sunny really is.

**** FOUR STARS! This author proves that she is color blind by matching "a black chick and a white dude". Actual demon danger does not enter until late in the story, yet I never felt as if I were being cheated. Jamie's subterfuge, followed by the main couple trying to find a way around some impossible rules, kept me hooked. Very entertaining! ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Title - The Wyndmaster's Lady (Dark Fantasy Romance)

When Commander Sierran Morgan of the Ibydosian Forces disobeys a direct order to slaughter an entire city of innocents, he is sentenced to be a prisoner of Dragonmoor until he dies. However, everyone knows it is really a death sentence because the laird of Dragonmoor Keep is Charles Henry Allen, who has predilections for murder, mayhem, and mutilation. Since the Dungeon Master is a member of the Justonian Royalty (he is King Edmond's brother), no one interferes in how he treats the prisoners within his dungeons.

Lady Anna Celeste Allen is the only child of Lord Charles. Celeste's father has basically kept her a prisoner all her life. She is not allowed to leave Dragonmoor Keep, not allowed to enter various areas of her home, and no one is allowed to look at or speak with her. The only company Celeste receives is when she dines with her father, who she believes to be a physician in the local clinic. Celeste is the most precious thing in her father's eyes and he has kept her totally innocent in all ways.

When Sergeant Vargas DuMond and his men storm Dragonmoor Keep to liberate their commander, Celeste finally learns that her father is the total opposite of her beliefs. After having spent a long time under Dragonmoor Keep as the Dungeon Master's entertainment, Sierran had given up on being granted a quick and merciful death anytime soon. But then Vargas arrives with Lord Charles and Lady Celeste in tow. Celeste gets to see the results of the torture inflicted upon Sierran by her father. Noticing the Dungeon Master's rage of Celeste seeing the truth, Sierran orders that Lord Charles and Celeste be taken with them as they travel to Vista del Mar, his home on the island of Zykanthos.

While the Dungeon Master's evil imagination dwells upon the horrors that may be forced upon his daughter, Celeste is tending to the wounds that are covering Sierran's entire body. But as Celeste and Sierran fall in love, the commander's cruel family (who reside in Argonne, a few miles away from the island of Zykanthos) are brewing plans of their own.

***** FIVE STARS! Author Charlotte Boyett-Compo has created strong and compelling characters which quickly grabbed me by the throat and refused to let go. This story is not set on our world, but the setting reminds me of our Regency Era. I warn readers that this, in my opinion, is Dark Fantasy Romance. As in reality, the good guys do not always win every battle or confrontation. Rescue does not happen before torture. Anyone who cannot handle reading of torture and a brief sexual assault should not read this story. For those who are still brave enough to open this book, you will be rewarded with a tale that will stroke your imagination and have you sitting on the edge of your seat as you cheer the good guys onward to victory. An absolutely stellar story! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Sandy Sandfort, Scott Bieser, Lee Oaks!
Title - Escape From Terra, Vol. 1 (Graphic Novel)

Escape From Terra (pages 1 - 108)

In the late 21st Century, humans have begun colonizing other planets, space stations, and even asteroids of the solar system. Though these people do not reside on Terra, the United World government on Terra still tries to squeeze money out of them. Guy "Ghee" Caillard with the United World Revenue Service (UWRS) and his assistant, Fiorella Stellina, are sent to a large mining asteroid named Ceres and tasked with bringing all of its population under the tax control of UWRS. However, the Cerereans refuse to give up their liberty. Since there is no command structure, the people choose Reverend Reginald King to play the part of "King Reginald" and stall Agent Caillard until they can figure out what to do.

The Icemen Cometh (pages 109 - 155)

Bert and Ernie run the ice business with Water Bros on Ceres. They are hired to tow an iceberg to a planetoid for a mysterious benefactor. But Bert and Ernie have no way of knowing that they have a deadly stowaway.

Mystery of the Martian Melodies (pages 156 - 187)

Reverend Reginald King has already proven that he is a man of many talents. Within his resume is five years experience as a paranormal investigator. When a grad student dies at south pole array on Mars, Reggie is asked to investigate. The grad students pull solo shifts and all have heard the same music playing. They have also seen and interacted with ghosts.

**** FOUR STARS! This graphic novel is standard black and white. It is a collection of the first 315 strips of the popular sci-fi adventure web-comic titled Escape from Terra. The comic continues updating on-line five days per week (Escape from Terra). This means that after you enjoy this graphic novel, you may read more adventures as they are posted on-line.

I am impressed with the wide range of character personalities. The three authors/illustrators blend their talents seamlessly. I cannot tell where one stops and another takes over. When things within the script begin to get too tense, a touch of comedy relief is added, often in the form of a teen prankster. Filled with engaging characters, witty dialogues, and some interesting looks at our possible future, this novel is sure to please. ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Listed with titles
EDITED BY: Christian Dunn
Title - Legends of the Space Marines (W40K Sci-Fi Anthology)

HELL NIGHT (Salamanders) by Nick Kyme

The Salamanders are on planet Vaporis. At Mercy Rock they join the 135th Phalanx and the Imperial forces. The Salamanders are about to engage the enemy when the rumors about specters becomes a deadly reality.

***** Five stars! Author Nick Kyme brings invisible horrors to light. A magnificent beginning for this anthology. *****

COVER OF DARKNESS (White Scars) by Mitchel Scanlon

Tephra VII had been claimed by Chaos one year ago. Now the White Scars have been sent to take the planet back. Sergeant Kergis and his small group of Astartes are tasked with destroying a power plant situated on the largest active volcano in the Volcan's Cradle region. But it is the face of the enemy commander that disturbs Kergis. It is the face of a fallen brother.

**** Four Stars! Mitchel Scanlon slowly builds the tension and then reveals an unexpected twist for readers. Well done. ****

THE RELIC (Black Templars) by Jonathan Green

Brother Jarold of the Black Templars well remembers the moment he witnessed a mech-enhanced greenskin warboss, Morkrull Grimskar, teleport away with the unconscious form of Emperor's Champion Ansgar as his prisoner. Within his Dreadnought body-shell, Brother Jarold has vowed to locate Brother Ansgar and either bring him back in triumph or that they may lay his body to rest. Then while battling the orks in the desolate ice fields on Armageddon, a long lost brother is found underneath the ice.

**** Four Stars! Author Jonathan Green writes his story from the grand view point of a Dreadnought. I found it to be enlightening to say the least. ****

TWELVE WOLVES (Space Wolves) by Ben Counter

This tale takes place in the Age of Apostasy. It is about a wicked man named Cardinal Bucharis who carved out an empire of his own, throwing off Imperial authority to rule as a king.

**** Four Stars! The author gives his readers the feeling of being in a bar as a storyteller begins telling his craft. The story formed is about the lessons the Sons of Fenris have learned from the Twelve Wolves. Ben Counter gives the tale a majestic feel in which few could equal. ****

THE RETURNED (Doom Eagles) by James Swallow

On the planet of Gathis, a great fortress-monastery nests atop the Ghostmountain: the Eyrie. Brother-Sergeant Tarikus of the esteemed 3rd Company of the Doom Eagles Chapter returns home. He was believed to be dead. The ceremony of loss had long ago been completed and sanctified. After years of being held and tortured among the tainted enemy, could Tarikus still be pure?

*****Five Stars! Though the story holds no enemy battles, I found it to be one of the best tales within this anthology. Brilliant! *****

CONSEQUENCES (Ultramarines) by Graham McNeill

Captain Uriel Ventris returns to the Fortress of Hera in triumph. Yet the Ultramarine now stands accused of flagrant disregard of the Codex Astartes, heresy.

**** Four Stars! Graham McNeill paints a harsh and solemn picture for readers to behold. A bold testament as to what it is to be Astartes. ****

THE LAST DETAIL (Dark Hunters) by Paul Kearney

The Dark Hunters battled and purged evil from the planet of Perreken. Once gone, a man and his son emerge to face the new ruins of their land. They find a buried Astartes, badly damaged. As they seek a way to contact his brother Astartes they learn that not all of the taint had been erased after all.

**** Four Stars! A bit predictable, but a wonderful story none-the-less. Well done. ****


The title says it all. Khoisan Neotera, Chapter Master of the mantis Warriors, stands silently, as if he were a statue, before the Council of Judgement. It is up to the council to decide on not only the fate of Neotera, but of the entire Mantis Warriors Chapter.

**** Four Stars! CS Goto clearly shows the dignity and righteous judgement of the Imperium. And the last nine words of the story hit me like a punch in the gut! Well played! ****

ORPHANS OF THE KRAKEN (Scythes of the Emperor) by Richard Williams

Brother-Sergeant Tiresias of the Astartes Chapter Scythes of the Emperor commands the 21st Salvation Team. After two years with his team, it now consists of himself and four neophytes. (Battle-brothers in training.) They have been inserted into over a dozen dead hive ships. But within this one they find the armored remains of brothers. Amazingly, one Space Marine still lives in suspended animation, Commander Cassios.

***** Five Stars! The writing style of Richard Williams is superb. I was pulled into the story quickly and its xenos memory still haunts me. *****

AT GAIUS POINT (Flesh Tearers) by Aaron Dembski-Bowden

When his ship is shot down, Zavien of the Flesh Tearers regains consciousness to find his brothers beyond help. The prisoner, Jarl, is loose. Jarl no longer resembles the Astartes he once was. Zavien must recapture Jarl before he slaughters the innocent. The entire Chapter's honor depends upon it.

***** Five Stars! Every time I read a story by Aaron Dembski-Bowden I become even more impressed. The author's writing style and imagery is exquisite. This is the perfect ending for the anthology. *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Various (Listed with each title.)
Edited by: W.H. Horner
Title - Blood and Devotion (Fantasy anthology)

The Daughters of Desire by Jay Lake

Firesetter and Fantail are partners and sometime lovers. In the city of Copper Downs they seek to kill a goddess. But is what they do the right thing?

** Two Stars! This is like two short stories in one. A lot of sex, but little real action. **

Hammer Song by K.L.Van der Veer

Mastersmith Amren d'Kort witnesses the death of his wife, a magical healer. Craving revenge against her killers, the Lyfeians, he travels to King Belimawr and offers his skills as a magical smith. However, to save his daughter's life, Amren had been forced by the Lyfeians to swear an oath. The magical vow keeps Amren from forging a weapon that can be used against them. But Amren is determined to find a loop-hole in the magical vow.

***** Five Stars! Excellent! This is fantasy at its best. And from an unexpected view point. *****

The Treachery of Stone by William Jones

The young kings of Babylon ordered the construction of the Great Tower, believing it would be a king who would someday talk with the city-god. After four hundred years, Mast Builder Mela has finished the Great Tower. Deciding he should be the one to speak with the city-god, Mela betrays the current king.

**** Four Stars! A predictable tale, but good none-the-less. The author blends Mela's great ego and greed perfectly. ****

In the Light of Dying Fires by Gerard Houarner

Jeloc wages war against Lord Merexem. A deal is struck with an old god, Tyal. But old gods are not always helpless.

** Two Stars! Lots of magic and betrayal in this story. Confusing at times, but it all finally comes together at the ending. **

The Perils of Twilight by Peter Andrew Smith

Ameni, servant of the House of Pharaoh and Commander of Armies, has returned from the borderlands with news of their victory. The Cursed-One has been defeated, thanks to the Niece of Pharaoh. But did the battle change her?

***** Five Stars! Filled with magic and a subtle sort of chaos, this story entices as few others. This is what pharaohs are made of. *****

The Gifts of Avalae by Ian McHugh

When the harsher seasons are over and the clans come briefly together, Carnac manDamag, High Thane of the Tharingii Nordain, begins to finally see the dangerous thoughts brewing within his brother's mind. These thoughts are of power and grandeur that could easily bring war to the clans, if not extinction.

**** Four Stars! The setting is much like the Scottish Highlands of the past. Very good development on the characters. ****

Eye of the Destroyer by Aliette de Bodard

When the King of Demons breaks free of his chains again, one female is chosen by the gods to lead an army to battle. Her husband fears that should she be strong enough to come home, she would never be the same.

*** Three Stars! Basically a story of change, the unknown, and regrets. Pretty depressing actually. However, the female demon is vivid and intriguing. ***

Greatshadow by James Maxey

A small group trek to locate and kill the powerful dragon known as Greatshadow. Lead by a cloaked figure name Stranger, each member of the group dream of their triumph.

**** Four Stars! A few characters are well developed, others are not. Yet the individual reasons of each member or being on the journey are excellent. Well done with a twist at the end. ****

Magic's Choice by R.W. Day

Conn has lived his entire life in the schola with Brother Bernard. At age five, greycloaks came with an older female commander for no other reason than to break his arm. At age eight, they return to carve a deep gash in his thigh. No reason was ever given. But at age fifteen, after tearing out two of his teeth, the commander took Conn aside and, in secrecy, explained why he was harmed. With her help, perhaps Conn will continue to live ... and change the entire kingdom by doing so.

***** Five Stars! Extremely well done. An engrossing story that leaves the reader with a pleasant aftertaste. *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Various
Edited by: Jetse de Vries
Title - Shine (Sci-Fi Anthology)

The Earth of Yunhe by Eric Gregory

The world is covered in ash. One young man can revive it all. Problem is that no one in his home town believes him.

**** 4 Stars! Optimistic. Imaginative. A good start to the anthology. ****

The Greenman Watches the Black Bar Go Up, Up, Up by Jacques Barcia

A mysterious group of young people ask a self-employed sustainability analyst to do some very quick work for them. But what is the real product and what is really going on?

**** 4 Stars! Mysterious, vague, and a bit confusing until all the pieces begin to fall into place. ****

Overhead by Jason Stoddard

Insurance scams are all around. FOLR (Fund of Last Resort) has a small colony on the moon. When ruthless corporation big-heads decide to stop everything, those on the moon do what they must.

***** 5 Stars! So possible that it makes me shiver in fear for the future. Outstanding! *****

Summer Ice by Holly Phillips

The city has morphed from wealth to poverty. Water is scarce, lawns and parks are gone, and people labor over needed plants. Heat abounds. Can someone ever call such a place home?

**** 4 Stars! Basically a story of acceptance and moving onward to make things better. Well written and gripping. ****

Sustainable Development by Paula R. Stiles

In a small African village, the men have their robotic toys and the women have their mind-numbing work. That is, until the ladies find the right attachments.

**** 4 Stars! Very short story and very well done. ****

The Church of Accelerated Redemption by Gareth L. Powell & Aliette de Bodard

Does an AI simply execute its programmed instructions or can it actually become genuinely intelligent?

**** 4 Stars! Though the plot line about machines becoming self-aware is not new, this story will give you a short pause. Interesting and compelling. ****

The Solnet Ascendancy by Lavie Tidhar

A small backward island, not even with internet capabilities. But what if, by using old and discarded equipment, the internet can be accessed? What if the locals soak up knowledge like a sponge? And what if the environment even lends a hand?

**** 4 Stars! An optimistic, rags-to-riches story. Written in such a way that all can easily understand, be they DOS-illiterate or total geek-gurus. ****

Twittering the Stars by Mari Ness

A five-man crew has been sent out to mine lithium and iridium from an asteroid on the other side of the galaxy.

***** 5 Stars! This story follows the female microbiologist who is in charge of the plants. The entire story is written as if she is sending very short messages to various of her friends back on Earth. She is using the Twitter site, so the last message she sent is the first seen in the story. This means I, as the reader, must start from the end of the story and read backwards to the beginning (if I want to read the messages in order of events as they happen). As I began, I thought this would be the worst story in the anthology. Once finished, I concluded this story to be the absolute best! I read it twice. Stellar! *****

Seeds by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

A company has made the perfect seed. But nothing is ever really perfect.

**** 4 Stars! Very short story and well done. ****

At Budokan by Alastair Reynolds

People in the music business are always looking for the next big thing. This time they think outside the box.

**** 4 Stars! I admit that this one creeped me out a bit. Interesting look at the future of music. ****

Sarging Rasmussen: A Report (by Organic) by Gord Sellar

What if you could use pick up lines for saving the Earth? And what would happen if you teamed up with someone your equal when it came to smoozing others?

*** 3 Stars! This shows how slick some are at networking. Good story. I must admit thought, Organic reminds me of a shady used car salesman. ***

Scheherazade Cast in Starlight by Jason Andrew

As a government attempts to oppress its citizens, especially the females, one young lady fights back.

*** 3 Stars! A very short story set in Iran. An optimistic look forward. ***

Russian Roulette 2020 by Eva Maria Chapman

In a future where most everyone is hooked up to the internet via gadgets, such as computers in the form of a sleeve worn wrapped around an arm, there are still some that only use the net sparingly.

**** 4 Stars! An interesting story. Well written with believable characters. ****

Castoff World by Kay Kenyon

Child is almost seven-years-old. She and her Grappa live on a small ship made out of refuge. Nora began as a seed with nanobots. She was put into the ocean and programmed to clean up the garbage. Nora made the small refuge ship. Though Grappa did not seem to believe it, Nora has been getting smarter. When Child is finally all alone on the ship, Nora continues to take care of her.

***** 5 Stars! A fascinating blend of primitive and high tech. This story grabbed me quickly, getting better and better as I read onward. *****

Paul Kishosha's Children by Ken Edgett

When Paul finds out his mother is dying, he leaves the States and returns to Tanzania. Leaving his NASA career behind, Paul begins teaching children about the planets. He captures their attentions by using characters from a story he had made up long ago about a Martian named Joe.

**** 4 Stars! A light-hearted story. The author has done a great job blending together outer space and down-home Earth. ****

Ishin by Madeline Ashby

Ishin is a surveillance co-op involving tiny unmanned aerial systems. But these two men deal with more than simply Tink.

**** 4 Stars! A bit confusing at times, but also an interesting look at tiny surveillance possibilities. Very enjoyable. ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Noted with each title.
Title - Tales from the Treasure Trove, Vol. VI
(A Jewels of the Quill anthology)

The Amber Dragon (Amber Chronicles #3) by Janet Lane Walters

Prince Stephen of Rivand is trapped by a witch's curse and must live his life in a strange world that resides within an amber orb. A prince without a kingdom, Stephen takes a job in a tavern's kitchen. Hearing about a dragon, he goes to earn the title of a hero. He has no way of knowing that the amber dragon is actually Princess Valia, who is under an evil wizard's spell.

**** FOUR STARS! The witch's curse of zapping princes into an amber orb is one of my favorites. This story is the fate of the very first prince. It reads much like a fairy tale, where at least one moral is to be learned. An enchanting fantasy. ****

Jordana's Chair (Kaleidoscope #4) by Karen Wiesner

Jordana DeSoto lives in the apartment across the hall from Dex Everett. She arrived a year ago with little more than the clothes on her back and an antique sewing machine. Dex has never met anyone like her before. She is always happy and smiling. Jordana is a survivor. After years of living on the streets, Jordana is thrilled with each small item she earns. This time it is a plush armchair she has on layaway. Could Jordana risk losing her heart to a man that looks like every woman's dream? And would a guy so upscale really want someone like her?

**** FOUR STARS! This author is a whiz at playing matchmaker with characters that seem to be polar opposites of each other. Dex grew up in comfort and Jordana's life was full of hardships. Karen Wiesner shows that love can bring together people from anywhere. On a side note, how can I resist reading an author who uses weird words, such as "ipecac" in her stories? Romantic and inspiring. ****

The Nonesuch Curse (North of Nonesuch #8) by Jane Toombs

Falana, a wood witch, placed a curse on those of Ruthven blood. All Ruthven males have died on their thirtieth birthday for the last five generations. Therefore, Rom Ruthven refuses to let a woman get close enough to think she was in love with him. He figures that if he does not wed and have an heir, then the curse will end with him. After suffering a head injury, Rom is found by Trilla Pasanen, a nurse. Rom is less than a year away from his rendezvous with death. Can she save him somehow?

**** FOUR STARS! Jane Toombs fights power with power in this gothic-flavored story. Good and evil clash to decide the ultimate fate of a family lone. To me, the main characters are intense, full of faith, and courageous. ****

Choices (Aquamarine #3) by Dee Lloyd

Elly Jameson is the event manager at Aquamarine Lake Lodge. Trust does not come easily to Elly when handsome men are involved. To Elly, a certain police officer, Ward O'Donnell, is one of the most handsome. When murder occurs, Elly and Ward work together to solve the crime.

***** FIVE STARS! Romance and suspense blend to create a terrific who-dunnit mystery in this gem. It is extremely difficult to put enough time into a blooming romance while still investigating enough for a credible mystery. Yet Dee Lloyd has succeeded with flying colors. Outstanding. *****

The Incomparable Miss Scarlet by Nancy Pirri

Set in London, 1851. After Miss Scarlet Warden proves to her sister that her husband is being unfaithful, word spreads. Soon Scarlet is getting calls from her other female friends begging her to spy on their husbands. To help them, Scarlet goes undercover as the governess in various households in her quest for the truth. Guilty men soon fear her, but Hugh Henry Hamilton, the Duke of Danescliffe, agrees with what Scarlet is doing. When Scarlet is accosted, Hugh takes is upon himself to watch after her. It does not take long for the duke to decide that Scarlet is the only lady for him.

***** FIVE STARS! This historical romance is as sweet as it is devious. Not much gets by this lovely sleuth. The author has done well with this story in every way. *****

Garnet Hills by Liz Hunter

Julianne Harrison had not seen her father since she was six. Upon his death, Julianne inherits a rundown horse farm. Stanley Knott, the mean and disrespectful manager, has hated Julianne since she arrived a week ago. But Carter Lee, a handsome groom, does all he can to make sure Knott's poison never spreads into the bloodstream of the other workers. Sleep is difficult for Julianne to get much of due to the ruckus some unknown dogs make every night. Then there is the stress of trying to turn the farm around. That is hard because the bank books are not adding up correctly.

**** FOUR STARS! This is a great modern contemporary romance, but would have been better had the author been able to make it into the size of a novella, if not a ful-length novel. Fast paced and thoroughly enjoyable. ****

The Topaz Guard by Carrie S. Masek

Set in France, 1585. Eighteen-year-old Lisette Mercer is about to be accepted into the Abbey of Paraclete. Then Charles de Verney, heir of a comte, enters her life and begins to woo her. Uncle Henri and Aunt Lili have raised Lisette since she had witnessed the massacre of her parent at the age of five. (Uncle Henri had found her hidden in a chest two days after the deaths.) But on the eve of becoming betrothed to Charles, the one who murdered her parents returns.

**** FOUR STARS! This story is set in an era when Catholic and Protestant struggle for control of France. This story is another that would have been better had the author been able to expand it to the size of a novella, if not a full-length, novel. Having to keep the story short and the word count low makes the romance seem too swift. Still, the flavor of the tale comes through brilliantly. ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Edited by: Alex Davis, Nick Kyme & Lindsey Priestley
Authors: Various
Title - Death & Dishonour (Warhammer Fantasy Anthology)

Red Snow (A Gotrek & Felix story) by Nathan Long

The caravan master tells Slayer Gotrek Gurnisson that there is always a fight whenever they travel to market. Seeking a glorious death in battle, Gotrek and his human companion, Felix Jaeger, agree to guard the caravaners. The trek is interrupted by an avalanche. In the aftermath, a priest from a nearby village offers them shelter and tells them of a terrible monster that walks the hills.

**** FOUR STARS! This short adventure will help tide over the legion of Gotrek and Felix fans until the next full-length novel is released. Gotrek's battle against the yeti is told with Nathan Long's unique flair and will entice new readers to look up past titles. A well executed story. ****

The Assassin's Dilemma by David Earle

Clan Famin's Warlord, Glut, hires the services of Clan Eshin to pave the way for an assault on a human encampment. Sneeq Foulblade, a skaven assassin, and his gutter runners agree to infiltrate the camp and assassinate the human engineer. Shortly afterward, Grey Seer Qik demands Sneeq NOT to kill the engineer. To abandon Glut's contract would mean Sneeq's death, but Qik vows the same should it be completed. Can the skaven assassin find a way to survive his decision?

**** FOUR STARS! It is always interesting to view events from the view point of the skaven race. David Earle did very good work on this short story. ****

Rest Eternal by Anthony Reynolds

Calard is a Questing Knight of the Lady (of the Lake). It has been five years since the Bretonnian Knight had taken up his Questing Vows for the Grail. His journey now takes him to a small village located high in the peaks of the Grey Mountains. Calard agrees to slay a wyvern that has been tormenting the villagers. Yet the day after he killed the beast, an identical one appears.

**** FOUR STARS! Many readers will figure out exactly what is happening early in the story. Still, the adventure has an unforeseen twist or two that keeps this tale intriguing. ****

The Miracle at Berlau by Darius Hinks

Brother Jakob Wolff fails to kill the monster, though it is burned beyond recognition. His acolyte, Ratboy, then listens as Brother Wolff confesses his guilty secrets. However, Ratboy would soon stumble upon the truth of Wolff's past.

*** THREE STARS! I found this to be a simple tale of Wolff's life coming full circle. Pretty interesting. ***

Noblesse Oblige (A Florin & Lorenzo story) by Robert Earl

Florin d'Artaud and Lorenzo le Comte are two merchants from Bordeleaux. For a bit of entertainment they visit the fighting pits; however, they are surprised to see a gladiator fight three of the skaven race. Florin and Lorenzo keep the rat-like vermin from escaping. In doing so, they wind up in the prison. Then Lady Adora arrives and offers them their freedom in exchange for their services in murdering a nobleman.

**** FOUR STARS! Fans of the Florin & Lorenzo series will be utterly delighted with this adventure. Sometimes I believe the duo to be just plain lucky! The Lady Adora makes for a wonderful villainess. I hope to see more of her in the future. A very impressive story. ****

The Last Ride of Heiner Rothstein by Ross O'Brien

Heiner Rothstein of the Rothstein's Pistoliers has died fighting marauders. His son, Wolfram, and the rest of the honour guard were taking Heiner's body for its last ride into Middenheim. They have been hunting down marauders for several months. Now they make camp, excited that they were to enter Middenheim with the captured enemy banner the next day. But things are not always as they seem.

*** THREE STARS! An unexpected twist brings an end to this story. Not much action, but definitely worth your time to read and enjoy. ***

Broken Blood by Paul Kearney

Two years ago General Michael Morgan had been leading his horsemen against Chaos hordes. A daemon prince had been summoned. It captured Michael alive and flew off, deep into Troll Country. His brother, Gabriel, lead the men as they search for their former general. At last the search has ended. But now Gabriel and the men must kill Michael ... if they can.

**** FOUR STARS! An epic battle against a large Chaos host makes up this thrilling short tale. Well written and sound strategies. ****

The Judgement of Crows by Chris Wraight

Long ago Radamus Arforl, one of the mightiest wizards of the Amethyst order fell in battle as he defeated the necromancer of legend named the Master of Crows. Somewhere in the marshes, near the Herrendorf village of which he saved from a plague of walking dead, his mausoleum watches after the source of evil. Yet after centuries, the unquiet dead are rising again. Every night they exit the marshes, attempting to breach the walls of the village. Imperial Master Wizard Katerina Lautermann, answers the village's call for help.

***** FIVE STARS! Death, decay, magic, betrayal, wizard duels and more await readers in this intense tale. During the climatic battle, I simply could not look away from the wrongness of it all. Stunning! *****

Wolfshead (A Brunner the Bounty Hunter story) by C.L. Werner

Brunner of Drakenberg is one of the best bounty hunters in the lands. While bringing in his live captive, he briefly meets Mamma Miranda, a powerful old woman, who gives Brunner the means to save himself from the beast he is soon to meet. Though his captive falls victim to the huge wolf-like creature, Brunner does not. Baron Friederick Hartog has placed a large bounty upon the wolf's head, but Brunner knows it was not a simple wolf he had encountered. Upon hearing of Mamma Miranda, the baron changes the bounty. A fortune would go to the one that captures the old hag and forces her to lift her curse.

***** FIVE STARS! There are times I believe that the character of Brunner the Bounty Hunter is actually the oxymoron known as an honorable sociopath. But I must admit that those deserving Brunner's attention need just such a person to deal with them. An excellent story and the perfect way to end this fabulous anthology. *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Janet Chapman, Sandra Hill, Veronica Wolff, & Trish Jensen
Title - Ladies Prefer Rogues (4 Time Travel Novellas)

Man from the Moon by Janet Chapman

Isobel is a veterinarian in coastal Maine. As she is leaving a store Isobel finds herself kidnapped by four men. Daniel, the leader, has managed to get a tree limb embedded into his side. Time is of the essence and though Isobel is an animal doctor, they have no time to search for anyone else. Isobel is told that for the next five days she will be tending Daniel while the other three men continue with their mission.

Daniel and the others are from the moon colony in the year 2243. They have five days to find a certain type of animal and save mankind. As Isobel tends Daniel, the futuristic warrior finds himself falling in love with her.

***** FIVE STARS! Filled with characters that I came to love quickly and lots of silly humor, this story kept me hooked from the first to the last. I especially love the ironic ending! *****

Tomorrow is Another Day by Sandra Hill

Larry Wilson, Cage LeBlanc, and Sly Simms are three Navy SEALs. Cage and Sly registered Larry on the Extreme Dating web site, a New Orleans-based dating service owned by Margo Baptiste. Larry did not know what his buddies had done until the crazy women began showing up. Margo pulled Larry's photo and info off the site, but the women were still showing up. The trio goes to New Orleans to meet with Margo and brainstorm ideas on how to solve the problem.

After the meeting, Margo enters the elevator of her office building and ends up crashing below when the elevator falters. She regains consciousness to find herself in the year 1870. She quickly meets Laurent Duvall, who looks identical to Larry. Margo ends up traveling with Laurent and his sister, Lettie, to their plantation, Rosylyn. Margo is about to help the people who are dependent on the plantation for their survival by doing what she does best - matchmaking.

**** FOUR STARS! Sassy and filled with humor, mostly about the classic "Gone with the Wind", I found myself grinning several times as I witnessed Margo settle in to her new time period. The character of Lettie often stole the spot light! ****

The Drowning Sea by Veronica Wolff

Set in the year 1662. Iain MacNab sees his love, Cassie, die from a stab wound as her father is preparing to have him hanged. Iain escapes to the sea and becomes a cabin boy for a privateer.

Twenty years pass. He is now known as Black John MacNab, a notorious pirate. John will finally get his chance to avenge Cassie. Then Lady Fate takes him by the hand ...

*** THREE STARS! As I neared the end of this story I began thinking that perhaps it was not going to be a time travel romance after all. I soon learned differently. Do not be foolish, as I was, to believe this romantic tale has nothing to do with time travel. Enjoy the ride! ***

Sixteen Decades by Trish Jensen

Set in Little Fork, Nevada, 2010. Sheriff Ty Coltraine is with Fannie Mae, madam of the Rooster Ranch, investigating a missing client. While checking the backyard, Ty hears a lady pleading for help. Someone had knocked her hard on the head and then locked her in the shed. Ty can hardly believe her story, but if it is true then Margaret "Maggie" Prescott is from the year 1850. Maggie had been a teacher who had traveled to Little Fork because she had inherited a ranch from her father. She had no idea it was really a bawdy house. Sheriff Jesse Coltraine (one of Ty's ancestors) is the one that harmed and imprisoned Maggie within the shed. Could this all be for real? Whether it is or not, Ty finds himself growing more and more attached to the delightful and mysterious Maggie.

***** FIVE STARS! I have not found many time travel stories in which the traveler comes from the distant past and into our modern time. Fewer still cast the female in the role of time traveler. I would not be surprised to learn that readers beg for more after this luscious story. Absolutely terrific! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Title - A Touch of Dead
(Sookie Stackhouse Anthology)
Author: Charlaine Harris

Fairy Dust (from Powers of Detection)

One of the fairy triplets is killed. Claude and Claudine ask for Sookie's help. Sookie goes to their domicile, where three suspects are being held. Sookie needs to interrogate each, delve into their minds for the truth, and figure out which is guilty of the crime.

Dracula Night (from Many Bloody Returns)

Eric Northman invites Sookie to his club, Fangtasia, to celebrate Dracula's birthday. Each year Eric has high hopes that Dracula will appear at his party. This time someone steps forward claiming to be the Prince of Darkness, but is he really?

One Word Answer (from Bite)

Sookie and Bubba are raking leaves at midnight when a limo pulls up. A half-demon lawyer, Mr. Cataliades, and his driver, Waldo, exit the vehicle to inform Sookie of her cousin Hadley's death.

Lucky (from Unusual Suspects)

Greg Aubert, Sookie's insurance agent, asks for her help to figure out who has been breaking into his office at night. Sookie's friend, Amelia, assists in solving the mystery. Turns out that more than one thing is happening after hours.

Gift Wrap (from Wolfsbane & Mistletoe)

On Christmas Eve, Sookie is alone and feeling more than a bit depressed when she stumbles upon a wounded werewolf. Sookie hides the injured Were from those hunting him. In return, the werewolf give her a gift she will never forget.

*** THREE STARS TOTAL! Each of these Sookie Stackhouse stories has been published before in various anthologies. Beside each story title, I name the anthology it appeared in. An Introduction by Charlaine Harris explains the stories, their origins, and sequence of events. I feel that each tale is worthy of your time to read; however, due to being short stories they are not as well developed as the actual full-length dramas. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Title - The Stories In Between
(Anthology of Sci-Fi, Pulp Fiction, Horror, Paranormal, & Comics)
Authors: Various (Listed below)

The beginning of this book has a forward by Joseph Gangemi and an introduction by Greg Schauer. Do not skip them. I found them to be as entertaining as the actual stories. Each story also begins with an illustration to set the mood. If you are a fan of Science-Fiction, Horror, Pulp Fiction, Comics, or Gaming then I strongly urge you to pick up a copy of this anthology. Parents, be warned that much of this book is for mature audiences only, so do not give a copy to you thirteen-year-old kid. (Wow, look at all the teens running to snatch up their own copy! There is nothing like the forbidden.)

Below I list each title with a small synopsis and rating. Remember that the ratings and my thoughts are MY opinions. Mine only. What I love, you may hate, and vice versa. One thing is for sure; every one of these authors and illustrators are beyond talented.

The Wrestler & The Spear Fisher by Lawrence M. Schoen

Two warriors, once-twin brothers, have been reborn to fight for the right of succession. Only one may lead their people. The spirits of Aniwa, protectors of the people, devise a way to choose.

**** Four Stars! This story is thirteen pages in length. It is well written and reads much like a fable.

Beneath Between by Lawrence C. Connolly

***** Five Stars! Everyone has read a story or watched a show about ... "not-quite parallel worlds where the roads not taken were taken ...." However, after reading this story I was left with my own series of "What If" thoughts.

Dr. Time by Maria V. Snyder

Dr. Gaye Clemmer is working on a Relocater Device. Another scientist mockingly assures her that within a month she will be gone and his lab area would expand to include her space. But then Gaye begins getting messages from her future self.

***** Five Stars! This story assured me that should I ever build a machine that can transport matter through time, I am never to communicate with my past self. An intriguing story with an ending that surprised me. Terrific!

Squeeze Me by Don Bethman

*** Three Stars! This very brief comic is a whopping two pages long. The only readable words are found in the last panel. Yet the meaning of the story comes across with no problem.

Swift Decline by Gregory Frost

A husband hires an investigator to locate his run-away wife. The trail leads to a small, seemingly deserted, mining town where all the people sit silently in a dim bar. As strange as the investigator thought things were, nothing could have prepared him for what he sees in the rectory or for what came afterward.

**** Four Stars! A blending of science-fiction and mystery creates a story with the flavor of an episode of The Twilight Zone.

Short Fuse by Patrick Thomas

John Murphy is a bartender with some pretty interesting friends in law enforcement. When he enters a lingerie shop, he finds a woman with a bomb strapped to herself. Murphy decides he has to help defuse the situation.

*** Three Stars! A pretty good story with an ironic twist.

Blood Alone by John Passarella

It has been fifteen months since the last attack triggered by Wither's dying curse, but Wendy Ward and her friends are still alert. Good thing, because the latest supernatural threat is cunning and able to control the minds of others. It gets worse when one of Wendy's friends becomes unwillingly enthralled and a previously dormant seed of evil within her mind begins to grow.

***** Five Stars! This author is a master when it comes to writing a story soaked in dark nuances. At forty-one pages in length, it is the longest story within this anthology (though one other does come a close second). For those who are following the Wendy vs Wither's Curse battles, I suggest you do not miss this episode. I would even say that this one is vital. Outstanding!

Beyond Imagine by Mike McPhail

As Ingram struggles to full awareness, he realizes his squad is liberating him from a sealed capsule. Morgan informs him that she had been the first free of her unknown-type of cell and immediately began helping the rest of the squad out of their individual imprisonments. The squad soon finds themselves under attack.

***** Five Stars! This is one of the best short military science-fiction stories I have ever read. I could not be more impressed. In fact, I am making a note to check for more of McPhail's stories. The author is also a game designer. Since I have recently grown bored with "World of Warcraft", perhaps I can find a new online game as well.

Appetite by Jonathan McGoran

He had made the perfect diet pill, Napeteine. It basically turned off your digestive tracts, so you could eat whatever you wanted. No matter how much a person ate, the fat would disappear and the muscles would be enhanced. Surely something this easy must have at least a few side effects.

**** Four Stars! My way of thinking must be as royally warped as McGoran's, because this story mimics a nightmare I had once as a teen. I have never forgotten the dream of long ago and now I am sure that I never will.

Doctor Nine by Jonathan Maberry

Those with darkest hearts and blackest souls dream of the being known as Doctor Nine. So when one little girl decides to watch her twin die beautifully, Doctor Nine is invited to the party.

*** Three Stars! This is the author's version of taking a small peek into an insane girl's mind. I do not know if I would call it disturbing or interesting. I believe readers must decide that for themselves.

My Grandfather Was Adolf Hitler's Roommate by Henry Long

** Two Stars! This is the second longest story within this anthology. It is in two sections and reads like a memoir. The first section is Henry's grandfather and young Hitler. It follows how the two met and, eventually, parted ways. The second section is Henry's uncle. It involves aliens and conspiracy theories.

Janey In Amber by Jeffrey J. Mariotte

Janey leaves her home and job in the city whenever her mother has an episode. Her mother's Dementia is hard on Janey's emotions, but she never fails to care for her mother. Of course, Janey has Jack to help her through it all. But does Jack offer the type of support a husband is supposed to?

**** Four Stars! I figured out what was really going on pretty early; however, this is still an interesting read with a twist.

Vedran by Jonathan Carroll

When William's wife died he could not get past his mourning. To keep from hitting hard despair, William got on a bus taking other senior citizens out for the day. On that bus William sat down next to another gentleman who had recently lost his wife. The other man had loved his wife too, but was happy. William wanted to know how.

**** Four Stars! This story was not only sweet, but made me stop and seriously think about my husband. I hope that I recall what William learned. Very moving and memorable.

The Devil You Don't by Danielle Ackley-McPhail

After a hard and long debriefing about her actions on the Groom Experimental Complex, Private Kat Alexander and the rest of the Daire's Devils are sent on a covert assignment for some fact finding and to deal with possible space pirates.

**** Four Stars! This hard-core soldier has a major kick-butt attitude. She may be a private now, but her future looks bright. I see a lot of potential with Kat and the team. Here's hoping for more.

The Dungeon Out Of Time by Walter Ciechanowski

When John Chandler's family heads to the beach for a week, the boy ends up in a toy shop for new "Dangerous Dungeons" board game material. He ends up with more than he expects. A lot more!

**** Four Stars! Anyone who has ever played a D&D board game will especially enjoy this bit of drama. Creepy!

The Wonderous Boundless Thought by C J Henderson

In the future, where the brain has been mapped, charted, and everyone uses the entire organ, people are at peace. Anything can be downloaded directly into one's brain. They have everything they could possibly want. Or do they?

**** Four Stars! This author must have a very philosophical mind set. I found the story to be intriguing and the reactions of those having the discussion left me a tad unnerved in the end.

Proverbs of Hell by Catherynne M. Valente

The brothers tend the small garden within their personal Hades. Each night a female Imp visits to devour their organs and tell a tale.

*** Three Stars! This one made me scratch my head in confusion for awhile. At the ending, I was not sure that I understood what the author was trying to get across, so I reread it. I have decided this story is much like museum pieces of art work. It is whatever you make of it.

The Legacy of Between Books by Steve Ressel

***** Five stars! This is a four page comic where Greg Schauer, an editor of this anthology and the owner of "Between Books", is poked fun at. If you are a nerd, whether you admit it to yourself or not, you will NOT be able to finish this comic without grinning. The fact that you understood and empathized enough to grin or chuckle proves your geekiness.

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Title - Hot For the Holidays (4 Seasonal Paranormal Novellas)
Authors: Lora Leigh, Angela Knight, Anya Bast, Allyson James

Vampires Ball by Angela Knight

Twenty-six year old Katherine "Kat" Danilo had never met her biological father. Mary, her mother, always said that John Lance had been a one night stand. Then comes the evening that Kat walks in the house to discover Mary with a guest named Grace du Lac. It is hard to swallow at first; however, Grace quickly proves she is a Maja (immortal witch). Kat's father is actually named Lancelot du Lac, Knight of the Round Table. And Kat is a Latent, a mortal descendant with the genetic potential to become a Maja. To find out whether Kat should join the ranks of the immortals and take on the task of protecting mankind, she is assigned a sponsor. No matter how dreamy her newly assigned vampire, Ridge Champion, is to her, Kat intends to prove herself worthy. Kat has a close and personal reason to want this chance at kicking the daylights out of some major super natural bad guys.

**** FOUR STARS! This story took a bit of time to set up its plot, but once it did I found myself hooked. And readers do not have to know all about the Mageverse and humanity's protectors in order to fully enjoy the tale. ****

A Little Night Magic by Allyson James

Two years ago Jamison Kee disappeared without a word to his lover, Naomi, or her deaf daughter, Julie. When the Navajo shaman suddenly reappears at her house, Naomi tells him to get lost. But Jamison needs to explain to Naomi why he disappeared and why it took him two years to return. It does not take but a moment for Jamison to morph into a huge mountain lion and then back into a man. Naomi cannot help but understand and forgive Jamison as his explanations pour out of him. Problem is that an Alpha from a pack of Changers is hunting Jamison, determined to also kill Naomi.

**** FOUR STARS! This story has a guest appearance by Coyote, the god. It adds a bit of punch to a story already full of drama. ****

Sweet Enchantment by Anya Bast

When the famous Seelie Court mage, Ronan, takes a job from a powerful guild of druids without the Summer Queen's permission, he is thrown into a prison cell of the Rose Tower. Though Ronan had shattered her heart before, Bella attempts to save his life by marrying him. He refuses her proposal; not that it mattered, because the Summer Queen plans to behead him. Yet learning that Bella still cares for him gives Ronan a reason to escape and live. His blood may be Seelie, but it possesses enough Unseelie blood to allow him to cast dark spells. Ronan will use every spell he knows, and even make up a few new ones, if that is what it takes to win Bella back.

**** FOUR STARS! An interesting glimpse into the Seelie Court. I must admit that I am not impressed with Bella, but Ronan more than makes up for it. That man has connections everywhere and quite a devious side. ****

A Christmas Kiss by Lora Leigh

Jessica Raines has always been loyal to the Wolf Breeds, even though her father worked for a pure blood society. Though still physically a virgin, Jessica has a mate, Hawke Esteban. But over a year ago, Jessica's father had slipped something into her food during one of her visits to him. The drug forced Jessica to betray the Wolf Breed. Even so, Jessica managed to break through the drug enough to rescue the two people she was supposed to have killed. The Wolf Breed Compound of Haven kept her imprisoned during the last year, until they figured out what had caused Jessica's actions. Now she is no longer imprisoned, but cannot go anywhere without a bodyguard. Though Jessica has been proven innocent and Haven knows she is not really a traitor, someone wants her dead. Hawke is determined to not only keep her alive, but to finally claim his mate physically.

***** FIVE STARS! In my opinion, this is the best of the bunch. The story starts off with gunfire and only gets better from there. A thrilling run on the wild side. *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Title - Holiday Brides (3 novellas)
Authors: Farrah Rochon, Stefanie Worth, Jewel Amethyst

Novella Title: by Stefanie Worth

Brenna Campbell and Evan Shephard have been coworkers for about three years now, yet neither actually know the other. Brenna's life is rearranged ("re-routed") by an unexpected company layoff right before the end-of-the-year holidays. Evan suggests that Brenna stop talking about launching her own business venture in a few years and instead proceed with her desire now. Neither realizes a pair of guardian angels are nudging them toward each other and a romance that is heaven sent.

***** FIVE STARS! I was sent a galley copy of this novella for an honest review. I am going to assume (yeah, I know the joke about assuming) that the other two stories are as good as this one. Therefore, this book receives the full five stars from me. Stefanie Worth's story hits close to home as she clearly shows how the economic world of today is, as well as how it affects people who live in it. Her characters, both mortal and angelic, are totally believable. Nothing comes across as odd or false. This book is perfect for reading while you are cuddled up in front a cozy fire indoors while the snow piles up outside. *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Title - Homecoming (Mercy Thompson Graphic Novel)
Author: Patricia Briggs
Editors: David Lawrence & Rich Young
Artwork: Francis Tsai & Amelia Woo

Mercy Thompson is a walker, a magical being with the power to shapeshift into a coyote at will. As a child she had been handed over to Bran Cornick "the Marrok" who ruled the werewolves, to be raised. The Marrok is the biggest, baddest werewolf of all. Since the age of sixteen Mercy has been on her own.

Mercy leaves Portland for an interview in the Tri-Cities of Washington. Mercy hopes for a teaching position. She ends up being hired by a nine-year-old named Tad as a mechanic for his father's auto repair shop. Tad and his father, Zee, are part of the Fae. Mercy finds herself in the middle of a war zone. She would have left, but the Marrok erred and Mercy decides to spitefully stick around. Seems the Marrok has sent Adam Hauptman to deal with a band of rogue werewolves in the area. Adam is an Alpha, leader of the Columbia Basin Wolf Pack. And whether Adam or the Marrok likes it or not, Mercy is making the war for territory her business!

***** FIVE STARS! An outstanding and original graphic novel set in the Mercy Thompson universe. If, like me, you have not read any of the Mercy Thompson novels, then you are in for a sweet treat! For those fans who have kept up with the series, you will finally get to see how Mercy and her mentor, Zee, met.

As most know, when morphing into another form, the clothes being worn are shredded. The illustrators have done an amazing job of keeping true to that fact by using some pretty cool techniques. I could not be more impressed! Very tastefully done indeed! Mercy's personality and her sense of dark humor flows naturally and I often found myself chuckling aloud as I read. More than once my son stopped, while walking by my room, to glance in and wonder what I was laughing at. That just made me laugh louder.

In the back of this hardback graphic novel, readers will find an art gallery and an interview of the author, Patricia Briggs, by David Lawrence. Will there be more Mercy graphic novels in the future? The interview has me believing there will be. But this one is an original story; made especially for this graphic form. I have no doubt what-so-ever that fans will flock for this major collectable item. And new fans will be won as well. A magnificent graphic debut that will be long celebrated! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Artist: Claudia Campos
Title - The Dark-Hunters (Manga, Graphic Novel #1)

While Kyrian of Thrace was out fighting the Romans, his wife was at home welcoming them into her bed. For a chance to kill the wife who betrayed him, Kyrian swore his allegiance to Artemis and fights as a Dark-Hunter in her army against the daimon predators. Artemis has Kyrian's soul and he is immortal until something finally kills him. Believing all women are treacherous, Kyrian has spent over twenty-one hundred years alone. Every night Kyrian prowls the streets protecting humans from, not only the normal evils of humanity's nature, but also from daimons out to steal their very souls. After being ambushed one night, Kyrian wakes to find himself handcuffed to a beautiful human female.

Amanda Devereaux just wants to be normal. The rest of her large family can practice spells, hunt vampires, and do all the paranormal stuff. Amanda has rejected and suppressed her powers since she was a child. Unfortunately for her, fate will not leave her in peace. Mistaken for her vampire hunting sister, Tabitha, Amanda is kidnapped and handcuffed to the most handsome and arrogant man she has ever laid eyes on. As much as she hates the thought, Amanda and Kyrian are stuck with each other. Once free of the cuffs, Amanda is still marked for death. By day she can go and do whatever she pleases, but until Kyrian can find and kill the daimons toying with them, Amanda must spend her nights either by Kyrian's side or within his fortress of a home. Amanda is the key to everything. Should Amanda die, so does Kyrian, and humanity is doomed.

***** FIVE STARS! I have always wanted to read the Dark-Hunters series, but never had the time. So I am thrilled to find out that the series is being released as a graphic novel, manga style. Manga style basically means everything is backwards. The beginning of this graphic novel is where the back normally is. The right page is read before the left page. On each page you must read/view the panels right-to-left as well. Do not worry. Within a single minute you will have the rhythm and the action begins.

This volume is NOT a stand-alone story. It ends at a dramatic spot and will be continued in the next volume. This manga novel does not just ooze drama; it hemorrhages with excitement in a paranormal world that will surprise you. Most excellent! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Various
Title - Love on a Harley (6 novellas)

Secrets and Lies by Rebecca Andrews
Wess McKade is ex-Special Forces with his own security business. When Wess receives a call from his friend, "Bobby" Preston, he finds himself agreeing to protect Bobby's sister, Ella. It seems that Bobby is being blackmailed for something that happened ten years ago at a party (involving all three of them). Unless Bobby pays, Ella will be harmed. That night at the party had been the last time Wess saw Ella. Could Wess make Ella forgive him for disappearing?

**** Great story, but I could tell a lot was cut out (so it could be a short story). Because of this, it did not flow smoothly. But the plot is really good. This one deserves to be a full-length novel. ****

Leader of the Pack by Debi Farr
Charlotte "Charlie" Fox is en route to a Come-As-You-Aren't party, dressed as a call girl, when her car gets a flat tire on a country road. After managing to fall into a ditch, she is rescued by Derek Eiken.

***** This very short story is fun, witty, and humorous. Well done! *****

Hitting Paydirt by Billie Warren Chai
"MaryVic" Abbott may look fragile, but she is anything but. She is a drilling engineer for an oil rig outside of town. Due to a series of (ahem) unfortunate incidents happening to the oil well, the team is behind schedule. MaryVic is seriously considering skipping the rehearsal for her brother's (Jack) wedding so she can oversee the drilling. That is, until Marine Major Craig Ferguson shows up, tosses her over his shoulder, and takes her to it. The attraction between MaryVic and Craig is as hot as ever. They are ready to take a chance on love, but first they must deal with an oil rival who is out to cause MaryVic some serious trouble.

**** From the beginning this story overflows with romance, family ties, and danger. But due to the story having to be short, the danger has no time to build up and I never felt as though it were real. This plot and cast of characters deserve a full-length novel. ****

Teaching Love by Patricia Frank
"Jen" Marlowe is returning from a day of skiing on Christmas Eve when her car hits black ice and ends up in a ditch. All auto shops have already closed. Dan Giovanni gives Jen a lift to her home just before a snow storm hits. The pair become snowed in and afterward begins dating. However, Dan cannot give into his heart's desire for Jen until he can come to terms with his feelings of guilt about something in his past.

***** This one is pure romance, must like a Harlequin Romance novel, and threatened to dance upon my heart strings. *****

The Man Rides a Harley by Diane Davis White
Susannah Davis has never rode on a motorcycle before and is terrified to be sitting on the back of a Harley during a parade. "Duke" Mansfield, the cold and rough-looking biker, takes her to his parents' house to clean up after it. This is when she learns that her twin, Samantha, has already discussed Susannah's problem with the three Mansfields. Susannah is an accountant, accused of embezzlement. Duke may very well be her only hope.

***** A well written story, even though Duke is too cold, arrogant, and rude almost the entire length of it. In my opinion, this is another tale that deserves to be a full-length novel. I believe that I could have come to actually like Duke if the author were allowed more pages to slowly melt the chips off his shoulder. *****

Bad to the Bone by Deborah MacGillivray
Twenty years ago Jocelyn Bouchard had been the granddaughter of Carrie Boivin Bouchard. Jocelyn, on the top of society, had been untouchable for someone on the very bottom of the ranking status, such as "Gabe" Sinclair. When Gabe rode out of town on his motorcycle he never looked back. If he had, he would have seen young Jocelyn crying on the balcony of Watch Hill, Dame Carrie's mansion. Now Dane Carrie is dead. Her elegant mansion on the hill is closed up. Gabe, now a self-made millionaire, returns to purchase Watch Hill from the only living Bouchard, Jocelyn. In this magical town, where a certain restaurant's jukebox has a mind of its own, Jocelyn and Gabe will get a second chance.

***** This restaurant seems to be stuck in the 1960's and the jukebox could very well be sentient. I definitely feel as though ghosts are watching Gabe and Jocelyn. Three interesting cats break the tension and spookiness with their antics. (One fat cat wears its own leather jacket and helmet as he rides with Gabe on the bike.) This haunting romance is the purr-fect ending for this wonderful anthology of novellas! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Morgan Leshay
Title - The Legacy of Sleepy Hollow

It has been twenty-five years since Ichabod Crane departed the quaint little village of Sleepy Hollow. Few know the truth of what happened on the fateful night that the Headless Horseman rode on his midnight cadavers. The truth is about to be revealed.

Icharus Crane, eldest son of the late Ichabod, rides into Sleepy Hollow looking for Abraham "Brom Bones" Van Brunt. His father had always described Sleepy Hollow full of prosperity and abundance. Yet as Icharus enters the town all he sees is ruin. Few remain in town. Homes are showing lack of care. The fields are untilled and barren. Worst of all, Abraham is dead. Icharus enters town just as Abraham's funeral ends. Thus Icharus turns to Abraham's daughter, Katherine, for the fulfillment of a promise. Icharus claims Abraham promised Ichabod tithe and title to the parcel of land bordering Sleepy Hollow beyond the Western Woods.

Braughton "Brau" Van Ripper has been a close family friend of the Van Brunt's for quite a few years now. Many expect Katherine and Brau to soon wed. Brau had mapped out his futures several years prior, intending to gain control of Sleepy Hollow. Since Abraham died sooner than Brau expected, the only way to gain control is by marriage to Katherine. Brau believes he has complete control over Katherine. After all, she is only a female and will do as he tells her.

Katherine learns the promise was real and, as the legal heir, goes behind Brau's back to hand over the papers to Icharus granting him the land. Katherine warns Icharus that something lies within the boundaries of his property that someone desperately desires. Even so, Icharus takes the land. In return, he promises to team up with Katherine and work to bring prosperity back to Sleepy Hollow.

**** I believe everyone knows the legend of the Headless Horseman. Author Morgan Leshay takes this classical tale and adds on another generation for readers to explore. Romance blooms and danger lurks in the shadows, enticing chills down the spines of all who dare to pick up this story for some stormy late night reading. The characters are not as well developed as I would have liked, but the links to the characters from the classical tale makes this story seem believable. Well done and more than worth your time dive in and read. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Stephanie Laurens, Mary Balogh, Jacquie D'Alessandro, Candice Hern
Title - It Happened One Night (4 Novellas)

The Fall of Rogue Gerrard by Stephanie Laurens
Lydia Makepeace needs to infiltrate the home of Lord Alconbury in order to retrieve a letter her sister had written. Problem is that Lord Alconbury has several guests and nightly orgies that do not end until past dawn. After scoping out Alconbury's home one evening, Lydia returns to the inn and is shocked to see Lord Gerrard "Ro". Perhaps Lydia can get a bit of help. **** A bit of adventure with this romance - and who would not enjoy that? ****

Spellbound by Mary Balogh
Long ago Nora Ryder had been the daughter of a gentleman of vast wealth and political influence. Richard had been her father's secretary. Now their situation has reversed. Richard Kemp is a baron and Nora is penniless. Having recently left a position, unpaid, she has no choice but to return to her brother's home until she can find new employment. Unfortunately, the stagecoach she was to travel on has collided with a gentleman's vehicle. Richard's. Will her heart survive seeing him again? **** To tell more of the couple's background would spoil the fun. Rest assured that the story is well done with an interesting twist or two. ****

Only You by Jacquie D'Alessandro
Ten years ago Cassie became Countess Westmore. In doing so she left her only friend, Ethan, behind and entered purgatory. Now a widow, Cassie returns to Cornwall. Ethan now owns and operates the Blue Seas Inn in St. Ives. Before returning to her parents, Cassie decides to spend one evening at the inn. Perhaps he will be there. **** Pure romance that left me with a warm glow. The story is spiced in a way that only Jacquie D'Alessandro can do. ****

From This Moment On by Candice Hern
She had been plain Wilma Jepp at one time. He had been plain Samuel Pellow. She thought he was dead. Instead Sam had gone into the navy - unwillingly. When her mother tossed her out, Wilma did the only thing she could do to survive. She became a mistress. Today she is the Duchess of Herford, widowed for over three years. Samuel is a retired blockade captain. Fate brings them together at an inn one stormy day and Destiny will do her best to keep them that way. **** This romance moves at a slower pace than the previous ones. It is mostly two people reminiscing about the hard choices each made in their past. The author has added some humor to keep things light and she has done it in a very sneaky way. ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Various
Title - Planetkill (W40K Anthology)

Voidsong by Henry Zou
Inquisitor Obodiah Roth is dispatched to Sirene Primal. His mission is to investigate the mild psychic disturbances emanating from the planet. Obodiah is on-world for close to a month before his group meet the female Blade Artisan named Bekaela. At first Obodiah believes Bekaela is guarding the ship behind her from intruders. Instead, Bekaela of the Blade is guarding against whatever lay within from getting out.

**** This is the first time I recall reading about an inquisitor being so new to his career. The author has done a pretty good job; however, Roth does not come across as being ready for a solo investigation, no matter how minor it was supposed to be. ****

Mortal Fuel by Richard Williams
The planet of Bahani has been depleted of all natural resources. The result is for the Imperium to evacuate and leave Bahani's people to their doom, except from some Bahani who are bonded to the Navy. Midshipman Dal Marcher is with Governor-Adept Kaizen when the area is attacked. His heroism under fire, which also saves Kaizen, gets Marcher promoted to Sub-Lieutenant. However, once aboard the Relentless Marcher becomes a pawn. The ship's captain has been dead several months and First Officer Tomias Ward is acting Commander. Needing to put those beneath him back into line, Ward sets Marcher up to become an example. At the same time, there is a Bahani saboteur in hiding, waiting for the perfect time to dispense revenge on behalf of his people.

***** This story happens BEFORE the beginning of the novel Relentless. If you have already read the novel, you will already know most of the characters. If not, the author has done a terrific job with minor explanations and you will have no trouble what-so-ever. More than one nice bout of irony comes into play as well. *****

The Heraclitus Effect by Graham McNeill
They wear a variety of Imperial uniforms, but are the opposite of what the uniforms stand for. The group consists of former members of the Raven Guard, Adeptus Mechanicus, and more. Warsmith Honsou is after revenge against one who had walked away from a fight. Ardaric Vaanes is the new champion of Honsou. It is Vaanes's duty to train the monster recently created, known only as the newborn. The newborn is a creature of Chaos. Biological hot-housing, demonic magic and debased tech of genetic theft has accelerated his growth with strands of geneseed from Uriel Ventris (a man Vaanes loathes). Their target is a planet well loved by Ventris. This is where they will leave a terrifying message.

*** Though very interesting as a whole, there is a lot of unnecessary scenes and information. The title of the story does not make any sense until close to the ending. This story reads as if it were a segment ripped out of a full-length novel. ***

The Emperor Wept by Simon Dyton
Life-Eater is what the Imperium of Man uses to administer Exterminatus. However, an evolved Life-Eater is about to be used for the planet's sterilization. It is named The Emperor's Tears. When the Doom Warriors use it for the first time they learn the true meaning of betrayal. "Doom ye!"

*** Fans of the Adeptus Mechanicus will get a very interesting glimpse into the chapter this time. ***

Phobos Worked in Adamant by Robey Jenkins
The Fabricator Lords, the Nine, hear that the Planet Killer is coming to Celare Artem. Desperately needing some sort of defense, the Nine allow Archmagos Ghuul to explore the ancient alien relics for possible salvation. Ghuul finds it in the form of a shield generator which can cover the entire world. However, the device requires one last element to work, life-force.

**** This story shows that many people will gladly make sacrifices to climb the corporate ladder. The author did a wonderful job. ****

Seven Views of Uhlguth's Passing by Matthew Farrer
The planet of Uhlguth misses its master and all the ones who once worked upon its back. Not content to sit and wait for a new master, Uhlguth begins to travel. Uhlguth will travel forever if that is what it takes. The rogue world's velocity dashes apart all in it path. Its travels will even go through the most chaotic of spaces. During its search, seven entities notice its passing.

** I simply did not like the writing style of this story. Squeezing seven different views, not including Uhlguth's, into such few pages only succeeded in making the story choppy. I would have rated this story even lower, except that I honestly enjoyed the sixth view about a captain, a seer, and a spirit revolting. The author should turn the main character, Ashya Drael, and the spirit revolting synopsis into a full-length novel. **

Mercy Run by Steve Parker
An ork warlord has sent seventeen massive asteroids hurtling through space on a collision course with the Imperial planet of Palmeros. Just before Sergeant Wulfe and his crew were scheduled for evacuation, they are pulled for one last mission. The Cadian 81st Armored (tanks) are ordered to escort Sister Superior Dessembra of the Adeptus Sororitas and two others from the Order of Serenity to the town of Ghotenz on a mission of mercy.

***** I would dearly enjoy seeing more of Sergeant Oskar Wulfe and his men in future novels. This leader understands the necessity of successfully completing the mission, but still has enough humanity to feel pain when forced to make extremely tough decisions with little or not hesitation. The author has done an outstanding job with this story. *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Sharon Kay Penman
Title - Devil's Brood

**** If, like myself, you adore the Lion In Winter, either version, then you will be caught up instantly in this sweeping epic of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine. How their passion for one another began to turn into the bitterness that would eventually lead to their family being at each others' throats is revealed in detail and with such vividness that you will feel as if you are there. The author's research is clearly evident, yet, she does not bog her readers down in a slow moving plot, but brings history to life. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Allison J Pittman
Title - Saturdays with Stella

*** Owning an unruly dog can be a challenge, but for the author, it proves to be one of the best things that ever happened to her. When she takes her dog, Stella, to obedience classes, Allison begins to reflect on how like the canine she can be in relation to her Master, God. Through watching Stella's lessons and applying them to her spiritual life, she gleans lessons that are applicable to us all, such as sitting at the Master's feet, staying, letting go, and more. Pet owner or not, you'll discover something new that will help you as you walk with God. ***

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Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Authors: Various
Title - Mysteria Lane (Paranormal Anthology)

In the town where magic and mischievous love reign supreme, there's always something going on. This year, Mary Janice Davidson gives us the story of the Desdaine Triplets, who scorn love, until one of them stops disdaining the emotion and shakes up things. Definite sibling envy is plaguing Glory the witch of love as her sister manages to experience what she seems incapable of finding, namely love. Then, the man of her dreams, thanks to a magic pen, sees her in a new light as Gena Showalter pens a "tawdry" tale. Susan Grant gives us a fun, heartwarming story of a demon who longs to be human, but finds herself assigned to Mysteria to save Satan's bacon or risk being removed from existence. Finally, P.C. Cast comes through with laughs and love as a vegetarian discovers a new way of life, per se, with a sexy as sin vampire.

*** You need not fear excessive graphics, much more is implied than shown. Snappy humor and witty puns keep these stories moving, and there is a fine mix of authors, each worth reading on her own. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Linaia Lee
Title - Of Atlantis

Archimedes loves his royal father, even though the older man carries as much or more fear of his son than any he might have when going into one of the many battles the King of Atlantis faces. Rather than the halcyon, highly advanced civilization many authors have portrayed the lost kingdom to be, this Atlantis is much like Greece or Rome, albeit a touch more magical Treachery, violence, forbidden love, religion, and politics make up the complex web that forms its society until the day the waves sweep it into being nothing more than a legend. Yet, it is not the end, for its last royal, Archimedes will live on through the ages. This is his story.

**** In great detail, the author brings life in this imaginary society to such life that you can believe it truly existed. Archimedes moves from boyhood into being a fascinating man with a rich history that readers will look forward to discovering in the books yet to come. One particularly wonderful aspect of this novel is the beautiful poetry that highlights it. That feature alone will make bibliophiles want to buy a second copy, the audio form, to be able to hear the music of the words as well as reading them. ****

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Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Various
Title - The Magical Christmas Cat
(Paranormal Christmas Anthology)

*** Readers are in for a stocking full of fun when they open this treasure chest. Nalini Singh kicks things off with a return to her Psych/Changeling world, where the "cat" in question is also a very handsome uncle who finds himself fascinated by his nephew's teacher. Though they come from different worlds, the couple knows that being together is their only option for happiness. Erin McCarthy has two people in love who may have met once upon a dream, but now want their love to exist in real life. Maybe the cat can help make it come true? Erin McCarthy adds humor and charm to the book in her offering. A cursed cat statue is a questionable Christmas gift that identifies a young woman as the final victim of the Soul Collector. Once she has been taken, a demon will walk again, unless a man sworn to stop the evil, at any cost, intervenes in Linda Winstead Jones' spectacular entry in this collection. For some, Lora Leigh will have rounded out the set perfectly as she returns to her breeds series for the last of the tales, but others of us may find it overly sensual. However, anyone who is in love with love or cats, will be charmed by at least a couple of these stories. ***

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Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Marianne Mancusi
Title - Razor Girl

When Molly was fifteen-years-old, people thought her dad, Ian Anderson, was a mad scientist. Ian was a scientist, but just because the man totally believed that the end of the world, as we know it, was about to happen did not mean he was insane. Ian bought an old fallout shelter, packed it with food and supplies, and gave it a timer so it would unlock after six years. Convinced the end was close, he made Molly come home directly after school and practice martial arts with him for several hours.

When a super flu begins spreading, no one really gives it any serious thoughts. But when rumors begin about hospitals turning people away, no matter how sick they were, Molly and Chris Griffin (a neighborhood and school friend) listens. The pair go to a local hospital to see if rumors are true. Not only do the two learn that it is true, but they see their first zombie! Of course, they tell no one. Who would believe the daughter of an insane scientist? But after Molly sees a zombie kill someone, she agrees to her dad's numerous suggestions of allowing him to perform surgery to give her a few enhancements for defense. It is very shortly thereafter that Ian escorts Molly and her mom into the shelter beneath their home and locks them within for six years.

Twenty-one-year-old Molly emerges from the fallout shelter a different person. After hearing the shelter unlock, Molly's mom dies. Once her mom is cared for, Molly begins her journey to Florida (two states away) where she is to meet her dad at Disney World. According to Ian, while Molly was in the shelter, he and some scientist friends of his would be creating a safe haven for any humans that manage to survive the apocalypse. Molly has no doubt she can make the trip alive. Thanks to her dad, Molly has four inch razors under her nails (that she can extract and retract at will). She also has ocular implants (to see in the dark), mirrored plates covering her eyes (fused to her skull), an internal GPS navigation (linked to an old-time satellite to allow her access to special databases Ian left up and running), and her body has nano computers (which make her stronger and faster).

It does not take Molly long to come face-to-face with her first zombie. She also meets up with Chris. He is now called Chase and explains that the "Others" may be cannibalistic zombies, but unlike the old horror movies, the Others are smart and often hunt in packs. Chase and a few guys have a small camp set up in the toy section of Walmart. They take care of eight kids found since the apocalypse. Disaster strikes, leaving Chase and the kids alone. Molly, Chase, and the kids must band together and struggle toward Disney World in hopes of finding safety.

***** This book will appeal to a large audience, especially for those gamers out there who played "Fallout". This book runs much like two stories. One chapter shows before the apocalypse, the next shows afterward, and it continues to alternate. Normally I detest this type of set up; however, the author did a terrific job and this method actually works extremely well. Molly and Chase are easy to identify with, no matter your age. (Anyone teen and up anyway.) There is a romance which blooms between the two main characters, but the story remains focused on the plot at all times. As with all good books, this opens with danger and will grab your interest immediately. Stellar! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Dawn Thompson
Title - Rape of the Soul (Historical Suspense / Gothic)

Present Day: Jean Fowler Maitland travels from Maine, USA, to Cornwall, England, in hope of learning whatever happened to her grandfather's sister, Jean Fowler Chapin. The Fowler family believed the woman had married Malcolm Chapin, in 1885, and fled with him to the Cragmoor Estate in Cornwall even though she had just been notified her father had died and the funeral was imminent. The Fowler family turned their back on Jean Chapin and never knew the truth. But Jean Maitland is determined to find out if her namesake had really been so horrid. To this end, she locates the owner of Cragmoor at St. Michael's church. His name is Vicar "Edward" Marshall, Esq. The vicar still has the journals of his great-grandfather, Vicar "Elliot" Marshall, in his possession. Elliot dutifully kept his journal up-to-date. However, the ending to the tragic tale the lady has come to learn is still unknown. Elliot died before he could put pen to paper. Edward decides the American has the right to know what is written within the journals. Jean Maitland would spend the next twenty-four hours as his guest and hear the tale.

London, 1863: Reverend Elliot Marshall's trap overturns on the lawn of Ramsey House, the resident of the magistrate, Sir John Chapin. Elliot remains with Sir John until his collarbone hears from three breaks. During this time he two become friends. Elliot learns about Sir John's nineteen-year-old daughter, Mary (his pride and joy), as well as the fifteen-year-old son, Colin (to whom he cannot tolerate because his wife died giving birth to the boy). Recently Sir John has received word from Amy Croft, the housekeeper at Cragmoor that Mary is dabbling with the occult and gypsies. The end result is that Sir John would build St. Michael's Church in Cornwall, near Cragmoor, and Elliot would be its first vicar. While the church is under construction, Elliot would reside at Cragmoor with Mary and Colin (when the boy was not away at school) to straighten Mary out by any means necessary.

Elliot falls in love with Mary on sight, but she has become a witch in all but name. As for Colin, Elliot sees something of himself within the teen. Since Sir John refuses to be a father to Colin, Elliot becomes one in his stead. Mary dies giving birth to Malcolm, the result of a violent assault. From this first breath, Malcolm seems evil. Malcolm's birth kills more than one person at Cragmoor that night and Colin becomes master of the estate before he is ready.

***** I can neither write a short review of the book, due to the length, nor give a full synopsis without ruining the story for you. The birth of Malcolm is where the real start of the gothic tragedy begins. I now stress to you that this novel was written over twenty years ago. Back then books, especially those with a gothic flavor, did not always have "happily-ever-after" endings and violence was not always glossed over. If you cannot deal with reading some scenes of cruelty, then this novel of suspense is not for you. Enough said on the matter. You have been warned.

For those of us bold enough to read it, this story is non-stop drama. There are a few typos, but seldom have I read a book without any. The paperback version is oversized (6X9) and the font is smaller than most books. Therefore, you will find this a long novel. (More for your money.) Most of the characters are well developed. "Present Day" characters are not seen often, so even though I know WHO they are in relation to the historical characters, I never came to care for them. On the plus side, not seeing the "Present Day" characters often also means the historical story is not interrupted at pivotal moments. I suspect there will be mixed feelings on the ending and can say no more bout it without ruining it.

In case there are people reading this review who like to collect rare items, let me say that this title is the very first in the new Highland Press Legacy line. These will be books in which the publisher believes will still be talked about many years from now.

All-in-all, this is a very haunting story that I doubt I will ever forget. Very memorable. *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Gracie C. McKeever
Title - Sisters of Emsharra
(Fantasy Erotica / 2 books in 1)

Guardian Seductress (Book One)

Kalika Enlil had been a skilled sorceress, stronger in mind and body than the average Inanna. The Inanna are an ancient and superior race of beings that survive on the energy and life-force of humans. Had Kalika followed law, she would have gone far. Instead, Kalika was working to change the old ways. Kalika believed that if she gave birth to a human's son, his very existence may end the border wars between the Inanna of Emsharra and their enemy, the Sebiter of Gaiam. Her child could end the indiscriminate, unnecessary killing and enslavement of the humans. Her child would be the beginning of a new regime and a solution to the human conservation issue. If all continued as in the past, there would soon be no humans left.

Genesis "Gen" Enki had promised Kalika to watch after her son. Gen barely escaped with the new born before Kalika was arrested - only moments after giving birth. For twenty-eight years Gen watched over Alex. Alex had been adopted by Glenn Ryan and now resides in New York City. But the Inanna have found them. It is pure luck that Alex does not die in the assassination attempt. His father, Glenn, does though. The time has come to tell Alex about his heritage. Gen's main problem is her attraction to the now very adult Alex.

Alex Ryan has known since he was six-years-old that he was different from everyone else. He has enough to deal with just being a telepath. Now this hot woman is telling him that he is not even fully human. Half of his being is some sort of succubus and energy vampire combo. Alex soon finds out that being a hybrid is not so bad after all. He has several untapped powers, such as shapeshifting. Gen says he has "spirit-boost" within him too. It is a rare, regenerative component which is coveted by Inanna and Sebitu alike for its aphrodisiacal qualities. It also makes him even more of a target, according to his hot Amazonian bodyguard.

**** An erotica with a decent plot! This is a rare find; therefore, I want to make sure that fans of the Erotica genre know about this title. The next book, also given within the same cover, begins one year after this one ends, but with different main characters and problems. ****

Predator's Salvation (Book Two)

Twenty-four-year-old Mateo Diaz's fantasy woman could never be a human. He wanted a dangerous type of female, like the one who had killed his parents and brother. But that particular woman existed only in his nightmares. Mateo is en route to the home of Alex Ryan for some sort of special meeting when he finds himself abducted by a woman with wings. In Mateo's mind, the woman is like an Amazonian dominatrix and he admits to himself that the very thought is enticing. However, he is not so happy to find himself shackled and informed that he is now her property.

LeMia "Mia" Enlil is an exiled premier huntress of Emsharra. She may be Inanna, but she rejects the Alliance and New Regime. The human male, Mateo, is to be a pawn in her game of vengeance against Alex and Genesis. However, slowly Mia finds herself enjoying her new slave too much and unknown emotions begin to form within her. But since she is responsible for the death of Mateo's family, there is no way the man would forgive her...not that she wanted his forgiveness, of course.

Mateo's body could not decide whether to hate the alien or love her. He shockingly realizes he ceased to be unwilling at some point of his captivity. He is further shocked to realize his mind no longer lingers on thoughts of escape. As for Mia, Mateo ceased to be a pawn the minute he had swapped energy with her and had survived it with minimal physical damage. As the two try to figure out what is happening between them, others are tracking their location. One set of people has hopes of rescuing Mateo before Mia kills him. The other tracker wants to kill Mia, Mateo, and their potential rescuers.

**** Be warned of S&M in these two stories. No one under the age of seventeen should read these tales either. That said let me say that BOTH stories actually have decent plots. The backgrounds of the main characters are not fully developed, but more than enough is told so that I, as the reader, felt that I understood what motivates each character. By including Ryan and Gen in the second story, the author made the situation a bit more believable to me. All-in-all, I highly recommend this book to fans of erotica. And do not worry if any alien terms confuse you, a glossary of terms is at the end of the book - but I never needed to use it even once. Fantastic! ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: C.D. Baker
Title - 101 Cups of Water

**** Sometimes, everyone needs a reminder that they can't do it all, that God is supposed to be the pilot, not the co-pilot, or that they need to be more honest, get more rest, find ways to increase the joy in their lives, etc. The author has penned 101 reminders, miniature essays that bring to light things readers probably know, but tend to forget or not think about as often as they should. This is a great gift, even to yourself, and can be used as a regular devotional or just something to keep handy for when you need a spiritual lift. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Authors: Martin H Greenberg & Brian Thomsen
Title - The Reel Stuff (Sci-Fi Anthology)

*** If you've ever watched Minority Report, the Outer Limits, Millennium, Enemy Mine, or any of a number of science fiction movies in any format, you have probably felt like there was more to be said, that perhaps there was a layer of meaning the visual just failed to convey. There is a good reason. The stories that inspired many top rated and less than top rated, much less selling films are gathered here in this collection of short stories that will flesh out the movies that they inspired and help them make more sense, in many cases. In some, it will leave you wishing that things had been included that were not, but overall, it should help you appreciate and understand them. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Graham McNeill
Title - Imperial Munitorum Manual (W40K)

Every now and then a W40K novel mentions the manuals. Normally it is during a narration, where Readers see (or "hear") an officer's thoughts as s/he dwells on duties or regulations. But have you ever stopped to wonder exactly what was in those manuals? Better yet, did you ever wish you could actually have one of them? Here is your chance. This is the "revised edition of the first published 945.M41". It begins with a preface by Seward Rosencraz, Chancellor of the Estate Imperium, followed by a Logistical Officer's Chain of Command. The contents of this manual, in my own words, are as follow:

Part One - History and procedures.

Part Two - Regiments, Raising and Structure, Supply Needs, Shipping of Equipment for the Cadian 91st (Sentinels).

Part Three - Requesting of Equipment. (This section even mentions "the wholesome and nutritious" victuals supplied.)

Part Four - Care and Maintenance of Equipment, Unauthorized Modifications, Procedures and Punishments for Laxity in Maintenance.

Part Five - Identification of the items for front line troopers.

Part Six - Identification of the weapons for front line troopers.

Part Seven - Identification of the items issued to support platoons and squads.

Part Eight - Identification of the items issued to senior officers and specialist personnel.

Part Nine - A selection of forms for the many and varied situations likely to arise and how to deal with them.

Of course, no Imperial manual would be complete without some extra sections to inform troopers about famous people (a few paintings are illustrated), badges and insignia (each clearly shown and told why there are given to select heroes), and even the guidelines for calling in a fire mission. More than once the manual stresses that the maps enclosed must not fall into unauthorized hands, so soldiers (uh, readers) must keep this manual safe. And above all remember the motto of the Departmento Munitorum: "Only the awkward question; only the foolish ask twice."

***** I really enjoy how realistic the author, Graham McNeill, made this manual. I would not be surprised at all to learn that most W40K authors keep this gem close by as they create their stories, for quick and easy reference. Littered throughout the manual are the quotes all W40K fans know by heart (and, I admit, use in conversations with family members and friends in the military) such as: "Ammunition isn't free - make your shots count!" Even the texture, color, and shape of the manual are realistic. (So much so that if you are in the military and have this in your locker, at first [and second] glance it looks like it belongs there.) Outstanding! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Tanya Huff
Title - Blood Bank (Paranormal Anthology)

**** Over the years, there have been several short stories following the further adventures of Vicki Nelson and Henry Fitzroy, and readers have had varying levels of success in tracking them down. Now, they have been collected in this anthology that will prove itself to be a great favor for those of us who had just about given up on locating the tales. Henry's past, how he and Vicki cope with life, or unlife, after they part, and how Mike copes with being in love with a vampire are the main focus. An added bonus is the shooting script to one episode of Blood Ties, the series. Blood Bank is a must read for Henry/Vicki fans. There's humor, angst, and passion on every page, making this a worthy continuation of the full length novels. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Sigmund Brouwer
Title - Broken Angel

A peculiar deformity makes Caitlyn both a pariah and teaches her the strength that status will require of her. After being abandoned by her father, for her own safety, she becomes a fugitive in a world where reading, especially the sacred word of the Bible, is forbidden. Those who violate this law face stoning and worse. Though she does not know why, Caitlyn is public enemy number one and finds herself on the run, searching for answers and for the way out of Appalachia, something few dare try to attain and fewer manage to accomplish. And, when she learns the truth, she will know her destiny.

*** You are immediately thrown into a strange and, for someone who is addicted to reading, terrifying world. A little more background information and explanation to set the scene would have been greatly appreciated. However, the fast pacing helps make up for that. Though not billed as inspirational horror, Mr. Brouwer has masterfully managed to equal Perretti in conveying fear and a sense of persecution in a spare amount of words. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Alice Kimberly
Title - The Ghost and the Femme Fatale

An old time film noir former bombshell, Hedda Geist, is nearly killed at a revival festival, and shortly thereafter, those who attended the Festival begin to die. Because the cops are completely off base in their investigations, Penelope Thornton and her ghostly partner, PI Jack Shephard, take on the case. Jack remembers Hedda from his days among the living, and many of the clues lie in his past, when he was alive, so that's where he takes Penelope. Once upon a time is now with this charming pair on the trail of a killer.

**** Time travel, magnificent, spectral rogues, mystery, and romance, what more could a girl want? Jack is one of the most charming spooks since Daniel Gregg haunted Mrs. Carolyn Muir. This book also solves a mystery for me personally; where did one of my favorite authors go, Alicia Alfonsi, and now I learn she's writing mysteries under two names and I have a whole new series to track down, something I advise everyone coming to these books for the first time to do. ****

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Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Tracy Grant
Title - Beneath a Silent Moon (Historical Fiction)

Charles and Melanie Fraser's return to England following their adventures abroad should have meant a settling down into their newly wedded life; however, almost immediately they are plunged into intrigues that reach across nations and have their roots in the Fraser family tree. Murder, secret societies, family conspiracies, and espionage prove to be tests for their love pose threats to the stability of England itself.

**** Clearly well researched, this is a book that offers fans of the genre a substantial round of reading. In depth details and complex plots offers the audience something with shades of the Scarlett Pimpernel meets Dan Brown and Jane Austen. Though at times it felt as if some past information about the Frasers might have been lacking, overall it should not alter your enjoyment of the story. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: D. N. Simmons
Title - Desires Unleashed
(Bk 1, Knights of the Darkness Chronicles / No one under age 17)

Humans now know that they are not on the top of the food chain. The supernatural races of the world do not want humans to fear them, so they agree to living with some special laws (many of which are still in the making). The government has created the Special Unit Investigation Team "S.U.I.T." to deal with all supernatural crimes. Each member of S.U.I.T. is recruited from the best-of-the-best-of-the-best.

S.U.I.T. Detectives Warren Davis and Matthew Eric have been partners about five years now. For the past three of those years, Matthew has known that his partner is a shape-shifter. No one else has figured it out and the partners wish to keep it that way. Warren's extra abilities have come in extremely handy on tough cases before, but their new case will put the abilities of both men to the ultimate test. Headless bodies are being dumped near the Desires Unleashed dance and strip club. The heads are missing, blood is often missing, and the bodies seem partially eaten. Is this the work of a supernatural or a human group intend on shifting blame on the supernaturals though?

Annette Balfour (human) is a dancer for Desires Unleashed. Her roommate, Natasha Hemingway (human), has just landed a new job for the "Chicago Word". During their night of celebrating, the two are in a car wreck. Annette's boss, Daniel Alexander (master vampire), has just promoted Annette to daytime assistant manager. Regretting that he is unable to visit her in the hospital, he sends his right hand man, Xavier Richards (vampire). When Xavier meets Natasha, his lust goes off the radar.

Natasha does not take her medicine while in the hospital. It is there that Natasha learns that the medicine she has taken since age five is not to help migraines. Instead, it is to repress dreams. As the reasons for this unveil, Natasha realizes that she can help S.U.I.T. with the killings.

**** There are typos in the story, but only a few really jumped out at me. All-and-all, I could ignore them, but felt my review would not be complete without mentioning the errors. I also feel that I should warn potential buyers/readers that this is not your typical paranormal. A large part of the story is filled with HOT scenes. These scenes contain people that swing both ways.

This story crosses genres. I would label it: Supernatural Erotica Mystery Thriller. The beginning chapters of the book help readers get acquainted with the characters and any special abilities they may have. I would say that there are six major characters, in sets of twos. Scenes shift between the two detectives, the two roommates, and the two vampires of the club. There are some secondary characters, but I will not go into those. The groups slowly merge together as the case progresses. This is a stand-alone novel, meaning the mystery is solved; however, the story is left open for future tales of these characters. I only wish more attention was paid to the plot (case) than the erotica sections. A very good foundation for the "Knights of the Darkness Chronicles". ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Various
Title - Dead of Night (Paranormal Anthology)

Amy and the Earl's Amazing Adventure by Mary Blayney sweeps her titular characters back in time, ostensibly to make sure a coin is in the right place when it needs to be, but they discover much more to their mission as they find destiny - and love. A twist in time takes Laurel to ancient Scotland in Timeless by Ruth Ryan Langan, where she is the "dead" ringer for a woman who has been missing. Stepping into the role of the chieftain's wife is eased by the fact that she quickly comes to love Con, however, when and if time untwists, what will become of that love, and will it unkink in time to save her from the killers who believe now that they have to redo their job? If you liked Peggy Sue Got Married or the recent Lifetime movie about marrying one's prom date, then On the Fringe is your cup of tea. In Ms. McComas' story, a wife, tired of the daily grind, is swept backwards in time to rethink her choices. The best of the bunch, Eternity in Death by J.D. Robb, has Eve Dallas investigating the murder of a wealthy member of a vampire cult, which she presumes to be like the present day Goth clubs, but is there more to it than that? Could the undead be real? Eve is forced to face her own past issues as she once again finds justice for the dead.

**** I admit, for me, the Eve Dallas story alone was worth the book's price. As always, the strong character relationships and tightly woven action make her words sing. However, I found that Amy's Amazing Adventure and to a lesser degree, Timeless, were pleasant bits of fun; both well constructed and swiftly moving. Each of these three could easily have been an engaging entire novel, if expanded. Though I found On the Fringe somewhat disappointing, it was not badly written, just held no appeal for me. ****

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Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Authors: Julie Kenner, Jade Lee, Marianne Mancusi
Title - These Boots are Made for Stomping (Paranormal Anthology)

*** The Red Shoes, Ruby Slippers, Glass Slippers. Magic shoes fascinate women; okay, let's be honest, ninety percent of women do not require that they be magic. Yet, even that remaining ten percent of us would be intrigued to get a pair of the shoes featured in this clever anthology. Jade Lee's pair brings out the inner fighter/vixen for a teacher who feared for her life until she put them on. This is the hottest in the trio, and the least paranormal, fyi. However, the remaining two are simply fun delights for anyone who loves comics and fantastic reads. Marianne Mancusi's shoes turn a woman who already had plenty of extra skills, albeit not entirely wanted ones, into a bona fide super heroine, just when she's more interested in romance. My favorite of the three is Julie Kenner's entry, which returns us to the world of the Protectors where an ordinary woman finds herself getting in the way of a Protector seeking redemption through a successful mission. Helping the Silver Streak is a dream come true, but she fears wrecking his chances. Whether you are in love with shoes or not, get your shoes on, even if they're just house ones that you put on to get to the computer and place the order, and get this. ***

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Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Editor: Denise Little
Title - Mystery Date (Paranormal Anthology)

*** There's literally something for everyone in this fun filled anthology detailing the highs and lows of dating, complicated by the added factor of at least one half of the couple being something more than, less than, or other than human. The first story truly lives up to the title of the anthology, when a young lady discovers both a mystery and a date after playing the game, "Mystery Date." The most intriguing stores deal with members of the Greek Pantheon and their trials and tribulations in the world of mortal dating; however, the Celtic mythos is also represented. There are two rather sour notes in the anthology, with one that reads more like a horror story than romance or comedy, and be warned, one date takes place between a same sex couple, so there will be some of us who want to just skip that. I must point out one entry in particular that was just too short it was so much fun. Anne of One Gable by Jean Rabe will appeal to anyone who is in love with the classic movie channel and finds that most of their movie idols died before they were born. ***

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Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Authors: Various
Title - Love Under the Mistletoe (Christmas Anthology)

Forever Love by Leanne Burroughs
Set in Kansas. The year is 1880. Hank Beaumont sold half his hotel to a couple by the last name of Ashbury. When the couple arrived, they would finish purchasing the other half. When Hank learns the stage coach has been set upon by bandits, he springs into action. The men on the stage coach have been murdered and one lady has been kidnapped. Hank catches up with the bandits just before they were about to harm the lady. Sure enough, the lady is named Jessica Ashbury, who has just witnessed the murder of her loved one and a couple of the bandits got away, taking the other half of his hotel payment. Hank and Jessica are now partners. Hank soon finds himself attracted to the grieving lady. If that is not enough, the hotel has two residential ghosts.

It Must Have Been the Mistletoe by Judith Leigh
Set in the present. Kasey Michaels is fed up with her ex-husband humiliating her. Kasey finally decides to start anew. An ad for Mistletoe, a small town near Nashville, Tennessee, catches her eye. The quaint sounding town claims that magic and dreams still come true there. Sure enough, Kasey finds herself falling in love with the town on her very first day there. Nick Klaus owns the toy store and he hires Kasey on-the-spot. It is obvious to Nick that Kasey has been hurt. So he holds hope that she may soon begin looking at him as something other than her boss.

Gingerbread & Mistletoe by Amy Blizzard
Set in the present. The state is Indiana. Matt Watson is a pastry chef. For the last three months he and Bethany, a coworker, have been planning an entry for the Hoosier Bakery's Gingerbread House contest. Should they win, they would get a cash prize and a guaranteed salary increase. However, Bethany drops out at the last minute. At home, Matt helps his upstairs neighbor take up a pink tree. Riley Callahan is an artist. Matt has always thought her pretty, but odd. When Riley offers to step in Bethany's place and help with the contest, Matt is shocked to hear himself agreeing.

Calling Hailey's Bluff by Billie Warren Chai
Set in the present at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. When the lunar rover stops working General West calls in Hailey James, the one that had fixed it last time. Hailey hoped to fix it and return to Vegas before HE could return to the space center. Hailey is eight months pregnant. The father is Lt. Col. Todd Coppersmith, for whom the USAF is his life. To keep the man she loves from resigning his commission and being miserable (and possibly end up hating her for being the cause), Hailey tells everyone she is only six months along and that Todd is NOT the father. Todd shows up before Hailey can finish fixing the rover though. She must now put on her best poker face and bluff.

A Chorus Singing Love by Gerri Bowen
Set in the Regency Era. When the Countess of Spode invites Melody to celebrate the Christmas holiday at Spode Hall, she accepts. The Countess's brother, Trevor Wilde, Earl of Ardmoor, is sure to be there. As much as Melody loves Trevor, he seems to loathe her. It all went back to the "Unfortunate Incident" ten years prior. Obviously Trevor still blames her. Because of her, he now has a peg leg. And thanks to the dratted wood nymphs Melody spoke to back then, anytime she is near Trevor wants to ravish her. Melody hopes to find a moment to explain and sincerely apologize, even if she must hold Trevor at gun point to do it.

A Very Special Man by Deborah MacGillivray
Set in the present. Desdemona "Dezzy" Vashon writes romance. This is hard to do when there is no romance in your life. Her only close friend is Simon, a very large cat often mistaken for a small panther. But unknown to Dezzy, Simon is not really a cat. Yet in order for Simon to change back into what he really is, he needs Dezzy to make a wish and kiss his nose.

***** Past or present, mortal or not, the end of the year holidays always seems to be filled with magic. Even though I received this book in January, I could not help but smile. It does not have to be November or December for me to enjoy an anthology set during the Christmas season. Since I am sure others feel as I do, I urge them to pick up this gem. Hopefully that means you too! Each story is well written, with a strong story line and romance aplenty. Only one or two of the stories have a love scene and they are tastefully done. I honestly could not find fault with any of these tales. Each one is worth five stars. I find that rare in an anthology and is the main reason I urge Romance fans to pick up a copy of this book. You will not be disappointed one bit. *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Various
Editor: P.N. Elrod
Title - My Big, Fat, Supernatural Honeymoon

**** They say that when the honeymoon is over, the magic in the marriage has fizzled. For the bridal couples in this collection, surviving the honeymoon will take a bit of magic. Whether you like werewolves, were anything elses, wizards, witches, ghosts, pirates, or vampires, there's something in here for your enjoyment. Rachel Caine continues the saga begun in the preceding volume of the series by giving us a tale of undead pirates that is more fun than the last two pirate movies combined. Fans of the Women of the Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong will love seeing things through Clay's eyes. The first line of this story is priceless. Katie Macalister brings us more Dark Ones and we are treated to what may be the late Ronda Thompson's final gift to her readers. If you love Harry Dresden and the author who created him, Jim Butcher, then you also get to whet your appetite while we wait for the next in that series. No, Harry is not on his honeymoon, just has to find a bride who went missing from hers. However, his partner in this endeavor is someone I'd love to see more of in the series, if Mr. Butcher is reading and taking hints. Rounding out the collection are Lilith Saintcrow, Marjorie Liu, P.N. Elrod, and Caitlin Kitteredge. I've only touched on the highlights. To get a full appreciation and start off your reading year well, dive in for yourself. ****

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Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Deborah MacGillivray
Title - Cat O'Nine Tales (Anthology)

Bad Cat
Ian St. Giles went to his neighbor, Katlyn MacKenzie, to complain - again - about her cat's behavior. He ended up with a dinner date.
Getting It In The End
When James Kinlock, a book reviewer, was assigned to cover a week-long Historical Romance Writers Renaissance Faire, his first thought was that it was going to be the longest week of his life. That changes when he literally bumps into a goddess with a big cat. Too bad she despises him. Turns out the lovely author is one he enjoys giving horrible reviews about.
Double, Double, Toil & Trouble
The feud between the MacKinnon and Grant families has gone on for over a century. Tempers had started to cool until the rightful ownership of a five-hundred-year-old castle came into question. Gillian Grant's family was supposed to inherit the castle when Cian McKinnon's grandfather passed away. Instead, it went to Cian. Gillian's temper is as wild as her cat is fat and Cian loves the fact.
Rider In The Storm
Ciara MacIain's fiancé, Derek Adams, died exactly seven years ago due to a drunk driver. All this time Ciara has grieved. She finally decides it is time to let go of Derek. Very shortly afterward, Ciara stops to help Roarke Devlin, whose car had gotten stuck in the exact spot Derek had died. Ciara cannot help but think there is something special about Roarke. Her cat, Sinnjinn, agrees.
Devil In Spurs
Desdein Deshaunt played the part of the ton buffoon to hide his true identity. He was a horse breeder by day and a buffoon by night. He was also a highwayman on a mission to crush those responsible for his father's death.
All I Want For Christmas Is A Hula-Hoop ... And A Mother
Keon Challenger is firmly wrapped around his five-year-old daughter's little finger and he knows it. Little Allison did not simply write Santa a letter and send it out in the post; instead Allison sent Santa's letter via email. Sometimes his little girl is too intelligent and mature for her own good. Shortly before Christmas Eve, Keon drives Allison to her ballet class and meets the new teacher, Leslie Seaforth. Looks like Keon's daughter and Leslie's cat have the same Christmas present in mind this year.
Blue Christmas Cat
Dara Seaforth (sister to Leslie from the previous tale) has felt lonely since her cat, Dexter, passed away six weeks ago. How is Dana supposed to write a hot romance by deadline when her own life is so empty? Then Dara hears the mournful meowing outside, in the snowstorm, and rescues a freezing British Blue cat. The tag on the cats collar gives the feline's name, Elvis. The cat's human companion, Rhys St.John, is someone Dara is already familiar with.
Chicken What Du Hell (Or Bubba The Cat Plays Matchmaker)
Royce Torqhill Remington Kinross, the thirteenth Marquis of Dunmoor and Seafeld, was tired of gold digging women constantly hounding him. Now he goes by the name Remy Kinross, in New Orleans, and hides behind a Cajun accent. The only woman making him look twice lately is Catonia Flemyn. But every time she stops by it's because his cat, Bubba, has left another serpent gift for her. (BTW, Bubba is cousin to the cat of the first story.)
A Very Special Man
Desdemona "Dezzy" loves the huge cat, Simon, which had somehow found and adopted her. But she has no idea that Simon is not really a cat.

***** Nine short stories and novellas that will amuse everyone - whether they like cats or not. Historical Romances, Super Natural, Modern Contemporary...this book has a bit of everything. Enchanting tales for the most wicked, award-winning author today! Spellbinding! A treat for all! And a puurrr-fect way to spend any winter night. *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Annette Blair
Title - Gone With the Witch
(Triplet Witch Trilogy #2)

The Cartwright sisters are identical triplets. Each have their own unique psychic gift, in addition to the bonds they share together. Storm is the Goth sister, blue hair color and all. No one understands Storm's power. Storm hears and sees the present, of all things. For most of her life, Storm has been hearing children crying. Her sisters, Harmony and Destiny, thought it was buried guilt making her hallucinate and they kept mute about it. In truth, Storm needs to go on a journey and learn what her spiritual psychic mandate is. Since Storm keeps hearing a baby cry whenever she is around Aiden McCloud, the hunky best man at Harmony's wedding, she decides to follow the sound of the cries.

Aiden McCloud is a wanderer. He has never wanted to set down roots. Aiden owns a motor home and goes where ever he desires. Lately, however, he has been desiring a certain sorceress with blue hair and sassy attitude. "How can a guy ignore a walking orgasm in the shape of a Goddess with magick laughter and satin skin?" But Storm's talk about going on a psychic journey to find a crying baby somehow connected to him just scares Aiden. Therefore, Aiden did what any brave man would do in that situation; he ran! Too bad for him that Storm's powers include telekinesis, if she is passionately mad enough, and she is beyond furious when Aiden tries to run. Time for a little abduction.

Once Aiden convinces himself that he would go alone with Storm's quest of finding a crying baby somehow connected to him (just to prove her wrong, of course), his eyes begin to really open. On their journey, Storm stops the motor home whenever she hears a crying baby's psychic plea. Seeing Storm rescue a few kids begins to shake him up. After all, if Storm was right about those kids in need, then perhaps she really does hear... No! Not something he wants to think about. This is not all fun for Storm either. Her gift for locating kids in need of rescuing leads her to a casino. Within, Storm meets an older version of herself, except with a wicked way of looking at life. Yes, "throw a little water on that woman and watch her melt. Her name is NOT Glinda!" Storm also finds an unexpected surprise. (But you must read to find out what it is.)

As the two travel, their attraction to each other intensifies to frightening proportions. Their little love trip is even hitting the national news. But most importantly, Storm must learn to trust her instincts, accept her powers, and be true to herself if she were ever to have any hope of ever loving a wanderer.

***** A spellbinding story that totally knocked my socks off! No ghosts this time around. Instead, a much more serious topic is covered. Once again I find myself in awe over the author's ability to make the characters so memorable. This is a perfect for your next vacation or day alone and will leave you with a big smile on your face. Author Annette Blair writes priceless romance adventures. *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Orson Scott Card
Title - A War of Gifts (An Ender Story)

Zeck Morgan's dad is the minister of a church. However, just because the father is a minister, it does not mean he is nice. Truth is, the father is physically abusive to Zeck. Zeck does not understand this. Zeck believes his father is "purifying" him. Representatives of Battle School test Zeck, find he has photographic memory, and whisks him off to Battle School. Zeck learns what they want him to, but refuses to participate in "killing" targets in the war games.

Even though one member of the Rat Army refuses to kill targets in the games, they are still in second place. At first everyone was upset that Zeck would not even try to help the team. Even so, they soon began to ignore Zeke. They did not really hate Zeke, they simply learned never to rely on him for anything.

In Battle School, there is only one curriculum: the strategy and tactics of war. Since the children are gathered from all nations, all races, and all religions, it makes perfect sense that there is no open observance of any religion. In Battle School there is no room for cultural differences.

When Zeke sees a member of the Rat Army quietly leave a Sinterklaas Day gift in another team member's shoe, he decides to take it up with Colonel Graff. Thus, a war of wills (and gifts) ensues, and it is a war that the staff of Battle School never prepared for.

***** If you look at this hardback book from the front cover, it is about 3/4 the size of a normal hardback book. There are approximately one hundred and twenty-five pages in it. That is why this book costs only about half the price of normal hardbacks. In this case, Orson Scott Card proves that size does not matter. If a reader sat down and read from cover-to-cover, as I did, it will take you around two hours, if that. However, I cannot begin to describe how awesome this story left me feeling. Once again, little Ender Wiggins shows his advanced maturity. The moral behind the tale is serious, very straight forward, and Card managed to tell it in a way that only he can. MAGNIFICENT! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Alyssa Day
Title - Atlantis Rising

What begins as a potential diplomatic alliance between the witches and Atlantis turns more personal when Erin, a witch who is a myth come to life, and Ven, the King's Vengeance, meet. Ironically, her goal in life is to avenge her family, who was slaughtered by vampires, so she needs vengeance is more ways that one! Ven is what her heart needs to heal, and she is needed to heal the dying queen and her baby in Atlantis. Family matters and romance aside, Erin and Ven will become key players in the war against the blood sucking ancient Roman Emperor, Caligula, who has only become more depraved in the aeons since his "death." The stunning final battle will leave you hungry for more.

**** Tightly woven and action packed, this is a treat for readers as old concepts are reinvented and given fresh spins. The world established in book one remains fresh and fascinating as the people in it gain more depth and personality. Erin is an even more intriguing heroine than Riley, and Ven is dangerous without being broody, as warriors too often tend to be. Dive in! ****

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Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Melody Carlson
Title - An Irish Christmas

In the early sixties, a small family, recently shattered by the loss of a father and undergoing the transitional period of the son into adulthood, takes a journey to Ireland at Christmas time. Both the mother and son, Colleen and Jamie, take turns telling the story as they wrestle with inner demons and secrets they have kept from each other and that have kept them apart. Those secrets can either tear them apart forever, or bring them a touch of God's grace and hope, if they will allow His plan to unfold and not be hard hearted.

**** Although slow moving and complex, this is a touching story about imperfect people who are very real. Jamie and Colleen offer the readers hope, because they wear masks with those they love, as so many of us tend to do, unknowingly at times. The grace and love that shines through make it worth the struggle to get through the overly leisurely paced narrative. ****

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Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Deborah MacGillivray
Title - Riding the Thunder
(Sisters of Colford Hall, Book 2)

Jago Fitzgerald (Mershan) would do anything for his oldest brother, Des. After their father committed suicide, in front of ten-year-old Des, Des became the man of the family. Des helped out their mother and practically raised Jago and Trev (Jago's twin). After years of planning, the time for revenge has come. Mershan International has completed all the arrangements for Montgomerie Enterprise's hostile takeover. This action will complete the Mershan family's revenge on the Montgomerie family. It does not matter, especially to Des, that the man who committed the ruin of their family is dead. Closure would come with the ruin of the granddaughters. Des and Trev were off dealing with two of the Montgomerie sisters overseas. Jago's target is in Kentucky.

Asha Montgomerie's brother, Liam, is doing his best to keep the family's horse ranch. Their father, in England, is doing everything he can to force the sell. Asha is being pushed by their father to sell her restaurant, The Windmill. But Asha is the sole owner of the restaurant and she will NEVER sell it. Asha also owns the small motel, swim club, laundromat, and the drive-in theater. The Windmill is a haven for lost souls, of the past and the present. People in the area know that there are unspoken rules about The Windmill Restaurant (and the drive-in). The first rule is to never touch the Wurlitzer 2000 jukebox in a threatening manner. The restaurant's ghostly duo does not take it kindly. The second rule is to change nothing. Third is not to sit in a certain booth after dark. There are other rules, but the locals simply accept them all as normal.

When Jago drives up, it does not take Asha long to figure out he works for the company trying to claim her teeny community and wipe its existence off the map. She has no idea how far up the corporate ladder Jago really is though. As for Jago, the instant he looks at his alleged enemy's granddaughter, he knows that she is destined to be his. The question is how to get Asha without her realizing exactly who he is and why he came to the area in the first place. The more Jago sticks around, the more he finds himself becoming part of the strange community. Jago begins to understand Asha's fey spot in the world. A sanctuary for ghosts, a jukebox with a mind of its own, a Cajun cook, a cat with no name, a guy named "Oo-it" and an aging Jedi Master. Jago has to make a choice between the love for his brother and his growing love for Asha and the area. A storm is coming...

***** This is book two in the Sisters of Colford Hall series. In my opinion, it is even better than the first (The Invasion of Falgannon Isle). Trust me, that is saying something! Author Deborah MacGillivray gives each character a realistic touch, but the main characters (Jago and Asha) are downright striking. I came to deeply care for them. The secondary and background characters snuck up on me. I have no idea how these crazy people became so important to me. But as I neared the end of the book, I dreaded the thought of never seeing them again. Now THAT is talent! All-in-all, I found this to be a delicious frolic in a magical world. Perfect! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Jennifer Cruise, Eileen Dreyer, & Anne Stuart
Title - The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes

For years now, the Fortune sisters have been living in hiding from their Aunt Xan. She killed their parents and stole their powers, and the girls just know that the witch will do the same to them if they are ever caught. One Friday before Halloween, the chickens come to roost. First, Danny James shows up on their door, asking questions about the past. Though the eldest, Dee, can literally feel her hackles rising, she's just turned into an owl after all, she can't help but be attracted to this very hot package of trouble. The youngest Fortune sister, Mare, isn't so sure her aunt is all bad, and besides, her powers are miniscule. Plus, she's annoyed with Dee and feeling like she came in third in a three horse race. Then, a corporate executive from the head office and her first love both show up, wanting to offer her bright futures. Middle sister Lizzie just wants to make things better for her family and she's tried every spell she can find to do it, but just keeps creating rabbits and shoes. Her efforts have not gone unnoticed though. Elric the Magnificent has arrived to see who is disturbing the universe, but he soon realizes he's found his soul mate, or been sent to her. It's clear that Xan is after the sisters, and the three men may just be bait or bribes. If the sisters want their happily ever afters, they're going to have to use powers they hate and make tough choices in the name of love.

*** If you're expecting Charmed, you might be disappointed; the Fortunes are not as in control as the Halliwells. However, this is just as much fun as one of the better episodes. The authors' voices blend seamlessly, so that you would swear only one person wrote this enchanting book. Though, I must admit that only one is a name I associate with paranormal work, I hope her compatriots continue to keep on writing on the mystic side of life. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Authors: Sherrilyn Kenyon, Alethea Kontis
Title - The Dark Hunter's Companion

A world that has grown to be as complex as the one ruled by Acheron and Artemis has its own lore, mythos, and a rich history, not to mention an ever expanding cast of fascinating beings who populate it and keep readers hooked. Even if you have read all the books, you might, at times have trouble remembering every detail. Such a book as this will help keep you straight. Every race is listed and their history detailed. There is also a census of every character of every book, divided by what sort of entity they are. Then, there are factual sections, giving insight into Greek culture and the culture of New Orleans. The best part is the guide to Acheron. However, the bonus features runs a close second, including interviews with Sherrilyn Kenyon, Acheron, Simi, and deleted scenes, as well as a short story.

**** If you love Ms. Kenyon's intricate universe, then this is a must read. If you know someone who does, it's less time than you think until Christmas, so make them happy and give them this. ****

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Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Lisa T Bergren
Title: The Betrayed

The Gifted continue their quest for St. Paul's lost letter, seeking the guidance they need to fulfill their roles in the prophecy and to serve God. Even as they come closer to their goal, the forces of darkness assemble against them, and now it seems might have won a victory. Betrayal delivers them into the hands of a sorcerer who is determined to make the Healer, Daria, his own. Alone with the enemy, it will take every amount of faith and grace available to the young noblewoman to resist the pull of temptation to give in to her fears. Will her friends be allowed the grace to deliver her?

**** Gripping suspense and action abound in this sequel, proving that Christian novels need not be tame and blah. Ms. Bergren brings spiritual warfare to vivid life in a rich setting that will appeal to fans of not only stories with a message, but of history as well. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Patricia Rice
Title: Mystic Guardian

While trying to find a solution that will keep her pregnant sister and herself from starving to death, Mariel espies a "golden god" who ignores her hail and boards a ship that takes him away from her. Since her late mother foresaw that such a man would save them, Mariel calls upon her unusual powers to follow Trystan l'Enforcer to his hidden, island home. Such a thing should be impossible, and necessitates that she wed Trystan and become bound by an oath of silence to never reveal this magic island of Aelynn. Before the vows can be taken, Mariel escapes, taking with her a magical chalice that Trystan must get back. Unfortunately, when he catches up with Mariel, it has already been sold. Now, they must recover it for the survival of his home, then work out all the personal problems they have. By this time, not only must he wed her, but desperately wants to, and the attraction is no less on her part; however, they live in different worlds, literally, and that may be one fact that cannot be overcome.

*** Ms. Rice has created a world that brings to mind visions of Shangri-la or Brigadoon, yet with more magic. Merfolk, enchanted cups, and visions add depth and allure to this unusual tale. Readers will eagerly await the rest of the trilogy after this initial taste. ***

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Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: J.K. Rowling
Title: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

The time has come for Harry Potter to meet his destiny and to end the spell of terror that Lord Voldemort has cast over the wizarding world for years. To achieve this end, he must abandon his lightweight, normal for a wizardly teen-aged agenda and set off on a quest to find and destroy the remaining Horcruxes that hold bits of his nemesis' soul. However, the journey is a long one that will be grueling on physical, emotional, and mental levels. Harry will finally learn the truth, perhaps more than he wants to know, but all that he must know in order to make the most difficult decision of all.

***** I have no doubt that this is a somewhat useless review and my fellow Potter addicts will buy the book, if they have not already, regardless. Nonetheless, let me say it is a brilliant read. Though it ended on a somewhat more positive note than the Thomas Covenant series tends to, it left me with that same feeling the conclusion of one of Mr. Donaldson's novels does, a feeling of having seen something profound. All I can say to those who object to the books on Christian grounds is this; I am Christian and you'd have to be blind not to see the overtones of Christianity replete in the pages. Self-sacrifice, love, and redemption are the ties that bind the story together, not magic. There is not as much humor as in the prior novels in the series, but I didn't expect there to be. It is a dark read, a sad one, but a good sort of sadness. I was disappointed in some ways, but no story is perfectly able to please everyone in every aspect. It is a fitting end. *****

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Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Jacquie Rogers
Title: Faery Special Romances

Faery Much in Love (1199) As punishment, Shaylah cannot return to Faery World until she completes the Queen's Quest to help Sir Darien find his true love. Hard to do since Darien's cousin died a month ago, leaving eight orphans in his care. But this task would not be so daunting if young Princess Keely would not interfere.

Much Ado About Faeries (1599) Caedmon protects the Portal in his charge well. But Queen Yana has decided it time for him to chase down his betrothed, Gracie, from the human world. He has only two thousand years to raise an heir to maturity; else, the powers of the Portal would be ceded to the queen. While in the Human World, Caedmon must also check in on Queen Yana's changeling nephew, Bill Shakespeare. If only Princess Keely were not around to "play". Sometimes, Keely can be worse than goblins.

Faeries of the Caribbean (1655) Myra Baker, a serving winch, wishes for a faery godmother and Keely appears. Myra wishes to wed a son of a viscount and hear the wind from the sea. Next thing Myra knows she is on Captain Devlin's pirate ship, somewhere in the Caribbean.

Faery Thee Well (1750) Due to a couple of recent deaths, Rhionne must bear the child of a man chosen to be Lugh of the Sun. Yet in order to ensure the child will be born on Beltaine Eve, Rhionne must receive his seed this very night. Should Rhionne fail, all will suffer drought and famine for a year. The human man chosen as Lugh is named Duncan. But what happens should Duncan refuse?

My Faery Lady (1814) Gryffyn (Lord Kembell in the Human World) is in London for a year making his contribution to humanity. Gryffyn chose optics and discreetly uses his magic to make designer spectacles for ladies in Society. This is how he meets "Effie". Gryffyn finds himself drawn to the human female, but she is betrothed to a duke. Even if Gryffyn and Effie were to somehow get together, she would have to choose to live in the Faery World.

A Faery Good Bet (1850) When Zachary Dillon is beat close to death, he stumbles through a Portal into Faery World. Gwennyth, the Faery World Healer, has to bond to the human male in order to save him. But when Dillon returns to the Human World, Gwennyth loses her healing magic.

The Duchess and the Dirtwater Faery (1885) When Isabelle's wagon gets stuck in the mud in the town of Dirtwater, in Idaho Territory, Kegan comes to the rescue. Kegan may be the blacksmith and unofficial sheriff, but he is also a faery. Who better to deal with the hired guns that come looking for Isabelle?

Faery Foxy Flapper (1926) Princess Keely keeps telling Jazzie that Blair is her true mate. But it is Quinn's kisses that curl her toes.

Faery Hot Date (1968) Sean Morgan is more than simply a dentist. He is the Region Sixteen Tooth Faery. Candi brings her daughter, Moriah, in because the child had been trying to pull out her tooth in hopes of getting enough money to buy a present. Sean has no time for dating. He has told Keely that many times. But Sean cannot help being attracted to Candi. The LAST thing he should do is hire Candi as his bookkeeper.

Faery Good Advice (Time Unknown) Keely runs Virgin Freedom Travel in the Human World and needs to book some vacations soon. Keely thinks she may be saved when the call comes in for a virgin honeymoon trip for Tyler Grant and his fiancée. But then the fiancée not only tells Keely that she is dumping Tyler and running off with someone else; the lady also tells Keely to be the one to inform Tyler that he has been jilted!

***** Ten couples and ten romances within one terrific book! Princess Keely seems to pop into each story somehow. The first romance story begins in England, the year 1199. With each tale the years pass and eventually end up in the United States of America. As the reader, it was as if I journeyed through time and history with Keely, who gets her own romance story in the end ... with an interesting twist.

Author Jacquie Rogers has a winner with this gem. Recommended! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Various
Title: Bad-Ass Faeries (Anthology)

Part One: Warrior Faeries

First story is "Bad-Ass Faeries" by Monica Richards. Unknown to the human developers, they are caught in the path of a war between the Red and White Faery clans.

Second story is "Cybernetic Assassin Faerie Hasballah" by Adam P. Knave. It is about an assassin and his Ogre target.

Third is "Make Love, Not War" by Lee C. Hillman. The Far-im and Brownies fight over a nesting grove site.

Fourth is "Heart of Vengeance" by Don C. Wilson. A Penn sociology professor comes face-to-face with a canotili.

Part Two: Outlaw Faeries

First story is "Ballad of the Seven Up Sprite" by Brian Kosciensik and Chris Pisano. An outlaw Faery stops in town for a drink and finds himself in a show down.

Second story is "Snow in July" by Jeff Lyman. A pixie village and some outcasts battle birds.

Third is "House Arrest" by Keith R.A. DeCandido. A house Faery is questioned when a member of the human family residing there dies.

Fourth is "A Pressing Problem" by Donald W. Schank. A mercenary is also a publisher and wants to publish a book made of pressed faeries.

Part Three: Wild Faeries

First story is "Hidden in the Folds" by Jesse Harris. In a far off sacred place, a weary ronin learns a hard lesson of dark magic.

Second story is "Pennidreadful" by Lorne Dixon. When a man accidentally kills his lover, he calls for help. But help comes in the form of a tiny magical creature who loves to commune with the dead.

Third is "On Oberon's Throne" by L. Jagi Lamplighter. Pretending to be kind, Puck begins war with the trolls and must make a deal with an arms dealer.

Fourth is "Sally Smiles" by James Chambers. Kids love their dolls, but what if the dolls worship the kids?

Part Four: Street Faeries

First is "The Faerie Queen of Lo Mein" by Vincent Collins. A little street faerie must battle a sewer rat for some left over Chinese food.

Second story is "Hollow Dreams" by Elaine Corvidae. A member of a street gang is a changeling. When his gang enters a house by the river for gin, the changeling just may be their only hope of ever leaving alive.

Third is "Wings of Soul" by R. Allen Leider. A Faery grants the wish of a young girl to stop a drug dealer in the area.

Fourth is "At the Crossroads" by Danielle Ackley-McPhail. Gavin and the Wind Walker go out to rescue their Faery friend.

Part Five: Faeries Noir

First story is "Down Those Mean Streets a Faerie Must Go" by John Sunseri. A Faery private investigator tries to find out why a Faery supposedly suicided.

Second story is "Endgame: A Tale of Terrorbelle" by Patrick Thomas. Ms. Terrorbelle hunts monsters; they have serious bit.

Third is "The Last Night of the Lazarus Brothers" by C.J. Henderson. A new drug is made from the bodies of faeries. Detective Morcey plans to get rid of it, with a little help from Rita of course.

**** Part Five does not have a fourth story. (Perhaps one story was dropped.) So here are nineteen Faery tales which in no way resemble the cute little faeries of our childhood. Some stories are written better than others, but all of them have a serious twist that I could not help but be fascinated by. A terrific anthology that I am proud to recommend! ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Eden Bradley
Title: The Dark Garden (Erotica)

Rowan Cassidy is a mistress at Club Privé. It is the most exclusive BDSM club on the west coast. The club used to mean so much to Rowan. Yet for the past few months, things have changed for Rowan. The submissive, beautiful, and obedient boys no longer tempt her. Though Rowan's body is bored, her imagination is not. She writes dark and lusty stories. Problem is that writing does not sate her the way she yearns for.

Both members of a couple cannot be Dom. When Christian Thorne enters the room, Rowan instantly knows he is a Dom; therefore, off limits for one such as her. Yet her body reacts to him in a way she has never felt before. So when Christian offers Rowan a deal, she accepts. Rowan gives Christian thirty days to "free" her true self, her Sub self. But Rowan is not the only one who unlocks the hot passion from deep within.

**** Be warned that no one under the age of seventeen should read this novel. This is not just erotica. This has a lot of BDSM. If you do not know what that is, then you are NOT ready for this walk on the dark side. The author devotes as much time to the blooming romance between the two main characters as she does to the sensual parts. The main male character is an artist, in more ways than one, which gives his character an added spark when it comes to touching and feeling. All-in-all, this is one HOT novel you won't soon forget. ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Various
Title: Daemonifuge: Heretic Saint
(W40K Graphic Novel)

Heretic.Witch. Daemon-wench. Child of Chaos.
Ephrael Stern of the Adepta Sororitas. She is a Battle Sister. She is a Daughter of the Emperor. In fact, Ephrael was all these things even before she had been born human. She did her duty and she did it well...until she died. When she is resurrected, things change.

Renegade. Outcast. Thrice-Born.
While in a lost convent of the Adepta Sororitas on the edge of nowhere, Ephrael is chosen to be the "Keeper of Secrets" by the "Screaming Cage" on Parnis. Inquisitor Silas Hand gave everything, including his life, to keep Ephrael alive so she could do her duty by delivering the secrets to the Black Library.

Saint. Weapon of Light. Scourge of Chaos. Daemonifuge!
Ephrael is changing within. The knowledge within her is transforming her. She is slowly learning what she has become and what she can do. Until the transformation is completed, she must simply survive and wait for "The Pariah" to find her. The Pariah is to guide her through the secret paths between worlds. Surviving is not easy. She must live through captivity by aliens and their battle arenas, The Ordo Mallous (Daemon Hunters), an inquisitor out to slay Silas's killer (thinking it to be her), and the Dark Ones who make their lairs in the secret paths between worlds.

***** Excellent graphic novel set in the W40K universe! Be sure to have plenty of light as you read. When the text is in italics, it is very hard to make out some of the words due to the font chosen. This is another graphic novel that would make an outstanding full length novel series, such as the Malus Darkblade series has done (and is still doing). Dark Fantasy, battles aplenty, faith, betrayal, pain and's all in here. Out-freaking-standing! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Julie Kenner
Title: Demons Are Forever (Kate Connor, Bk 3)

Until fifteen years ago, Kate and Eric Crowe were Hunters. They roamed the globe searching for and destroying demons. They retired to San Diablo, California, when Kate was pregnant with Allison "Allie". But Eric died while Allie was still young. Kate eventually remarried to a man named Stuart Connor, who treats Allie as if she was his own. Just under three years ago, Allie became an older sister to little Timmy. On the surface, they look like such a nice and normal family.

Well, Kate Connor may live in the suburbs, but she is certainly no ordinary soccer mom. Until recently, Kate was happy with a normal life. Stuart is about to run for San Diablo County Attorney. Timmy is well into the Terrible Twos and thinking about entering the Horrible Threes early. Allie is a teen, complete with all the drama the title brings. That is more than enough for any woman to handle. Kate only came out of Hunter retirement because demons began showing up in the area and Kate is determined to keep her family safe. Few people know of Kate's secret life. Laura Dupont, her neighbor and best friend, helps with research. Eddie Lohmann "Gramps", once her alimentatore (coach/mentor during Hunter years), may be over eighty but you would never know it if you saw him kicking demon butt. Father Ben helps with archive research and helps hides the bodies (after the demon is banished) in the Cathedral catacombs. David Long, Coronada High's mysterious chemistry teacher who helps Kate hunt. And recently, Allie entered the elite circle, but only because she had been kidnapped by a demon a couple of months ago and almost became collateral damage.

Kate is now forced to reveal her secret life to Allie. Time is of the essence. Seems the demons are getting active again. Worse, the demons are attacking very close to home! From what little the demons reveal during encounters, they are attempting to release Andramelech "Andre", one of the high chancellors of hell, from his shackles. Should this happen, the entire world will be in deep trouble. Also, Kate learns that Eric had been an active Hunter until his death. Of course, Kate feels betrayed. Eric had kept his hunting a secret from her and often lied about his where-abouts. Clues now show that Eric had some sort of connection with Andre, had kept in contact with the Vatican, and knew another hunter named Nadia Aiken (who disappeared only five years ago).

Allie is almost fifteen-years-old now and looking forward to the day she gets her permit to drive. To look at Allie, you would never guess that only a couple months ago she had escaped being slain by a demon in the local museum. Allie now knows that demons are horribly real and that her parents used to hunt them down. Naturally, Allie wants to research the mystery surrounding her dad's death. After seeing her mom kick demon butt, Allie wants to train as a Hunter as well. Her mom only agrees because she knows Allie would train behind her back. And for some odd reason, the demons seem to be showing up where ever Allie is.

Looks like Demon Hunting runs in the family...

***** The story focuses more on the mystery of Eric's past and Kate's relationship with Allie this time around. Don't worry, there are plenty of demon battling scenes to enjoy. But by probing Eric's history and putting Allie into the mix, the author has opened up a whole new can of worms with lots of future plot potentials. This series just gets better and better! The author writes the character of Kate so well that I could almost believe she exists. I found myself empathizing with Kate's maternal instincts. I cannot recommend this novel highly enough. I eagerly await the next title, Deja Demon, due for release in Summer 2008! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Sylvia Day
Title - Pleasures of the Night (Red series)

Long ago, a tiny crack had been made by the Elders between the Twilight and our world. There is no way to close the crack and keep the Nightmares out. They could only supply damage control. Nightmares are real beings. The dreams created by the human mind had given Nightmares a new power source to thrive upon. Fear, fury, misery are easily aroused through dreams and fed the Nightmares well. Should the Nightmares enter our world, they will feed on all human dreamers until the race becomes extinct. The Nightmares have done so to other worlds. The Dream Guardians enter a Dreamer's dream, becomes whoever he or she wishes the Guardian to be, and fulfills every erotic desire. By doing so, the Guardians keep the Nightmares at bay and the Dreamers safe. And whenever given the chance, the Guardian kills all the Nightmare entities he is able.

Legend has it that somewhere in our world is a special Dreamer, the Key. For centuries the Guardians have hunted the Key. The Key has the power to open the Gateway and allow the Nightmares free entry. Therefore, once found, the Key is to be eliminated. The Key will be able to bar both Nightmares and Guardians with her door. Once the Guardian gets inside though, the Key will actually be able to see into the Twilight. Thus, Guardians look for four abilities. The Key can see the Guardian's true feature, will know the Guardian's real name, can take control of the dreams, and any nearby Nightmares will become confused and disoriented.

Captain Aidan Cross has been a Guardian for centuries. He now doubts that the Key is anything other than a myth. Yet devoted to the cause, he continues his erotic duties with female Dreamers. Some Dreamers shut away parts of themselves so securely, not even the Guardians could enter. Usually this is due to past abuse or something. Being one of the best Guardians, the Elders send Aidan to the dream door of Dr. Lyssa Bates in hope that Aidan can persuade her to open her dream door to him, where others before Aidan failed.

Dr. Lyssa Bates has one of the biggest veterinary practices in San Diego. She also has one of the biggest cases of insomnia. Despite a battery of tests, nothing physically wrong shows up and no prescription medicine works. Lyssa has never been able to remember her dreams, but now she can't reach a deep sleep and it's making her sick. But then Aidan comes along.

Aidan is the only one Lyssa will allow into her dreams. No Guardian before or after him has succeeded. But the only thing Aidan sees when he is admitted entrance is blackness. Lyssa does not even know how to turn on the lights in her dream, much less see any fantasies. There is nothing wrong with the veterinarian, no past trauma, no mental illness. She just sits in the dark, wishing she could see. Being exclusively assigned to Lyssa, Aidan begins helping her to reach deep sleep, A.K.A. turn on her lights. Once done, Aidan becomes attracted to Lyssa, though this is forbidden. Worse, Lyssa has all the signs of being the Key. Even though Aidan knows Lyssa would never willingly open the Gateway for the Nightmares, should the Elders learn of Lyssa's abilities, they would execute her. Now Aidan must risk all, become hunted by his own people, to save the Key.

***** If you have read any title in the RED line, from Avon Books, then you already know that the series is called "Red" due to all the extra, extra steamy contents. So if you do not like erotica or mild erotica, do not pick up this title. You should also be at least seventeen-years-old.

Author Sylvia Day begins this novel out in the middle of a HOT Dreamer's dream. In the shadows are some Nightmares that the warrior would soon battle. Just knowing the hero was about to defend the lady from evil hooked me straight away. I never could resist a good battle between Good and Evil. This story goes the extra mile for readers by, not only having hot romance, but a sinister plot by beings which could be considered aliens or demigods. I do not know if I would classify it as Fantasy or Sci-fi, but I do know that this is one of the best stories I've read in a Romance category thus far this year (2007). I cannot recommend this RED book highly enough and warn readers to have plenty of free time before even opening the cover. Sylvia Day obviously knows what readers love! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Melanie Lynne Hauser
Title - Super Mom Saves the World

Since the Horrible Swiffer Accident, Birdie Lee's life has undergone a dramatic change, from mild-mannered cashier/divorced mother of two to all that plus a secret identity as Super Mom, fearless defender of truth, justice, and the clean way. Though it's a tiring, dirty job, she has to do it. At least now she has a boyfriend and a membership in the JLA. Then, things start to really get weird. Suddenly, Mr. Clean is flirting with her and the scrubbing bubbles are purring at her, making her appear insane. However, that's not her biggest worry. There's something rotten at the new domed stadium and with the Little League team. At the risk of inciting public disfavor, Super Mom has to find out what. Fortunately, she's had a second Swiffer incident, so she's got even more power. But, with great power, comes a great amount of headaches.

**** Like Confessions of Super Mom, this is a fun read that is spot on with its humorous observations about life. Ms. Hauser's puns, hyperbole, and hidden in-jokes gives this story intelligent wit with a heart. ****

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Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Various
Title - Dragon Lovers
(Paranormal Anthology)

In The Dragon and the Virgin Princess by Jo Beverly, a high maintenance, Sacrificial Virgin Princess finds herself married to a clever knight who finds a loophole in the laws of her land to wed her without actually slaying the very cute, sweet dragon that, unfortunately, needs her blood to save two races. Hopefully, with a bit of luck and love, they can find a second loophole. Mary Jo Putney delivers a magical story of a knight searching for glory by slaying a dragon, but falling in love with one instead in The Dragon and the Dark Knight. Karen Harbaugh gives us a tale of Japan and a noble dragon who befriends an orphaned Dutch maiden in Anna and the King of the Dragons. Finally, noted historical author Barbara Samuel steps into modern times with Dragon Feathers, wherein a young woman whose heart has been broken and is searching for a new life finds that and more in her new home that comes with a dragon.

*** Though all these "fairy tales" are about dragons, each one is unique and magical in its own way. I dare you to keep from laughing out loud at the antics of Ms. Beverly's SVP and the dragon Seesee. This is a fun read. ***

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Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Maggie Shayne
Title - Sheer Pleasure
(Paranormal Anthology)

**** What does a logical scientist discovery the reality of lycanthropy, a playboy realizing that his secretary is more than a reliable helper, and a psychic's visions of murder and the breaking of a curse all have in common? Two things, love and the fact that they are written by the talented Maggie Shayne. The strongest entries in the collection are the bookends, Leather and Lace and Daydream Believer. In the former, if you ever wished Steve Trevor would wake up and realize Miss Prince was a gem in her own right, then you'll be smiling at the end of this one. Daydream Believer is an edgy murder mystery that I wish was longer, having a surprise twist at the end reminescent of Ellery Queen. Ms. Shayne's versatility as a writer is showcased here, and while it lacks her trademark vampires, this anthology is definitely worth your time, whether a new or old fan. ****

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Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Judith Lindbergh
Title - The Thrall's Tale (Reprint)

Mother, maiden, and crone, the three traditional faces of the "goddess" in pagan tales, provide the eyes that watch as the Norse culture shifts from the ways of false gods to the True religion of Christianity. The mother figure is Katla, a slave girl who holds Christian beliefs amid worshippers of Odin and the like. The defining moment of her life is her rape at the hands of a chieftain's son that leaves her scarred inwardly and outwardly and results in the birth of Bibrau, an almost demonic little girl who finds a truer mother with the ancient crone, Thorbjorg, Katla's mistress after she is sold. Thorbjorg embraces the old ways and teaches Bibrau to be a witch, like her, never dreaming that the girl will surpass her in darkness and evil. Yet, even as their poisonous ways dig deeper into the old and young woman's souls, the light of Christ reaches their world via two slaves who spread the gospel, offering Katla the first joy she has known in many years.

*** Fans of Jean Auel or Morgan Llewlyn will eagerly embrace this literary debut. Shifting viewpoints blend together to provide a full cloth depiction of a tumultous time in all its gritty glory. Though those in search of a fun or light read will find it daunting, those seeking literature and history will be delighted. ***

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Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Various
Title - Christmas Wishes
(Seasonal Romance Anthology)

Christmas At Home by Leanne Burroughs
Allison "Alli" Monroe has been a widow since her husband died overseas. With the war raging on and receiving no widow's pension, Alli must raise her five-year-old daughter, Becca, alone. Allie meets Ryan Burgess while in the general store. Ryan has been discharged from the Air Force and now needs the use of a cane to get around. Little Becca is about to teach them both some much needed lessons.

The Christmas Store by Ann Marie Bradley
When Aine Ross finds her fiancé in bed with another woman and then her own family tries to defend him, Aine decides to spend Christmas with her friend Holly. Holly lives up north, where Christmas is always white. Aine and Holly enter "The Christmas Store". An elderly couple perfectly play the roles of Santa and Mrs. Claus. Every customer writes a Christmas wish and hangs it on the tree. According to Mrs. Claus, all the wishes will come true. But Aine does not believe her wish could possibly happen.

Love's Eternal Hope by Amber Dawn Bell
Hope Lacey has been divorced, gone through bankruptcy, and lost her home. By order of the courts, Hope must vacate her home of twenty-eight years by Christmas Eve. She spies her favorite Christmas ornament (a nunne'hi of Cherokee mythology believed to possess magical powers). Hope wishes she lived long ago with the Cherokee clans. Her Christmas wish is granted.

Operation Family by Billie Warren Chai
Major Sean Spencer, Special Ops, US Army, had broken up with Ava Jefferson when she refused to quit her job of being a deputy after they were wed. Shortly thereafter, Sean was sent on an undercover mission and was out of touch for months. However, when Sean returns and is finally forced to walk into the county sheriff's office to pick up a couple of his men, he is startled to see a very pregnant Ava.

The Gift of You by Kimberly Ivey
Set in 1974. Single mother Liliana Brooks quits her job at Hamburger Palace to get away from her abusive boss. When she is attacked while walking home, Jake Delatorre rescues her and even hires her as a waitress in his own restaurant. That same night, Liliana's father threatens physical harm to her eighteen month old baby, Nicky. Without a second thought, Liliana packs up and goes to the only person she feels safe with, Jake.

The Patient Gift by Patty Howell
Leatrice "Lea" Novak has lost too many loved ones this year. With Christmas fast approaching, she begins hardening her heart in self preservation. Only Basil, her elderly black lab, is allowed into Lea's heart. Well, that is until Durham North's car gets stuck in the snow and he knocks on her door to use the phone. Basil decides it is up to him and the big man upstairs to bring this pair together; and in doing so, heal them both.

In Time for Christmas by Cheryl Alldredge
Over one thousand years ago, in Northumberland, Lord Gunnar said a prayer in the chapel for help and fortune. But a wench was not what he had in mind; especially one so unusual. In December 2006, Beth Markam receives an empty package from Jon Gunnarson, a stranger to her. The enclosed note claims it once contained hope. Turns out the empty package holds more than just hope.

Once Upon a Snowflake by Shelli Stevens
Lilly Rawson left her abusive husband. She and her four-year-old son, Ben, are en route to Northern California for a new life. But when her car spins out during a blizzard in Snow River, Oregon, all plans come to a halt. There is no way Lilly can make the deadline to begin her new job as head chef for a wealthy family. Luckily, Logan and his sister, Mindy, were there when Lilly's car crashes into a tree. In exchange for a temporary place to live and repairs to her car, Lilly agrees to be the new cook in Logan's Bed & Breakfast.

Joy's Christmas Wishes by Gerri Bowen
Lord Captain Geoffrey DeBohun is a second son, a widow, and has four children; therefore, he did not believe Lady Emily could possibly choose him over his older brother, an earl.

Miracle and Mistletoe by Kimberly Grant
It is Christmas Eve and a blizzard rages outside. Yet inside the toast home, Marla Anders and Chance Yardley sit, trying to finish decorating their Christmas tree. The beautiful scene would be perfect for a gallery painting if not for the tension hovering over their heads. Marla is waiting for a phone call from her doctor’s office. The results of her tests will decide her entire future.

The Christmas Wish by Rebecca Andrews
Six-year-old Kevin Connor is in line to see Santa when he spies a woman who is the mirror image of his mother, who died last year. When Kevin makes a quick dash toward her, his father, Ryan, goes after him. As Ryan gazes into Holly's face, he could almost believe she really was his late wife. As Holly St. Nick learns how hard the Christmas season is going to be for little Kevin, she agrees to spend a bit a time with the pair in hopes of gently helping Kevin understand that she is really NOT the lady he believes her to be.

All I Want for Christmas is a Hula Hoop...and a Mother by DeborahAnne MacGillivray
It is only three more days until Christmas and Kentucky residents are shopping non-stop. Five-year-old Allison Challenger's wish list is short, even though her father is wealthy. Most of all, she wishes for a kitty, a pony, a Hula Hoop, and a new mother. And this precocious angel has the perfect lady in mind to fill the position of that last wish; her new ballet teacher, Leslie Seaforth. Once Allison gets Leslie and her dad, Keon, to meet, Lady Fate takes over. The trio soon find themselves snowbound at Leslie's home in the countryside.

**** A full dozen of stories that will keep you smiling and happily humming carols even while you are being crushed in the shopping crowds by grumps. Once you finish this anthology, be sure to place it on your bookshelf or boxed among your decorations so you may reread this gem each December. ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Various
Title - Holiday in the Heart
(Seasonal Romance Anthology)

Christmas Wonderland by Leanne Burroughs.
Set in the USA, 1944. Most of the men are overseas, fighting in the war. Samantha Noelle has one month to find a new place to live. Her day job is not enough for a deposit. Luckily, she is hired at a department store as Santa's elf. Sam loves dealing with the children. But she sure does not like the elf costume and her boss.

The Power of Love by Kemberlee Shortland.
Set in Ireland, present day. Elaine and Ethan O'Donovan are devastated when the hospital doctor informs them that Elaine's heart is too weak to survive the birth of their unborn child. Sometime within the next few weeks, Elaine would die in labor. On Christmas Eve, though, anything is possible.

Sempre by Aleka Nakis.
Set in New York, present day. Amanda Law's teen son is in Colorado, spending Christmas with his father. So Amanda is resigned to being alone in New York for the holiday. But while viewing the city from atop the Empire State Building, Amanda meets an Italian man from her past.

Christmas Masquerade by Michele Ann Young.
Set in England, 1813. Clarissa Trevethon has long heard tales of people being lost on the moors at night. Yet when her carriage turns over and the post-boy is knocked unconscious, she must go looking for help. The only one nearly turns out to be a sullen man in a gate house.

Ballou's Christmas Wish by Keelia Greer.
Set in Texas, present day. Melody Barton and her West Highland white terrier, Ballou, are picking up some "Woofies" dog cookies when they meet Jorin Griffin. Melody and Jorin are not the only two attracted to each other. Jorin also has a "Westie" named Bonnie. More than anything, Ballou wants the two humans together so he can be with Bonnie. Problem is that Jorin is having problems with a female ex-employee who is obsessed with him.

The Christmas Curse by Rachel Michaels.
Set in the present time. Jenna Malone totally believes she is cursed to have a horrible Christmas every year of her life. Something awful always happens. Today is Christmas Eve. Her boyfriend broke up with her, via email, this morning. The right heel on her expensive boots broke. Her car is in the shop so she has to take the bus home from work. The bus splashes slush all over her hair and coat. Her slushy hair has frozen. What else could possibly go wrong? I will tell you! She can (and does) slip on ice and get knocked unconscious.

Maggie at Christmas by Diane Davis White.
Set in the present time. Professor Ethan Spencer cannot find a vacant room in town, due to multiple conventions in the area. Luckily, Maggie Donaldson agrees to let him stay in her spare room for awhile. But Maggie never expected to be attracted to the man; especially since she has only been a widow for two short years.

Rachel's Light by Victoria Houseman.
Set in Charleston, South Carolina, 1783. Rachel Levine has been the governess of Eve and Joshua Stein for six months now. This will be the first holiday season for the children without their mother. They love their father, but he has become bitter. Yet when their father asks Rachel to marry him for the sake of the children. She cannot help but agree.

The Greatest Gift of All by Candace Gold.
Set in America. Claudia Sykes still hurt from being jilted by her fiancé, had to be forced to attend a dance at church. When a horrid man approaches Claudia and refuses to accept the word "No", Claudia believes she should have stayed home after all. Then she meets Adam Devine. Claudia finally risks her heart only to have the Army Reserve order Adam to Iraq.

Victoriana by Heather Hiestand.
Begins in Tacoma, Washington, present date. Robyne Arthur is shopping for small Christmas presents when she spies a Christmas cracker. Upon gently tugging the ends, she is transported to a strange place called Victoriana. The place seems to be England in the 1900's. And every single day is December 17th.

Tempt Me Twice by Anna Kathryn Lanier.
Set in Yorkshire, England, 1844. Thanks to her late husband, Meghan Shelton de Vries is financially secure for the rest of her life. Therefore, Meghan can spend all her time with Marissa, her six-year-old daughter. But during a gathering for her cousin's wedding, Meghan literally runs into the man she loved seven years ago. Worse, the man seems to realize that he is Marissa's biological father.

Blue Christmas Cat by DeborahAnne MacGillivray.
Set in the Highlands, present day. Romance author Dara Seaforth is snowed in on Christmas Eve. Even with her deadline looming, Dara is unable to write. Of course, she knows why depression has set in. There is no one visiting to bring Christmas cheer. Add to that her beloved cat, Dexter, died six weeks ago and Dara is unable to break the habit of talking to him. And lastly, Rhys St. John has returned to the area. Dara has loved him since she was eighteen. Now, fifteen years later, he still does not seem to know she even exists. In one weak moment, Dara makes a wish to Dexter's spirit for a new companion...and a British Blue kitty begins meowing outside her door.

***** Twelve stories that would put even Scrooge into the Christmas spirit. It does not matter what TYPE of romance genre you prefer. This book has a little bit of everything. The stories are set in the U.S.A. and Europe. Some take place in the past, some in the present, and one story takes place in both! I strongly suggest that you put on something comfortable, brew up something hot (tea, coffee or cocoa will do), light up a fire, settle down somewhere quiet and begin reading this anthology. *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Avocato, Cameron, Daheim, London, MacPherson, & Sparks
Title - Sugarplums and Scandal
(Mystery Seasonal Anthology)

"All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth" is by Lori Avocato.
When Pauline's mother reads that a dentist is holding Mr. Leonard Niski's dentures hostage, even though the man's insurance has already paid for them, she tells Pauline to "Do something about this. Be a Good Samaritan for the holiday season." Pauline must admit that is does sound like dental fraud. Since she and Jagger investigate insurance fraud for a living, perhaps they should look into it.

"The Lords Of Misrule" is by Dana Cameron.
Set in London, Christmas Eve of 1722. Miss Margaret Chase "Mags" calmly accepts the fact that there are extra guests in the house tonight. Father had arrived home with two friends, rather than just one, and her brother, Tommy, came home from Oxford with a friend as well. However, Mags is not prepared when she learns that her mother's new jewelry has been stolen, before her mother even opens the jewelry case filled with stones. Nor is Mags prepared when the body of a footman is found. But with Margaret's keen observations, and a little bit of help, Christmas Day may still dawn with joy.

"The Ghost Of Christmas Passed" is by Mary Daheim.
Innkeeper Judith McMonigle Flynn may not have any guests during the holiday season, but the place is still full of family. Problem is that her mother, Gert, is not acting normal. Gert is about to tell Judith and Renie a bit about a certain family member that disgraced the family long ago. It seems as though the certain family member in question is making an appearance. Either that or someone else who looks mighty like him.

"Partners In Crime" is by Cait London.
Cecilia Lattimer is a professional organizer. Even though the small town of Dewdrop has been experiencing a rash of burglaries recently, someone seems to be going an extra mile on Cecilia. Everybody likes Cecilia personally, but hates how Cecilia is always trying to organize everything and everyone. Who could possibly be the one out to harm Cecilia? The police chief? Cecilia saw him with a mistress. Her ex-fiancé? Cecilia said no at the alter because she learned what a monster he really was. Her ex-husband? He left Cecilia for a younger woman, but still seems possessive of Cecilia. And just WHO is this stranger that rescued her from three men in an alley and then parked his camper in her driveway? Is he protecting her or stalking her?

"Holly Go Lightly" is by Suzanne MacPherson.
Nick Fredrick could not seem to get his late fiancée, Holly Townsend, out of his mind today. Perhaps because it is Christmas Eve. Even when Nick gets to his parents' house, signs of Holly still abound. It is soon obvious to all that Holly's spirit is trying to communicate some vital information and she has only one night get her joyous message through.

"A Very Vampy Christmas" is by Kerrelyn Sparks.
About five years ago some clever vampires figured out that a vampire's image could be recorded using digital technology. So now there is DVN (Digital Vampire Network), though few mortals know that real vampires are the stars. Maggie O'Brian has been a vampire since the year 1884. Now she plays the part of a mortal doctor in love with a vampire on the soap opera "As a Vampire Turns". She auditioned for the part in order to meet Don Orlando, who plays the handsome vampire in the show. Maggie may have the role the wanted, but Don is not the wonderful man she thought she would be. According to Corky, the ruthless media queen of the vampire world, Don changes women as often as his socks. When Don tells Maggie that he has had amnesia since he was turned into a vampire over four years ago in New Orleans, Maggie decides to see what she can learn.

**** A wonderful anthology with six tales set around the Christmas Season. I found something for everyone in this novel. No kidding. I read historical romance, mystery, suspense, ghostly spirits, and even vampires. Wonderful holiday reading. ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Various
Title - Santa Baby (Seasonal Anthology)

*** Three gifted authors present their readers a chance to decompress after the holiday madness and enjoy novellas that have a bit of sugar and a lot of spice. Lori Foster finds a man getting a Christmas Bonus he never expected from the boss he didn't want as his superior, but finds the lady perfect to love. Carly Phillips' Naughty Under the Mistletoe shows a young woman that she just needed the right twin to find true love. The star of the volume is Jennifer Cruise's Hot Toy, a wild and whacky ride wherein a loving aunt finds herself face to face with the one man in the world she does not want to see while trying to find the toy her nephew who has faced too many disappointments in life wants. In the process, she lands in the middle of a spy caper that will have you laughing outloud. This story alone is worth the book's price. ***

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Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Various
Title - The Four Redheads of the Apocalypse

The Four Horsemen (Death, War, Plague, and Famine) have died. As next of kins, their wives must now take on the duties. Problem is that these four redheads (well, one is blonde and colors her hair red) have absolutely no clue how to do the jobs! Satan wants to retire, but cannot until she finds someone else to take over her position. (Yes, Satan is female. No man can be bitchy enough to do the job well. Trust me on this.) So Satan not only hands the four women their new duties, but also hands over a contest. Whichever of them does the best job in their new positions will have Satan's job and all its perks when she retires.

(First story is War's, written by Linda L. Donahue.) Bunny is the new "War". Since Bunny is at a disadvantage with the other ladies, Satan gives her a bit of help in the form of an unlimited expense account and a bit of advice: No matter how it starts, no matter how it ends, a war is a war. All you've gotta do is start something. So Bunny goes Earthside and crashes the UN Security Council Meeting in progress. Unfortunately, Hell's accountants are less than pleased with the results.

(Second story is Death's, written by Rhonda Eudaly.) Zoe is the new "Death". If nothing else, Zoe is the busiest of the four. She has to show up, on schedule, to collect the dead. When she fails to show up to a huge car wreck, everyone (miraculously) survives! To say that the Grim Reaper, Zoe's Chief Minion, is upset is putting it lightly. So Zoe becomes determined to get better and win Satan's job! She is sick to death (pardon the bad pun) of having to deal with dead people. Reaper can have the job once she gets Satan's office!

(Third story is Plague's, written by Dusty Rainbolt.) Butterflye Plague-Pestilence is the new "Plague". She had been an attorney back when she was actually alive. So you would think that Butterflye would have read the fine print on her document before marrying Ossy. Alas, she did not. To make matters worse for her, Butterflye has a fear of bugs! Every time a cockroach rubs against Butterflye's leg in a show of affection, she cringes! This gives her extra motivation in winning the contest. But it is hard to get things done when her minions keep quoting rules and regulations from the various Unions they belong to. She finally decides to create a modern day plague, a computer virus unlike any before. The results thrill Bill Gates!

(Now comes Famine's tale, written by Julia S. Mandala.) Sara Lee is the new "Famine". She never had a weight problem until she became Famine. Now she has constant hunger pains and, if she is Earthside, everything she touches turns to dust. Sara Lee's minion is a too perky and cute little girl named Debbie who is constantly handing Sara Lee sugary snacks. It seems that every time Sara Lee comes up with an idea to spread famine Earthside, it backfires. Worse, often the backfires seem to HELP the other three Horsewomen.

***** I found this to be an over-the-top comedy with the quirky flavor of a Mel Brooks film. I highly enjoyed it! There are many pros and cons for this novel though. As for the cons, the book is less than a hundred pages and it is all in fine print. The cover art shows all four women with champagne glasses (and I could tell which woman was which Horsewoman by what is within the glass) but I had to look closely because the black and white photo makes it hard to tell what the item within each glass is! Lastly, this book is not bound by glue. Instead, staples hold it together. Yet the price is still high. As for the pros, each story is so hilarious that I could not help laughing long and loud while enjoying it. The bad puns are so good (pardon my oxymoron pun) that they would make Mel Brooks proud! My husband read the short blurb on the front of this book and told me to be sure to give it to him when I finish reading it. One of my co-workers, who happens to be a huge fan of Mel's, wants it after my husband is finished. The people who asked for it after that were told (nicely, of course) to go get their own copy. Also, if you happen to be lucky enough to know the author/publicist Selina Rosen, then you will enjoy Satan's character. I kept picturing Selina as Satan while reading and was tickled when I later found out that Selina is exactly whom Satan's character was based upon! (Kudos to me!) All-in-all, I highly recommend this short novel to all fans of comedy who are over the age of seventeen. Killer story! (Groan. I did not just say that!) *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: James McIvor
Title - God Rest Ye Merry, Soldiers

***** This is a small book that was actually released in 2005. Now, in 2006, it is being reprinted in a small paperback for more people to discover and enjoy. The story takes readers back in history, to the Civil War. Through the eyes of soldiers' letters (Union and Confederate) comes a true tale of a Christmas miracle. It will not take you long to read the story since it is less than two hundred pages, but it is a book that you will find yourself reading more than once. Full of joy, sorrow, compassion, and courage, this is a story you will never forget. *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Greg Cox
Title - Infinite Crisis

Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman have been heralded as the world's greatest heroes, but now Batman's paranoia and Wonder Woman's act of making herself judge, jury, and executioner on live T.V. have created a chaos that not even Superman can deal with. Batman's invention, Brother Eye, a robotic satellite that acts like Big Brother of Orwellian fame, has decided to kill all paranormals, and not even its maker can stop its demented quest. Meanwhile, the walls of reality are crumbling to allow alternate versions of this world's heroes to break into it so that they can replace this world with one thought to be no longer real. If you thought the Crisis on Infinite Earths was chaotic and heart-breaking, in Infinite Crisis trumps it.

**** Don't let the comic book link put you off. This is an absorbing, complex story that is captivating. The dilemas faced are larger than life, but told in such a way that you can empathize with the pathos portrayed. Even without pictures, this story creates vivid images that will stay with you. ****

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Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Various
Title - Blue Moon Enchantment (Anthology)

Under the Faery Blue Moon by Dawn Thompson
Set in the Regency era. In the previous companion book "Blue Moon Magic", Puck and Oberon had caused chaos at a Blue Moon Ball. The pair had slipped something into the claret bowl in hopes of bringing a pair of humans together in love. Instead, the targeted pair were the only two who did NOT drink it. All the other humans are now lusting after each other and doing all sorts of things in the garden. It is up to Tatiana, Queen of the Faeries, to straighten it all out.

The Anti-Kissing League by Leanne Burroughs
Set in 1909. Geoffrey Standish left New York to spend the summer in Georgia and help his Aunt Ida Mae and Uncle Henry on their farm. The town had sunned Geoff's parents long ago, so he really did not want to be in the small backwater town. However, had he not come to Georgia, he would never have met Millie.

Leap of Faith by Jill and Julia
Marcella Richards is the best Chicago attorney around and over due for a much needed vacation. As usual, the only thing she can think of is Drew. He was the man she had hoped to marry eight years ago, but lost instead. While her thoughts dwelled on the past, Marcella makes a wish on the blue moon. However, she never expects to see a doll-sized gnomette appear and offer to send her back in time for a second chance at love.

When Mules Rush In by Jacquie Rogers
Set in 1882. Merlin was once King Arthur's advisor and sorcerer. But the days of old were over and considered only to be myths. Merlin still believes in the Auld Ways: do no harm and mentor his human. Merlin chooses to keep the form of a mule while he resides in Wyoming. The human Merlin mentors is Luke Tyson, a gambler and womanizer. But the stubborn mule is about to open Luke's eyes to a special lady named Willow.

The Star Traveler by Victoria Houseman
Set in South Carolina at the end of June, 2007. Dr. Hayley Stone specialized in fertility treatments. When her mother fell ill, Hayley quit everything to be with and care for her. Now her mother has passed away and Hayley feels adrift. Alice, an old friend of the family, tells Hayley about a legend which states that the night of the blue moon brings the Star Traveler, one who grants wishes of true love to those who truly believe and deserve it... Donovan de Lyon is a Star Traveler and everyone in his family seems to be urging him to find his special woman. But Donovan only wants everyone to stay out of his love life. In the meantime, Earth is having a blue moon, which means he has a busy night of magical work ahead of him. As Donovan approaches Earth, his spaceship's main computer (Rachel) decides to meddle in his love life too.

Sentimental Journey by Judith Laik
Back in 1942, Eve Larson kissed her military fiancé, Howard, goodbye and held her fear at bay when he shipped out. His plane ended up going down during a bombing raid. Three years later, Eve is a teacher and summer vacation has just begun. Unable to let go of her love for Howard, she intends to spend the summer months tending to her garden. While out during the blue moon, she wishes for Howard to return to her.

A Blue Vacation by Michelle Scaplen
Brenda Blake is an office data entry clerk who has not had a vacation in over four years. Then one morning Nick, a head salesman, and Tori, the slinky secretary, have an argument and break up. The couple had planned to spend time in the Bahamas in the near future. Tori gives her ticket to Brenda, who gladly accepts. So with a funky new haircut and determined to enjoy herself, Brenda is off to the Caribbean. However, Brenda never expects to find Nick as a roommate!

Blue Moon Magic by Ann Marie Bradley
Interior designer Claire Jacobs leaves her dead end job and accepts an offer in Key West, Florida. Upon the beach sets a lovely mansion fashioned after an 1886 European country castle. Claire's job is to give "Hotel Castle" a face lift and transform it into a twenty-first century luxury resort. Fred, the manager, informs Claire about Lord Archer, the earl who had the place built for his fiancée long ago, only for her to mysteriously disappear a week before they were to wed. The earl died shortly afterward. Folks say that Lord Archer now haunts the castle. Rob Archer, the owner of the hotel, was indisposed and would not be able to meet with Claire, but gave her free reign over the place. That night Claire strolled the beach under the blue moon and finds a man's ring...

Kissing Lessons by Sherrie Holmes
Abigail Fairweather is the daughter of the late Baron Fairweather. The wild, adventurous lady made a wish on the blue moon involving Viscount Selkirk. Later she is thrown off her velocipede (bike) while riding and toppled down a hill to land upon a strange, but very handsome man. Abigail assumes him to be Lord Selkirk's gardener and asks him to help her make the blue moon wish come true. However, the gardener is really the viscount and he has some surprises in store for her.

Muses in the Moonlight by Patty Howell
As a child Calli Winson was abandoned. She was raised in Allenvale by a wonderful, loving couple. But Calli always wondered why she had been abandoned. Now grown, Calli is an anthropologist at the Smithsonian in Maryland. Her adopted parents died ten years prior and she returns to Allenvale, Pennsylvania, to place flowers on their graves. Overwhelmed with emotions one night, Calli yells at the blue moon. That is how she meet Jacob Isaacs, a pastor at a local church. He offers her a friendly ear and they spend a long time talking. As they part, Jacob makes a wish.

Blue Moon Reunion by Gerri Bowen
Lady Piper of Auban has always been told to be careful what she wishes for. Piper is not sure what she would wish for in a man though. There has been three men in her life. The first was Sir Robin of Escewiche. But he ended up abandoning her. He was followed by two others who were cruel. If Piper ever wished for a man, it would be one like Robin, but he would not abandon her...Robin never abandoned Piper. He is currently a prisoner, chained in a dungeon. During all his horrible days he believes Piper to be the cause of his imprisonment. He wants nothing more than to have his revenge. During the next blue moon, Robin makes his wish.

A Wish Times Three by Jeanne Van Arsdall
Kathleen is an author with a looming deadline. Yet when her sister asks for her to care for Siena while she and her husband go to England for awhile, Kathleen still agrees. Siena is seven-years-old. Her teacher is out on maternity leave. The substitute is Dr. Kevin Collins, an archeologist. After a few accidental meetings between Kathleen, Siena, and Kevin, the little girl invites Kevin over for lasagna. It just so happens that the blue moon is approaching. Siena and Kevin have their wishes ready. But Kathleen is hesitant.

Moondance by Kemberlee Shortland
Set in Ireland. Ronan moved into the area a year ago and fell in love with Blánaid on sight. However, Blánaid has only ever thought of him as a friend. Ronan had once overheard Blánaid and one of her friends discussing what they looked for in a man, so Ronan knows that he is nothing like the one she dreams of. Yet as Blánaid and he watch the sun set one evening, Ronan takes a chance and kisses her.

Beneath the Velvet Blue Moon by Candace Gold
Nadine Stone and her parents spent summers at Lake Flint. At the age of nineteen, Nadine met Michael Greene. Under the light of the blue moon, they promised to meet each other next year in the same place. But Nadine loses her cellular phone, which had Michael's phone number on it, and then her parents died in a car wreck. Nadine was unable to return to Lake Flint as she'd promised and Michael never contacted her. If they were to ever see each other again, it would take a miracle.

Devil in Spurs by DeborahAnne MacGillivray
Desdein Deshaunt has waited twenty long years to get his revenge. Back then the Earl Whitmore and Viscount Kildorne murdered his father, but it could not be proven. By day Desdein is a horse breeder. While with the Ton he masquerades as a titled fop, the Marquis de Fournier. But during the deep night hours, he is the notorious highwayman known as the "Devil in Spurs". All was going well until his younger brother, Jeremy, did something rash and got arrested by Edward Findlater (Viscount Kildorne) who is currently the local area's magistrate. To rescue Jeremy, the Devil in Spurs kidnaps Lady Ashlyn and sends her magistrate father a note of ransom. Problem is that Desdein is attracted to his hostage, as well as her mangy old tabby cat, Cyril. Worse, Ashlyn reveals to him that her father believes her to be worthless and will not agree to bargain with the Devil.

***** This is the second book in the Blue Moon anthology series. The first, titled "Blue Moon Magic", was released only a few months ago and is still selling wildly. I predict that this companion book will do as well. Short stories are even harder to write than full length novels and this anthology has FIFTEEN magical tales by various authors. If you want some sweet dreams, read one of two of these stories just before bed. Terrific! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Christie Ridgway
Title - Must Love Mistletoe

"The Perfect Christmas" is owned by Bailey Sullivan's family in Coronado, California. Many locals consider it a landmark. But Bailey hates the holiday. Nevertheless, she leaves LA and returns to Coronado to help save the family store from going under. Since the holiday season is in full swing, Bailey is hoping to get everything back up to par by the 25th and head back to LA.

Problem is that Bailey's parents are feuding. Her mother, Tracy, is hiding away and Bailey cannot seem to snap her out of it. In fact, Bailey cannot even get Tracy to step inside their store. No amount of begging or cajoling is working. That would have been enough for anyone, but Bailey knows she is in trouble when she spies Finn Jacobson, the boy she loved and lost ten years ago.

Finn wants nothing to do with Bailey. The last eleven months of his life has been a nightmare. Finn is part of the Dignitary Protection Division of the Secret Service. He is on "vacation" and visiting Gram while he comes to terms with what happened during an assassination attempt. One of his younger team members died in the line of duty and Finn lost his left eye. The last thing he wanted was to see Bailey again. However, she is the only one who asked about him and was not really wanting to know about his eye patch.

Neither Bailey, nor Finn, wants to rekindle their old flame. Or do they?

**** A good read for the Christmas holiday. This story will keep you in the holiday mood, but keep you far away from the shopping crowd (at least during the time you are reading anyway). Lots of hot bedroom scenes within this tale too. The author, Christie Ridgway, spends time with Tracy and her husband, Dan, too. They are Bailey's mother and stepfather. Watching Tracy and Dan is just as much fun as watching Bailey and Finn! All-in-all, this is perfect for a romantic evening at home, after a day of hectic holiday shopping. One word of warning: do not read unless your lover is home. Enough said. ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Kasey Michaels
Title - High Heels and Holidays
(A Maggie Kelly Mystery)

Maggie Kelly is a mystery writer who goes by the pen name of Cleo Dooley. She lives in a condo on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Across the hall reside the two men who popped out of Maggie's imagination of the Regency era. (Literally happened in the first book of the series.) Alexandre Blake, Viscount Saint Just, created for Maggie's historical romance writing period of the nineteenth century and Sterling Balder, his comrade and sidekick. Unable to tell the world the truth, Maggie tells people that Saint Just is Alex Blakely, a very distant cousin from England. Sterling does not cause women to trip over themselves or stand out in a crowd, so he does not need an elaborate alias. Anyhow, they have just returned from England (last mystery novel "High Heels & Homicide"), where they helped out the niece of a mob boss.

Christmas is close and Maggie wants nothing more than to get the annual family get together out of the way so she may start enjoying the merry season. This season, however, someone is delivering packages of rotting rats and death threats to the authors who collaborated on a mystery anthology, titled "No Secret Anymore", long ago. The book was a flop, but not so bad that it is worth killing over. Yet one minor author, as well as, the biggest name author (Jonathan West) has been found dead in their homes. They were made to look like suicide at first glance, but the killer wanted the police to realize they were murdered so subtle clues were left.

Jonathan had recently completed a new novel, which his agent claimed to be his best. So perhaps it is a rival's jealousy. One thing is for sure, Maggie and Alex better solve the case quickly or Maggie may be dead before the New Year.

***** Readers get to watch the characters of Alex and Sterling evolve some more in this soon-to-be bestseller novel. Alex and Maggie's relationship goes a bit further too. (There are no hot bedroom scenes to distract from the story though.) Author Kasey Michaels has created believable characters, each with their own quirks and personalities. I actually feel as though I know these people. Very classy, very well written, and very recommended to all mystery lovers! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Various
Title - My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding

Nine bestselling authors come together and blend their talents to create a magical brew just for you, the reader. This novel is a collection of nine short stories. They are perfect for October reading, of course. The titles and authors are as follows:

Spellbound by L.A. Banks
Something Borrowed by Jim Butcher
Dead Man's Chest by Rachel Cain
All Shook Up by P. N. Elrod
The Wedding of Wylda Serene by Esther M. Friesner
Cursed by the Moon by Lori Handeland
Tacky by Charlaine Harris
A Hard Day's Night Searcher by Sherrilyn Kenyon
...Or Forever Hold Your Peace by Susan Krinard

**** This book has something for everyone, be it voodoo, shapeshifters, curses, magic, vampires, or even Greek mythology. And that is only a sample of the things found within these pages. I found myself laughing at parts, as well as, sitting on the edge of my seat during some very suspense filled moments. Wonderful Autumn reading! ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Rhonda Rhea
Title - I'm Dreaming of Some White Chocolate

*** Christmas is a paradox. One one hand, it's a celebration of the greatest gift ever given, certainly a joyful event. On the other, there's the sheer chaos, the overwhelming flood of stuff one must do to avoid being labeled a Scrooge, and the obligation to be happy when you are just tired. Christians feel all this too, perhaps more so than the Santa centric, caught between the sacred and secular as we are. In amusing ancedotes, the author relates her observations on this time of year. Peppered between the humor are reminders that Christmas is not about elves, sugar cookies, and shopping, but about Christ. That is the message she repeats on virtually every page. There's nothing new here, but it might make you smile. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Edited by Marc Gascoigne & Christian Dunn
Title - Flames of Damnation
(W40K graphic novel)

Here is a collection of Warhammer 40,000 tales that prove the courage and raw determination of the mighty Space Marines and Imperial Guardsmen. They hunt down and destroy all the enemies of mankind. They crush all invading greenskin (orks) hordes and lay waste to all the horrible forces of Chaos.

**** I found only a few flaws. Most readers either will not notice the errors or simply not care since they are so minor. Yet I could not help but wonder how an ork would know what "playing chicken" even meant. Otherwise, Warhammer 40,000 fans will love the non-stop battles described within these stories ... whether the humans win or lose. ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Christa Faust
Title - Snakes on a Plane
(Based on the motion picture)

Sean Jones is a Hawaiian surfer who, while riding a bike, ends up witnessing a murder by a sadistic Triad gangster, Eddie Kim. Sean thought he got away without anyone noticing him, but he was wrong. FBI Agent Neville Flynn gets Sean to agree to testify against Kim. Otherwise, Kim will just make Sean disappear later. The gangster never leaves loose ends.

Agent Flynn and Sean board the plane that will take them to LA for the court hearing. No one was to know what route or plane they were to take. But Kim did not get where he is today without having many deep moles. To silence Sean, Kim will gladly kill hundreds of innocent people. To do so, Kim has a large pallet filled with venomous snakes loaded onto the plane. As the vicious snakes are unleashed upon the unsuspecting people aboard the plane, it falls to Sean and Agent Flynn to battle the snakes and keep the panicked passengers from turning on each other.

**** If the movie is even half as great as the book, then expect some awards to be forthcoming. There are some tense situations that gave me chills. Author Christa Faust did an excellent job into making the movie into a novelization. This title is sure to be a best seller at the theater and the book stores! ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Various
Title - Blue Moon Magic

A short synopsis of each story (and there are fifteen) follows:

Bell of the Blue Moon Ball by Dawn Thompson is a regency. Oberon, the king of faeries, and the notorious Puck plan to have Lady Arabella and the Earl of Everton fall in love by drinking from a bespelled bowl of claret during a ball set on the night of a blue moon. Unfortunately, everyone EXCEPT the two drink the claret.

Where Sea Meets Skye by Erin Hatton is set in the present date. Hurt by her boyfriend's betrayal, Celine left Canada to visit Scotland. The unemployed Marine Biologist goes to the Isle of Skye to view the seals. She never expects to meet the selkies.

Angels in the Moonlight by Diane Davis White is set in the present date. Sadie, the Shady Angel, and her mentor, Pricilla, are sent to California. Their mission is to make Nathan, a musician, and Olivia, a singer, fall in love during the full moon.

Under the Pale Moonlight by Katherine Smith is a historical romance. Arthur Cameron had been born with a malformed foot, but never let it get in the way of what he wanted to do. Yet when it comes to Lady Alicia, he sees himself as inferior and unworthy of her love.

Ember's Desire by Meagan Hatfield is fantasy romance, set in "an Alternate Northern England" of the year 1750. Galenorn has never gotten a spell right. The witch decides to leave Wychwood. Instead of leaving, her spell releases Balder, the favored son of Odin, from his underworld prison. And Loki comes to kill them both.

Spellbound by Aysel Arwen is a paranormal romance. It could be set at any time, but seems to be set in the present. Emma loses her mother's wedding ring in some ruins. She returns under cover of the night in hopes of locating it. However, she finds more than just a circle of gold. She finds a love that comes along only once in a blue moon. First before anything else, Emma must break the enchantment upon him.

Enchantment by the Sea by M.J. Sager is a modern contemporary. Grayson had worked hard to change a ruined hotel into the best resort in the Caribbean. He knows that Clara is planning on writing an article about him in a magazine, even though she has yet to tell him so. Her boss, Benny, had already called and informed him of her arrival. However, Grayson is out to prove Benny wrong about Clara being an Ice Princess.

Suddenly You by Jaquelin Lorin is a time travel that begins in the present date. Celine has spent months restoring a portrait from around the 1870's. When she wishes she knew who the man was, Celine finds herself zapped back in time to meet him.

Blue Moon and the Warrior by Lee Roland is a paranormal. Allison camps out in the Utah desert, under a full moon, and dreams about a magical carnival. Within the carnival, she meets the perfect man. But will Allison recognize him when she meets him again in the real world?

Midsummer Magic by Kristi Ahlers historical romance set in the Highlands. During the night of a full blue moon, the Laird of Clan Fraser is returning home from a raid with his men when he comes upon a lovely lady swimming. Kidnapping her is easy. Getting her accept him is a bit difficult.

Secret of the Blue Moon by Billie Warren Chai is set in the present time. Zoey left New Mexico with no word to Jack. For twelve years Jake hated her for disappearing. Now he is a major in the Air Force. He pilots a rescue helicopter. When a storm hits, he is forced to land at Apache Indian Hospital with his injured patients. But he never expects to find that little Zoey is now the doctor in charge of the ER. And he is about to learn just how badly he has misjudged her.

Darkness and Dreams by Kimberly Ivey is a paranormal romance set in the present date. Paloma lost her husband a year ago due to a drunk driver. Now she volunteers at a local hospital. Her life changes when her psychic (or is that insane?), elderly neighbor claims that one of the comatose patients Paloma reads to is really her husband in a different body.

The Healer by Leanne Burroughs is a historical romance set in the Highlands. The Laird of Clan Drummon cares deeply for his supposed captive, Tory, though he thinks no one knows. When Tory gets poisoned, the chieftain has Warwick, his most trusted warrior, fetch the healer named Agnes. Agnes may be up in age, but she knows almost instantly how her laird feels about Tory. But that is not her concern. Agnes only fears her own reactions to Warwick.

In the Space of a Heartbeat by Keelia Greer is a futuristic vampire romance. The place is Earth. The year is 5046. Melania is an agent for the Central Galaxy Intelligence Authority. She uses her vampiric abilities in cases involving Immortals. Her current orders are to kill the terrorist that has infiltrated the Life Point Corporation and protect Dr. Kerrin, whose work is vital. However, the terrorist is Zelik, a vengeful, grudge holding vampire.

Rider in the Storm by Deborah MacGillivray is set in the present time. Ciara's fiancé, Derek, died in a car wreck exactly seven years ago tonight. She still grieves, but knows it is time to move on. After visiting Derek's grave one last time to say farewell, Ciara makes a wish upon the full blue moon. She wishes to begin living again. As Ciara drives home a storm breaks out. She is startled to see a car sitting in the exact spot Derek had died so long ago. Knowing it to be a bad idea, she stops and offers the stranded man a lift into town. Ciara is about to learn that miracles still happen.

**** This magical anthology has something for everyone. Regency, historical, time travel, contemporary, futuristic, and even delves into the magical realms of faeries, selkies, vampires, and the supernatural. All the tales have one thing in common. Each revolve around a full blue moon and the magical wishes made upon it. I loved every second that my imagination was immersed into these tales. As you read each story, you WILL find yourself believing in magic. And I bet you will be checking your calendar to see when the next blue moon will be. Outstanding! ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Jina Bacarr
Title - The Blonde Geisha
(Mild Erotica)

American banker, Edward Mallory moved to Japan when his daughter, Kathlene, was but a child. The child was instantly fascinated with the geisha ladies and their mysterious ways. She longed to become a geisha too.

In the year 1892, when Kathlene was fifteen-years-old, her father makes a powerful enemy of a prince. Knowing the prince intends to kill Kathlene, Edward hides her with Simouyé, the elegant mistress of the Teahouse of the Look-Back Tree. Even though it is forbidden to train foreigners in the pleasures known only to the geisha, Simouyé agrees. Thus, Edward leaves for America and prays the prince would not be able to locate his daughter. Simouyé disguises Kathlene and takes her into the wondrous world as a maiko, an apprentice geisha. Kathlene makes an instant friend in Mariko, another maiko. The two become close and intend to become geisha-sisters some day. But Kathlene also makes an instant enemy in Youki, another apprentice.

For over three years Kathlene studies the subtle ways of the geisha, learning the secret art that will enable her to pleasure a man like no other. Kathlene and Mariko are ready and eagerly await the final ritual that will allow them to become real geisha women. But danger lurks nearby.

Prince Kira still has his men searching for the blonde Kathlene. Baron Tonda, a samurai, believes he has located the daughter of the gaijin at the Teahouse of the Look-Back Tree. He fully intends to do as his prince ordered and kill the girl; however, first he will enjoy himself by purchasing the right to be her first customer. But the baron is not the only one who has finally found Kathlene. Reed Cantrell promised Edward Mallory that he would find Kathlene and smuggle her out of Japan and back to San Francisco in America. Kathlene falls in love with Reed, even though geisha law states never to fall under the spell of any one man. One thing is for sure, the baron plans to use Kathlene's body, then kill her, and there is no way she can escape with Reed until she gives the baron the geisha ritual of being her first customer.

***** Author Jina Bacarr takes her readers into the geisha world, behind the paper screen walls, and shows them what the forbidden world of a geisha is like. Here you will find erotica pleasures interwoven with a diabolical plot that will make you breathless and leave you begging for more. *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Various
Title: Tales From the Treasure Trove, Vol. II
(Second "Jewels of the Quill" anthology)

Garnet Lake by Liz Hunter is a romantic suspense. LeeAnn Armstrong has lost her job of twelve years, her fiancé, and her beloved grandmother. She goes to the cabin her grandmother left her in Northern Wisconsin on Garnet Lake. LeeAnn's memories of summers spent growing up there would sooth her shattered soul. Former cop Mike Hastings is there too at his parents' home. His wife and two children are dead and he has sent the person responsible to prison. Mike and LeeAnn were close long ago and the two find themselves still drawn to each other.

The Turquoise Cat by Jane Tooms is a paranormal romance. Olivia Sumner unexpectedly inherits her great-aunt's old mansion on Lake Superior and a cat named Mask. In the attic Olivia finds a strange medallion and a turquoise curio of a creature half human/cougar. At the same time, Raoul DeKalb, a DNR officer, is trying to locate a cougar people claim is roaming the area. Lately, Raoul has been having black outs. When he comes to, he finds himself naked and wondering what happened. If Raoul ever told anyone what he believes is happening, they would lock him up and throw away the key.

For the Love of Sapphire by Nancy Pirri is an American historical romance. Spinster school teacher Sapphire Jameson learns that her brother, George, has wagered away his inheritance and is begging for her help. Sapphire learns that George owns a lot of money to Patrick Falconer, the man she was once betrothed to. Sapphire had broken their engagement years ago due to gossip of his betrayal. Patrick is now a widower with twin five-year-old boys. They strike a deal; Sapphire is to be the nanny for three months to pay off George's debt. During that time, Patrick will try to find a new governess since the boys keep running off every one he hires. However, Patrick also plans to win his way back into Sapphire's heart.

The Amethyst Star by Karen Wiesner is a futuristic romance. Thirty years ago, the men and women of Earth went off to fight in Intergalactic War I, which forever altered their world due to all the pollution. Herbivores have all but disappeared. Carnivores have flourished. Man returned to Earth and found humankind on the brink of extinction. Help comes from two other worlds. The Patrollers are a breed of aliens with ESP and the ability to camouflage themselves and their charges in any situation. They become the protectors of the humans. The Hunters have strength, speed and instincts, allowing them to track and destroy the elusive and clever carnivores that have become the dominant species. The human males greatly outnumber the human females who are the last chance for the human race to survive. Lady Sher of the Amethyst Star is humankind's best hope. She understands her duty to her race, yet she drawn to Randolf, a Hunter, which is forbidden.

Heart of Obsidian by Michele Bardsley is a paranormal romance. It is part of the "Angels on Patrol" series. Sophie Malley's body is in the hospital, in a coma. Mac, her trainer in becoming an angel, gives her one year, as an angel, to help her brother and sister find their soulmates. In the previous anthology, Sophie helped her brother find his. This time, Sophie will help her sister do the same.

Misbehavin' in Moonstone by Christine DeSmet is a humorous romantic mystery. Chef Kirsten Peplinski has opened her restaurant in Moonstone, Wisconsin. When the men of the town suddenly seem to be "off fishing" every night instead of being with their women or spending their money in her restaurant, Kirsten knows something is up. She discovers a topless touring boat has set up business just outside the jurisdiction of Moonstone. When the news hits the papers, the mayor has a mild heart attack. The women are furious and Kirsten becomes the reluctant interim mayor sent to negotiate with the boat's owner, Jonathon VanBrocklin. But when Kirsten steps aboard she finds Jonathon waiting for her with a deal. She marries him, he docks the boat forever. And he refuses to take no for an answer. In fact, he already had the wedding planned before she ever met him! But Kirsten comes from a family of con artists. She returns to town and has the women help her teach the men, especially Jonathon VanBrocklin, a lesson they will never forget!

***** This anthology is even better than the first Treasure Trove volume, if that is possible! Six famous authors have put together six fabulous stories that readers will never forget! Here is Romance in all its wild and crazy forms, be they set in the past, present, or future. (The wind whispered in my ear that a third volume is due for release early 2007. I can hardly wait!) If you miss out on this novel, then you miss out on one of the best anthologies of the entire year. *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: David Weber
Title: In Fury Born
(First in a new series!)

The tale/series begins in the middle of the thirtieth century. Alicia Dierdre DeVries is only fourteen-years-old when the military took an interest in her. Very few teens pop the test filters. Even fewer complete schooling shortly thereafter. Her psych evaluations are already astronomical. Age fifteen finds her in college. Before most people graduate high school, Alicia has finished college and entered the Marine Corps. Camp Mackenzie, the most grueling training ground where Marines are almost taken apart and totally rebuilt, is considered "fun" for Alicia. Directly afterward, she asks to join the Recon Marines and actually gets it. The Recon Marines are considered, even by their fellows, as among the Corps' elite. Once in the Gyangtse System, Alicia's military career really begins...round page twenty-five.

Alicia is considered "larva" by her fellow Wasps until her first real combat duty. Everything hits the fan eventually and Alicia matures quickly, very quickly, under fire. Those watching her at age fourteen still are and Alicia finds herself recruited into the Imperial Cadre, just before her nineteenth birthday. The Cadre are the Emperor's personal sword, paladins, and champions. They are the elite of the elite of the elite. Everyone else has one synth-link to worry about. The Cadre each have three. Alicia must undergo lots of surgery to have it all implanted. She also has a pharmacope, where her body injects itself with needed meds, from the inside, whenever needed. Some of those meds are unique only to the Cadre. One of those drugs is a neurotoxin which would automatically kill her if the need arises. The chance of long term survival in the Cadre is small.

Here I must skip lots. Let us just say that author David Weber outdoes himself with the battles and brilliant tactical moves. No one "retires" from the Cadre. They are simply classified "inactive". They may be reactivated at any time during their life to serve the Emperor and the Empire. Alicia is inactive only a few years when her entire family is massacred by pirates. Almost dead, Alicia finds help from an impossible source. She is "reactivated", of course, but believed to be insane when she tells how she accomplished the impossible. None believe her, yet no one can figure out how Alicia keeps doing the impossible. So Alicia and her impossible source go after the pirates themselves. Problem is that the pirates are not what they seem to be. If Alicia manages to find out the truth, the Empire may very well collapse!

***** Fans of David Weber's Honor Harrington series will fall in love with this new series featuring Alicia DeVries! Other than words such as "Fleet", "Imperial", and the military hardware used in Honor's novels, nothing is the same. You will NOT see familiar characters. To my knowledge, they are not even mentioned. No treecats either. As I stated, this is an ENTIRELY new series. The enemies within this story are not always human either. The Rish are giant and lizard-like. No, more like a T-Rex but on a smaller scale. I found myself just as enthralled with the Rish as Alicia. Enough said on THAT subject. I repeat, this is nothing like Honor Harrington! I stress that often because as unusual as Honor is, even without her treecat, Nimitz, Alicia is even more. Yes, she moves up in rank quickly, but that is normal in war time. All I can say without ruining the numerous surprises and twists is that I found myself totally blown away with Alicia. If the author continues this state of high standards for the next novel in the series, I may not be able to choose which is better; Honor or Alicia. *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Alice Duncan
Title - Lost Among the Angels (Mystery)

Since one paragraph on the back of this book sums it up so well, I quote:

"Raised in the ivory tower of proper Boston, when well-bred Mercy [Allcutt] gets a job with Ernest Templeton, Private Investigator, she's ecstatic. Ernie, a jaded ex-cop, is incredulous. Together, they must cope with a stray child, kidnapping, blackmail, murder, a toy poodle, a vamp, a stalker, Mercy's overactive imagination and Ernie's strong protective streak. Throw in a speakeasy, Chinatown, and a couple of down-and-dirty criminals, and Mercy and Ernie are in for a drama that will put the motion picture industry to shame. If they can survive long enough to tell the story."

***** This gem reminded me of the old Dick Tracy comic strips (that I avidly read as a child), as well as of the black and white PI movies we all recall with glee. The story is set in 1926, Los Angeles. I found myself totally immersed before the first few pages were read. Author Alice Duncan either did a lot of research or she grew up on stories of the era. Each character has their own personality. The characters all dress the parts, all the way down to the bobbed hair style, and speak slang. Don't worry, you won't be lost. This book is headed directly to my "KEEPER" shelf. Highly recommended! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Various
Title - No Law Against Love
(Anthology for a Breast Cancer Prevention charity)

If you have ever found yourself rolling your eyes at some of the more stupid laws, then you are going to adore this novel. Over twenty-five stories fill up this anthology, each one dealing with at least one stupid or outdated law. Let me give you an example: In Florida, USA, there is a law that states "If an elephant is left tied to a parking meter, the parking fee has to be paid just as it would for a vehicle." In Great Britain, "A license is required to keep a lunatic." Yes, you read those correctly. No matter how many times you go back and reread them, the words will remain the same. Those two laws are still legal. Most of the crazy laws in these wonderful stories are still legal. The tales vary in time and place. Some take place in the present date, in the past, in the USA, in England, may contain magic... in other words, there is something for everyone! You simply cannot go wrong. Best yet, all profits from the sales of this novel go to breast cancer prevention. The anthology is not made up of unknown authors either. Here is a list of the seventeen authors (in order of appearance) that contributed stories for you to enjoy: DeborahAnne MacGillivray, Leanne Burroughs, M.J. Sager, Cheryl Alldredge, Marly Mathews, Jeanne VanArsdall, Victoria Oliveri, Cissy Hassell, Kemberlee Shortland, Diane Davis White, Rekha Ambardar, Jennifer Ross, Michelle Scaplen, Jacquie Rogers, Kristi Ahlers, Patty Howell, and Susan Barclay.

***** A stellar anthology that had me laughing, sighing in pleasure, believing in magic, and left me begging for more! Will there be a second anthology someday? I sure hope so! This is one novel that I will go directly to my "Keeper" shelf, to be read over and over again. Very highly recommended! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Joan Medlicott
Title - A Covington Christmas

Ah! Yes! Our Ladies are back, and just in time for Christmas. To say I was absolutely delighted when I saw this newest book would be to put it lightly. Why? Because, through the years, the adventures of Grace Singleton, Hannah Parrish and Amelia Declose have entertained me more than I can put into words. Their lives are never dull, and, through this book, we have an opportunity to meet even more of their friends and neighbors and have another peek into their warm and creative personalities.

As the story opens, we find Grace hard at work with the Church’s new pastor, Denny Ledbetter, in the neglected attic of the Cove Road Church. As they clean away the layers of dust, they find a letter from 1963 that gives away the secret of a former minister and has quite an impact on five couples whom he married in the church many years ago. As it turns out, Richard W. Simms, the former minister, was never really a minister, so the marriages he had performed were invalid. Since these couples were never legally husband and wife, what will be the implications for their grownup children and grandchildren?

Of course these couples must remarry – and quickly. So, they enlist the help of our Covington Ladies and settle on a multiple wedding with a Christmas Eve ceremony in the Cove Road Church. There is much work to be done with the new brides, which our Ladies can certainly handle, but the unexpected extra work in getting the church itself ready was soon almost overwhelming. Here in the middle of November, the church furnace dies and there are no extra funds in the church budget to cover the repairs. Of course, everyone recognizes that there must be heat in the church, not only for the Christmas Eve weddings, but also for the yearly Christmas Eve church service! Then, to add to their problems, it is soon realized that the very walls and windows (which sustained a lot of smoke damage during the fire a couple of years ago) must be scrubbed and then painted. Last of all, there was also the problem of rotting floorboards in several areas of the church, which simply must be replaced.

As you might guess, due to the absence of any church funds our Ladies soon organize a wealth of volunteers to help with the work and supplies – no small task in itself. Then, we add to this mix the accidental finding of a valuable painting in the church, an unexpected snow storm, and a mysterious visitor who delivers beautiful, and very expensive, flowers every day as the work progresses.

***** I was enthralled with this story and with all the brides as they planned their wedding day. Each bride was unique and we got a glimpse into each of their lives up to this point, but I found that the predicament of one of them (May McCorkle) truly tugged at my heart. Regardless of whether you are new to the adventures of Grace, Hannah, and Amelia or a veteran of their antics, you will be mesmerized with this special holiday story. Joan Medlicott has done it again! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Ruth Wilson.

Author: Brent Hartinger
Title - The Order of the Poison Oak

Russel "Russ" Middlebrook is a sixteen-year-old who has recently come out of the closet and announced that he is gay. His best male friend, Gunner, is straight and very intelligent. Russ's best female friend, Min, is bi. Summer break has just begun. The three are going to be summer camp counselors. But they have no idea just how wild things will get. The ten-year-old kids they are in charge of are wild, hyper, burn survivors. It's going to take a lot to win their trust.

During this time, Min and Russ have their eyes on the same guy, Web, one of the other camp counselors. As for Gunner, he wants to forget girls for awhile. No relationship or tangles. However, he has met his summer match with Em.

**** Most of the book is set during the first two weeks of being counselors. The kids are used to being stared at and ridiculed, so of course they are going to test the counselors' limits. I have friends who are gay, les, and bi, so this tale made me feel as though I was getting a glimpse into their past lives. They HAD to of been through the pressure these three friends are going through. What KEPT me reading, though, were the burn survivor kids! These are some special kids! Of course, they are brats at first. (Gotta test the adults, you know.) This is not my type of book, but even so, I really enjoyed the novel. Terrific read! ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Arianna Hart
Title - Rebel's Lust (Erotic Sci-Fi)

Major Lara McDaniel does things by-the-book. She was in charge of Emperor Thomellt's safety on board his star cruiser. When a shipment of meat arrived from Empress Lisandra, the Emperor would not let Lara examine it before rushing it off to the kitchens for cooking. Since Lara was just getting off a long shift, she went to bed rather than eat. Therefore, she was the only person aboard that did not fall prey to food poisoning. It also meant that a group of kidnappers were able to board and take the Emperor without anyone being physically able to stop them. As soon as Lara discovered the Emperor had been taken, she set off in a small ship to trail the kidnappers. She ended up being ambushed.

Riley (no last name mentioned that I could find) is a former military squad leader and scout. Currently he is a space scavenger. While going through a pile of debris he has just collected, Riley comes across an unconscious Lara. Upon awakening, she immediately commandeers his ship and they are off to rescue the Emperor. Meanwhile, the Empress assumes command of the armies and is declaring war.

**** I stress that this is an Erotic Sci-Fi. There are many scenes that are not suitable for anyone under the age of seventeen. Now that I have done my duty in informing you of the exotic content, let me say that this story is very good indeed! I read the book for its story, not the erotica content. (It is just an added bonus.) It starts off with action, instantly catching my interest, which is a MUST with me. If a book does not start off interesting, then I drop it and pick up one that will. The two main characters have their own personalities and quirks, so I found them to be believable. The only down thing I can say about this title is that the ending seemed a bit rushed to me. However, this is one of the better erotica books I have had the pleasure of reading. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Various
Title - Trespassing Time: Ghost Stories From The Prairie

***** Here are sixteen ghost stories by four tantalizing authors. Barbara J. Baldwin, Jerri Garretson, Linda Madl, and Sheri L. McGathy team up to give readers thrills and chills all night long. There is even an introduction by Troy Taylor who is the founder of the American Ghost Society.

As you begin reading each tale you cannot help but wonder how it will end. Take nothing for granted! Some ghosts are nice and mean the living no harm at all. Others are pure evil and seek only the demise of the living.

The title clearly states that these haunting stories are from the prairie. However, there is no certain time line. Some are present date, others are from the past, and one is even set a couple of years in the future. No matter the time, all are set in prairies. I hope in the future to see ghost stories from the mountains, the beach, the woods, and other such places. BRAVA! Give me more! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Milena Gomez Alvarez
Title - EMOTIONS: Love Made Courageous (Poetry)

Here is a short book of poetry that you will read (over and over) for a long length of time. Instead of writing poetry on just life, fiction, and/or "what ifs", the author writes on the varieties of emotions.

I read one or two poems each night before bed. Then I allowed myself to sleep on it. Sometime during the next day my mind would think back to what I had read the night before. I came to realize that the author, Milena Alvarez, did not just write about her own emotions, but about MINE! The collection proved to me that by fully opening herself to her own emotions, Milena Alvarez could more easily see and understand the emotions in others.

***** The old saying "Never judge a book by its cover" holds true in this case. The cover has an attractive color scheme; however, it does not really draw the eye from anyone who may be simply passing by the Poetry section. (Perhaps if the cover looked more like an old journal?) Yet those who happen upon this gem WILL read it more than once, as well as, share it with friends. *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Trisha Howell
Title - Living In A Glowing World

If you love poetry, you’ll fall in love with Trisha Howell’s new book – Living In A Glowing World. As I read each page of this most congenial and mystical book, I was reminded of each season’s offerings, and each season’s reasons for being special.

Ms. Howell also takes her readers a step further into the seasons by adding new names to what we consider the normal lineup. Along with winter, spring, summer, and autumn, she has identified thaw and harvest. I wondered about the use of the two additional seasons, until I read their poetry and experienced the emotions that are hidden within each. After that, there was no doubt in my mind that Ms. Howell was absolutely correct – there really are six seasons.

Within the pages of this book, we can frolic through the many imaginations of winter with snow on our lips, or we can bask in the passions and fragrances of summer. It really doesn’t matter which season is your particular favorite, because throughout each our senses are constantly delighted and surprised by whimsy and visions.

Ms. Howell’s truly delightful and engaging children’s fiction is well known, but with this book she shows her readers a different side of her professional expertise. She has a diverse and wide-ranging talent for holding our interest in a variety of offerings.

*****I thoroughly enjoyed the magic and the indulgence of emotions that were dredged up within my soul by reading Living In A Glowing World. This book is deeply spiritual and profound. As I read - and then reread - each special poem, I delighted in the enlightenment as well as the pure joy that each one bestowed. This is a highly recommended book to curl up with, no matter what the season.*****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!
Reviewed by Ruth Wilson.

Author: Barri Bryan
Title - Chapter And Verse
(100 Love Poems)

This is a collection of one hundred love poems by the writing team of Barri Bryan. Some are long. Some are short. Each inspire romance, longing, and the many other complicating emotions that being in love can cause.

***** I found myself making very light pencil marks next to the titles I enjoyed most for quick reference later. Personally, my favorite is titled "So Sew", but there are so many wonderful poems that it is hard to pin point only one. A perfect five star collection! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!
Reviewed by Detra Fitch.