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Get SHIMMER as a Free Serialized eBook

Only the last few chapters are available to be read as of July 20, 2009. This story is doing so well that it has been published in several formats and on sale!

The paperback version will be available from Amazon within the next few months. The link will be HERE!
Prefer Amazon's Kindle? It is available now. Click HERE!
Prefer a different type of download format? Click HERE!

Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty

The Celebrity Cafe

Cross Roads Publishing

(For those who enjoy erotica, eBook Eros is giving 20% off until 2/28/05. Just enter this code at the checkout: eros2622)

eBook Eros

Illumination Arts Publishing

Vladislav Tamarov

Yard Dog Press

(If you are interested in the Areas of Survivalism, be SURE to check out this site!)

Alpha Survival Group
Alpha Survival Group
For the BEST in survival information without the weirdness

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