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Author: Paul T. Martin
Title - Pivot Points: Creating a Culture of Preparedness & Resiliency in America

Those who seriously prepare in advance for (any type) of disaster have been granted many nicknames from Society. This book mainly covers the ones labeled as the Preppers or Survivalists. The signs of possible crisis are all around us. Few people are so sheltered that they have not seen them. However, human nature lets people believe that nothing so dire could ever actually happen to them. Mr. Martin’s book is an attempt to educate American readers as to why it is wise to be prepared. It does not matter if you believe that zombies will walk the land someday or in the possibility of civil unrest. It could be the fear of pandemics, economic crisis, or any other dozen types of unwanted problems. The author urges people to prepare for any and all problems that they believe could happen in their lifetime.

In the Introduction, the author clearly admits that most of the things in this book are not new. We have simply forgotten them over time. He also tells you up front that he will talk about God, guns, citizenship, charity, politics and will be critical of certain government actions and policies. As I read on, I found myself disagreeing with one or two things; however, I was warned in advance that the author did not expect me (or you) to agree with everything. In fact, I grinned whenever I remembered the warning. I prefer someone to be up front and honest with me – and for that someone to realize/respect that I will not bow down and simply agree with everything he says.

The deeper I delved into this book, the more often I would recall little words of wisdom from my mother. One was “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Another was “Think ahead. Try to be prepared, because it is better to be safe than sorry.” I have always thought that our Elders were encyclopedias of knowledge. This includes anyone older than you. Of example, I am the baby (and only girl) of my family. I grew up with two older brothers. By watching my elder siblings make mistakes and get punished by our parents, I learned NOT to repeat their mistakes. Therefore, my parents told everyone that I was easy to raise or that I seldom got into trouble. I was prepared and avoided disaster.

For myself, I found the most interesting sections of this book involved:

1. A Time Magazine article entitled “Why We Don’t Prepare.”
2. CPR
3. What is a “Culture of Preparedness?”
4. The top ten causes of death in America
5. At what point do someone’s disaster preparedness efforts become a symptom of a mental illness?

***** FOUR & A HALF STARS! It all boils down to the fact that it is not the government’s job or the church’s job to take care of you. You are ultimately responsible for your own safety, well-being and happiness. This book can help you begin. ***** (I borrowed this book from Amazon’s Kindle lending library.)

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: A.J. Fraser (Aiden James & Fiona Fraser)
Title - Toxicity

The setting is around the year 2130. As the story opens, the past is narrated in the form of a letter from a man to his grandson. Drinking water is the most precious commodity. Most of “Amreeka” is a dry wasteland. The population is very low and is now ruled by the Islamic. There is a religious struggle between the Christians and Muslims rage. Those who do not agree to convert to Muslim are executed in front of their families. Many “Lowlanders” are enslaved. The nation is controlled by hyper-paranoia unseen since the days of Hitler.

Seven young Mississippi males sneak out of the Lowlands, which holds a death penalty. Their destination is the famed palace, Al-qasr Quraysh, in Detroit. This is where the television showed their loved ones being auctioned off. They plan to rescue the women or die trying. To do so, they must dodge the ISA (Islamic State Authority), the SMA (Southern Muslim Alliance), and rogue bounty hunters. During their journey they come across a handful of allies, such as a survivalist group who is currently undergoing their own mission.

Abdul-Bali is the son of Abdul-Muttalib Bashir. (Ruler in Detroit.) After witnessing horrible abuse and cold-blooded murders of servants and slaves by his cruel brother – and receiving no real help or answers from his parents – Bali sneaks out of the palace to discover for himself why non-Muslims were scorned so badly.

***** FOUR & A HALF STARS! Let me state up front that this story is NOT anti-Christian or anti-Muslim. This story tells what could happen in America’s future. It tells of the oppressed who bravely battle against tyranny and how they plan to change their current world for something better. This is not what I call “light reading”; instead, there are ups, downs, and a lot of strategic planning. This novel will probably be an eye opener for many.

The writing styles of the authors fluctuates a bit, but never distracts from the intensity of the story. The book is longer than most, over five hundred pages, and is told by a variety of characters. This means that there is some scene hopping, but (again) it never distracts from the tale. In anything, it adds more depth as readers are able to witness different sides of events. The authors give the novel a realistic ending too. All of the troubles do not end and all loose strings are not tied into pretty little bows; however, the story stops in a good place. The main message (that took away from this story) is that change is coming and, unless we are careful today, tomorrow may not be so free. *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Andy Stanford: title - Advanced Fighting With Firearms

If you've been in a shooting community very long, you've doubtless heard the name "Andy Stanford". His newest Video, Advanced Fighting With Firearms is a sequel to his first video by the same name. Watch this video and you'll get to see why his name is recognized whenever the subject of weapons arises.

This video is fast moving and packed with great tips, "How to" advice, Concepts and tactics for the combat shooter. Andy uses his head when it comes to new methods of shooting and tactics, and all of that knowledge is used to give YOU the edge when using a firearm in combat or self defense.

The Down Side:
As is ALWAYS the case, you can't just watch the video and expect to be proficient with firearms, The skills shown on this tape must be practiced!!!

Would WE Buy It?:
Yes, It's a typical "Andy Stanford" quality production. Andy uses real world situations to demonstrate his points, and his reactions to the threat.

Technical Specs:
VHS, Video Cassette, in hard storage case
Approx 75 minutes

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Paladin Press by clicking HERE!

Hayduke: title - Get Even: The Video

Typical Hayduke revenge, Only this time in Video form! Hilarious, I invited friends over to watch it and we laughed hard at some of these tricks and stories. Imagine coming out of the mall and finding your car chained to another car, or snooping through your friend's bathroom medicine cabinet and having thousands of marbles crashing to the floor.

My Personal Favorite is the Chef! "That's wight, jus toss it in and sthir bwiskwy."

Witty, funny, well produced and satirical. You just can't say enough about Hayduke!

The Down Side:
How stupid do you think I am? I'm writing a review about the Master revenge artist, of COURSE there is no down side!

Technical Specs:
Approx. 40 minutes

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Paladin Press by clicking HERE!

Gary Fliegner: title - Restraint And Control: For Security Industry Professionals

If action and adventure are what you want from a video, skip this one. But if you want PROFESSIONAL tactics for restraining problem people, then get this one!

I was impressed that this Video actually held true to it's name with no hype. It goes through various situations, and STRESSES talking yourself out of trouble. It shows how to restrain people without getting hurt, and without hurting the other guy. That's important! Court time is no fun at all when you get sued by the meek, well dressed gentleman in court, who was a drunken raving maniac last week in the club.

If you're looking to enhance your knowledge and career in the Security industry, consider this tape an investment in your future!

Technical Specs:
Quality Video, VHS Color Approximately 60 minutes

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Paladin Press by clicking HERE!

Bram Frank: title - The Leading Edge (A Complete Guide to Tactical Edged Weapon Use)

Let me say right up front... This is one of the best knife fighting videos I have ever been privileged to watch. Bram Frank shows you everything from beginner drills right up to more advanced techniques that will not only help keep you alive when things go south, but will help protect you in court during the aftermath.

Mr. Frank uses several drills and methods that I believe in 100%! I actually use "flow drills" and "biomechanical disabling" in my selfdefense/anti-rape classes, and I was surprised and excited to see them in this video. While our fighting and teaching styles may be different, his common sense and experience CAN NOT be dismissed by anyone!!

Very few people impress me, but Mr. Frank does. His fighting style does NOT stress complicated martial arts moves even though he obviously has the stance and training of a master martial artist. That "stance and training" is evident in his humor and his humility. Mr. Frank has something sadly lacking in many of today's self defense classes, Style!

I've watched "knife fighters" train, I've trained many myself, I've seen students stab another student with their rubber knife and say "you're dead, it's over". Thankfully Mr Frank explains and dispels these MYTHS! His form encourages "Bio-mechanical disabling" which in my opinion is the ONLY way to win a knife fight. A mortally wounded man can still have plenty left in him to be able to take you with him, and a tie in a knife fight is a bad outcome! However, an attacker with cut wrist tendons can't hold a knife.

Mr. Frank also stresses another important lesson, the aftermath of Court. As he eloquently points out, everyone has been cut, so a jury won't be too sympathetic to a dirtbag with a surgery scar on his wrists or shoulders, but a jury can't relate to death, cut throats, and disembowelment.

I applaud Mr. Frank for not going where so many other fighting styles go.. "death, gore and ruin". I can't say enough about this video... but if you want a common sense, no nonsense, REAL guide to winning a knife fight, THIS is the Video series for you!!!!!! I consider it a MUST HAVE!

Technical Specs:

2 volume video set/Approx. 60 minutes each

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this video, from Paladin Press by clicking HERE!

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