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Author: Diane Gaston
Title - Lord Grantwell's Christmas Wish
(Seasonal Historical Romance)

Set in Yorkshire, December 1817. Lord Grantwell "Grant" has not seen Lillian Pearson since she stole military papers from him years ago. So he is surprised to find her on his doorstep asking for help. Lillian's husband has been murdered. The evidence points to her. His Portuguese family wants Lillian to hang. Grant does not believe she is telling the truth and is tempted to throw her out. But when his orphaned niece and nephew ask if she can stay at least until Christmas, Grant could not deny them.

To pay Grant back for temporary sanctuary, Lillian takes over care for the children. (Hannah, the maid who had been tending them, is happy to be done with the duty.) Lillian finds that she is still very attracted to Grant and it looks as though he feels it as well. But there is no way to prove herself innocent of stealing those papers long ago or of killing her husband. Yet she has no one else to turn to.

***** FIVE STARS! Author Diane Gaston has a way of describing people and scenery so well, that I could easily envision it all. I actually lost myself in the story and was startled when danger reared its head, even though I knew it was coming. When Christmas rolled around, I was charmed at all the traditions they followed. Many of them I had never heard of before. I felt a warm glow as the children began to realize that they had truly found a home and people who cared for them. Masterfully done! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Sabrina Jeffries, Madeline Hunter, Mary Jo Putney
Title - A Yuletide Kiss (Anthology)

When We Finally Kiss Good Night by Sabrina Jeffries

Fora Younger met Konrad Juncker years ago in Bath. She thought she had found someone worthy to be her husband...until Konrad left without a farewell. Konrad is now a famous playwright whose plays Flora has secretly criticized for The London Society Times. Besides reviewing plays, Flora is also the companion of Lady Hortensia Whitmarch. When they all find themselves (and others) stranded at a lovely inn, the viscountess takes it upon herself to play the role of matchmaker.

The Unexpected Gift by Madeline Hunter

Jenna Waverly owns a grand and respectable inn called The White Rose. Titled gentry often travel the extra miles it takes to stay there. Jenna and her staff treat each as if they were honored guests. She closed the inn for five days every Christmas specifically so she would not have any lodgers. This was her vacation time. Unfortunately, the icy weather has stranded several travelers at the inn. Then there is the gentleman who was found unconscious in the snow. Jenna would do all she could to ensure he survives and get well again. Not only did the gentleman survive, but he managing to spark something within her.

Lucas Avonwood was tracking a broach stolen from his cousin, Marianne. An accident in the snow lands him at The White Rose and under the tender care of its owner. A romance starts between them; one that is threatened by the possibility of Jenna's soon-to-arrive brother being the villain Lucas hunts.

When Strangers Meet by Mary Jo Putney

Katherine "Kate" Mcleod's parents die, leaving her to the mercy of her greedy uncle in Bombay. The uncle decides to put her up for sale. A bedraggled stranger steps forward and becomes her hero. Helping her return to her caring aunt in London before disappearing.

When Daniel Faringdom walks into a tavern on the Bombay waterfront, he finds a gently bred English girl being auctioned off. Unable to sit by and do nothing, Daniel spends almost all his money to win the bidding. The uncle insists they legally wed immediately. Neither Daniel, nor Kate, believes the official to be legitimate. In the seven years since that fateful time, Daniel has worked to better himself. He returns to England now only because he has unexpectedly inherited the Elland barony, property, and all its responsibilities. A snow and ice storm leaves him stranded at a lovely inn. This is where Daniel meets Kate again and learns the wedding vows spoken were legally binding. The pair decide to spend their time of isolation getting to know each other and deciding whether to annul the marriage or if they suit well enough to remain married.

***** FIVE STARS! I normally write a review for each story in an anthology; however, all three of these stories deserve the full five stars and for the same reasons. All have well developed characters, and the stories are masterfully told. Even though each story is separate and can stand alone, they actually intertwine. All three tales happen at the same time, in the same lovely inn. All the characters mingle throughout the entire anthology. Each story focuses on a main couple. There is also a cat that makes a brief appearance in each.

This anthology will put you in the Christmas spirit no matter what day of the year you read it. Romantic, fun, and a bit of humor blends together in a way that will keep you glued to the pages. Outstanding! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Madeline Hunter, Sabrina Jeffries, Mary Jo Putney
Title - Seduction on a Snowy Night (3 novellas)

This novel is composed of three fantastic novellas from three legendary bestselling authors. BONUS: after each novella is a sneak peek of the author’s next novel. Below you will each novella listed separately. Each will have a synopsis, one through five star rating, and a review.

A Christmas Abduction by Madeline Hunter

Caroline Dunham, with the help of a few others, abduct Adam Prescott, Baron Thornhill, as he is en route to enjoy Christmas with relatives. It seems that Adam has done Caroline’s sister wrong and she intends to change that.

**** FOUR STARS! This is a crisp ride in the countryside – with just a bit of kidnapping. The story hooked me immediately as the author described a main character and his surrounding so vividly that I could almost see and smell them myself. Now that is talent! A tad of humor is inserted as well. Seems every time Caroline turns around, Adam has escaped his prison and is popping up beside her. Terrific! ****

A Perfect Match by Sabrina Jeffries

Colonel Lord Heywood arrives at a wintry ball to keep Katherine “Kitty” Nickman from marrying a vile man. To do so, he whisks Kitty and her cousin, Cassandra “Cass” Isles, away – and just in time! (Not that Kitty was thinking about eloping with the vile man known as Captain Lionel Malet, but Malet definitely intended to force the issue.) Yet Heywood may be no better, because he is secretly a fortune hunter. He must wed for money to save his estate. He might consider trying to win Kitty for his own; however, it is Cass that he is drawn to. As for Cass, she is secretly an heiress who intends to marry only for love.

**** FOUR STARS! Sabrina Jeffries definitely knows drama. This story is full of it. From the first page until the last I was entertained. I often found myself grinning or chuckling in amusement. There is even light suspense toward the end. The heroine is head strong and full of determination when it comes to marrying only for love. I adored her from the beginning. Brava! ****

Wicked Winter Night by Mary Jo Putney

Seven years ago, Anthony Raines proposed to Lady Diana Lawrence. Rightly, she turned him down. Then she left England to become a dashing lady traveler and ended up in India. Now Anthony is the fifth Duke of Castleton. Diana has returned to England with her giant pet cat, The Panda. Anthony and Diana meet again at a costumed all (after Diana and her hostess finish showcasing an exotic Hindu dance.) He still wants to marry her, but she is still resisting. To spend time with her, Anthony kidnaps The Panda and sends word where she is to meet him for the cat’s return. Now Diana is snowed in with Anthony at a remote lodge. Passion still simmers between them. Will she succumb?

**** FOUR STARS! Each character is well developed and I came to care for them quickly. Diana is a little too determined to become a spinster, in my opinion, but Anthony may well change that! He certainly has the bravery to risk her wrath by kidnapping her most loving feline companion. I enjoyed seeing some of the Indian culture (dance) in the story as well. ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Joanna Sims
Title - The Sergeant’s Christmas Mission
(Brands of Montana #9)

Former Army Sergeant Shane Brand suffers from untreated PTSD. He has gotten used to being left alone in his garage apartment and drinking to forget. Other than night time gigs where he would sing and strum his guitar, the only other thing he would do is remodel his classic motorcycle. (He has been working on it for years.) But then his new landlady moves in with her two boys. Things are about to change.

Rebecca Adams inherited the house and tenant. Though he looks rough, Shane is nice and easy going. He proves this on day one when he pays a veterinarian to help a dying kitten even though he was allergic to it. Yet he drinks far too much. That is fine as long as he is not drunk around her boys. Now if only she were not so attracted to him.

*** THREE STARS! If you have not read the other titles in this series, as I have not, do not fret. This story stands alone. For those of you who have followed along, you will be glad to see how previous characters are doing. Of course, they are reduced to secondary characters though. Recon, the German Shepheard, and Top, the kitten, are inseparable and add a delight romp or two. This book is perfect for your next vacation read. ***

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Caro Carson
Title - The Majors’ Holiday Hideaway (American Heroes)

Major India Woods has eleven years in the military and is currently stationed in Belgium. Her best friend, Captain Helen Pallas, lives in Fort Hood, Texas. During a two week vacation in December, they trade houses. India tries not to date men with families. She knows what it is like to never have a parents’ attention and refuses to take a father’s attention away from their child. While in Texas, she meets her next door neighbor, who seems to be a carefree bachelor.

Major Aidan Nord has twelve years in service. His four-year-old fraternal twin girls are away with his sister and he is bored – until he meets India. He does not want another woman to pity him being a widow with two kids, so he does not mention his past.

*** THREE STARS! This story is basically two adults having a vacation fling with no strings attached. Expect several bedroom scenes. During the last third of the book, the twins come home and India’s character is sort of in shell shock for awhile. It was interesting to experience. The author did a fabulous job expressing it all. This is a well written story with a bit of humor that I could not read fast enough. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Tara Taylor Quinn
Title - An Unexpected Christmas Baby

Tamara Frost has been called home by her father. He is in need of her help. Someone is stealing from her father’s company, Owens Investments. Tamara is to use her profession, as an efficiency consultant, as a cover to investigate. The prime suspect is Flint Collins. There is no concrete proof the culprit is him though.

Flint’s mother has just died in prison giving birth to a daughter. Flint is still in a bit of shock when he receives three-day-old Diamond Rose. He has given up his plans of going into business for himself. Job security, for Diamond’s sake, means everything to him. She means everything to him. He would be the best brother/father possible for Diamond. Then he meets Tamara at the office and they hit it off. If only she did not act as though she were hiding something from him.

**** FOUR STARS! There is more going on that I tell in my synopsis. It seems at one point that the entire world is conspiring against Flynn, yet he never asks for help. Flynn is a strong character, in more ways than one, so deserves a strong match. He finds that in Tamara. She has had her share of heartbreaks too.

The story is well written and the main characters have well developed backgrounds. I actually came to care for a few of them. I will be looking for more stories by Tara Taylor Quinn. ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Regina Scott, Sarah E. Eden, Jen Geigle Johnson, Annette Lyon, Krista Lynne Jensen, Heather B. Moore
Title - A Yuletide Regency (6 Novellas)

Always Kiss At Christmas by Regina Scott

Mary Rose knows that her mother’s health is getting worse, but no man will listen to her. The only option available is for Mary to wed well and then men will HAVE to listen (or deal with her husband.) Though her mother keeps pushing her toward Chester Godwin, Mary’s heart prefers a rising solicitor, Julian Mayes.

**** FOUR STARS! A delightful story filled with fun and romance during a Christmas Eve party. The entire story happens within twelve hours. Mary/Meredith and Julian will continue their courtship in the Fortune’s Brides series. ****

A Yuletide Match by Sarah E. Eden

Adelaide Northrop is the Ton’s most sought-after and successful matchmaker. Her current assignment is to find a bride for Mr. Porter Bartrum, a widower and young father. To do this, Adelaide would attend a Yuletide house party with him. However, since Porter does not want everyone to know that he has hired her, Adelaide would attend as a guest with his best friend, Vance Munson and his sister, Chloe.

**** FOUR STARS! To me, little Lewis is the best part of the story. He is mischievous, rambunctious, and an utter delight. This story covers a little over a week in time. The character of Adelaide is insightful, observant, as well as inquisitive. I hope to see more of her. ****

The Forbidden Duke by Jen Geigle Johnson

The new Duke of Salsbury, Stephen Harrington, has a strong sense of duty and is expected to court and wed Lady Fenninway. Lady Catherine Aster’s family seeks an alliance with the Lennard family. Everyone knows that the Salsbury and Aster families dislike one another. Each family believes the other family harmed their own. Yet since neither Stephen, nor Catherine, know who the other person is, they have a scandalous dance at a ball. Of course, immediately upon learning the identity of their partner, the two separate. Too bad neither can seem to forget the other.

**** FOUR STARS! It was so interesting to learn why the two families dislike each other so much. It was equally as interesting to watch Stephen and Catherine’s courtship; especially since her uncle avidly hated the Salsbury name. This is a well done story that left me feeling … smug. ****

Mistletoe at Willowsmeade by Annette Lyon

Thirty-two-year-old Eleanor Hadfield is the governess to the children of her cousin, Henry Brunson. Long ago, she had left for her one Season in London and Julian Stephens had went off to war. Now both are spending Christmas at Willowsmeade. Could the pair finally find love?

**** FOUR STARS! Julian is a Navy Captain, so he is used to regrouping and determining his next course. It was fun to watch him do so with Eleanor. The story gave me a warm feeling. Well written and fun to read. ****

Follow the River Home by Krista Lynne Jensen

Arabelle “Abby” Hyatt (and her mother) have finished their time of mourning for her brother, George, and his wife, Jane. They died of consumption last year. Now they must think of themselves and Eleanor, George’s infant daughter. Hybrigge House is entailed to Mr. Hewitt Forbes. Luckily, Mr. Forbes is about to ask for Abby’s hand in marriage. To solve all their problems, Abby is prepared to accept. When Major Isaac Linfield, an old friend of George’s, arrives for a short visit, Abby is thrilled to see a childhood friend. She does not care about his missing leg. It does not make him less of a man. However, Isaac had received a letter from George’s deathbed asking Isaac to look after those he loves, and Isaac intends to do just that.

***** FIVE STARS! Not many authors have the hero of their story be disabled. Jensen is not only brave to have done so, but has done it superbly. This tale of romance left me glowing with pleasure. *****

The New Earl by Heather B. Moore

Celia Thompson’s parents died years ago. Her brother, Bart, died three months ago. Now her father’s second cousin has arrived to take possession of his inheritance, which happened to be her home. She has two options: Move in with Aunt Marianne (when she returns from her third honeymoon) or remain where she is as a charity case. Celia wants to hate Aaron Thompson, but he is too kind, sincere, and understanding. When he asks her to marry him and remain at Banfield Estate with him, she believes the proposal is out of pity and refuses. Now what?

**** FOUR STARS! Though this story could have happened in reality, Lady Celia struck me as a bit too aloof and cool. I never came to care for her. Aaron’s character was the direct opposite. He came across as sensible and warm. Good thin opposites attract. By the end, I was left totally satisfied. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Sarah J. Maas
Title - Catwoman: Soulstealer

Teenager Selina Kyle grows up in the slums of Gotham City, fighting in the underground arena. It is the only way she can get money to keep a roof over her head and to care for her ailing sister, Maggie. But all that changes when Social Services steps in. In exchange for Maggie going to a decent and loving couple’s home, Selina joins the League of Assassins and heads off to train for two years.

Selina returns as Holly Vanderhees. A rich socialite who cares only for shopping and having a good time. At least, that is what she allows people to believe. In truth, Selina if forging a friendship with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. With Batman away on a mission, Gotham is ripe for picking and the trio of ladies make a formidable team. At night, Catwoman tangles with Batwing. By day, Selina/Holly dallies with Luke Fox, her handsome neighbor.

Catwoman must pull off her biggest heist before the League of Assassins finally catch up to her. Time is running out.

***** FIVE STARS! This story starts out by showing Selina’s horrible, young teen life and explains why it is so much harder than any other person’s. The story continues two years later when she returns to Gotham City with a plan. That plan is kept under wraps by the author until well in the book, and I refuse to tell or give spoilers. When the plan is finally revealed, readers realize that everything Catwoman has done had a specific purpose. In the exciting conclusion, it all comes together and I am left grinning like an idiot. *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Leigh Bardugo
Title - Warbringer (Wonder Woman)

Diana, Princess of Themyscira, knows it is wrong to rescue anyone from shipwrecks along the island’s coasts; but when she spies a teenaged girl barely hanging onto wreckage, Diana acts on instinct and dives in to save her. Diana is only a teenager too and as Queen Hippolyta’s daughter, everyone keeps a sharp eye on her. This makes what she has to do next more difficult. Diana hides the young lady, Alia Mayeux Keralis, in a cave until she can decide what to do. This is when Amazons start getting very sick and earthquakes begin.

Alia has no idea that she is a Warbringer. The birth of a Warbringer signals an age of conflict. Wars will soon follow (such as WWII.) Everywhere she goes people will suddenly become violent. If the Warbringer dies before her seventeenth birthday, no war will come. Therefore, this is a secret society dedicated to identifying and assassinating all Warbringers – and they have Alia targeted.

Diana learns about magical springs at the southern coast of Greece. If she can get Alia off Themyscira without anyone knowing and to the springs before the start of Hekatombaion (the first month in the old Greek calendar) then the line of Warbringers will be broken.

Diana, Alia, and a few people Alia trusts must race to the magical springs while avoiding the Warbringer conflicts and dodging assassins.

***** FOUR & A HALF STARS! From the first page until the last, this story is nonstop action. It was fun to be on Themyscira during the beginning and ending of this book, but watching Diana have an adventure while she was only a teen was even more fun. I mean, just picture a teenaged Diana/Wonder Woman seeing New York for the first time, yet acting as a bodyguard to another (wealthy) teen. Of course, adults do not even consider Diana able to be a bodyguard at first. But the Amazon princess has borrowed a few (familiar) items from the island to help. Watching Diana in battle was thrilling, no matter her age.

The story has some twists, but a few of them are predicable. Others blindsided me. This story is well worth your time and money! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Robert J. Randisi
Title - The Miracle of Revenge (Angel Eyes #1)

Elizabeth “Liz” Archer is a woman on the hunt for the entire Nolan clan. It all started when Bill Nolan killed her fiancé. Liz has never held a gun or rifle, but luck is on her side as she killed Bill Nolan. Soon after, Les Nolan and his sons arrived and killed her entire family. As the only Archer family member left alive, Liz set out to avenge them. Again luck is on her side. She ran into Tate Gilmore who teaches her to shoot. Liz is a natural. With some skill now under her belt, Liz sets her “Angel Eyes” on eliminating the rest of the Nolan family.

**** This would have been five stars if Liz had not turned to prostitution. She was innocent until she gave herself to Tate Gilmore (a well-known gunslinger.) But it did not take long for Liz to begin selling herself out. Too bad, because the rest of the book is fantastic. Be warned: Toward the end (while selling her body to one of her enemies) the sex becomes hard. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Robert J. Randisi
Title - Death’s Angel (Angel Eyes #2)

When Elizabeth “Liz” Archer spies two men about to overtake and do harm to a lone woman on horseback, she immediately interferes to rescue the lady. Angie Carter and her father was the only people in the area to own land except for James Morris. Problem is that the Carter spread is right dab in the middle of all Morris’s property … and Morris will do anything to get the Carter land, including hire a hit man to kill Angel Eyes.

**** There are several typos in this novel and that kept distracting me from the story. There is no prostitution in this episode. In fact, this has the same flavor as the “Lone Star” series; a female gunslinger who picks the men she lays with and a righteous mission. Until the hired gunman arrives, things are pretty tame. But once he arrives in town, the real fun begins. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Robert J. Randisi
Title - Wolf Pass (Angel Eyes #3)

Old Gray Hair is the larger and smarter than any known wolf before. The Nez Percé Indians called Old Gray Hair a great god. Eric Neilson had gone up against the wolf and lost. He now sports deep gouges on his back to tell the tale. Now Old Gray Hair haunts his sleep. The only way to stop the nightmares is for Neilson to see Old Gray Hair’s lifeless corpse. To that end, Neilson hires Elizabeth “Liz” Archer.

Liz does not track animals, but Neilson threatened to tell all the newspapers where she currently was. That would bring all the gun shooters who wanted to test her. In other words, Liz hunts the wolf or there would be a blood bath. She reluctantly agrees. But that is not the end of it. Neilson has already hired the best wolf tracker, Loren Page. Liz and Page are to work together. But again, that is not the end of it. While Liz and Page hunt Old Gray Hair, someone else has come to town to kill Page.

*** THREE STARS! This story is not nearly as exciting as the previous two, yet it is still worth your time to read. It was interesting to watch Liz and Page track this fascinating creature. The author even allowed the reader to see through Old Gray Hair’s eyes often! There are some typos, but not nearly as many as in the second book of the series. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Robert J. Randisi
Title - Chinatown Justice (Angel Eyes #4)

Elizabeth “Liz” Archer still had quite a bit of money on her due to killing a legendary wolf. She decided to head for San Francisco for some sightseeing and gambling. During her first night, she meets Victor Drake, a big time rich businessman. Within twenty-four hours, she is framed for killing one of his sons at a crib (whorehouse.) Inspector Dan Granger believes her innocent, yet his chief says to hold her. Therefore, Granger helps her escape. She could try to clear her name and Granger can use her as bait. The killers had made a fatal mistake when they chose Angel Eyes to take the blame for murder.

** TWO STARS! There is more sex in this episode of the series than in the others. There is so much that I believe it was used as filler. Angel Eyes gets around – even with a woman – and few men do not get entertained in her bed. (It would be a much short list to say who Liz did NOT go to bed with.) The investigation is slow going and things do not get interesting until after the novel’s middle. There is very little sustenance to the plot line and I found myself bored at times. I would say this is an okay read, but far from the author’s best work. **

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Robert J. Randisi
Title - Logan’s Army (Angel Eyes #5)

Elizabeth “Liz” Archer enters Loganville, Wyoming, where Edward Logan runs the entire town. He has a piece of every place except the saloon called Honey’s Place. Honey O’Day runs an upscale saloon staffed mainly by females (which encourages more men to enter the establishment.) Honey has her hands busy keeping Logan out of her business. This is difficult to do with his men causing trouble and the sheriff on Logan’s payroll. But when one of Logan’s men beat and rape one of the women, Angel Eye’s decides to step in and help Honey out.

**** FOUR STARS! Honey O’Day is my type of lady, independent and stubborn. This story still has quite a few typos, but if you can ignore them, this story is very entertaining. Now half way into the series, the author is finally starting to dwell on the plot line rather than using too much sex as filler. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Robert J. Randisi
Title - Bullets & Bad Times (Angel Eyes #6)

Elizabeth “Liz” Archer enters the town of Clearwater in the Dakota Territory. Unknown to Angel Eyes two people are waiting for her. Clay Hammet is a want-to-be gunslinger determined to make a reputation as the man who killed Angel Eyes. Sheriff Al Toliver wants to ensure Hammet does not kill himself by trying to outgun Liz by asking Liz to leave town immediately. Of course, Liz does not look for trouble and would simply have moved on except for the fact that her horse, Blossom, needs a few days to heal a hoof. To make matters worse, four men tried to cheat Liz at poker. She turned the tables and walked out with their money. The four decide they want their money back. Then there is the bank robbery.

***** FIVE STARS! I knew that if I kept reading, I would eventually get a story worth the full five stars from this author. The talent was there, but he put too much time on sex for each story. This time his primary focus was the plot lines. (Yes, there is more than one.) There are still some typos, but this time there is just enough sex and a terrific story that held my attention until the very end. *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Robert J. Randisi
Title - Six-Gun Angel (Angel Eyes #7)

Elizabeth “Liz” Archer travels with Captain Barnaby’s Traveling Wild West and Theater Show in Nevada for various reasons. One, she and her horse had been shot and needed to heal. Two, to help the carnies find the man that had lashed one of theirs to a pine and tortured. Three, to also help the carnies solve the mystery of where the bank robbers’ loot is stashed among the troupe. But there are others looking for the missing money as well.

**** FOUR STARS! More is going on than I mention in my synopsis. Again the author focuses on the plot and the story moves rapidly, but smoothly, along. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Robert J. Randisi
Title - Avenging Angel (Angel Eyes #8)

When Elizabeth “Liz” Archer hears that Tate Gilmore had been killed, shot in the back, while in Winfield, Texas, she heads for the lone star state. Once there she learns it to be true, except for the part of him being dead. The bank was being robbed by four Mexicans and as Gilmore ran toward the bank, a fifth Mexican on a rooftop shot him in the back. The Mexicans run for Mexico and within two weeks, even with his wound, Gilmore is right behind them, determined to find the man who shot him. Gilmore knows Liz will go to Winfield as soon as she hears so he leaves a note for her, asking her to meet him in Mexico City. When the Mexican Revolutionaries hear of the two gunfighters coming, the plan ways to keep Liz and Gilmore apart while using each to help save Mexico from El Presidente.

*** THREE STARS! Mexico City is the target this time around. When all the players arrive in Mexico City, things get hot and I finally got interested. Until then the story was simply traveling and scheming. However, it is great to see Gilmore and Angel Eyes together again. Be warned of a cliff-hanger ending. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Robert J. Randisi
Title - Angel For Hire (Angel Eyes #9)

La Isla Bonita (The Pretty Island) has a problem with bandits and need them removed. To that end, they make a deal with Pete Sanchez. If he kills the bandits, he can keep all the bandits’ loot. Sanchez sends telegrams off to a dozen mercenaries to meet him in Mexico. Of those dozen is one Tate Gilmore, who is currently with Elizabeth “Liz” Archer, otherwise known as Angel Eyes. Though Tate and Liz never hire out their guns, they agree that this may be a time to do just that.

** TWO STARS! Typos abound, (Example: Chapter Flour) but otherwise the story is okay. Most of the story is teaching women how to use guns, traveling, and strategizing. The bad thing is that, like the last book, this one ends in a cliffhanger. I cannot find any book numbered ten. The ending feels rushed and readers are left believing that Liz and Tate are about to be captured and executed. If so, this is a poor way to end a series. **

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Cait London
Title - His Christmas Present (2 books in 1: Seasonal)


The Pendragon Virus
Sam Loring had one basic rule: locate the problem and get to the bottom of it – quick. He runs Park-Loving Cleansers and the unbending workaholic already paid his employees well. The last thing he needs is someone putting modern-day ideas in the heads of his employees. Yet the personnel who have come back from a certain stress managing seminar are beginning to make waves. Time for Sam to take the one day class and have a chat with its speaker.

Dallas Pendragon stands behind every word she says in her seminar. If the attractive and extremely tall businessman thought she would back down then he needed to think again. She did the unexpected. She threw down a gauntlet by issuing a one month challenge. He did the unexpected. He accepted her challenge and chose her home as the arena.

***** FIVE STARS! Fans of Jayne Ann Krentz need look no further. Cait London and Krentz (basically) share the same heart and writing talent when it comes to Modern Contemporary Romances. The romance is as hot as their need to compete and win the challenge. Matters are made wacky – or adorable – since Dallas has two young children living in the arena. Uh, I mean, in the home. I found myself sporting an amused grin more than once. *****


Miracles & Mistletoe
To be closer to her brother and his family, Harmony Davis is moving to Thorville, a small town in rural Montana. She finds herself stranded on a road, during a blizzard, and is relieved when a truck stops to offer her a ride. But the man who is helping her acts like a first class jerk. He is rude and insufferable. However, Harmony’s ability to read thoughts comes in handy. The man is in a lot of mental pain. Not only did he lose his wife while she was giving birth to their daughter, but he then lost the daughter five years ago in a blizzard much like this one.

Jonah Fargo believes he is on the edge of going crazy – with padded room and all. He keeps hearing a child cry and it really seems as though his dog can understand him at times. The last thing he needs is a hyper lady yakking nonstop and making his head hurt worse. But he cannot leave her walking in a blizzard to die. He just needs to keep her safe until she can reach her brother (his neighbor.)

Reading thoughts is an ability Harmony shares with her brother. But she is also a healer. She can tell what Jonah’s main problem is. He has the (undeveloped) ability to act as a sender or reader. He has blocked his budding talents with disbelief in the paranormal. Until he accepts them, she does not envy Jonah the pain and fear he must go through.

**** FOUR STARS! I do not know what to believe when it comes to the paranormal. I like to think that I have an open mind. But this story pushes even my limits. Harmony was just way too comfortable with the abilities. Her brother was too. The character of Jonah was much more believable to me. I might feel differently if I had watched Harmony come into her powers. I did not like Jonah at all in the beginning, but with his ultra-sad history, I gave the story a bit more time. I am so happy that I did. This tale was downright fun in many parts. Terrific! (NOTE: At the time of this review, this book cost less than one dollar.)****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Regina Scott
Title - A Convenient Christmas Wedding (Frontier Bachelors #5)

When Nora Underhill learns that her brother, Charles, and his wife, Meredith, are coming to live in Seattle, she knows it is to draw her back into a life of drudgery. Yet this little seamstress has no intention of allowing that to happen again. In a bold move, Nora proposes a marriage of convenience to Simon Wallin, a rugged logger. In return for Simon’s protection from her overbearing family, Nora offers one hundred and sixty acres of prime farmland.

Simon shoulders the responsibility of caring for his family. That includes his mother, sister, brothers, their wives, all future babies, and the animals. By his calculation his family would just scrape through this winter with enough food for them all. He accepts Nora’s proposal, hoping that he is not making the worst decision of his life. But little by little, Nora’s warmth opens his heart. Simon’s family adores Nora and hopes to see their relationship grow into a true marriage with love. And by the looks the pair shares, that may happen in the near future.

***** FIVE STARS! This story targets the readers who enjoy a Christmas romance story without a lot of danger and tension. After a rough week at work, this way exactly what I needed to help me relax over the weekend. Charles and Meredith bring much drama to the story, but the primary focus remains on Nora and Simon. Nora’s character is honest, warm, and kind-hearted. She loves to do things for others, including the adoptions of a few interesting animals – such as the dog who can talk! Simon’s character is focused mainly on his growing family with no thoughts as to himself. He likes things told to him straight up and no surprises. It is wonderful to watch Nora simply be herself and end up making Simon realize that his life can have the loving happiness that his brothers do.

If you have read the other titles in this series, you will see familiar names as secondary characters. However, you do not have to read any of the other stories to fully enjoy this one. It stands alone. And so does this author! I cannot recommend this novel highly enough. *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Christina Skye, C.H. Admirand, Pamela Morsi, Linda J. Parisi, Jeff DePew, Lori Avocato, Connie Corcoran Wilson, Mathew Kaufman
Title - Romantic Times: Vegas (Volume 2, Anthology)

Ex-Sighting by Pamela Morsi

Ten years ago Regina Hurley had left Jake Wilkins at the altar. When they run across each other in a Vegas bar, old feelings return.

**** FOUR STARS! Very short story but a bit unrealistic. After ten years of not seeing someone, it is a little hard to believe that the pair would resolve everything in five minutes and plan a forever together. ****

The Promise by Linda J. Parisi

Set in 1962 at the Excelsior Hotel in Vegas. Sarah and Lieutenant Michael “Mac” McDonald (Air Rescue Pilot) are on their honeymoon. In a few short days, Mac would be gone for a full year. During that year, Mac’s helicopter goes down and he is listed as MIA.

**** FOUR STARS! This is a light-hearted tale showing that love with a military man can be difficult, but worth it. Good character developments are made within just a dozen or so pages. ****

Same Time, Next Year by Jeff DePew

In 1971, at the Excelsior Hotel, Lennard King had entered the room of his estranged wife with a gun. He shot his wife and her lover before committing suicide. The wife survived. Every year, on the anniversary of the horrible event, she returns. Why?

***** FIVE STARS! This is my favorite story in this anthology. Similar stories have been written, but this one is well executed. I read it twice. *****

What The Hell Happened In Vegas! (A Pauline Sokol romance) by Lori Avocato

Pauline Sokol deals with medical insurance fraud cases. Her nursing experience comes in handy often. This time she and her easy-on-the-eyes partner, Jagger, are guests at the Excelsior Hotel to investigate a chiropractor.

**** FOUR STARS! If you have never read a Pauline Sokol story then you will get a bit of information that you do not really need to know (Goldie’s military background, who Miles is, and Pauline’s religion to name a few.) It does not distract from the story, but it does not add anything either; except one or two pages. This case is simple. Most of the story is Pauline’s fascination with yummy Jagger and the exquisite hotel. ****

Kiss Me And Kill Me With Love by Connie Corcoran Wilson

Set in May 1960. The three McGuire Sisters were opening for Johnny Carson at the Excelsior Hotel. But more backstage is going on than meets the eye. Phyllis McGuire wants to briefly travel to Paris with Dan Rowan. Her sister, Dorothy, know that if she did, Sam Giancana might use his mob connections to kill them both.

** TWO STARS! Most of this short story is spent giving names and information on many characters. I had to take notes to keep everyone straight. Yet nothing really happened to make me feel concern for any of the cast. **

There Will Always Be Vegas by Mathew Kaufman

Arthur Westbrooke is the Chairman and CEO of Diamond Pharmaceuticals. Hunter Grady is a very young bellman at the Excelsior Resort. Arthur had given up on ever finding true love with another man until he met Hunter.

*** THREE STARS! This short story is a male-male relationship. Be warned that there is one “hot” scene. If this bothers you, skip this tale. My only problem is that the relationship between the two is too fast and unrealistic. ***

Love At the Las Vegas Bake Off by C.H. Admirand

Peggy and her sister, Kate, run a diner in Apple Grove, Ohio. Peggy has entered the First Las Vegas Bake-Off and is determined to win. Peggy has been receiving threatening emails, but she refuses to back out of the contest. Kate (and her mom) hire the Justiss brothers to act as Peggy’s bodyguards.

U.S. Marshal Ben Justiss is the last person Peggy McCormack expects to see at the bake-off. No matter how handsome he is, Ben had his chance with her. She is not interested in him and wishes he would go away so she could focus on baking. So why does seeing him with internet cooking sensation, Sofia Stellini, make her so jealous?

***** FIVE STARS! This story is just plain fun. There is a lot of drama, some action, and just enough information about the characters to make new readers pick up previous titles in the Apple Grove series. Loved it! *****

Finding a Hero by Christina Skye

Madison “Maddie” Munro is employed by a secret unit of the US government. She is assigned to run security for a high-profile wedding in a Las Vegas hotel. She expects Izzy Teague, a high-level government operative, to meet her at the hotel and to help him with her special talents; however, she never expects to enter her hotel room to find a handsome stranger.

**** FOUR STARS! Maddie and Izzy are obviously from one of the author’s series. Though this story is mainly dealing with laptop codes and researching backgrounds, the other series seems to deal with demons and some sort of power that has blue lights spreading on Maddie’s hands and arms. It does distract the reader (me) from the current story, but since I often enjoy a good Romantic Fantasy, I am very tempted to research it. As for this story, it is short, quick, and filled with action. Hmm, I may go search the name Gabriel Ross (the man in Maddie’s room) and see what I find on him too. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Jacquie Rogers
Title - How the Texan Stole Christmas
(Hearts of Owyhee - Novella)

Set in 1882, Fairview, Idaho Territory. Winnifred “Winnie” Spangler sets up a week-long Christmas event for the town’s singles in hopes of matchmaking. She, along with her best friend and fellow widow, Lulu Jamison, have the singles picking names to be Secret Christmas Angels. All week anonymous gifts would be given to the person each has chosen. No one would know who their angel was until the Fairview Christmas Tree Festival on Saturday. Privately, Winnie hopes her Christmas Angel is the ruggedly handsome Judd Shaw, the foreman of the Rocking R ranch. There was just something about that man.

**** FOUR STARS! ‘Tis the season for romantic Christmas stories. I highly suggest that you choose this novella. (At the time of this review, this story costs less than one dollar.) If you are reading this review and it is NOT the end of the year, no worries; this novella gem can be read any time of the year for a special pick-me-up whenever you are feeling down. Late in the story is a bit of spicy romance, but nothing too graphic (for ages teen and up.) It only took me a couple of hours to read and it left my heart feeling a warm glow. I believe that I will read this tale again next Christmas. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Title - 30 Days to Syn (Light Erotica)

The ad read:
Wanted: Young woman (American only) willing to engage in domination role play. No BDSM. Salary: $1,000,000 upon completion of contract. Length of employment: 30 consecutive nights. Qualifications: must be between the ages of 22-28, beautiful with long naturally brown hair and green eyes (no glasses or contact lenses); cannot weigh more than 110 pounds; no tattoos or body piercing (earlobes only okay) no scars or physical imperfections; must be both physically and mentally fit (extensive examinations by accredited physician and psychologist to ascertain physical and mental health will be conducted); Must be a college-educated virgin. Only women who meet all criteria need apply. Send photo and email to

Two years ago Melina Wynth’s parents died in a car wreck. Melina was able to pull her younger brother, Drew, out of the vehicle, but the accident left him a paraplegic and unable to recall who she was. Now she is nearly destitute, without wheels, and she needs to come up with several thousand dollars quickly to install Drew at Cedar Oaks. (The non-profit hospital that Drew has been living in is closing.) As Melina’s best friend, Rachel, informed her earlier, the ad is perfect. With no other realistic options available, Melina applies.

International entrepreneur Synjyn McGregor had an extremely bad childhood. He grew up in the poorest section of South Auckland (New Zealand) and at the mercy of his abusive (in all manners) mother, Olivia. Prison had been better than life with Olivia. His missing biological father, Sean McGregor, found Synjyn, brought him to America – along with the loyal friends that Synjyn insisted be included in the deal – and groomed him as his heir. Synjyn inherited his father’s money and had doubled his holdings within two years of taking the reins of McGregor Industries (MI). In ten years, he had quintupled the worth of MI and his best friends had been with him every step of the way…and still are.

Melina eventually begins calling Synjyn “Kiwi”. His surface is cold and calculated, but as time passes Melina begins to see beneath that surface. As for Kiwi, he finds Melina to be a complex enigma. From the second he sees her interviewing for the position on the monitor, Kiwi is infatuated. The more he tries to figure out what makes Melina tick, the more his interest peaks. Of course Kiwi checks into her background and current situation, but this only adds to the intrigue.

***** FOUR & A HALF STARS! This story is perfect for anyone new to reading Erotica. There is no bondage, no kinky or dangerous rituals, she is never humiliated or degraded. Their time together is private. No one watches and they are at a secure location. The first few nights are tame and their intimacy builds very (very, very) slowly.

For those who are used to reading Erotica, this tale is similar to 50 Shades of Grey.

Unlike many of the hotter romances, this story has an awesome plot with a few intriguing sub plots merged in to keep life interesting. The main characters, as well as the secondary ones, are well developed and I actually found myself wishing that I had friends as close and trustworthy as Kiwi’s. (Yet I am secretly happy that I never had to go through the nightmarish childhood they did in order to forge this type of bond.) I found this to be a terrific story that I am happy to recommend to a romance fans. *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE! or from Ellora’s Cave by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Kathy Carmichael
Title - Angel Be Good (Christmas Romance)

The Angelic Council has made a slight miscalculation. Lieutenant Danvers was supposed to die that day in Vietnam. They did not anticipate Daphne to interfere and end up dying in his place. On these very rare instances the newly deceased simply enters heaven early; however, Daphne insists that Leonard (the angel informing her of the Council’s error) go tell the Council to fix the problem and send her back. Returning to her past life is already impossible, but the Council does decide to allow Daphne to return and take over the life and body of another female due to arrive shortly. They only ask that Daphne do them one small favor.

Nathaniel Danvers is CEO of Danvers and Son, a leading department store chain in sixteen states and three countries. He has no idea how the beautiful lady managed to enter his office, much less the building, but he wants her gone. He does not believe in the guardian angel she claims is with her invisibly or anything else that he cannot see, feel, taste, or hear. Yet somehow the silent alarm does not summon help, the doors refuse to open, and he is being forced to watch his life story.

Daphne returns on Christmas Eve, several years after her early death. She has until the end of the night to help the son of Lieutenant Danvers change his ways or he will not make it to heaven. (It had been Nat’s mother who had asked the Heavenly Council for help.) So here Daphne is, paying an after-hours visit to Nat’s office. With Leonard giving flashes of Nat’s past, present, and future on various gadgets she has never seen before, Daphne is about to play Ghost to his Scrooge.

**** FOUR STARS! You do not have to be a fan of the classic tale A Christmas Story to enjoy this delightful romp (but it sure helps.) This romantic story has the same flavor; however, the author has upped the ante by having the “Scrooge” be in the twenty-first century and adding some chemistry between Daphne and Nat. (It does not hurt that Carmichael’s version of Scrooge is H-O-T either.)

Kathy Carmichael has a flare for telling a heartwarming, yet sassy, stories and this one will certainly put you into the holiday spirit! ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Jill Shalvis
Title - Christmas in Lucky Harbor
(First two novels in series and two short stories)

Simply Irresistible
Maddie Moore leaves L.A. (after dumping her abusive boyfriend and losing her job) for the little coastal town of Lucky Harbor, Washington. Her deceased mother, Phoebe Traeger, has left a ramshackled inn to Maddie and her two half-sisters, Tara and Chloe. Maddie is hoping for a new beginning and sees potential in the Lucky Harbor Resort, but a lot of work would be needed simply to bring the inn back up to code. Maddie's biggest problem is convincing her sisters to agree. They want to sell the place, divide the money, and go their separate ways. Money is another problem. The place needs a complete makeover and not one of the sisters has the money for the enormous task.

The contractor Maddie hires turns out to be the hot guy she has recently tried (accidentally, of course) to run off the road. That faux pas had been followed by Maddie tipping over Mr. Hottie's motorcycle shortly thereafter. But unlike the loud men she has ever known, Jax Cullen takes it all in stride. Worse, Jax is making it difficult for Maddie to remember that she has sworn off men.

***** FIVE STARS! As the first sister to have her story told, Maddie is the meekest. Considered to be "The Mouse", Maddie is learning to speak up for herself. Watching this mouse transform into a lioness is pure bliss. The author has given each sister her own unique personality. Yet as different as the three half-sisters are, each has managed to wiggle their way into my heart. THAT is but one sign of a talented writer. "Simply Irresistible" is fun, full of humor, and simply delightful in every way. *****

The Sweetest Thing
Seventeen years ago, at the age of seventeen, Tara Daniels had a fling with Ford. In the end, they give their child up for adoption and Tara leaves for Texas. But recently Tara has returned to Lucky Harbor, Washington. Tara and her half-sisters (Chloe Traeger and Maddie Moore) are opening Lucky Harbor Inn.

Ford Walker is no longer a young teen. Ford is now pure testosterone and sinew. However, the uncontrollable blaze that once burned between him and Tara remains the same – if not hotter. Ford is determined to win Tara back. When Tara’s ex-husband, Logan Perrish, comes to town with the same agenda, Ford tosses down the gauntlet which Logan picks up. May the best man win!

***** FIVE STARS! Lucky Harbor is a close-knitted town full of colorful, caring, and nosey locals that I have come to love. In this story, the locals keeps the town’s Facebook © page updated with interesting goings-on. Unfortunately for Tara, that means grainy cellular photos and postings about the two alpha men competing for her affection. (Hey, what single lady wouldn’t enjoy having a sailing champion and a NASCAR champion begging for her attention? [Besides Tara, that is.]) The town’s page even has a poll going for bets as to which man Tara will finally accept. That is just an example of the humor and fun readers may expect from a Lucky Harbor story. Fabulous! *****

Kissing Santa Claus (Short Story)
It has been five months since Logan Perrish had left Lucky Harbor to return to the racing circuit. Though Sandy Jansen had known he was just a fling, she had no idea how much she would miss the NASCAR driver. Now it is close to Christmas and Sandy is feeling more alone than ever before. Then suddenly Logan is there, claiming he wants her back – forever.

***** FIVE STARS! I have been hoping that Logan would have his story told one day. That day has finally arrived. I am happy to say that it was well worth the wait. *****

Under the Mistletoe (Short Story)
Five years ago Mia travelled from New York to Lucky Harbor, Washington, to find her birth parents. She was immediately accepted and became part of a wonderful family filled with misfits. While there, Mia met and fell in love with Carlos. But Carlos dumped her – for her own good and told her to move on. Mia did.

Mia still lives in New York but often returns to Lucky Harbor. For the past six months she has been dating Nick, a new lawyer for restorative justice. When Mia asks Nick to spend Christmas with her in Lucky Harbor and be her date at the wedding of her aunt, Chloe, Nick declines with no explanation. Brokenhearted, Mia travels alone to Lucky Harbor the next morning.

Nick does not have a family. Going through the system as an orphan is why he chose restorative justice. He has never let anyone get too close – until Mia. He is uncertain about Mia’s big family in Lucky Harbor and how he might feel out of place, but he goes anyway. Nick only knows that without Mia, he is lost. Problem is that now he will have to prove himself to Mia, as well as her protective family. And then there is Carlos.

**** FOUR STARS! It is odd for me to read a story (even a short story) where last names are not given. Since Mia played a big part in The Sweetest Thing; she already felt like a close friend to me. Not so with Nick. With no last name and never seeing the character before, Nick never became real to me. Still, the story is good; even if it is a bit too tame for my taste. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Charlotte Howard
Title - One Night in Edinburgh
(City Nights series #7/Erotica short story)

Chloe Shade is excited. If she makes these new deals then Holly would make her a partner at Entice. She travels to Edinburgh, Scotland, to meet with the CEO of Lowe ‘n Beholden. Bad news: She hates flying and that was how her travel arrangement was made. Good news: The sexy man with the American accent helped calm her fears. Bad news: The airport lost her box of stock so she has no merchandise to show the potential client. Good news: The sexy Ethan from the plan helps her with the paperwork and even gives her a lift to the hotel. Perhaps it was the fact that her subconscious was thinking about the lost box of adult toys, but for some unknown reason Chloe finds herself having a hot fling in the limo en route to the hotel.

Ethan Lowe has lived in the area over a decade. He does not realize Chloe is the Entice representative he is due to meet that night. But when Chloe logs on the report what is missing, he begins to wonder. That does not kill his strong attraction to her or stop him from making love with her. Once they officially meet at dinner, the two blend business with pleasure until the merchandise finally arrives from the airport.

Chloe has twenty-four hours to get Ethan’s signature on the contract before she must return to London – alone. Ethan has twenty-four hours to figure out his rampaging feelings for Chloe and convince her to give love a chance.

**** FOUR STARS! This is a short erotica novella that will only take most readers about an hour to read, but it is packed with hot and steamy scenes of making love. Neither character is great role model in the real world (such as taking rides from strangers or making out with someone that you have only known less than an hour) but the story has the all important Happily Ever After ending. I believe this would be an outstanding story if it were a full length novel. Then the author could flesh out the characters more, add more drama and soul searching, and a bit of comedy. But who says that someday in the future the author may not do this? If so, I will be first in line to buy the book!

Considering how much had to be done for the set up and plot, then adding in the needed love scenes (because all good romances these days have hot private times written in), I believe the author has done an outstanding job with this tale. Charlotte Howard has a talent for storytelling and I will be keeping a close eye on her in the future. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE! or from Tirgearr Publishing by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Charlotte Howard
Title - The Black Door (Erotic Contemporary)

Imogen Pearce is a thirty-seven-year-old lady who has four kids (ranging from the ages of four to nineteen), a soon-to-be-ex-husband, a screwed up extended family, and a driving need to prove herself. She has not been working long at Ryedale Incorporated and should never have been given a big client so quickly, but her boss, Alex Tremaine, believes Imogen has enough competence to handle its advertising needs. Problems is that it is now her job to somehow market – in a family friendly way – an adult toy shop called Wicked Ways. Exactly how does one go about making adult toys and paraphernalia sound family friendly?

Then there is the big boss, Cal Ryedale, who keeps hounding her. He is stubborn, conceited, has no respect for his staff, and has been known to throw his golden cufflinks at people when mad. But he also oozes sexual energy whenever they are together. Imogen has a mental hit list going for the day she snaps and goes on a murderous rampage. Cal is often high on that list.

While visiting Wicked Ways to get marketing ideas, Imogen learns of a members-only club in the back. She is really surprised to notice that she already knows several of its members.

**** FOUR STARS! This story is written in the First Person. It is an interesting blend of Erotica and Modern Contemporary. The author succeeds in showing how difficult it is to be a single mother in the modern world; trying to juggle her home life, work life, and perhaps get a little private time to relax every now and then. The author is British. I mention this because if you live in the United States of America you should be forewarned of a couple of things. First, some English words are spelled differently. Second, you may be confused by some of the slang words; however, most are easily understood by how they are used in the sentences. (But I am still wondering what a baby’s dummy is. A pacifier?) But make no mistake about it, this is an awesome tale that will keep your attention from the first page until the last. I loved every minute of sleep that I lost while reading this gem. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE! or from Tirgearr Publishing by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Naima Simone
Title - Under His Wings (Dark Judgment #1, Erotica)

Set in Grace Crossings, Massachusetts. Three years ago Tamar Ridgeway had survived a horrible plane crash. She endured years of painful physical therapy, recuperated, and salvaged the life that had almost been taken from her. During that time, she had also endured the mental, verbal, and physical abuse from her fiancé. But Tamar has finally beaten the odds against her. Only her scars, hidden beneath her clothing, remained. Tamar is a sixth grade social studies teacher. Summer break has begun and Tamar is out with her friend, Resa, when her life spins out of her control once more. Tamar and Resa are attacked by a hippogryph, a mythical creature that should not exist. Resa is eviscerated, but Tamar escapes a similar fate when another hippogryph dives into the fray.

Nicolai “Nico” Abioud is the judge and executioner of the hippogryph. He hunts down and slays the rogues among his brethren. His race’s existence depends on their ability to remain hidden from the human world. Nico and his men have been hunting Evander Agnew for four months. The rogue has cut a bloody trail through Europe and is currently hunting in North America. Nico has no idea why Evander is so determined to kill the female human at first. But once he sees Tamar is the light, he realizes that she is the living replica of his dead mate. Yet even more amazing is that Tamar is the faceless woman Nico has been dream-walking with for the last couple of years. She is the one that has been fully giving herself to him each night in his dreams. Nico will protect Tamar with his life – whether she wants his protection or not.

***** FIVE STARS! Paranormal, Romance, and Suspense blend together to create a fascinating world that I could not pull myself away from. Both the hero and the heroine have tragic pasts and their present lives are not exactly cushy, but they refuse to let anyone or anything stand in their way of their futures. Tamar is a strong role model and I felt a kinship with her almost immediately. Don’t start reading this story until you are sure that you have plenty of time to devote to it. I found it to be downright engrossing. *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Vanessa Storme.

Author: Alexx Andria
Title - The Buchanan’s Baby (Erotica Romance)

Nolan Buchanan, CEO of Buchanan Enterprises, receives an anonymous note stating that he is a father and where the child could be found. Knowing it would probably be a hoax, Nolan travels to San Jose to learn the truth.

When Shannon Garrity first realized that she was pregnant from her one-night stand, she did some research on Nolan to see if he would be a decent father. Shannon did not like what she discovered. Nolan was, and still is, a perennial lover of women. Shannon decided that it would better for the baby to have a single mother rather than having a careless playboy in the picture; therefore, she begins to raise the child alone. But now Aubrey is nearly three-years-old and Nolan has shown up. The rich playboy is still as handsome as ever, but Shannon refuses to allow Nolan to teach her daughter any of his bad habits.

Nolan quickly learns that popping up and demanding Shannon change her way of living – and Aubrey’s last name – was a bad move. The lady cares nothing about how powerful he is in business or how much money he has. She has been doing a fantastic job with Aubrey, so he cannot complain there. Nolan decides that he needs to change tactics. Yet should Nolan succeed, could he be the father that Aubrey needs? And could he convince Shannon to give him a chance with her heart?

**** FOUR STARS! Be warned that this is one H-O-T novella. I’m used to reading this author’s romances, under the name of Kim Van Meter. I have always been amazed by her storytelling ability, but every now and then I enjoy an erotica. As Alexx Andria, this writer has proven to me that she is not nearly as tame as I though her to be. Andria’s characters are vivid and portrayed so realistically that, had they been real, I could have called them friends. The author actually seems to breathe life into her characters. (There are not many authors that I can say that about either.) A sweet, yet wild ride! ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Annette Blair, Lynn Jenssen, Christine Mazurk, & Jeanine Duval Spikes
Title - Sisters of Spirit (Anthology)

Prologue by Annette Blair
Centuries ago, four ladies wash up on a beach in a hidden cove. Though not biologically related, these four consider themselves to be Sisters of Spirit (SOS) and have been there for each other through thick and thin. As the group’s eyes peek through a tide pool, the ladies get a glimpse of other SOS groups.

New View by Lynn Jenssen

Marina Simms and her husband, Cameron, have been wed for seven years. Currently Cam is the only trained Network Engineer for his work place; however, another Engineer has recently been hired. Until Phil DeMeo is fully trained, Cam still has to work long hours, travel with little-to-no notice, and be on-call for emergencies. Marina understands that Cam is under a lot of stress and exhausted by nightfall, yet she is hopeful that once Phil is trained things will get better. When Marina begins having flashes of visions (much like viewing snapshots of the future) she starts to become concerned for the health of her marriage.

An SOS is sent out by one of Marina’s close friends. She and her three Sisters of Spirit drop everything and travel to Munnatawket Island for a gathering. No one admits to sending out the SOS, but it has come at a good time. Each of the ladies needs the comfort and support of her Sisters of Spirit.

**** THREE & A HALF STARS! Of the four friends, Marina’s personal life is the rosiest. (No pun intended toward the rose-colored sunglasses that she found on the beach of Hidden Cove.) This tale introduces the four ladies to the reader and paints the setting. Basically, it sets the foundation upon which all four stories are built. Because the author had to include so many details, Marina’s trouble had to be less complicated than her friends’ problems, but still be bad enough to make readers sweat over the outcome. Lynn Jenssen chose the problem that all couples fear in their relationships – lack of communication and fear of abandonment. Well done! ****

Identity by Christine Mazurk

Bryce Evans runs her own boutique, which thrives, and she has managed to lose one hundred pounds. Her world has changed. Now at her target weight, Bryce works to maintain it. While combing the beach of Hidden Cove, Bryce finds a luggage tag with an Ironman symbol on it and the name John Connery. A little research leads her to John’s Gym where she meets Mike, John’s son. John had recently passed away so the tag means a great deal to Mike. As a thank you, Mike becomes Bryce’s personal trainer and she is soon entering races. Before too long, the pair’s relationship begins to bloom into something more than what is normal between a trainer and athlete.

**** FOUR STARS! Any reader that has struggled with their weight will easily be able to empathize with Bryce. On that same track, anyone who manages to work full times and also exercise daily will feel a connection too. This author writes about what she knows. Christine Mazurk is a business woman and Ironman triathlete. Her experience shows on every page and makes the story believable. ****

Shaman’s Shell by Jeanine Duvall Spikes
While beachcombing with her close friends in Hidden Cove, Clara O’Keefe finds a small turtle shell. From its cavity she pulls out a necklace. It looks to be American Indian, with a teardrop oyster shell suspended from a loop of beads. Clara is eager to do some research and leaves Munnatawket Island for the mainland. Shortly thereafter, Clara is hired as a research assistant to Dr. Nathan Kestrel. She cannot shake the feeling that the archeologist wants something from her, but also believes Nathan to be an honorable man. As Clara and Nathan work on a dig together, they find more questions than answers. Each feels drawn to the other, yet neither knows whether the other can be fully trusted or not.

***** FOUR & A HALF STARS! This story has a bit more of a paranormal element in it than the prior ones. Fans of history will be interested too, especially if they also have a yen for magic. Jeanine Duvall Spikes has a crisp writing style that is easy to read. The surroundings are vividly painted and the main characters’ feelings are well expressed. This author has major talent. *****

Moving Pictures by Annette Blair
While combing the beach of Hidden Cove with her friends, Anastasia Jones finds an old camera. The broken digital camera is a pre-release model of a (2009) Cannon. The chip within it is a little worse for wear, but not in bad condition. Once accessed, Anastasia views the vacation photos of Max Peabody, but there is one file that she is unable to open. Though Anastasia has recently lost her mother, is jobless, and the bank just took the historical family home, she decides to track down Max Peabody; at least she could give him his missing happy vacation memories.

Max turns out to be the world-class advertiser of Peabody Marketing. The man is a hermit iceman. Mistaking her for being a temp from the agency, he places Anastasia at a computer and puts her to work. By the next day the identity error is known, but Max realizes the lady is uber-talented and hires her as his personal assistant.

To Anastasia, residing in a small section of his huge domicile is better than living out of her broken down truck. The pay is awesome too. But the people in the camera are nowhere to be seen and Max is an unemotional robot who prefers his privacy. If not for his dark aura, Anastasia would not have believed the man to be human. Anastasia makes it her mission to make the robot crack a smile.

***** FIVE STARS! This tale closes the circle and ends as it began – the SOS looking into a tide pool. This story is a little bit longer than any of the others. After all, life as Anastasia has always known it has been taken away. She has been stripped of everything but a few clothes and a vintage sewing machine. As for Max, he has nothing but his work and money.

As this story played out I noticed events from the other stories taking place. Anastasia answers the phone call that Clara made in the first episode and the Shaman’s Shell is mentioned. So the events in all four ladies’ lives are happening simultaneously. Their interactions within this story somehow made them very real to me. Perhaps it is due to the personal touches littered throughout this episode. Annette Blair is selfless when it comes to giving out personality details and inserting wacky humor. (The stolid recluse was defenseless against Anastasia’s crazy hats and balls.) Blair is an amazing author!

To me, the best part of this novel is the ending. As the four friends stand together, I recall the changes each has made. I feel as though I actually know these people. So perhaps, just perhaps, these four authors make up their own SOS group. *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Hope Ramsay
Title - Last Chance Christmas

Lark Chaikin has no idea why Pop’s last request was to be cremated and his ashes to be spread on the eighteenth hole of a mini golf course in Last Chance, South Carolina. As far as Lark knows, Pop had spent less than two weeks in the small town forty years ago. But she must admit that now is a good time. Taking care of Pop’s ashes gives her an excuse to avoid work briefly and try to come to grips with her nightmares. Lark is a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer. Her photos told the emotional story of what was happening in the war-torn parts of the world. On her recent assignment in Libya, Lark lived through something that has her shaken up. She can no longer bring herself to click the shutter on her camera. She has a little over a week to deal with Pop’s ashes and pull herself together. Christmas Day would see her on a flight to Africa and back to work. Lark learns that the Bible Belt is nothing like home in New York. From the minute she arrives in town, Lark is made to feel very unwelcome.

Police Chief Stonewall “Stone” Rhodes has enough trouble in his life. The last thing he needs is the daughter of the most notorious man ever to set foot in Last Chance causing problems. Her father, Abe, is blamed by many for the death of his grandfather. Lark’s presence has his father furious. No one really knows what happened on the eighteenth hold of Golfing for God that long ago night. Did Zeke have an accident? Or had he been beaten and murdered? But, again, Stone has enough troubles of his own. His wife, Sharon, died six years ago in a car wreck and Stone is still grieving. Lizzy, his teen daughter, is sweet on the new boy from Michigan. David’s family is Jewish, while Lizzy is Christian, and the boy’s mother does not want David to be friends with Lizzy; she want the family to move back to Michigan. Then there is Stone’s eight-year-old daughter, Haley, who believes that she has been seeing a crying angel for many years. Haley is convinced that The Sorrowful Angel wants to earn her wings and return to Heaven. Could his life possibly get any worse?

Stone’s father is standing in Lark’s way of fulfilling Pop’s last request, so while she is stuck in Last Chance, she may as well try to find out what happened forty years ago. As Stone and Lark spend time together, her digging into the past is causing much ado in town. And it looks as though the event of forty years ago just may repeat itself.

**** FOUR STARS! This is a heartwarming story that is perfect for any time of year. It has romance, an old mystery, and even a bit of suspense (when the body of a local man is found) and mayhem. The story’s main focus is on Lark and Stone, but the two daughters get some time in the spotlight as well. Because I live in South Carolina, I was a bit disappointed when Lark received such a hostile welcome, but as the background of the town became clearer I could easily see why the locals would wonder if she was up to no good. Lark’s character goes the extra mile to help Stone’s family bring the Spirit of Christmas back into their lives. By end of the exciting climatic ending, you will be unable to say that angels do not exist and watch over us. I plan to read this story more than once before the New Year. I found it to be downright magical! ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Katie Lane
Title - Hunk for the Holidays (Christmas Contemporary)

Cassandra “Cassie” McPherson is a workaholic. She has always worked hard for her family’s construction business. She is too busy to socialize. Whenever Cassie needs a date for a party or office function, she simply calls an escort service. So when James shows up Cassie assumes he is her hired escort for the evening’s party. Unlike any of her previous escorts, James not only fills out a tuxedo nicely, but he is intelligent, observant, and extremely charming. For once, Cassie is tempted to do what she never has before – have a one night stand.

James built his company, Sutton Construction, from scratch. It is now a million dollar company. As a workaholic with a growing business, he has had to attend several business parties and mingle with all sorts of women, but he has never met anyone like Cassie before. When James realizes that Cassie believes him to be her hired escort, he goes along with it. By the end of the night James has decided that he wants to spend more time with the lovely spitfire. But before he does, James intends to let Cassie know who he really is: her family’s fiercest business rival. However, James never gets a chance to tell Cassie, thanks to the alcoholic drinks. And he wakes up the next morning to the feel of Cassie doing some wild things to him. Now his dilemma is trying to figure out how to reveal who he is without losing the woman of his dreams.

**** FOUR STARS! Avid readers know that the best thing about the holidays (Oct. – Dec.) is the holiday themed stories that are published. This is one of the most fun and entertaining Christmas romances that I have read in the past few years.

Though the story’s main focus remains on Cassie and James, the author includes a side romance between two secondary characters. Then there is Cassie’s ninety-year-old Aunt Wheezie who is always ready to give love a gentle push – or a hard shove when necessary. Add in a mangy cat and some nosey neighbors and you are guaranteed to be entertained. Highly recommended! ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Regina Andrews
Title - Light of the Heart
(Sterling Lakes #1, Inspirational Romance)

Cascade Preston is a well known stained glass artist. Cascade believes her life is going just fine until her cousin/employee, Abby, breaks the number one rule: No jobs from Sterling Lakes. Cascade still harbors a lot of hate and resentment for the city that had turned blind eyes as her father physically abused her mother. So when a gentleman arrives claiming that she is holding up the renovation of a church in Sterling Lakes, Cascade tells him that he is mistaken since she never put in a bid for the project. This is when Abby confesses to forging Cascade’s name. Feeling bad for the man, Cascade agrees to give him referrals to other artists, but she ends up going to St. Luke’s Church to take a look at the construction site.

Brendan “Dan” McQuay is the project manager for the church’s renovations. Every day the stained glass lady, Cascade, fails to show up at the site he loses money. And Dan needs that money to help pay for his mother’s care. Confronting Cascade about her tardiness reveals why she has not been making any appearances. After Cascade comes to look over the site and speaks with Father Greene, she decides to take the commission. Dan is happy to be able to finally get back to work. But there is something about Cascade that tugs at his heart. Dan has never allowed himself to even think about becoming involved with anyone during at a project, but this lady just may be an exception to his rule.

**** FOUR STARS! Let me state up front that this story is an Inspirational Romance. Bluntly put, this means the two main characters are Christians and look to God for guidance. This romance has no danger or suspense, excluding a boat accident. It is purely a love story about two people who grew up with life handing them lemons. Both, especially Cascade, need to learn how to make lemonade, so to speak.

Neither main character has turned away from their religion or faith. There is wise advice littered throughout the story and quite a bit of soul searching. Unlike many books on today’s market, this one is not stuffed with “filler” pages where nothing interesting really happens. The author writes only what is necessary to move the plot along. (Though I am a bit surprised that Dan never even once considered pressing charges due to forgery or breach of contract.) The main characters have well developed backgrounds; however, I often wanted to know more about their siblings and a few of the secondary characters. Perhaps in the next episode of this series (to be titled Angels of the Heart) will shed some light on at least a couple of them.

The town of Sterling Lakes had a dark background one generation ago. It is up to the residents of this generation to heal from it and possibly make it a nicer place. If it is up to Regina Andrews – and I dearly hope it is – Sterling Lakes is about to become a much better place to live. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE! or from Writers Exchange by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: William Wilde
Title - Stories That Bite You (Horror Anthology)

Marathon - While a mob of people, with death in their eyes, are chasing a man in the streets, the man is plotting how to escape them. (Five stars.)

The Season - A wasting disease has everyone’s body deteriorating into husks. (Three stars.)

Dead Air - Earth’s atmosphere envelope is leaking slowly away. People fight for bottles of oxygen. (Five stars.)

Street Dogs - Ricky gets his kicks by vandalizing vehicles parked on the street. The BMW 325 is just too good to pass up, even though it has a decal sticker stating that the vehicle is protected by Watchdog Corp. (Five stars.)

Plastic - Dr. Fairley is a plastic surgeon. His brother had been too, until he was slashed to death by a female patient. Since the police cannot seem to locate her and do not believe his theory, so Fairley is hunting her down. (Five stars.)

Derelict - When Burke goes to inspect an old derelict warehouse, he finds a horror living within. (Four stars.)

Stinger - Harry specialized in stingers: hornets, yellow jackets, and wasps. One morning he wakes and realizes that he has had a major stroke. His wife refuses to help him, but one of Harry’s insect friends would. (Four stars.)

Animal Games - Sandra has always had a fear of wild animals. Now she is seeing wild predators everywhere. (Four stars.)

Litter - While working on the highway litter crew, Kenny comes across a strange small doll. (Four stars.)

Freeway - Keller packs his vehicle and leaves town in search of a better life. (Three stars.)

Machine Screams - All Mayes wants is a snack, but the vending machine is acting strange. (Two stars.)

Bandwagon - Everyone in town is wearing a city pride campaign button, except Martin. And everyone insists that he get one too. (One star.)

Totem - Carly is at the ATM in town when two punks walk up with evil on their minds. But the locals are protected by Totem Security Services and there is a very good reason why the town has no crime. Carly is about to discover the reason. (Five stars.)

Manfleas - The town is overflowing in Manfleas. To survive, humanity slaughters all they find. (One star.)

Crop - Farms believe they now have the answer to the world food shortage. (Three stars.)

The Lot - After Walt is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, early stage, he began looking for a cure. Just as he is about to give up hope, Walt receives an email. (Four stars.)

Paper Cut - Morris receives a paper cut while going through his mail. For some reason, the tiny cut refuses to heal. (Three stars.)

Intrusion - When Janice’s children enter the house, they bring a strange man in with them; a man who claims to be her husband. (Three stars.)

Barrel of Screams - Ron is given five dollars to simply scream into a barrel. It is for a college kid’s sound mixing project. But after he does, Ron cannot stop hearing the screams of other people. (Three stars.)

Notes on the Stories - This part is not a story. Instead, the author gives backgrounds of some of the stories and tells how they came to be written. (Four stars.)

**** FOUR STARS TOTAL! Twenty stories in all, including the final notes. Most are outstanding. Only a few are what I would call duds. (But remember, these are only MY opinions. After each title, I give a very brief synopsis, followed by what I believe it should be rated.) Sometimes the good guys win. Sometimes the bad guys do. A majority of the stories left me feeling uneasy. A couple left me with chills. A few left me laughing at something ironic or at the author’s wit. Highly recommended! ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Leah Brooke
Title - Her Dakota Men (Erotica/Dakota Heat #1)

Stacy Daniels returns to the ranch she had grown up on in order to attend the funeral of her father. Her father, Benton, had always hated her and enjoyed causing Stacy misery. His very existence had been like a dark cloud hanging over her. Rex Dakota has been the ranch foreman since Stacy was ten years old. Rosa, his wife, has been the cook and housekeeper. But it is their three sons that Stacy likes the best.

No member of the Dakota family like the way Benton had treated his daughter, but it was the sons’ faces that had always promised retribution someday. Wolfe, Travis, and Cash have been in love with Stacy for years. They have waited years for her to grow up so that they could claim her as their bride and settle down with them on the ranch. Their parents urged their sons to tell Stacy how all three of them feels. Instead, the brothers decide to seduce her individually. With Benton’s death, Stacy is free to live a happy life with them.

Stacy loves all three brothers. She is unable to choose just one to be in a relationship with. Choosing one would cause hurt feelings and fighting; therefore, Stacy intends to only remain at the ranch for a few days to do any necessary paperwork for her father’s estate. Each brother approaches and seduces her. Each time Stacy makes love with one brother, she feels as if she is betraying the other two. In order to keep the brothers from killing each other, Stacy must leave them behind and go forward with her lonely life. Too bad the Dakota men refuse to let her walk away.

* ONE STAR! I apologize in advance. I usually enjoy this author’s stories, but this one leaves me cold. Stacy’s father had humiliated and caused her so much pain. The Dakota brothers are not much better. They are lacking in communication. They do not tell her that each of them knew she was sleeping with the others. The entire time, Stacy feels like a tramp. When she calls them on it, they treat her like a child, telling her to watch her mouth. When she leaves so as not to cause strife between the brothers, they get upset (even though it was done with good intentions), hunt her down, have her running in actual fear from them, and then they proceed to spank her so hard that she ends up sobbing! I feel as though Stacy got rid of her one horrid man (her father) only to receive three cruel ones. They do not ask Stacy to stay with them. They simply tell her that she will stay, will marry Wolfe, and she will belong to all three of them. WTF?! Stacy was on her own before she returned to the ranch for the funeral, so she knows that she can take care of herself. So why is she so meek all of a sudden?

Again, I apologize for my feelings about this story. But by the time I finished reading it, I felt awful instead of happy. *

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Vanessa Storme.

Author: Victoria Alexander
Title - What Happens at Christmas
(Christmas Regency Romance)

Young Camille had wed a man who was substantially older than her, and they had spent eight comfortable years together. Now Camille is a very wealthy widow and is looking to remarry. This year for Christmas, Camille wants a wedding proposal from Prince Nikolai Pruzinsky, of the ruling family of the Kingdom of Greater Avalonia. She does not love the man, but fully expects to fall in love with him after they are married. Since Nikolai has been reading novels by Mr. Charles Dickens, he mentions wanting to experience a traditional English Christmas. Camille decides to grant his wish. Of course, her family has never been what one might call proper, but by a very good stroke of luck everyone is out of the country for Christmas this year. Camille hires a troupe of actors to play the parts of her family, as well as all the other servants. What could possibly go wrong with such a brilliant plan?

Young Grayson Elliott did not confess his feelings of love to Camille until the day before she was to marry. From the kiss they shared that day, Gray could tell that she returned his feelings. Yet he had been too late. He spent the next eleven years on business travels and amassing his fortune. But this year Gray is spending Christmas with his family. Gray tells himself that he is over his feelings for Camille and that seeing her around the area would not be difficult. He should have known better.

Camille has always had some sort of impulsive adventure going on; however, this time her scheme borders on outrageous! Be that as it may, Gray never ignores an opportunity when it presents itself. So when Camille introduces him to Nikolai, Gray insinuates himself into her household by announcing that he has come to spend Christmas with Cousin Camille. Let the games begin!

**** FOUR STARS! I have long enjoyed stories by Victoria Alexander. She always cooks up a wild, romantic plot and spices it up with several tablespoons of wicked humor. This time the author has created a farce to end all farces. The story begins shortly before December Twenty-First and concludes on Christmas Day. Though this time frame is only five days, mad mayhem runs rampant in each one. Not only are the hired troupe filled with poor actors, but Gray is simply delighted to add more chaos into the mix. (I refuse to reveal what he does. Hilarious!) If anything could go horribly wrong for Camille, it does. But for the reader, that is a good thing. I am proud to highly recommend this jewel for your Regency/Romance Christmas list this year. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Various
Title - A Girl’s Guide to Guns & Monsters (Anthology)

The Drifter by Jane Lindskold: Prudence Bledstoe rides into town on a big buckskin stallion. She has a rifle in her saddle boot and six-guns on her hop. Prudence is hunting a hunter. A paranormal problem. A personal problem for her to put out of its misery, before it kills all.

**** FOUR STARS! A terrific story to start this anthology off right! Set in the old west, but with a suspenseful supernatural element. ****

Our Lady of the Vampires by Nancy Holder: Set in 1929. When the stock market crashes, many of the wealthy suddenly find themselves poor. A mother leaves her fourteen-year-old daughter at an orphanage, so she would not die from starvation. But it is not unusual for one of the girls to be found dead in the mornings. Drained of blood.

**** FOUR STARS! This one has the flavor of an old-time Gothic, but targeted for teens. The ending has an interesting twist. ****

Best Friends by Lilith Saintcrow: Her best friend and lover, Kate, is having trouble at home. Kate’s stepfather may not be human. The teen girls come up with a plan to deal with the problem.

*** THREE STARS! An okay story. Will appeal mostly to teen girls. ***

Elizabeth & Anna’s Big Adventure by Jeanne C. Stein: Elizabeth is eight years old. Her father works in the District Attorney’s office. Uncle David and Aunt Anna are bounty hunters. Aunt Anna is babysitting Elizabeth while everyone else is at a party. When two people claiming to be her dad’s coworkers arrive, Elizabeth lets them in. Instead, the two are thugs out for revenge on her father. But Aunt Anna is in the kitchen … and she is something more than human.

**** FOUR STARS! Short, sweet, with lots of suspense, and fun to read. ****

Lupercalia by Anton Strout: Leis Colchis has had a run of bad luck with guys. With a crossbow strapped across her back, Leis is going to put an end to it.

*** THREE STARS! An interesting twist on Cupid or Eros. This author has a very strange imagination and I like it! ***

Murder, She Workshopped by Kristine Kathryn Rusch: She is spending six weeks at a writers’ workshop in the Midwest. She is a wanna-be writer so the workshop could actually help her. But she is actually attending because she assassinates evil magical creatures that misuse a human form. In week three her target arrives.

*** THREE STARS! This one reads much as a modern day, urban fantasy. The lady is going through a divorce, so many can empathize with her, and is able to deal with the paranormal baddies. ***

Heart of Ash by Jim C. Hines: Lena Greenwood is a dryad. She is whatever her lover wants her to be. Janice is her current lover. At the beginning, Janice wanted Lena to be a superhero. Able to protect the innocent from the evil paranormals. But as Janice gets older, her tastes begin to change, which means Lena begins to change. And when the werejaguars attack, Lena is not as strong as normal – not as much of a superhero as usual.

***** FIVE STARS! Terrific! In all the fantasy stories I have read and all the MMORPGs that I have played online, I have never seen a dryad like this one. *****

Jiang Shi by Elizabeth A. Vaughan: After dealing with evil possums, ninja rats, and mysterious doctors who threw lightning, she could still deal with the small army of angry bikers filling her doorway. But Kate just does not feel like it. She is a middle-aged woman from Toledo who made the mistake of touching an ancient magical talisman and becoming the Wise One. Upon her shoulder sits Wan, an ancient Chinese mouse that guides and teaches her.

*** THREE STARS! Much of the story is filled explaining who Wan is, how she became the Wise One, and why paranormal baddies are showing up. But I still found it to be pretty entertaining. ***

No Matter Where You Go by Tanya Huff: Vicki Nelson was a police detective until her failing eye sight forced her into quitting. She became a private investigator. After discovering that creatures out of nightmare were real and eventually being Changed into a vampire (which cured her eyesight), Vicki is quickly becoming a pro at dealing with the weirder cases in the Toronto area. Her lover, Mike Celluci, is a police detective. When Mike hears that some idiots were possibly trying to call up a demon, the vampire and detective head for the cemetery. But the group of teens are not wanting a demon. They want something else.

***** FIVE STARS! This is a short story involving Vicki and Mike, characters from the author’s Blood Series. If you have not read the five-book series, then you are missing out! This story is just as fabulous as the series is. *****

Signed in Blood by P.R. Frost: Scrap was an imp. He could transform himself into Tess Noncoiré’s Celestial Blade when danger demanded it. He could slip between dimensions and times. When he suddenly drops a special pen in her lap, Tess knows something is up. Seems Scrap must go away for a short time, leaving Tess on her own without a weapon. And, of course, trouble comes knocking.

**** FOUR STARS! I may have to look up this series. If it is as good as this short story is, then it must be utterly terrific. ****

Broch De Shlang by Mickey Zucker Reichert: Melinda Carson is a single mother raising two daughters; one of which had been born with Patau’s Syndrome. Melinda finds it unusual that snakes are suddenly showing up, until she learns that her family is under a curse.

*** THREE STARS! This story is okay, but I found it to be very predictable. ***

The Wooly Mountains by Alexander B. Potter: There has not been a zombie alert in Vermont in almost a year. Vermont’s “Uncannies” get along with humans. Mostly. So what exactly is in the woods?

*** THREE STARS! To the people in this story, monsters are normal. Certain creatures in certain areas, much as wildlife. Territorial too. Good tale. ***

Invasive Species by Nina Kiriki Hoffman: Random Delaney is a vermin hunter. But the vermin she hunts are on spaceships. This time she and her dwarf assistant, Fern, are on a luxury run ship. On this trip the client has them exterminating metal mites. But the pest on board this luxury liner is something totally different from simple metal mites.

***** FIVE STARS! I never thought that an exterminator could ever have such interesting pests to deal with. A fabulous ending for the anthology. *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Mike Arsuaga
Title - Subspecies
(Subspecies #1, Erotic Dark Paranormal)

Doctor James "Jim" White is a vampire. He lives among the humans and teaches at a university. When he steps into the library and spies a lovely blond, Jim has no idea that he has just met the love of his long life.

Samantha "Sam" Johnson is a lycan. (Her kind hates the term werewolf.) She also lives quietly among the humans. Sam leads the good doctor to her apartment, expecting to give him a good tumble in bed before making a meal of him. Both are shocked when they learn what species the other is. Lycans and vampires live for centuries, each relegating the other to myth. The pair decides it would be safer for both of them if they began hunting together. Jim gets the prey's blood and Sam "processes" and freezes the meat for later consumption.

Jim and Sam begin scouring the internet for other non-humans. Lycans and vampires together are called subspecies. The pair creates a web page, Critters of the Night, that the subspecies community quickly recognizes to be the first support group of their kind. Jim and Sam even begin a local support group and others begin to join, but they are all careful so as not to become known by the humans. Whenever a group member needs help, Jim and/or Sam rushes to their aid. And when Detective Charleze Borden of Missing Persons begins to suspect Sam of murder, a couple of group members are there to help eradicate any possible evidence.

Both subspecies have major problems when it comes to reproduction. So when Samantha becomes pregnant, subspecies worldwide take notice.

**** FOUR STARS! No one under the age of seventeen should read this book. There are graphic bedroom scenes (one unwilling/forced), violence, and gore. I stress to all that this is an Erotic Dark Paranormal Series. Consider yourself warned.

This is the first title in the Subspecies Series. It is written in the First Person and follows Jim. My synopsis only reveals a small portion of the story's events. Much more happens than I tell. This title reveals how both species start to come together for the betterment of all. This also means that a form of leadership is needed and, of course, not everyone will be happy about the changes.

Author Mike Arsuaga has created a believable and pretty realistic story that managed to capture my attention quickly and keep my interest until the very end. Fans of the HBO series "True Blood" should seriously consider giving this novel a chance. Very dramatic. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE! or from Muse It Up Publishing by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Mike Arsuaga
Title - Subspecies, Inc.
(Subspecies #2 / Erotic Dark Paranormal)

Doctor James "Jim" White, a Vampire, and Samantha "Sam" Johnson, a Lycan, are founding members of Subspecies Inc., a Fortune 500 company, formed to promote the interests of Lycans and Vampires. The main objective is to integrate their kind into humanity. Jim and Sam have been together for six years. Sam has given birth to triplets. The pair is known as the First Parents. Not all subspecies are happy with the new leadership. Decisions must be made on whether to force immediate compliance to the new rules or to make a temporary (twenty years) compromise. At the same time, Contessa Malvina Arriago is dying. Jim and Sam travel overseas where Malvina requests a couple of favors.

After events for The Subspecies to reveal themselves to the world, Subspecies Inc. scrambles to put their kind in a positive light, stressing to all humans that they mean no harm and wish only to live in peace. Protesters and hate groups spring up instantly.

Later, Jim goes on a mission overseas. When his helicopter crashes, Jim wakens with amnesia. He is rescued by feral lycans in Basque Country and remains with the group for over a year. As memory returns, Jim uncovers a rogue operation working to create an army of super soldiers, putting Subspecies, Inc., at risk. When Jim discovers a power-hungry spy/traitor, high in the ranks of the corporation, the spy takes strong measures to ensure that Jim never returns to the United States of America. With everyone believing that he died fifteen months prior, Jim understands that no one will come to his aid. He must somehow remove his leg shackle (which has a bomb within it), escape the facility in which he is confined, and reach the safety of the nearest American embassy. Otherwise, Jim would never see his family again and the corporate spy would cause worldwide chaos.

**** FOUR STARS! No one under the age of seventeen should read this book. There are graphic bedroom scenes, violence, and more. I stress to all that this is an Erotic Dark Paranormal Series. Consider yourself warned.

This is the second title of the Subspecies Series. It is written in the First Person and follows Jim. If you have not read the previous title (Subspecies) then I urge you to do so before you begin this one. Readers who choose not to read the first title may find themselves lost and confused several times.

Filled with many of the characters that I have become familiar with earlier, it was easy for me to quickly submerge myself back into the lives of Jim and Sam. Cynthia, a secondary character in both stories thus far, plays a much more vital role this time around. In fact, Cynthia's character has greatly matured and represents The Subspecies superbly. Her character has grown in my estimate. There were times in which I believed she would steal the show. I hope to see much more of her in the future.

Author Mike Arsuaga has a dark imagination that will occasionally startle his readers as he tosses a few twists and surprises into his stories. Stellar! ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE! or from Muse It Up Publishing by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Karen Wiesner
Title - Woodcutter's Grim Series, Vol. I
(Classic Tales of Horror Retold)

"Papa" (Loosely based on Hansel & Gretel)

Six months ago Randall Parker's ex-wife, Josephine, had died in a horrible car accident. With Josephine had been their children, Henry and Grace. Randall's new wife, Amy, feels that the car accident would never have happened had Randall not left Josephine for her. Randall keeps explaining to Amy that there had never been any love in his previous marriage. He had been miserable, so he would have left Josephine eventually. Over the last couple of months, Amy has fallen into deep depression. Randall finally convinces Amy to come away with him to an isolated cabin in the northern part of Wisconsin, in the town of Woodcutter's Grim.

Upon reaching Woodcutter's Grim, the pair cannot help but notice all of the oddities. It is Halloween, yet the town looks deserted. The city's population sign only claims two. The church's sign proclaims that Judgment Day had arrived. Randall's watch, as well as Amy's, has stopped working. And what is with all the piles of sugar that are showing up everywhere?

When the couple reaches the cabin, more sugar piles are seen. Amy insists that Josephine has sent the children back from their graves for revenge. She has been seeing and hearing the kids for months. Until they arrived at the cabin, Randall never heard Henry and Grace calling for him, but now he does.

***** FIVE STARS! This story gave me the exact same eerie feeling that I experienced as I watched the movie titled (based on a video game) "Silent Hill". This tale is the first of a novella series about the Great Evil that dwells in the town of Woodcutter's Grim and its surrounding woods. The Great Evil likes to manifest itself in dark, twisted versions of fairy tales. My advice is to not read this story at night if you are alone. *****

"Blood of Amethyst" (Loosely based on Rumpelstilskin)

Gabe Reece is more than simply the sheriff of Woodcutter's Grim. He is also the Guardian and leader of an elite group of people that protects citizens from the Great Evil that inhabits the woods. Gabe is in love with Amethyst Phillips, who is seven months pregnant. Gabe yearns for Amethyst to marry him and move away from the farm that sits so close to the edge of the woods, but she is taking care of her ailing father. When Amethyst's father disappears in the woods, she refuses to leave the house in case he should return. Gabe quickly comes to realize that something is very wrong with Amethyst. Something in the woods is calling to her.

**** FOUR STARS! Ever wonder why Rumpelstilskin wanted a child of his own? This story gives and answer that will send chills up your spine. Sheriff Gabe Reece had a small role to play in the previous tale, but this time the Guardian takes center stage. Readers learn a little about the town's past, as well as the responsibilities that rest upon the shoulders of Gabe and the Brethren. An intriguing read. ****

"Dancing to the Grave" (Loosely based on The Pied Piper)

Diane Anders-Jones had been best friends with Amethyst until the Great Evil claimed her three years ago. Diane's grief caused her to miscarry. Diane and her husband, Kurt Jones, now have a second chance at having a happy life with each other.

Woodcutter's Grim is unlike any other town. This town is known for its misfortunes. But only a select, covert group of individuals know what is really going on. They are the Chosen Seven. They are the Brethren. They protect the town from the evil pervading it. They are led by the Guardian. Until three years ago, Sheriff Reece held that position. However, on the night Amethyst had been taken and Diane miscarried, the guardianship had been passed on to Prince, a newborn baby. Gabe and Amethyst are Prince's parents. Though Prince is now three-years-old, the boy has the mannerism of someone over the age of fifty.

In Woodcutter's Grim, on Halloween night, no one walks the streets for fun and treats. Everyone attends the "lock-in party" of their choice, dresses up as animals, and plays games. No one leaves the party until daylight the next day. As this Halloween approaches, Diane and Kurt prepare to host their annual "lock-in" party. But lately the town's children have been plagued by a mysterious virus, and only Diane realizes the truth. Can Diane and Kurt save the children from the Great Evil?

**** FOUR STARS! Though this series is basically a blending of romance and horror, the author leaned toward using mystery and suspense in this particular tale. The Brethren have been minus one member since the night of Prince's birth. By the end of this story, the seat will be filled and the Brethren undergo a change or two. Chills never raced down my spine while reading this one, but the suspense kept my eyes glued. ****

"The Amethyst Tower: The Final Chapter" (Loosely based on Rapunzel)

The Brethren is a body of people sworn to protect the town from the Great Evil pervading it. The barriers erected by the Guardian and the Brethren hundreds of years ago no longer contained the evil. Prince is the redeemed child of prophecy. As it was foretold, Princes has been born, died, reborn, and will continue to be - as many times need be - in order to fulfill his destiny. Prince will either rescue the Innocent that is held captive within the Amethyst Tower and bestow salvation on all or he will ultimately fail, leaving the Great Evil to consume all.

Innocent Rapunzel lives in the Amethyst Tower within the Black Woods. Her only company has been a small creature to help tend her every-growing hair and the hideous being she called "Father". In the past, Rapunzel looked forward to visits from Father. Yet as she matured, Rapunzel instinctively began avoiding the touch of Father, sensing his darkness. Recently Father has been informing Rapunzel of her fate in the near future. Her only hope rests squarely on the shoulders of the prince she sees in her dreams.

**** FOUR STARS! This exciting time-traveling romance ties up all the prophecy's loose strings nicely. After I finished reading this book and its addictive stories, I was left wanting more. Four novellas were just not enough to satisfy my craving for Woodcutter's Grim. To my delight, I have been told that the author has another set of stories set within the Woodcutter's Grim series. (Volume II contains a four-book [novellas] dealing with a curse on the Shaussegeny family. These stories are also loosely based on classic fairy tales.) The chills just keep on coming! ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE! or from the author's site by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Karen Wiesner
Title - Woodcutter's Grim Series, Vol. II
(Classic Tales of Horror Retold)


On All Hallow's Eve, in the dark-filled town of Woodcutter's Grim (Wisconsin), Jack Shaussegeny summoned the magic that lived in the area. He had hoped to end the male genetic defect that resulted in a weakened state of bone and muscle and led to an overall decline in vitality during middle age. Jack's wish was granted; however, the blessing Jack yearned for has become a curse. The entire Shaussegeny family now transforms during the full moon. If one leaves Woodcutter's Grim, he will be unable to transform and will endure agony. Only by being what he is and giving in to his predatory nature will he thrive and be strong.

Because the Shaussegeny name has long been synonymous with faithlessness, even unto their own chosen mates, the Great Evil adds one more curse upon the family: Only one chosen mate will be allotted to each family member. These chosen mates must also fall under the family curse. These pairs will know true peace only if the clan remains faithful to their chosen mates in word and deed. Apart, mates shall be restless and forever unsettled, gripped by a sadness and despair unlike any other. A terrible fate will come upon the one who breaks the mate covenant. The only way to break this multifaceted curse is that beauty falls in love with the beast and vice versa, that evil loves good and good loves evil.

"Moonlight Becomes You" (Loosely based on The Town & The Country Mouse)

Heather Rowe is a sharp and confident lawyer in the courtroom. But in her private life it is a different story. She has become used to men hurting and betraying her. When her fiancé gets another woman pregnant, Heather turns to fellow lawyer and friend, Lance Shaussegeny. Heather has always kept her distance, emotionally, from Lance because she could sense the darkness within him. He is a piece of the darkness that has pursued Heather all her life. But needing comfort, Heather and Lance finally give in to the passion between them. It did not matter to Heather that Lance was leaving the city that same night...until a year later.

Heather's three-month-old son, Gavin, is dying due to an extremely rare blood disease. None of the doctors or specialists can help. Heather has no choice but to travel to Woodcutter's Grim in hope that Lance could save Gavin. Since the night she and Lance made love, Heather has been changing. Her hearing and eye sight have become almost supernatural. And she has felt a strong connection with Lance. She could hear him calling her, begging her to come to him. She resisted until now. She only came to Woodcutter's Grim for Gavin's sake.

The entire Shaussegeny family welcomed Heather and Gavin into their midst. But could Heather ever accept the fact that she and Gavin can never leave? Can she accept what she is transforming into and that her son is not human?

***** FIVE STARS! This first story takes place thirty years after the curse was cast. For those with a soft heart, rest assured that the infant, Gavin, never comes to harm. So there is no need to fear or avoid this awesome tale. I could not stop reading until the very end and am about to submerge myself into the next Shaussegeny story. *****

"Bewitched" (Loosely based on The Little Mermaid)

Aric Sayer has been staying in the cabin for a week. Before that time, Aric has no memory. He only recalls being in a darkness that spoke to him. He had been unable to move, held prisoner somewhere deep within water. But then he had heard a female singing. Her mesmerizing voice broke through the darkness and he had followed it to this cabin.

Glynnis Shaussegeny often swims in Black Lake and has recently had the feeling of being watched. She soon discovers that a mysterious man is living in the haunted cabin across the lake. When Glynnis finally confronts Aric, she is surprised to feel as though she belongs to him. His eyes and skin are luminescent green. He wears a magical conch shell around his neck. And he seems to be as enthralled with Glynnis as she is with him.

The night of the full moon is fast approaching. Glynnis must seek aid from her family in keeping Aric safe from their inner beasts. Even with the man's strange power to control the storms and waves, he could easily be harmed or killed. To make matters worse, Aric is being hunted by another powerful being - one he cannot remember.

**** FOUR STARS! This is the second in a four-book miniseries within the Woodcutter's Grim series involving the curse of the Shaussegeny family. The story is loosely based on the tale of "The Little Mermaid". I have come to realize that this author, Karen Wiesner, has a manipulative side. She takes an innocent fairy tale, rips apart all but the main meat of it, and then inserts her own darker magic while captivating the reader with her awesome storytelling skills. As with the previous novellas, the main characters have well developed backgrounds and the curse causes the Shaussegeny family a plethora of problems in which they must deal with in a timely manner. It all adds up to give the reader one heck of a wild ride. ****

"One Night of Eternity" (Loosely based on The House that Jack Built)

Gav Shaussegeny had always been told by his father, Jack, that a man should never lose his prowess. Even if he falls in love, he can have as many other women as he wants and not hurt anyone. So after he wed Marnie, Gav continued to seduce women. But then the curse fell upon the Shaussegeny family. Part of the curse stated that a terrible fate would come upon the one who broke the mate covenant. So Gavin's affairs ended. After his initial transformation, Gav understood his wife's pain for the first time. He finally comprehended the depth of betrayal his conquests meant to Marnie.

Though Gav has not cheated on Marnie since the pronouncement of the curse thirty years ago, Gav's past transgressions are still raw between them. Gav knows he deserves her hatred. He does not deserve her forgiveness, but that is exactly what he expects from her. Tension builds until Gav decides to have an affair with his secretary. And when Gav commits the ultimate betrayal (again) and breaks the mate covenant, the promised repercussion begins.

**** FOUR STARS! This is the third in a four-book novella miniseries within the Woodcutter's Grim series. Each story can stand alone, but by reading them in order you will get the full gut-punch. In the first story, Lance returned to Woodcutter's Grim because his father, Gav, had disappeared in the woods. Heather and Lance's baby boy, Gavin, is named after Gav. (To keep from confusing readers, I used "Gav" in my synopsis for the father's name.) In the second story, Gav's disappearance is remarked on also. The family has figured out that Gav must have cheated on Marnie again and that the covenant part of the curse is at work, and they suspect (correctly) that Marnie knows exactly where Gav is and what is happening to him, but Marnie will not speak about her husband. The character of Marnie is very strong. Family means everything to her. I was impressed by her character during the first two stories. After this tale, I like her even more. ****

"Beauty is the Beast" (Loosely based on Beauty and the Beast)

The land of Woodcutter's Grim is an enchanted place, where fairy tales are often premonitions. Ransom Shaussegeny attempts to cure the family of the curse they live under. They are werewolves. Unlike the rest of his family, Ransom refuses to let his beast free or to hunt. When the change is about to occur, he chains himself to the wall until he becomes a man once more. Because he denies his beast the freedom to hunt, he is sickly.

When a traveler is in the family fortress at the time of his change, Ransom has to lock the stranger within a cell before quickly donning his wall shackles to protect the man. When he is human once more, Ransom releases the man. But instead of fleeing the place, the man enters the greenhouse and ends up killing an enchanted rosebush. When Ransom confronts the stranger, the man admits that he wants a rose for his daughter, Tess. To forgive the crime, the stranger must send Tess back. Tess must remain in the family fortress for the rest of the year. (Only November and December are left.)

Tess Moore is fascinated by the rose that is still fresh four days after it had been cut. Since she had touched it, her mind has been filled with the image of a tormented Ransom. Tess yearns to help the man. But can Tess love Ransom for who he is? Can she help break the family curse? And would Ransom still care for her when he learns her secret?

***** FIVE STARS! I admit that "Beauty and the Beast" has always been my favorite fairy tale and Wiesner's story is loosely based on it; however, that is not why I am giving this story such a high rating. This story deserves every star. Instead of accepting his fate and grieving, this hero is trying hard to lift the curse or find a cure. As for the heroine, she is not perfect. Her secret is worse than his. I find that fact to be a refreshing change. It is a gentle twist to make the tale even more interesting.

Karen Wiesner knows what readers want in their stories and she delivers. *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, directly from the author by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Cara Covington
Title - Love Under Two Benedicts (Lusty, Texas #1 / Erotica)

Five years ago Kelsey Madison sat in the car outside as her husband and little boy went into a store. Her heart had shattered as she watched a crazed killer gun them down. The shooter was caught, but not the accomplice who had been sitting in the getaway vehicle. Kelsey's gaze had met the accomplice's, but the shock had been too much and her mind blocked it out. From then on, Kelsey knew her life would always be empty. There simply was no love left within her to give.

Thanks to the nagging of a good friend, Kelsey has moved to Lusty, Texas, and has opened up her own restaurant called Lusty Appetites. Kelsey had thrown herself into the business and it has become very well known. It even attracts people from far away. The local paper ran an article about the victim-turned-entrepreneur. Kelsey did not know that the horrible events in her past would be mentioned, but the paper handled it well. Of all the people who read the article, two special ones began making plans.

Wesley Connors is a mayoral candidate. His rich sponsor expects a statewide campaign. Connors's face is to be flashed on television screens everywhere. The article reminds Connors that Kelsey had seen his face through the car windshield outside the store. She would be able to recognize his face on television. Before Connors could begin his life in politics, Kelsey would have to be silenced - forever.

Deputy Matthew "Matt" Benedict and his brother, Steven, had their eyes on Kelsey since her first day in town. Knowing about her horrific past, the men knew it would take Kelsey awhile to even become aware of either one of them as men. But when Matt sees that Kelsey has finally taken notice of them, he and Steven begin their campaign to win her heart. The men understand her resolve not to get involved romantically. They would allow Kelsey to believe that is okay. However Matt and Steven plan to seduce the lovely lady into their bed and get her body so addicted to their's that her heart would have no choice but to join in.

Just as Kelsey is becoming used to being in a town full of ménage marriages, as well as being in a ménage affair with two hunky brothers, a mother abandons her five-year-old son, Benny, at Kelsey's restaurant. Kelsey agrees to care for Benny until the law enforcement can locate his mother. Matt and Steven convince Kelsey to move into their home with the child. They have a huge home with plenty of room and the men could help her look after Benny. Matt would keep looking for the missing mom. Steven, who takes care of their horses, would help entertain Benny. For the brothers, everything is going perfectly, until someone begins trying to kill Kelsey.

**** FOUR STARS! Cara Covington did a great job of describing the reaction of how a woman would feel (in my unexperienced opinion) should she have witnessed her family murdered. I totally believe it would take years for a woman to be able to feel emotions again...if ever. It was interesting to watch Kelsey slowly open up to Matt and Steven. As for Connors, the author spends a lot of time showing him stalk Kelsey, but not enough time actually doing anything about his problem. I kept expecting more danger. Kelsey did not even know she was in danger for most of the story. I am very disappointed there.

Unlike many eroticas, this one did not have the pain and humiliation of spankings. Kelsey does get a single slap/sting once or twice, but never turned over a guy's knee and spanked like a child. (Thank goodness!) Kudos to Covington for that! This is a wonderful story that I happily recommend to romance readers who enjoy hot and steamy bedroom time in their stories. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Vanessa Storme.

Author: Evangeline Anderson
Title - Claimed
(Brides of the Kindred #1)

When the Scourge was about to invade Earth, which would have resulted in humanity's extinction, they were saved by the Kindred, a race of Genetic traders from beyond the stars. As a reward, the Kindred demanded the right to find brides among Earth's population. The chances of being chosen are about the same as those of winning the lottery.

Olivia "Liv" Waterhouse is a nurse with a bright future in front of her. However, that future is ripped away when she gets drafted (a.k.a. chosen by a Kindred male). The only way Liv can get her life back is by resisting the Kindred who is claiming her for thirty days. Olivia must travel with him to the Kindred Mothership, have zero direct contact with anyone she knows on Earth, and remain in his company for four weeks. She must eat her meals with him and sleep in the same bed as him - but there are rules he must follow.

There are three different types of Kindred. Baird is a Beast Kindred. These dark, brooding warriors are savage in battle. Baird has recently escaped imprisonment and torture at the hands of the AllFather, leader of the Scourge. Through his months of torment and consuming pain, the one thing that kept him sane was Olivia. Their minds had aligned somehow. Watching her go about her days on Earth kept Baird strong. All Baird cared about was finding the woman in his mind and claiming her as his bride. His need to possess her overwhelms all else. Now, finally, Baird has claimed her. He has thirty days to seduce Olivia and bond with her.

Liv is determined to resist him or trick him into breaking the rules and voiding the contract. Once done, she can go home - back to her career, friends, and twin sister. But Baird is not going to make it easy for her. Every week he is allowed to touch Liv more and more intimately and, according to the contract she signed, she has to let him. This would be a battle of wills and seduction.

***** FOUR AND A HALF STARS! This is the first of a series about the Kindred Warriors and the strong, amazing women they claim for their own. The stories blend Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Erotica Romance. According to what I have read on the author's Facebook page, this series was originally to be three or four books long; however, there was a huge - and loud - demand for more. Luckily, Evangeline Anderson's imagination agreed with those cries for more and began working overtime. At the time of this review, the fifth book has just been released. I am reading these books, back-to-back, and will write up each review immediately upon finishing the book.

This story focused upon Baird and Olivia. The author did a wonderful job of explaining the "draft", the reasons it was necessary, and its rules. I could easily understand both main characters' sides. I felt Olivia's shock, disbelief, and horror at being drafted, followed by her determination to resist Baird so she could return to her life on Earth. On the flip side of that coin, I felt Baird's pain (both physical and mental), his need to claim the only woman in the universes that had been made just for him, his fear of losing her, and his desperate need to seduce and bond with her.

The main characters' backgrounds are well developed. Not everything was revealed about the secondary characters; however, enough was told for me to judge whether or not I could like them. The story also gave me hints about which pair would be the target of the next book. I am happy to be able to highly recommend this HOT space opera to all. (This is a stand-alone story with no cliff-hanger ending.) Excellent! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Vanessa Storme.

Author: Evangeline Anderson
Title - Hunted
(Brides of the Kindred #2)

When the Scourge was about to invade Earth, which would have resulted in humanity's extinction, they were saved by the Kindred, a race of Genetic traders from beyond the stars. As a reward, the Kindred demanded the right to find brides among Earth's population. The chances of being chosen are about the same as those of winning the lottery.

Sophia "Sophie" Waterhouse is the twin sister of Olivia, who is about to marry Baird, the Kindred she has recently bonded with. Sophie is to be part of the ceremony. Problem is that Sophie must give the Luck Kiss at the end of the wedding to Sylvan, a Blood Kindred. Sophie has always been afraid of needles and the Blood Kindred are (basically) modern day vampires.

Sylvan is a medic. After being rejected by his intended on his home planet, Tranq Prime, he made a vow never to call a bride. The Blood Kindred are cold as ice to their enemies and their fangs can be used as lethal weapons. But the sister of Baird's mate has Sylvan yearning to use his fangs in a different manner.

The AllFather also has a special interest in Sophie. When the ship Sophie and Sylvan are on is forced down, the pair begin running for their lives. They have only each other to depend on. Sylvan begins having a harder and harder time keeping his hands - and fangs - off of his lovely companion. And Sophie is resisting the urge to let him.

Meanwhile, Kat, a good friend of both Olivia and Sophie, is back on the Kindred Mothership with Liv. The good news is that there is a way for Kat to help locate Sophie. The bad news is that it involved having a kinky mind ménage with two hot Twin Kindred.

*** THREE STARS! This is the second title of the series. It is a blending of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Erotica Romance. Though this is a stand-alone story, readers that have read the previous book (Claimed) will enjoy it more than those who have not. The main characters from Claimed are secondary characters in this one.

For this story, the focus is mainly on Sophie and Sylvan. More of the AllFather's plot and the prophecy are revealed. The author also inserted a couple of subplots to increase suspense, add an extra HOT bedroom scene with one or two or three of the secondary characters, and even give a few hints about possible contents of the next title. As a small added bonus, readers get a glimpse of the AllFather's son. If you think being the AllFather's prisoner is bad, just wait until you see some of what the son goes through.

I do not consider the ending to be a cliff-hanger, because all the primary strings are tied involving Sophie and Sylvan. But that is NOT the case for Kat, a secondary character. Big strings are left dangling there and will be picked up at the beginning of Sought (Book 3), which will tell her story. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Vanessa Storme.

Author: Evangeline Anderson
Title - Sought
(Brides of the Kindred #3)

When the Scourge was about to invade Earth, which would have resulted in humanity's extinction, they were saved by the Kindred, a race of Genetic traders from beyond the stars. As a reward, the Kindred demanded the right to find brides among Earth's population. The chances of being chosen are about the same as those of winning the lottery.

Katrina "Kat" O'Connor is the close friend of Olivia and Sophie Waterhouse. When Sophie had been missing, Kat was able to locate her with the help of Lock and Deep, Twin Kindred. The problem is that to activate the psychic seeking power Kat had to have a kinky mind ménage with the brothers. Ever since then Kat has been unable to get their feelings out of her head.

The Twin Kindred are warriors that always come in pairs and cannot be separated. If they are parted, they experience physical pain. Locks Tight is the light twin and does not even try to conceal his love for Kat. Stabs Deep is the dark twin and he is trying his best to keep Kat at a safe distance. But since the three joined minds, Kat has a partial bond with the brothers that is causing her head to hurt terribly.

Kat and her twin warriors go to the men's home planet, Twin Moons, to find a cure for the debilitating illness. Kat wants to dissolve the half-formed bond. Lock wants to convince Kat and Deep to complete the bond, which will keep them together forever. But Deep has a secret tragedy in his past that makes him feel unworthy, so he is trying to deny his growing feelings for Kat.

Meanwhile, the Scourge has captured Lauren. She is related to Olivia and Sophie. She is the female that the AllFather has been searching for and the key to fulfilling a dark prophecy.

*** THREE STARS! If you have not read the previous two titles of this series, please do not begin reading this one until you have. As this story opens, Kat and her twin warriors already have a history together. Their first meeting and the time they spent with each other was revealed in the subplots of those first two adventures. The length of this book is around 129,000 words. If it were in print, this novel would be considerably thicker than most.

The backgrounds of most characters are fully developed. The only ones not are those who play minor roles or those who will have their own story told later; however, there is one exception. Lauren Jakes and her mate will be the primary couple in the next title, Found, yet much of their story is told in this one. By the time you finish Kat's steamy adventure, you will be eager for more. This tale has a cliff-hanger ending, but it stops in a good place and the next title has already been released so you may dive straight into Lauren's story. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Vanessa Storme.

Author: Evangeline Anderson
Title - Found
(Brides of the Kindred #4)

When the Scourge was about to invade Earth, which would have resulted in humanity's extinction, they were saved by the Kindred, a race of Genetic traders from beyond the stars. As a reward, the Kindred demanded the right to find brides among Earth's population. The chances of being chosen are about the same as those of winning the lottery.

Lauren Jakes is the long lost cousin Liv and Sophie never knew they had. Recently she had been abducted by the AllFather, leader of the Scourge. But Lauren ended up forming a bond with Xairn, the AllFather's son. Thanks to Xairn, Lauren has escaped the AllFather. But the AllFather is able to track Lauren and Xairn by their DNA. In order to get off his psychic radar, Lauren and Xairn must have their DNA altered. Xairn knows someone who can help them do this. However the planet they travel to is known for nothing good.

As Lauren and Xairn travel to Earth, Lauren tries to convince Xairn that their feelings for each other are NOT wrong. But even though Xairn looks human (no more red-on-black eyes or gray skin), he is still Scourge. His type of mating bond urges him to commit unspeakable acts on and to his chosen bride. These forbidden desires are coded into his very DNA and unable to be altered. And as the two try to find a way around these huge roadblocks, the AllFather is making new plans.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Detective Adam Rast still searches for missing women. Though he refuses to believe that Sylvan's kin, Nadiah, has the gift of Sight, he has gotten desperate enough to ask for her help. But Nadiah telling him that the women he searches for have been taken by the AllFather for torture and death is NOT what he wants to hear.

*** THREE STARS! Due to Xairn's Scourge DNA, the steamy bed scenes lean more on the rough side. Expect BDSM, body piercing, spanking, branding, bondage, Dom/Sub, and more. Anything and everything goes this time around.

This is NOT a stand-alone book. In order to fully understand this story you must first read the previous titles: Claimed, Hunted, and Sought. Otherwise, you will find yourself scratching your head in wonder a few times. This novel is also longer than normal. This is because there is a subplot story involving Nadiah and Adam Rast and they will be the primary couple in the next title, Revealed.

On a personal note, some of the domineering and rougher love scenes left me cold. I want to warn readers not to attempt the things they read in this story. The author clearly states at one point that a normal human female would be harmed, possibly badly, if they tried. Lauren's altered DNA is the only reason she is able to do them.

The last thing I want to mention is that this book has a major cliff-hanger ending. Before you read the last few pages, make sure you have the next title handy so you may dive straight into it. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Vanessa Storme.

Author: Evangeline Anderson
Title - Revealed
(Brides of the Kindred #5)

When the Scourge was about to invade Earth, which would have resulted in humanity's extinction, they were saved by the Kindred, a race of Genetic traders from beyond the stars. As a reward, the Kindred demanded the right to find brides among Earth's population. The chances of being chosen are about the same as those of winning the lottery.

When Detective Adam Rast learns that Sylvan's kin, Nadiah, is being forced to return to her home planet, Tranq Prime, he has mixed feelings. He is still resisting his strange urges to protect and possess the exotic beauty. But when he learns that Nadiah will then be forced to wed Y'dex, a man who will abuse her daily and in multiple ways, Rast issues a challenge. It is said that only a Kindred warrior was able to win the challenges and break a blood-bond, especially one that has been in place for so long. Yet Rast still does not hesitate to act as her champion. The biggest problem is that should Rast somehow win, Nadiah's soul would become untethered from Y'dex's. If her soul did not have another, stronger soul to anchor to, Nadiah would die.

But Rast is not what he appears to be. Rast's past holds a powerful secret, one even he does not know about. Can this strong Human accept the truth about his past? Will this truth help him set Nadiah free? Because if Rast and Nadiah survive the challenges and the breaking of the blood-bond, their ordeal would not be over. A greater and more dangerous quest awaits them.

Meanwhile, back on the Kindred Mothership, Sylvan's friend Merrick (who missed the wedding) has finally arrived and he is not alone. Before landing on the Mothership, Merrick spies a Scourge escape pod. It contains a stasis chamber with a lovely female sleeping within. Once Merrick turns the hibernating woman over to the ship's Medic Station, he is unable to leave her. She is Elise Darden, the last female that the AllFather had kidnapped from Earth. Somehow Elise had escaped, but not before the AllFather had enjoyed abusing and torturing her.

**** FOUR STARS! There is always a prophecy where the Kindred are concerned. When one is fulfilled, two more seem to take its place. This story's main focus is on Nadiah and Rast; however, you must read all the previous titles of the series before this one. (Titles in order: Claimed, Hunted, Sought, and Found.) There are more typos than normal too. I have no idea as to why.

Once again, the author ends this book with a major cliff-hanger. At the time of this review, the next title has not been released. This means readers are unable to simply dive into the next adventure. If you detest this type of ending as much as I do, please find a good place, near the end of the book, to stop reading until the next title is available. This cliff-hanger (mostly) has to do with Merrick and Elise. Their story begins in this story's subplot.

The author has begun expanding on the Kindred types also. An exciting "new" type of Kindred enters the series. This opens up a galaxy of possibilities for Evangeline Anderson to work with. A new enemy is mentioned and readers get a pretty good look at them. This one is much worse than the AllFather - so much so that the Goddess has to enter the space opera. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Vanessa Storme.

Author: Becca Van
Title - Alpha Panthers (Terra-form #1, Erotica)

April Waterson waves good-bye to her friend and work colleague, Olivia Hammond, after a night out for dinner and a few drinks. As she walks toward the cab stand, April's head begins to feel strange and her limbs feel suddenly heavy. Once April shakes off the strangeness, she finds herself alone and in the middle of a forest. Feeling too tired to do anything else, she sleeps.

Gage and Saxon Kian are Alphas of their people. They are panther-shifters. They come upon a sleeping April and know by her delectable scent that she is their mate. The men know that it is possible for the woman to be a mate to other types of were kind. In order to keep April for themselves, Gage and Saxon need to quickly claim her. Once they bite (mark) her and then make love to her (merging their scents with hers), there would be no chance of anyone else claiming her. The pair decide to mark her while is relaxed in slumber.

April wakes up screaming when two panthers bit her neck. Learning that she is the mate of two Alphas is too much. She wants only to find her way home. But by sneaking away, April only ends up being bitten by a third shifter. Ben Koku is a bear-shifter. Unlike Gage and Saxon, Ben had given April the choice of allowing him to mark her or not. Because Ben could help her deal with the two Alpha panthers, she agreed. Now the three shifters have to show their little spitfire of a mate that they would never harm her and that they want only to love, protect, and cherish her. Once April accepts them, they could make love to her and merge their scents. But there is one female panther-shifter who would like nothing more than to see April dead.

** TWO STARS! (M/F/M) This alternate reality story shows that the author has a fertile imagination. (No pun intended.) However, the writing style made me hear the narration (in my head) in a dull, monotone voice. Much is written about how and what the characters feel toward each other, but not nearly enough description is given to their surroundings. I saw the garden, bedroom, and dining hall often, yet I never got a clear image of them. I know there is a garden pond. I have a vague idea of what the bedroom looks like. As for the dining hall, I envisioned a school lunchroom or something from the Middle Ages. I know April was in a kitchen once but there is zero description of it. Due to all this and more, I never felt inclined to believe in any of it as being real.

Another problem I had is when April is raging with a high fever due to a knife wound. This is told as if it were an afterthought. I never worried for April's health. I never felt any of the anguish that her three mates went through. Had it been described over several pages, I would have felt a huge connection with these characters. They would have been "people" to me instead of mere "characters". As for the knife wound, once the short paragraph about her fever I do not recall hearing of it causing pain, discomfort, or even being tender. It was unrealistic to me.

Everything else in the story is great. The author did a good job of showing that April cared about the people. She always thought of the people before herself. Becca Van also conveyed how hard it was for the shifters to keep a tight rein on their inner beasts. Because I see lots of potential, I am going to purchase the second book in the series and give this alternate reality another shot. **

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Vanessa Storme.

Author: Becca Van
Title - Taming Olivia (Terra-form #2 / Ero)

Olivia Hammond's best friend, April, disappeared from the face of the Earth one year ago. Olivia never expected to see her again. While walking home one night, Olivia begins to feel strange and her body becomes heavy. The next thing Olivia knows, she is standing in a forest watching a very pregnant April hug a gigantic bear. Once April explains that the bear is her mate and so are the two ferocious panthers sitting directly above Olivia in a tree, everything goes black.

Olivia regains consciousness to find out that she now resides on an alternate reality called Terra-form. Fortunately, Olivia has April, who is able to inform her as to exactly what is going on. Unfortunately, Olivia learns that the two gorgeous men following her around like adoring puppies are to be her mates. Olivia has deep emotional scars caused by a man she had trusted as a child and a serious self confidence problem when it comes to being in a relationship. Therefore, Olivia had learned to use her sharp tongue and wit as a shield against anyone who threatened the defenses around her heart. So Cedric and Hugh Kiath (nicknamed "Frick and Frack" in Olivia's mind) receive a barrage of verbal assaults. Nevertheless, the two panther-shifters are soon wooing the reluctant human female. But as Olivia begins to lower her defenses and seriously things about accepting the warriors, a third panther-shifter steps forward to claim her as well.

* ONE STAR! (M/F/M) April's story is told in the book titled "Alpha Panthers". I had some problems with April's story, but decided that Terra-form was intriguing enough to give this second story a try. This time the writing style is a little better. The narration did not sound so dull to me. The scenery is still way too vague though. Becca Van had improved since the previous tale and I had hope that Olivia's story would be pretty good. Instead, I find major problems, the biggest being when the author contradicts herself.

In April's story, Becca Van clearly stated that once a mate bit (marked) his woman and then made love to her (merging their scents), there was no chance of anyone else claiming her. However, that is exactly what happens to Olivia. (The third shifter appears the day after Cedric and Hugh had bit and made love with Olivia.)

In the previous story, April often felt bad about disappearing and leaving Olivia to worry. At the beginning of this story, Olivia mentions how her brother would often drive her and April home after they had a night out drinking; however, Olivia never again thought about her brother. She never felt bad about disappearing and leaving her own flesh and blood to worry about her.

My last problem with this story is when Olivia is kidnapped. The one who takes Olivia comes across hard, mean, and much like a sociopath. The scene briefly switches away and when I next see the kidnapper, he is suddenly gentle and honorable. It was an abrupt change in his character and I simply found it to be unbelievable.

There are hints that the author plans to write a third story in this series and there are clues as to which shifter-characters may be involved, but I am wary about spending more money on a story that (chances are) I would be unable to lose myself in. *

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Vanessa Storme.

Authors: Christine DeSmet, Karen Wiesner, Jane Toombs, & Carrie S. Masek
Title - Christmas Gems (Jewels of the Quill Anthology)

The Christmas Magi of Birch Bay
by Christine DeSmet (Dame Moonstone)

Vienna Campbell lost her husband, Michael, in Iraq five years ago. Last year she came home to Birch Bay, Wisconsin, on the shore of Lake Superior. She thought that returning to her hometown and running her grandmother's shop would sooth her. Perhaps then she could move on. Instead, everyone in Birch Bay has been inviting Vienna to all of their Christmas parties and insisting on toasting Mike for his service to the country. Vienna understands that the people mean well, but how is she to look toward the future when they keep bringing up the past? Things get worse when her landlord hands her an eviction notice. Vienna has one week to get her pets (six exotic silkie hens that have been trained to use a litterbox) out or she goes too. One week is an extremely short amount of time, especially when it is the week of Christmas! Help comes from the most unexpected source, the town nerd.

***** FIVE STARS! This short tale by Dame Moonstone reminds readers that love can not only be right under your nose, but can come from unexpected sources. Christine DeSmet must be a lot of fun in person, because I found this story to be full of humor and very insightful. (On a personal note, I loved how the author named the hens after the other Dames.) *****

Wings of Love (Cowboy Fever #1)
by Karen Wiesner (Dame Amethyst)

Wings "Mac" Mackenzie and Amanda Grant had met several times at business parties over the last twelve years. Both had been attracted to the other, but each time they met one of them had been in a relationship. However, when they met this time, Mac, mostly as a way to get her to come home with him, asked Amanda to renovate his ranch in Fever, Texas. They spent six glorious days together before Mac was called to deal with a business project in Florida. He never thought he would be stuck in Florida for three months, leaving Amanda at his ranch alone. Due to past mistakes with women, Mac was wary of going too fast for Amanda. To keep from spooking her into bolting, Mac moved slowly. He called the ranch only once a week and never told her how much he loved her. Problem was that Mac had been going too slowly. His mixed signals had convinced Amanda that Mac did not return her love. It would take an on-the-job injury to spur this couple past their fears.

***** FIVE STARS! The couple's trouble in this story is mainly due to a lack of communication and the fear each has of possible rejection. Normally stories such as this make me want to smack the pair for stupidity and tell them to spit out their feelings for one another. Yet Dame Amethyst/Karen Wiesner has written it in such a way that I sympathize with both of their plights. I cannot help but wonder if I would have done anything differently. I am left with a warm feeling and the belief that miracles are possible. *****

A Christmas Surprise
by Jane Toombs (Dame Turquoise)

Eighteen-year-old Penelope "Penny" Blake graduates from high school and is eager to take a mechanic course at a nearby college. She has always loved mechanical work. But her parents do not believe girls are cut out for such work. When her parents go out for a few hours, Penny is left to babysit her two-and-a-half-year-old brother, Sammy, who is asleep. Then Hank, the guy all the girls dream of being with, talks Penny into going for a spin on his Harley while Sammy sleeps. But when Penny comes back, she finds Sammy has been kidnapped. Penny is unable to keep facing her parents, so once the sheriff has left and her parents are asleep, Penny calls Hank leaves home. Three months later, Hank dumps Penny on his older sister's doorstep in Illinois without a backward glance. Doris Bennett is the total opposite of her brother, Hank. Penny moves in with Doris and begins making a new life for herself. Doris helps by getting Penny a job as a bookkeeper at her boyfriend's shop, Dan's Garage-Foreign Car Repair.

Penny has no trouble with the paperwork. With time on her hands and nothing to do, Penny watches Dan (Doris's boyfriend) and his mechanic, Joe, repair BMWs. The men are soon teaching Penny. She is a fast learner, a natural mechanic. This is where Penny meets Ben Sawyer. The cop brings in the oldest Beemer Penny had ever seen. But can Penny learn to trust her heart with another man again?

***** FIVE STARS! In a word, WOW! This story covers a time line of (around) fifteen months. I can hardly believe how much drama Dame Turquoise has managed to insert into a story that is not the size of a full-length novel. Jane Toombs is a very gifted writer and I found myself hooked quickly. The real world seemed to fade away and I did not come up for air until the last word had been read. Just - Wow! *****

Mistletoe and Holly
by Carrie S. Masek (Dame Topaz)

Set on Christmas Eve. Matt Porter hates Christmas. All he wants to do is get home and become a hermit until it's over. When a freak blizzard blows up, driving becomes dangerous and he nearly runs over an abandoned pet rabbit. The bunny's fur is almost covered with ice and Matt cannot bring himself to leave the animal to die. When he spies the sign for Forest Heights Urgent Care Animal Clinic, Matt pulls into the parking lot with relief. Matt intends to simply hand over the bunny and continue toward home.

Holly Welsh is in an elf costume because her nieces love for her to dress up when she attends her mother's Christmas parties. Making it over to her mom's place is delayed when a coworker is unable to get back into town due to the blizzard. So Holly agrees to cover the shift before heading to the family gathering. Shortly before it is time for Holly to leave, Scrooge walks in the door with a frozen rabbit. A handsome Scrooge, but a Scrooge none-the-less. It only takes a few minutes to handle the rabbit, but during that time the blizzard worsens and the radio announces that all the roads are closed and travel is banned. Matt and Holly become stranded in the clinic. Matt find Holly attractive, but does not care for her cheery costume. She does have a way with animals though. Holly finds him attractive too, but a major grump. With nowhere to go and nothing to do, the pair settle in and soon begin to get to know each other. But what seems to be their unluckiest Christmas ever may turn out to be just the opposite.

***** FIVE STARS! I am amazed at how Dame Topaz/Carrie S. Masek is able to create two people with totally different in attitudes, place them in an inexorable situation, and then manage to show how opposites attract. And these two could not be more different from each other! The author's writing is very descriptive. I could almost see the snow falling and hear the wind howling its displeasure. A terrific way to end the anthology! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Karen Wiesner by clicking HERE!
Or from Whiskey Creek Press by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Kimberly Van Meter
Title - The Reckoning (Dark Vampire Novella)

She wants more than revenge. She wants nothing less than the complete extermination of the vampire species. She is Dr. Isabella Beckett - Yale graduate, top government scientist, and the sole survivor of the Beckett family. Isabella had been nineteen when she came home from college and found the gruesome sight. Her parents, dismembered in pieces, with puncture marks in their necks. And her fifteen-year-old sister, Savannah...gone.

Now Isabella works for a secret branch of the government, The Bunker. She even has her own secret lab. Thanks to her Special Ops team, Isabella has a vampire locked in Bay III. Drugged blood keeps It weak. Before each examination or test they knock It out with gas chemicals. The government has its own reasons for her research, but Isabella is determined to figure out what makes the monsters tick so she can hunt down the one that killed her family.

Julien de Valsan had not been trapped in over four hundred years. When he wakes after the most recent study, Julien sees evidence that he had been filleted like a fish. His hatred for Dr. Isabella Beckett flares and he promised that there would be a reckoning between them.

When Julien escapes, leaving several corpses behind him, he immediately rushes to Dr. Beckett's home. He could kill her easily, but decides to delay his gratification and savor her for several nights before draining her dry. She has to suffer as he had suffered. But something totally unexpected happens once Julien tastes Isabella's blood.

***** FIVE STARS! I give fair warning that his vampire novella is Dark Fantasy. (Fans of the author Charlotte Boyett-Compo would especially be interested in this story.) The author can either stop here or, if she so desires, she can follow this with a full-length novel...if not a series. Personally, I want a series! There is a lot of potential here and I am very eager for more. A dark, yet tantalizing read! Stellar! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Annette Blair
Title - Kissingate Magic
(Novella from the Mammoth Book of Scottish Romance)

Set in 1846, Kissingate, Scotland. Five years ago Jacey Lockhart became pregnant. The father had been Gabriel "Gabe" Macgregor, a poor Vicar's son. The baby did not live. Becoming an unwed mother had severe consequences. Jacey's mother, the lady of Lockhart Keep, declared Jacey a disgrace and disinherited her. Since the Lockharts owned the parish living, Jacey's distant cousin, Nick, offered to be a scapegoat for her. By naming Nick as the babe's father, the Macgregors did not lose the parish and Gabe did not lose his living. (Gabe planned to become a Vicar too.) Jacey became an outcast and left in humiliation with her heart broken.

But now, after five years, Jacey is returning. Jacey's mother no longer lives. Gabe, who had wed Jacey's widowed sister, Clara, is not a widow himself. Since Clara's death, Bridget (Clara's young daughter), rarely speaks and never laughs. Though Gabe is Bridget's step-father, he has always felt as if she were his by blood. Bridget used to laugh and play with Gabe, yet now the grieving four-year-old will seldom even look his way. When Gabe writes Suttie, an ageless puppeteer, to come help cheer Bridget up, it never crosses his mind that Suttie would also bring Jacey. Seeing Jacey again is both a blessing and a curse. Gabe still loves Jacey but cannot shake his hurt feelings from her betrayal of having had a baby by another man. However, what hurts Gabe most is that Bridget instantly adores her aunt. To Jacey, Bridget will smile, hug, talk, and laugh. Yet the child's attitude toward Gabe does not alter.

As for Jacey, had Clara never died she would never have returned to Kissingate. Only for her niece would Jacey do so. Jacey must face a condemning village, Gabe among them, a flock who considers him a saint and her a sinner, to see by whom Bridget would be better raised. If Gabe turns out to be what Bridget needs, Jacey will stay in the area, even though she would still be shunned by all, to help in her care. But if Jacey believes that she would be better for Bridget, then Jacey will claim her niece and take her away. Either way, Jacey will never reveal the truth about five years ago. Better Gabe hate her forever than for him to lose all he loves.

***** FIVE STARS! Jacey is a strong-willed heroine with a stoic nature. Gabe's feelings toward Jacey are best called ambivalent. The author, Annette Blair, has given both a talent for prevarication. When it comes to Bridget, the seemingly star-crossed-lovers find themselves in quite a quandary. The results of all this is a story that will incite your interest and leave you with a warm feeling of pleasure. As a bit of added spice, the author has tossed in one or two twists and surprises. The biggest of which I never saw coming. No one can fire a reader's imagination better than Annette Blair! Excellent! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Stephanie Laurens, Mary Balogh, Jacquie D'Alessandro, & Candice Hern
Title - It Happened One Season (4 Regency Novellas)

The Seduction of Sebastian Trantor by Stephanie Laurens

Sebastian Trantor never thought he would need to wed. After the war ended, Sebastian spent his time increasing his fortune, restoring and settling into the gothic monstrosity he had purchased, and then indulging his interest in ancient languages, scripts, and cryptography. But Sebastian's solitude ends when his brother arrives. Viscount Coningsby has been unable to provide the family with the heir needed to ensure the title and entailed estates remain in safe hands. Should both brothers die, everything goes to a cousin, "Mad Freddie". Once in London, Sebastian is disgusted with all the simpering misses. During a ball, Sebastian escapes to the host's library for some solitude. The last thing he expects is for a young lady to pick the library's lock and then begin going through desk drawers.

Young ladies of the ton are being blackmailed. Miss Tabitha Makepeace is determined to find out by whom and to put an end to it. Fortunately for Tabitha, her search for answers catches the attention of Sebastian. She is unable to break the coding used and he is an expert on the matter. When the two are caught in a compromising position, Tabitha agrees to pretend they are engaged until her mission has been concluded. However, Sebastian intends to use their time together to convince Tabitha to marry him for real.

***** FIVE STARS! This story is more of a mystery suspense than romance, yet I feel it earns a full five star rating. The romance is not omitted. Instead, it slowly blooms between the couple. Well done. *****

Favorite Story Quote:
"Another blasted crush." Sebastian sounded distinctly unamused. "Enlighten me - why do ton hostesses consider assembling more guests than can comfortable fit in their rooms a good thing?"

"You'll have to hold me excused." Tabitha inclined her head to a pair of distant acquaintances. "That's something I've never fathomed myself."

Only Love by Mary Balogh

(Major) Jack Gilchrist had spent seven years in the army. The past five years he spent living in the country. He never even gave thought to marrying anytime soon, if ever. But when his brother, Matthew, Earl of Waterton, informs Jack that it is up to him to produce an heir - and quickly - Jack heads to London. In a fortunate coincidence, Jack meets up with the widow of Colonel Pritchard. Jack had met her while in the army. He recalls that she had been a plain, shy lady. Jack decides Cleo Pritchard would be the perfect choice to become his wife. But Cleo begs to differ. She never became pregnant while married before. Fearing she may be barren, Cleo offers Jack a sort of compromise. They would become lovers. If Jack impregnates her before the end of the Season, Cleo will marry him. Otherwise, they would part ways.

**** FOUR STARS! Needless-to-say in this story the main couple needs more private time than in the other novellas. Yet the author still manages to build a real and lasting love between Jack and Cleo. Most of the story involves Jack overcoming Cleo's reservations. ****

Favorite Story Quote:
"Which, like the color white," he explained to her, "is not the absence of anything but the containment of everything. I sometimes believe that if only I could understand nothing, I would know everything. And sometimes I feel I am about to grasp it - and then it eludes me."

Hope Springs Eternal by Jacquie D'Alessandro

Miss Penelope Markham used to teach art in Italy. But scandal forced her to leave Italy in disgrace and return to England to contemplate a future that looked very bleak. Lack of funds has her residing in one of the poorer sections. Just before she is accosted, Penelope is rescued by Captain Alec Trentwell.

Alec had been the commanding officer of Penelope's late brother, Edward. Through the letters Edward received from his sister and shared with him, Alec feels as though he has known Penelope for years. Now that Penelope has returned, Alec needs to meet her. He plans to introduce himself, then confess his part in Edward's death. Quick, impersonal, emotionless. Never once had he considered that he would be standing on the street, heart and head pounding, and gripping a knife after scaring off a man who would have harmed her. Nor had he imagined that by looking into her eyes, he would be so enthralled. Words fail Alec. Unable to express his guilty conscience, yet feeling a deep sense of responsibility toward her, Alec comes up with a way to remove Penelope from her unsafe quarters. Alec commissions Penelope to paint his portrait. Penelope would stay at his family's townhouse, where his brother, the Earl of Crandall, is currently residing with his family. (So Penelope would be well chaperoned.)

Due to Alec's older brother being unable to produce an heir. The task has been shunted off to Alec. But none of the dozens of society diamonds affects him as Penelope's kisses do. Their marriage is swift. Happy for the first time in so long, Alec keeps putting off his confession. However, the one year anniversary of that horrific day at Waterloo is rapidly approaching. Admitting his part in Edward's death can no longer wait.

***** FIVE STARS! I cannot help but admit that this is my favorite novella within this book. Penelope is not afraid to stand up for herself. She stands on her own two feet with her head held high, asking for nothing from no one. Yet she is honest, straightforward, and gracious - even to those who are not so pleasant toward her. The story is full of sass and witty dialogs. I actually caught myself chuckling several times. A brilliantly crafted tale. *****

Favorite Story Quote:
Alec's brow collapsed into a scowl. "I wasn't barking orders. I was merely -"

"Telling me what to do. In a very commanding way."

Fate Strikes a Bargain by Candice Hern

Captain Nathaniel "Nat" Beckwith has not yet been able to shake off that final stand at Waterloo. He is battle hardened and battle scarred, in both body and mind. Duty has been engrained into Nat. So when his elder brother, Lord Dearne, informs Nat that he must marry and produce an heir to the earldom, Nat prepares to do his familial duty. But Nat does not enjoy being out in society. Before stepping into the crush of party guests, Nat does "a bit of reconnaissance" from behind a potted orange tree and meets Miss Philippa Reynolds.

Philippa had been born with a displaced hip, causing her to walk with a severe limp. Despite her physical flaw, she does not wallow in self-pity and is tired of being smothered from her over-protective family. Within half an hour, Nat proposes marriage to Philippa. She is not insipid, clingy, dramatic, or complicated. She will not mind living away from society and is pleased with the idea of having children of her own. Her only requests are that Nat continue to be straightforward and honest with her, and to never coddle her. If she needs help, she will ask him for it. She desires to be treated as a normal lady. She is lame, not an invalid. With their bargain made, Nat and Philippa need only get through the Season.

**** FOUR STARS! This story shows that just because a person was born with a defect, it does not mean s/he is an invalid. Philippa's crooked hip and severe limp does not keep her from enjoying life. Nor does it make her an idiot. She is very intelligent. Philippa has a clear understanding of how her defect causes others around her to feel and she strives to put them at ease. I cannot help but admire a woman such as Philippa. And I will long remember this heartwarming tale, as well as its moral. ****

Favorite Story Quote:
"I am Miss Reynolds. Philippa Reynolds. If anyone should ask, we will invent someone who made the introductions. An elderly dowager, I think. Yes, the dowager Lady Kumquat, who sadly fell into a fit of the vapors and had to leave, the poor dear."

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Leah Brooke
Title - Crescendo (Erotica)

Set mostly in Philadelphia. Julianna Lovette quit Avante's without a reference. Ken, who runs the business, never did any work but did take all the credit for Julianna's accomplishments. The last straw had been when Ken demanded bed-relations. Julianna now has her own small designer/decorator business, Lovette's Designs. The small jobs Julianna is receiving are not enough to get a better place to live, much less cover all the overdue bills. In a desperate, long-shot hope, Julianna puts in a bid to design and decorate the new Crescendo hotel resort.

Julianna's romantic life has never been exciting. Wanting to find a way to spice it up, she makes the mistake of seeing a man she had met at a club owned by her friend, Gabriel Durand. David turns out to be a rough Dom and Julianna flees. In pain and deeply humiliated, Julianna drives (dangerously) back to her apartment. It is three in the morning. She wants to be alone. She wants a shower. She wants to forget. Getting out of her car, the hysterical woman cannot see through her tears. She falls, adding more painful scraps to her body and dropping her keys. Just as Julianna believes her night can get no worse, two men surround her. Luckily, these men are not the muggers she first assumes.

Nicholas "Nick" Morietti is the dark haired owner of Crescendo. Golden haired Steven "Steve" Vanguard is an ex-Army Ranger, head of security for Crescendo, and Nick's business partner. The two handsome men help Julianna reach her apartment safely and through the confrontation with David a short while afterward. Nick and Steven find themselves enchanted, totally enthralled with Julianna. Upon learning her name and silently realizing she is one of the design bidders they were about to pass over, the men decide to give her bid a second look. Nick and Steve had intended to give the contract to Avante's. A bit of researching and a background check reveals that Julianna is the reason Avante's has such a great reputation.

Neither man can stop thinking about Julianna. Reluctantly, they agree to share her. Understanding Julianna's strong skittishness with men, the duo put their heads together and creates an iron-clad strategy which ensures they have every advantage, including after hours (for needed meetings, updates, etc). But an enemy from Steve's past is back for revenge. Nick and Steve must protect Julianna from those who seek to use her against them.

**** FOUR STARS! Warning! No one under the age of seventeen should read this book. Out of all the eroticas I receive, only a few are worthy enough for me to take the time of writing up a review. This title is worthy! For those wondering, the story surrounds two men and one woman. Both of the men are doms. Sometimes the erotic sections include only Julianna and one of the men. Sometimes all three are involved. No whips. A few "light" toys. No real pain. And, of course, a happily-ever-after.

As for the plot, Steve's enemy is his former captain/friend. Someone is also sabotaging Julianna's progress with decorating the new hotel, causing her to fall behind on her Crescendo contract. I would guess that almost (but not quite) two-thirds of the book is actual plot and story line. Personally, I believe the story would have been better had there been more danger. I would not have minded giving up one or two of the sizzling, private sections of the story in order to read more danger and suspense. I plan to keep an eye on Leah Brooke's future novels for the next year, in hope of finding another tale set in the business world - with suspense, danger, and main characters between the ages of thirty and forty-five. Perhaps I will give Gabriel's story a try when it is released. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Sophie Oak
Title - Three to Ride (Nights in Bliss, Colorado #1, Erotica)

One year ago Elizabeth Courtney went on a blind date with the friend of a friend. Tommy Lane had set off a few red flags, so she had politely declined his offer for a second date. Instead of taking her hint, Tommy began stalking her. During that year, Elizabeth had to deal with his phone calls, letters to her boss, and vandalism. The police had done nothing. Cops tended to stick together. Even Tommy's partner sent Elizabeth threatening phone calls when she built a case against Tommy. But during the last twenty-four hours, Tommy went way too far. Elizabeth could not add arson and attempted murder to her list of charges. With the help of the doctor and nurses who treated her wounds in the hospital, Elizabeth did the only thing possible. She changed her identity and ran for her life.

Due to Tommy catching up with her once, she is on the second of the three identities that had been given to her. Currently her name is Rachel Swift. She has been on the run for over a year. Rachel's money has been depleted. She needs to earn more before she could hit the road again. Rachel finds herself in the oddest little town. Bliss, Colorado, is populated by the strangest, but friendliest, characters. Rachel is a waitress in a diner. Stella, the owner, may be the sanest person in town. But Rachel decides that the most wickedly handsome man is Maxwell "Max" Harper. Max has eaten every meal in the diner during Rachel's two weeks employed there. Stella says the big guy has a bad rep and an even worse temper. People approach Max as if he were a dangerous animal who might pounce at any second. However, Rachel is beginning to understand that Max may be crusty on the outside, but is sweet on the inside.

Max has been excruciatingly polite to everyone in Rachel's vicinity. His anger issues disappear whenever the lovely waitress is around. She is the first girl in Max's thirty years to ever catch his interest. Usually it is his twin brother, Ryan "Rye" Harper, who approaches the girl that they would end up sharing. But over the past year Max and Rye have not shared their women. They still share everything else though. The brothers are like two halves of one person. Whenever one brother is hurt, the other feels the pain too. So it is no surprise to Max when Rye returns to town (from a crime-fighting convention) and is just as intrigued with Rachel as he is. Of course, Rye simply has to try his charm on Rachel and Max finds it amusing that Rachel turns cold toward Rye; however, the brothers can tell that it is Rye's sheriff uniform that bothers the lady. The girl is obviously in trouble. Max and Rye are going to find out exactly who or what Rachel is running from and help her deal with it, whether she likes it or not.

When Max catches Rachel in a small lie, his temper explodes. Worse, Max makes the mistake of yelling at Rachel in the middle of the diner. Rye is standing outside of the diner when Max stumbles out the door and Rachel begins beating him over the head with a dozen roses. Seeing this, Rye simply cannot help it, his fascination with Rachel turns into love. In fact, everyone in Bliss begins to worship the lady. Rachel is the only person that has ever been able to stand up to the bear of the county. And Rachel may very well be the only woman able to take on both Harper brothers.

**** FOUR STARS! This extremely hot romance with lots of humor and more than just a touch of danger. Rachel starts out with only Max, but somewhere around the middle of the story Rachel begins having relations with both brothers simultaneously. I do not recommend anyone under the age of seventeen reading this book. (No duh!) But there are no hard core toys or gadgets.

The cast of local characters are pretty eccentric. This town has everything from the sane Stella to Crazy Mel and his paranoid alien theories. (At least Mel has not shot anyone as yet.) Author Sophie Oak has written a hot romance that simply oozes with witty dialogs, humorous scenes, and suspenseful moments. Downright exuberant! ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Vanessa Storme and Detra Fitch.

Author: Sophie Oak
Title - Two to Love (Nights in Bliss, Colorado #2)

Twenty-five year old Callie Sheppard takes care of everyone except herself. Caring for her mother, who is fighting cancer, is becoming too stressful and Callie needs a break. To that end, Callie has her friend, Stefan, set her up with two guys wanting to share a woman for a wild weekend fling. Finally, Callie was going to lose her innocence. The men are Special Agents Nathan "Nate" Wright and Zane Hollister. The two DEA agents are about to go on a long, undercover assignment to take down an outlaw biker gang called the Barbarians. Their weekend together turns out to be better than any of them could have predicted. But, eventually, the weekend comes to an end. Six years pass.

Bliss, Colorado, is a little town nestled in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The Rio Grande runs through Bliss, splitting the town through the valley. Callie lives in a cabin that is isolated from the rest of the valley. Now that her mother has passed away, Callie feels that the time has come to move on with her life and she is giving serious thought on moving to Denver. Callie wants the kind of love Rachel found with the Harper twins. Having grown up in Bliss, Callie knows that there is no one she desires to settle and have a family with. But before Callie can put her plans into action, the new sheriff arrives. It is none other than Nate, and Zane is with him.

Zane's cover had been blown and he has scars that testify to the brutal torture he had undergone. No longer agents, the pair have come to Bliss to heal. Nate and Zane are determined to win back Callie's broken heart. But when the Barbarians enter Bliss with revenge in mind, the former agents need to keep Callie safe as they somehow end the bounty out on Zane's head.

**** FOUR STARS! This is the second in Sophie Oak's sizzling hot series about the intriguing people that live in Bliss, Colorado. This is M/F/M. (Two men sharing one woman.) Consider yourself warned in advance. No one under the age of seventeen should read this book.

If you have not read the previous title, Three to Ride, you will not find yourself lost. The main trio from that story play secondary roles in this one though. Much more is told about the odd locals. To quote part of the story that describes Bliss, "an entire town of people whose percentage of gun owners dwarfed the national average." These locals take care of their own. When the Barbarians threaten Callie, the entire town pulls out their guns. It is a fun thing to see...uh, read. (Whatever.)

The author keeps a suspenseful and dangerous theme running, while still inserting her unique signature of quirky humor. I am dearly coming to love Sophie Oak's sense of comedy relief. I hope that I have the opportunity to read and review more stories from this author. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Vanessa Storme.

Authors: Gena Showalter, Shannon K. Butcher, Jessica Andersen, & Deidre Knight
Title - On the Hunt (4 Paranormal Novellas)

Ever Night by Gena Showalter

At midnight, marking her eighteenth birthday, Rose Pascal finds herself transported to a dark dimension - a world ruled by a warrior king who hunts and kills her kind. King Vasili of the Northern Realm intends to use Rose for information on other Dimension Walkers. Every year, at midnight marking her birthday, Rose must return to "Nightmare". On her first trip Vasili interrogates her and informs Rose to learn how to fight dirty during the coming year, as well as to seek out information on others like her. On Rose's second trip, Vasili spars with Rose. She returns to her world beaten badly. But on her third trip, Rose and Vasili cannot deny the passion that consumes them both.

**** FOUR STARS! This story would make a terrific full-length novel. As a novella, it is just a bit unbelievable at times. Rose goes from pure hatred and disgust to undying love and adoration within a few short paragraphs. After first being scared for her life and next having to fight and being pummeled, I simply could not see love happening instantaneously. The ending seemed a bit too easy also. A great story with a terrific plot line, but had it been full-length it could have been more fully developed.

The Collector by Shannon K. Butcher

Neal Etan is a sentinel. Every night, for almost five hundred years, he has killed monsters. Upon his chest is a living mark, a tree that shows how much longer Neal will live. There are only enough leaves left for about a year. He could have as little as a couple of months of life left. He lives in constant pain. Few of his people ever find a female Theronai (his race) and even fewer find one that they are compatible with. Currently Neal seeks to acquire a powerful artifact to save his friend's life. The carved wooden box is in the possession of an antique dealer, Viviana Rowan. When Viviana touches Neal, his pain disappears; however, when she releases contact his pain returns even worse. When Synestryn demons begin hunting Viviana, Neal has no time to fully explain what is happening or who she really is. But the one thing Neal is certain of is that he wants to be part of her collection. A permanent part.

***** FIVE STARS! Absolutely perfect in every way. From the very beginning, to the very end I remained on the edge of my seat. Super Glue has nothing on the holding power of this story. Butcher is one amazing author! *****

Crystal Skull by Jessica Andersen

Archaeologist Natalie Albright finds a ruin deep in a rain forest south of the Mexican border. The save entrance is carved with images of winged, six-foot-tall demons. Within the cave Natalie discovers a small screaming-skull carved from a clear yellow crystal. It represents a group of warrior-magi who were supposed to save mankind from the rise of the demons at the end of 2012. The demons are real and they are massing for the 2012 doomsday war. But the magi who were supposed to protect the earth plane had all been killed in 1984. As more and more demons begin to attack, Natalie must team up with her ex to survive.

**** FOUR STARS! Now that the year 2012 has arrived more and more stories are being created with the Mayan doomsday legend as part of the plot line. I found this one to be well done; however, due to being novella-sized, the story felt rushed. Still, the author's writing talent shines through and readers will not be disappointed with them gem. ****

Red Angel by Deidre Knight

Jamie Angel, leader of the Nightshades, and his siblings use their various paranormal abilities to hunt every kind of monster and demon that roams the darkness. (There is now a cease-fire with vampires though.) Jamie is able to smell supernatural entities; however, when Sunny Renfroe enters his life the paramilitary man is stumped. Sunny is not human, but Jamie cannot identify exactly what she is. No one else senses anything odd about the lovely lady. Jamie decides to seduce the answers out of Sunny. Once he could prove that she was not human Jamie would destroy her. But his experiences could never have prepared Jamie for what Sunny really is.

**** FOUR STARS! This author proves that she is color blind by matching "a black chick and a white dude". Actual demon danger does not enter until late in the story, yet I never felt as if I were being cheated. Jamie's subterfuge, followed by the main couple trying to find a way around some impossible rules, kept me hooked. Very entertaining! ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Title - The Wyndmaster's Lady (Dark Fantasy Romance)

When Commander Sierran Morgan of the Ibydosian Forces disobeys a direct order to slaughter an entire city of innocents, he is sentenced to be a prisoner of Dragonmoor until he dies. However, everyone knows it is really a death sentence because the laird of Dragonmoor Keep is Charles Henry Allen, who has predilections for murder, mayhem, and mutilation. Since the Dungeon Master is a member of the Justonian Royalty (he is King Edmond's brother), no one interferes in how he treats the prisoners within his dungeons.

Lady Anna Celeste Allen is the only child of Lord Charles. Celeste's father has basically kept her a prisoner all her life. She is not allowed to leave Dragonmoor Keep, not allowed to enter various areas of her home, and no one is allowed to look at or speak with her. The only company Celeste receives is when she dines with her father, who she believes to be a physician in the local clinic. Celeste is the most precious thing in her father's eyes and he has kept her totally innocent in all ways.

When Sergeant Vargas DuMond and his men storm Dragonmoor Keep to liberate their commander, Celeste finally learns that her father is the total opposite of her beliefs. After having spent a long time under Dragonmoor Keep as the Dungeon Master's entertainment, Sierran had given up on being granted a quick and merciful death anytime soon. But then Vargas arrives with Lord Charles and Lady Celeste in tow. Celeste gets to see the results of the torture inflicted upon Sierran by her father. Noticing the Dungeon Master's rage of Celeste seeing the truth, Sierran orders that Lord Charles and Celeste be taken with them as they travel to Vista del Mar, his home on the island of Zykanthos.

While the Dungeon Master's evil imagination dwells upon the horrors that may be forced upon his daughter, Celeste is tending to the wounds that are covering Sierran's entire body. But as Celeste and Sierran fall in love, the commander's cruel family (who reside in Argonne, a few miles away from the island of Zykanthos) are brewing plans of their own.

***** FIVE STARS! Author Charlotte Boyett-Compo has created strong and compelling characters which quickly grabbed me by the throat and refused to let go. This story is not set on our world, but the setting reminds me of our Regency Era. I warn readers that this, in my opinion, is Dark Fantasy Romance. As in reality, the good guys do not always win every battle or confrontation. Rescue does not happen before torture. Anyone who cannot handle reading of torture and a brief sexual assault should not read this story. For those who are still brave enough to open this book, you will be rewarded with a tale that will stroke your imagination and have you sitting on the edge of your seat as you cheer the good guys onward to victory. An absolutely stellar story! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE! If you prefer to see it at Samhain Publishing, click HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Title - The Wyndmaster's Son (Dark Fantasy Romance)

Prince Thiessen "Thie" Allen of Emardia and his half-brother, Lord Morgan Summerall (different mothers), have never liked each other; therefore, the two grew up in separate places. Thie grew up in the fortress, Windemere. Morgan grew up on the island of Zykanthos. When Thie receives word that Morgan is the prisoner of the Solarian king, he and his men mount a rescue attempt. However, the supposed imprisonment turns out to be a trap. Thie finds himself unwillingly wed to a Solarian princess and forced to consummate it.

Warrior Princess Lanelle's father is about to marry her off to a dreadful prince in Ulnia. Morgan, her best friend for many years, convinces her to trap and wed Thie. Once released, King Sierran would annul the marriage, freeing Thie from Lanelle and freeing Lanelle from ever having to marry again. But after his release, Thie turns the tables by immediately returning and abducting Lanelle. As the two spend time together, the sizzling passion between them spreads into the wildfire of love.

Shortly after King Sierran and Queen Celeste meet Lanelle, she is kidnapped by the leader of the Toscalian raiders and Thie is left for dead. The Toscalian raider is named Emilio Silva and it is the second time he has captured the princess. Emilio had not known who she was the first time and Lanelle managed to escape, though not with her maidenhead. Now Emilio insists that she is really his bride because he claimed her first. With Thie horribly wounded, Morgan suggests the king and queen hire an honorable criminal named Kyllian Reddick, who is currently awaiting execution. After all, it will take a hardened criminal to infiltrate the raiders and somehow rescue Lanelle.

***** FIVE STARS! Much of the story's plot involves Emilio's interference within Lanelle's past (before she met Thie) and present. Just as in real life, rescue does not always happen in the nick of time. This story has many erotic bedroom scenes and sometimes not all of the people involved are willing partners. Consider yourself warned because when this author creates a story, anything goes. When it comes to what I call "Dark Fantasy Romance", no one can compare to Charlotte Boyett-Compo! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE! If you prefer to see it at New Concepts, click HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Karen Wiesner
Title - Kaleidoscope Novella Series
(All 5 novellas of the series plus 2 never published before.)

The Kaleidoscope Office Building in Wisconsin provides employment to nine hot, young singles - all about to make a love connection.

Perfect Cadence (Story #1, Romance) - Originally published in Christmas Wishes, A Jewels of the Quill Christmas Anthology, September 2008.

Thirty-year-old Keri Woods is tired of her no-commitment boyfriend, Rob Channing. She accepts Angela's (her boss) offer to use the Lewis family's cabin in Oregon for two weeks of skiing and getting her head together. While away, Keri will call Rob and tell him to be moved out before she returns. What Keri does not know is that Joshua Lewis, Angela's cousin, is already at the cabin. He needs time alone to grieve the loss of his closest friend and father figure. Seeing Keri brings back all the memories of the short time he had spent with her ten years ago. He has always regretted never tying to contact her. Perhaps this time, he will do things right.

***** FIVE STARS! A beautiful second chance at love for two deserving people. Very well done. *****

In Cahoots With Cupid (Story #2, Modern Contemporary) - Originally published in Magical Kisses, A Jewels of the Quill Valentine's Day Anthology, February 2009.

Angela Lewis leaves her two businesses in Wisconsin to attend a Valentine's Day wedding in her hometown of Fever, Texas. Angela is the Maid of Honor and the wedding is taking place on her family's ranch. Angela's nerves are frazzled because she knows that coming home means coming face-to-face with abusive ex-husband, Mason. Mason still works for Angela's father on the ranch. She never told her father what Mason did to her that horrible night long ago.

Kiowa "Ki" Mackenzie, who has been her friend since childhood, will be at the ranch too, Ki is the Best man. Ki has been in love with Angela all these years. But Angela refuses to believe it. It is time for Ki to take more drastic measures to open Angela's eyes and finally accept that their love is real.

**** FOUR STARS! This story would have been better had it been a full-length novel. Other than feeling as if several complicated parts were glossed over, I thoroughly enjoyed this tale. ****

Behind Amethyst Eyes (Story #3, Modern Contemporary) - Originally published in Tales from the Treasure Trove, Volume V, A Jewels of the Quill Anthology, September 2009.

Aimee Cooper has had a crush on the muscle-bound accountant Rob Channing for a long time now. Rob only thinks of Aimee as the bespectacled, red-headed office lady who is fun to casually flirt with, but never as someone to be intimate with, even if he does believe she is cute and looks forward to seeing her every business day. When Aimee's father dies, she can hardly do more than function. Her grief is overwhelming. Sorting out the mess of her huge inheritance and his estate is simply too much. She does not even know where to start. So Aimee hires Rob to help. Neither knows it, but playboy Rob is about to feel as though he has been punched in the gut.

***** FIVE STARS! This tale has the delicious flavor of the early Jayne Ann Krentz novels. (Innocent hard working girl, who is also a brave underdog, meets hardheaded man who cannot resist her, though he wants to, and she has loyal friends to stand by her side when things get tough. [That example describes this story and Krentz's novel "Family Man".]) This is an outstanding novella tale that I sorely wish was a full-length story. *****

Jordana's Chair (Story #4, Romance) - Originally published in Tales from the Treasure Trove, Volume VI, A Jewels of the Quill Anthology, March 2010.

Jordana DeSoto lives in the apartment across the hall from Dex Everett. She arrived a year ago with little more than the clothes on her back and an antique sewing machine. Dex has never met anyone like her before. She is always happy and smiling. Jordana is a survivor. After years of living on the streets, Jordana is thrilled with each small item she earns. This time it is a plush armchair she has on layaway. Could Jordana risk losing her heart to a man that looks like every woman's dream? And would a guy so upscale really want someone like her?

**** FOUR STARS! This author is a whiz at playing matchmaker with characters that seem to be polar opposites of each other. Dex grew up in comfort and Jordana's life was full of hardships. Karen Wiesner shows that love can bring together people from anywhere. On a side note, how can I resist reading an author who uses weird words, such as "ipecac", in her stories? Romantic and inspiring. ****

Paper Tiger (Story #5, Romantic Suspense) - Originally published in Halloween Treasures, A Jewels of the Quill Halloween Anthology, September 2010.

Billy LaPointe's wife died shortly after they wed, leaving him with a son to raise alone. Now he has Roni Spencer. They have been together for four years. Damian, Billy's teenage son, likes her too. She is good for his father. But no matter how often Billy proposes to Roni, she denies him. Billy has no idea that Roni has a secret past that could someday come back to haunt her and harm the two guys she has grown to care so much about.

***** FIVE STARS! This one had shivers running up and down my spine. I could not seem to read fast enough. I simply HAD to know what was going to happen next. My only problem with the story is that an animal is harmed. I really, really hate it when animals or children are harmed in books or movies and I feel the need to warn possible soft-hearted readers. (Thankfully, the scene is brief.) As with the other stories within the Kaleidoscope Series, I found this one to be well written, with engaging characters, and thoroughly enjoyable. *****

Cabin Fever (Story #6, Romance) - Exclusive to this volume. Never before published.

Single mother Shayna Cavanay is the secretary/receptionist for all three businesses in the Kaleidoscope Office Building. Tyler is her seven-year-old son, her pride and joy. So Shayna is very concerned when his first grade teacher, Dakota Loring, calls for a parent-teacher conference. As usual, Mason Sackski, Shayna's ex-husband, considers his law career too important to waste time returning Shayna's calls, much less attend a meeting with Ty's teacher. Mason no longer even makes excuses for bailing out of most visitation dates. The selfish lawyer does not even care enough to realize that his actions are hurting Ty. However, Dakota genuinely cares for Ty. It shows. Slowly, but surely, he is growing fond of Shayna too. Problem is that Shayna cannot trust her judgement when it comes to men. As for Dakota, having lost his family in a fire three years ago, he is not sure that he is ready to move on with his life.

***** FIVE STARS! Throughout this series Shayna has always been willing to lend a helpful hand or shoulder to her friends. Now her story is finally revealed and it is as heart-warming as I had hoped it would be. Extremely well done. *****

The Longest Night (Story #7, Romance) - Exclusive to this volume. Never before published.

When Jolie Everett wed Jag Myrick it was because she was eager to quit her modeling career and settle down with the man she loves to raise a family. She knew that Jag's career as a wildlife photographer would take him away on assignments that would separate them for extremely long periods of time. Now it is almost 6 P.M. on New Year's Eve. In six hours it will be their wedding anniversary. In their three years of marriage, they have spent, perhaps, three months total together. Jag's current assignment has kept them apart for two years. Not once during that time has Jag come home for at least a brief visit. Jolie has not even heard from Jag in over six months. Jolie's heart is in pieces because Jag and his assistant, Micayla, were intimate before Jag married Jolie. Chances are great that Jag and Micayla are "scratching their itches". After all, two years is a long time for former lovers to be together constantly without succumbing to temptations. No longer a model, Jolie works at the Kaleidoscope Office Building. Surrounded by coworkers who have found love and are having babies, Jolie has decided it is time to let go of her marriage and get on with her life. The divorce papers are ready. The only thing left to do is wait for Jag to eventually return, be served the papers, and begin mending her heart as he leaves for his next long assignment. Jolie is moving the last of her possessions from their home when she gets word that Jag has returned.

Jag's communications had been cut off for the last six months. He has been unable to speak with Jolie. He knows he is unworthy of Jolie's love. His guilty conscious berates him constantly. Now he is back, only hours before their anniversary. Unless he can talk Jolie out of divorcing him, though her actions would be justified if she went through with it, Jag stands to lose the only woman he has ever really loved.

**** FOUR STARS! There is more to this story than I tell in the synopsis. The entire tale takes place in a six-hour span, on a New Year's Eve. I found the story to be a wonderful way to conclude this special novella series collection. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from the author or Whiskey Creek Press by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Various (Each named by story title)
Title - Halloween Treasures
(A Jewels of the Quill anthology)

The Scarecrow & Ms. Moon by Barbara Raffin (Dame Jade) Paranormal Romance

When Jason Wolfe made his witch girlfriend, Jessie Moon, angry by lying to her, she turned him into a scarecrow. Now, four months later, she has exhausted every spell to restore him. The High Priestess and coven helps change him back for one day, Halloween, and then promptly seals them into Jessie's house. During that time, Jessie must learn to control her temper and love Jason enough to let him go. Otherwise, she will be banned from the coven and magic for a year and he will change back into a scarecrow - forever.

**** FOUR STARS! I found this story and plot to be amazing. However, I also found myself hating Jason. I never warmed up to the man either. I believe that this would have been better as a full-length novel. All these "righteous" twists and surprises (as my son would say) could then be expanded upon. There would also be room for Jason to deal with his own anger management issues. Perhaps seeing him change slowly for the better would have helped me thaw out toward him. But again I say, this is an amazing story. ****

Cuddly by Dee Lloyd (Dame Aquamarine) Horror

Sam Faber is an intern at the local hospital. After an exceptionally rough night, he heads for a bar hoping for nothing more than a stiff drink and perhaps a soft woman's embrace for a single night. He meets Cuddly, a lovely blond lady who makes his body react instantly. But Cuddly is more than Sam could possibly imagine.

**** FOUR STARS! This tale is listed as "horror". I believe "paranormal" or "fantasy" would describe it more accurately though. I cannot explain why, without a major spoiler. Throughout it all, I felt an underlining tension. Well done. ****

Paper Tiger (Kaleidoscope, #5) by Karen Wiesner (Dame Amethyst) Romantic Suspense

Billy LaPointe's wife died shortly after they wed, leaving him with a son to raise alone. Now he had Roni Spencer. They have been together for four years. Damian, Billy's teenage son, likes her too. She is good for his father. But no matter how often Billy proposes to Roni, she denies him. Billy has no idea that Roni has a secret past that could someday come back to haunt her and harm the two guys she has grown to care so much about.

***** FIVE STARS! This one had shivers running up and down my spine. I could not seem to read fast enough. I simply HAD to know what was going to happen next. My only problem with the story is that an animal is harmed. I really, really hate it when animals or children are harmed in books or movies and I feel the need to warn possible soft-hearted readers. (Thankfully, the scene is brief.) As with the other stories within the Kaleidoscope Series, I found this one to be well written, with engaging characters, and thoroughly enjoyable. *****

The Charmer (North of Nonesuch, #9) by Jane Toombs (Dame Turquoise) Romantic Horror

At the age of twelve, Will Pasanen undertook his vision quest. In his vision dream, Will met his animal spirit, an eagle. Thunderhawk clutched a white snake in his talons and gave Will an ominous warning. Twenty years later, Will works for Michigan's Department of Natural Resources. While searching for some missing backpackers in the Porcupine Mountain State Park, he stumbles upon a very muddy Lily Fowler. But is the charming Lily actually the danger mentioned in his vision dream?

**** FOUR STARS! I have always enjoyed the stories by this author. Back when Gothics were the norm, Jane Toombs was my favorite author in the genre. Now she has brought her talents into the Paranormal Romance genre. And I am SO glad she has.

This story could only be improved had it been a full-length novel. Then the characters, main and secondary, could have been fleshed out more. I feel that too much danger and suspense had to be crammed into a short amount of space. However, the plot is intense and I could not read fast enough to suit myself. Terrific! ****

Mistress of the Shadow Hounds by Margaret L. Carter (Dame Onyx) Paranormal Romance

Enid Kelly never believed in psychic powers. Yes, she sometimes felt as if she KNEW what someone else was feeling. But no, she never really believed she was empathic. Yet that is exactly the power Gregory Ward keeps insisting she has, among others. Ever since Uncle Even died, Enid has felt adrift. Uncle Evan had been a professor and for the past seven years Greg has been his research assistant. And Enid has yearned for Greg's attentions the entire time.

When a thief breaks in and steals an ancient book of Uncle Evan's, it is Greg who suddenly comes to Enid's rescue. Enid is the mistress of the Shadow Hound talisman, which has latched itself onto her wrist like a bracelet. The stolen book is a guide to opening portals between dimensions. The thief must be stopped before he opens a gate and lets ravenous, life-draining entities into our dimension.

***** FIVE STARS! With well developed characters and lots of suspense, this steamy romance is sure to please. I hope to see more adventures with these characters, or others of their kind, in the near future. Excellent! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Whiskey Creek Press by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Noted with each title.
Title - Tales from the Treasure Trove, Vol. VI
(A Jewels of the Quill anthology)

The Amber Dragon (Amber Chronicles #3) by Janet Lane Walters

Prince Stephen of Rivand is trapped by a witch's curse and must live his life in a strange world that resides within an amber orb. A prince without a kingdom, Stephen takes a job in a tavern's kitchen. Hearing about a dragon, he goes to earn the title of a hero. He has no way of knowing that the amber dragon is actually Princess Valia, who is under an evil wizard's spell.

**** FOUR STARS! The witch's curse of zapping princes into an amber orb is one of my favorites. This story is the fate of the very first prince. It reads much like a fairy tale, where at least one moral is to be learned. An enchanting fantasy. ****

Jordana's Chair (Kaleidoscope #4) by Karen Wiesner

Jordana DeSoto lives in the apartment across the hall from Dex Everett. She arrived a year ago with little more than the clothes on her back and an antique sewing machine. Dex has never met anyone like her before. She is always happy and smiling. Jordana is a survivor. After years of living on the streets, Jordana is thrilled with each small item she earns. This time it is a plush armchair she has on layaway. Could Jordana risk losing her heart to a man that looks like every woman's dream? And would a guy so upscale really want someone like her?

**** FOUR STARS! This author is a whiz at playing matchmaker with characters that seem to be polar opposites of each other. Dex grew up in comfort and Jordana's life was full of hardships. Karen Wiesner shows that love can bring together people from anywhere. On a side note, how can I resist reading an author who uses weird words, such as "ipecac" in her stories? Romantic and inspiring. ****

The Nonesuch Curse (North of Nonesuch #8) by Jane Toombs

Falana, a wood witch, placed a curse on those of Ruthven blood. All Ruthven males have died on their thirtieth birthday for the last five generations. Therefore, Rom Ruthven refuses to let a woman get close enough to think she was in love with him. He figures that if he does not wed and have an heir, then the curse will end with him. After suffering a head injury, Rom is found by Trilla Pasanen, a nurse. Rom is less than a year away from his rendezvous with death. Can she save him somehow?

**** FOUR STARS! Jane Toombs fights power with power in this gothic-flavored story. Good and evil clash to decide the ultimate fate of a family lone. To me, the main characters are intense, full of faith, and courageous. ****

Choices (Aquamarine #3) by Dee Lloyd

Elly Jameson is the event manager at Aquamarine Lake Lodge. Trust does not come easily to Elly when handsome men are involved. To Elly, a certain police officer, Ward O'Donnell, is one of the most handsome. When murder occurs, Elly and Ward work together to solve the crime.

***** FIVE STARS! Romance and suspense blend to create a terrific who-dunnit mystery in this gem. It is extremely difficult to put enough time into a blooming romance while still investigating enough for a credible mystery. Yet Dee Lloyd has succeeded with flying colors. Outstanding. *****

The Incomparable Miss Scarlet by Nancy Pirri

Set in London, 1851. After Miss Scarlet Warden proves to her sister that her husband is being unfaithful, word spreads. Soon Scarlet is getting calls from her other female friends begging her to spy on their husbands. To help them, Scarlet goes undercover as the governess in various households in her quest for the truth. Guilty men soon fear her, but Hugh Henry Hamilton, the Duke of Danescliffe, agrees with what Scarlet is doing. When Scarlet is accosted, Hugh takes is upon himself to watch after her. It does not take long for the duke to decide that Scarlet is the only lady for him.

***** FIVE STARS! This historical romance is as sweet as it is devious. Not much gets by this lovely sleuth. The author has done well with this story in every way. *****

Garnet Hills by Liz Hunter

Julianne Harrison had not seen her father since she was six. Upon his death, Julianne inherits a rundown horse farm. Stanley Knott, the mean and disrespectful manager, has hated Julianne since she arrived a week ago. But Carter Lee, a handsome groom, does all he can to make sure Knott's poison never spreads into the bloodstream of the other workers. Sleep is difficult for Julianne to get much of due to the ruckus some unknown dogs make every night. Then there is the stress of trying to turn the farm around. That is hard because the bank books are not adding up correctly.

**** FOUR STARS! This is a great modern contemporary romance, but would have been better had the author been able to make it into the size of a novella, if not a ful-length novel. Fast paced and thoroughly enjoyable. ****

The Topaz Guard by Carrie S. Masek

Set in France, 1585. Eighteen-year-old Lisette Mercer is about to be accepted into the Abbey of Paraclete. Then Charles de Verney, heir of a comte, enters her life and begins to woo her. Uncle Henri and Aunt Lili have raised Lisette since she had witnessed the massacre of her parent at the age of five. (Uncle Henri had found her hidden in a chest two days after the deaths.) But on the eve of becoming betrothed to Charles, the one who murdered her parents returns.

**** FOUR STARS! This story is set in an era when Catholic and Protestant struggle for control of France. This story is another that would have been better had the author been able to expand it to the size of a novella, if not a full-length, novel. Having to keep the story short and the word count low makes the romance seem too swift. Still, the flavor of the tale comes through brilliantly. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Whiskey Creek Press by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Various
Title - Ladies Prefer Rogues (4 Time Travel Novellas)

Man from the Moon by Janet Chapman

Isobel is a veterinarian in coastal Maine. As she is leaving a store Isobel finds herself kidnapped by four men. Daniel, the leader, has managed to get a tree limb embedded into his side. Time is of the essence and though Isobel is an animal doctor, they have no time to search for anyone else. Isobel is told that for the next five days she will be tending Daniel while the other three men continue with their mission.

Daniel and the others are from the moon colony in the year 2243. They have five days to find a certain type of animal and save mankind. As Isobel tends Daniel, the futuristic warrior finds himself falling in love with her.

***** FIVE STARS! Filled with characters that I came to love quickly and lots of silly humor, this story kept me hooked from the first to the last. I especially love the ironic ending! *****

Tomorrow is Another Day by Sandra Hill

Larry Wilson, Cage LeBlanc, and Sly Simms are three Navy SEALs. Cage and Sly registered Larry on the Extreme Dating web site, a New Orleans-based dating service owned by Margo Baptiste. Larry did not know what his buddies had done until the crazy women began showing up. Margo pulled Larry's photo and info off the site, but the women were still showing up. The trio goes to New Orleans to meet with Margo and brainstorm ideas on how to solve the problem.

After the meeting, Margo enters the elevator of her office building and ends up crashing below when the elevator falters. She regains consciousness to find herself in the year 1870. She quickly meets Laurent Duvall, who looks identical to Larry. Margo ends up traveling with Laurent and his sister, Lettie, to their plantation, Rosylyn. Margo is about to help the people who are dependent on the plantation for their survival by doing what she does best - matchmaking.

**** FOUR STARS! Sassy and filled with humor, mostly about the classic "Gone with the Wind", I found myself grinning several times as I witnessed Margo settle in to her new time period. The character of Lettie often stole the spot light! ****

The Drowning Sea by Veronica Wolff

Set in the year 1662. Iain MacNab sees his love, Cassie, die from a stab wound as her father is preparing to have him hanged. Iain escapes to the sea and becomes a cabin boy for a privateer.

Twenty years pass. He is now known as Black John MacNab, a notorious pirate. John will finally get his chance to avenge Cassie. Then Lady Fate takes him by the hand ...

*** THREE STARS! As I neared the end of this story I began thinking that perhaps it was not going to be a time travel romance after all. I soon learned differently. Do not be foolish, as I was, to believe this romantic tale has nothing to do with time travel. Enjoy the ride! ***

Sixteen Decades by Trish Jensen

Set in Little Fork, Nevada, 2010. Sheriff Ty Coltraine is with Fannie Mae, madam of the Rooster Ranch, investigating a missing client. While checking the backyard, Ty hears a lady pleading for help. Someone had knocked her hard on the head and then locked her in the shed. Ty can hardly believe her story, but if it is true then Margaret "Maggie" Prescott is from the year 1850. Maggie had been a teacher who had traveled to Little Fork because she had inherited a ranch from her father. She had no idea it was really a bawdy house. Sheriff Jesse Coltraine (one of Ty's ancestors) is the one that harmed and imprisoned Maggie within the shed. Could this all be for real? Whether it is or not, Ty finds himself growing more and more attached to the delightful and mysterious Maggie.

***** FIVE STARS! I have not found many time travel stories in which the traveler comes from the distant past and into our modern time. Fewer still cast the female in the role of time traveler. I would not be surprised to learn that readers beg for more after this luscious story. Absolutely terrific! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, in Amazon's Kindle format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Title - Faery Merry Christmas (Christmas novella)
Author: Jacquie Rogers

In the realm of Faeryshire, Cheshya of the Brown Clan is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus. Christmas is four days away. This Christmas will also be Cheshya's two-thousandth birthday. Per Faery tradition, marriages are not allowed after reaching that age. Instead, Queen Merci would appoint a Queen's Quest (a life-long job or task) for the single faery to perform.

Cheshya's heart has yearned for Liam of the Red Clan over five hundred years now. Her live has been a close and personal secret the entire time. No one, not even her best friend, Princess Kaylee, knows of it. The chances of Liam falling in love with Cheshya and marrying her within the next four days are between slim and none. Liam is not even in Faeryshire. For the last five years Liam has been living among the humans in Terra Humanus. So Cheshya asks Queen Merci to go ahead and designate a task for her.

Cheshya's mission is to find unhappy faeries who are living in Terra Humanus and help each fulfill their heart's desire. (The queen hopes the faeries will return to Faeryshire once they have succeeded in doing whatever they wanted in the human realm.) Cheshya's first mission is none other than Liam!

The year in Terra Humanus is 1956. Liam pitches for the Shoreline Sharks baseball team. He is obsessed with signing as a major league pitcher with the Cincinnati Reds and his chance is but a few days away. Faeries competing for a career with humans are not allowed to use faery magic because it would give them an unfair advantage. So when Cheshya arrives, Liam is happy for the help, even though she cannot use her magic to assist him. Liam finds himself attracted to Cheshya, but should he act on the attraction, Liam may lose the major league career he has worked long and hard for.

***** FOUR AND A HALF STARS! Princess Kaylee may very well be the most sly and cunning faery that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Throughout this tale I kept glimpsing hints that Kaylee knew more than those around her believed. Kaylee's subtle manipulations prove her worthy of her royal faery bloodline. I sincerely hope to read future stories involving Princess Kaylee. Faeryshire and the faeries within it are as addictive as fine chocolate. This title is a novella, instead of a full length novel. Therefore, you can enjoy Cheshya's holiday adventure for a very low price. (Consider that to be smooth and creamy icing to dip the chocolate in.)

Faeries have super long lives, so the author can choose any human-time frame as a setting. For Cheshya, the human year is 1956. I found myself treated to the era's snazziest cars, amusing phrases, odd clothing fashions, and upbeat music. All-in-all, a grand story that will keep you royally entertained. *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon's Kindle store by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Various
Title - Tales from the Treasure Trove, Volume 5
(A Jewels of the Quill Anthology)

**** FOUR STARS OVER ALL! Seven stories by seven authors guaranteed to satisfy no matter your taste. This anthology has something for everyone. Comedy, suspense, fantasy, mystery, and contemporary are all present, but every story has romance at its core. Below you will find each title and category, the author, and a brief synopsis. I hope you enjoy the anthology as much as I did. ****

Princess & the Tanzanite Necklace
Mystery by C.J. Winters
Jeremy Farrier's eighteen pound Boston Terrier, Princess, wears a strand of matched tanzanites around her neck as a promotional gimmick for his interior design business. When Princess is kidnapped and a ransom note found, Jeremy hires Winifred Persnick, a private investigator, to locate his precious pooch.

Lunch at the Topaz Diner
Romance by Carrie S. Masek
Six months ago Sarah Sloane almost died in a car accident on the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Afterward, she made a list of things she regretted missing or passing up. Now only two items remain undone on the list. Sarah needs to coax a kiss from Ty Stuart and drive across the Bay Bridge.

The Turquoise Heart (North of Nonesuch series #7)
Romance by Jane Toombs
In the year 1944, Corporal Buford Riddle fell in love with Toivi Lahti. Before going off to war he gave her half of a turquoise heart charm, promising to unite the halves when he returned to her. Due to a head wound in battle, he forgot about Toivi and the half turquoise heart charm until his son, Joshua, was born. Joshua's son, Damin, eventually inherited the half the corporal had kept. Toivi's half is eventually passed to her granddaughter, Milo Saari. Though both families had moved and gone separate ways, Milo and Damin end up returning to where it all began, Michigan's Upper Peninsula. And luckily for Milo and Damin, they work in the same medical facility.

The Big Love & Murder Shilly-Shally in Moonstone (Mischief in Moonstone series #6)
Comedy mystery by Christine DeSmet
Set in Moonstone, Wisconsin. Tootsie Winters is one of the Moonstone Mavens. Bob, her husband and former mayor, has passed away and the spry sixty-three-year-old widow is having the wake aboard the Lake Superior cruise boat Bob purchased last month. The gossip mill is churning with the news that Tootsie has begun an affair with a Belgian diamond dealer, who is half her age, before Bob is even buried. Many believe the couple has already slept together. Tootsie's sixth sense begins to warn her that murder is imminent. When the diamond dealer's assistant is found dead, Tootsie finds herself in the middle of a mess.

Woman Freed from Amber (Amber Chronicles #2)
Fantasy by Janet Lane Walters
Kriston Riva is the youngest son of the late king of Rivand. Long ago the Witch of the Woods cursed the royal family after the king rejected her love. Every one hundred years the crown prince would be summoned to the witch. He can either accept her love and give his heart in return or be taken into a magical amber orb and spend the rest of his life there. Kriston's grandfather had told him that his friend, Emma, had taken his place in the amber. Kriston has kept the amber orb in his possession, hoping to end the curse that others believed Emma's sacrifice ended. Kriston is the only one able to see Emma trapped within the orb. Can he rescue Emma and end the curse as well?

Return to Lake Aquamarine (Aquamarine series #2)
Suspense by Dee Lloyd
Nita McCulloch left the small town of Aqua twenty-five years ago to pursue her singing career. Nita never thought she would return. However, four months ago in Las Vegas tragedy struck. As Nita, her father and Karen, her manager, had been leaving the casino where she was singing, someone shot at them. Nita had been seriously wounded and her father had died. Craving serenity, Nita agreed to return to Aqua and perform at Scott Jameson's Aquamarine Lodge, an upscale tourist complex on the shores of Aquamarine Lake. Karen went to Aqua a few days early to prepare and ended up disappearing. Nita believes Karen's disappearance is connected to the shooting. In addition, when Nita meets up with Scott again, she realizes her feelings for him still run deep. He feels the same for Nita. Now if only someone did not want Nita dead.

Behind Amethyst Eyes (Kaleidoscope series #3)
Contemporary by Karen Wiesner
Aimee Cooper considers herself to be a nerd. Her big glasses, mass of freckles, and pumpkin orange hair are mainly a cover for her shyness. When her father dies after years with Alzheimer's, Aimee finds his estate in a mess. He had owned a huge company and Aimee needs help to get it all in order. She turns to Rob Channing, an accountant in her office building. Aimee has had a crush on Rob for a long time. Everyone knows it, including Rob. But everyone also knows that Rob likes being a bachelor and changes women almost weekly. Aimee's friends and coworkers, including her boss, give Aimee a total make over. The results leave Rob drooling.

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Whiskey Creek Press by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: K.G. McAbee
Art Work: Nick Neocleous
Title - Bewitched By Darkness
(Anthology of fantasy, horror, and sci fi)

With Murderous Intent
Major Andru, master of spies for the king, is escorted to a gala and shocked to see Madren Savage. Madren and Andru had been lovers and best friends, until Andru plunged a dagger into her belly. So how is she alive?

End of the Beginning
Mareyn is commander of the king's army. Vale has been a gladiator slave in the arena for two years, thanks to Mareyn. So when Vale is escorted to an unexpected meeting with Mareyn, he is ready for the worst.

Jewels of a False God
Two men hire a mysterious assassin to kill the priest of a cult.

Bewitched by Darkness
A former student goes to a school of wizardry to give warning of approaching danger.

Soul of Diamond, Heart of Glass
A master wizard and a commander of the Queen's army go their separate ways after a heated argument. But when the wizard learns that she had been captured and tortured before finally being rescued, he rushes to her side.

Bitter Waters
When Dr. Abraham Van Helsing's wife begins to have odd sleepwalking spells and horrible nightmares, he takes her and their son to an out of town alienist for possible help. Instead of salvation, he finds horror.

Souls Touched - Reasonable Rates
Smith has been haunted over a century by its memory. Now he travels to Mars in hopes of locating and killing the very thing he now fears, but once enjoyed.

Cast Away the Works of Darkness
Twelve-year-old Prince Adric and his small party are being pursued as they rush for safety.

Provoke Not Your Children to Wrath
Court case about two kids who killed an old lady.

Eldritch Currents
A cranio-resonator was created to bring relief to those suffering from mental illness. But Dr. Gilman learns the truth the hard way.

Oblique Vengeance
For the past twelve nights Commander Ravynn Dar'Kesh has woken to find herself being held captive by Captain Tomas and Major Neritha. Each night the commander is trying to kill herself and wakens when she fails. Desperate, they seek the help of Magister Maddoc.

Death in the Forgotten Inn
Gideon Caine is searching for Danisa, the daughter of a friend. He finds her at an inn, with memory of neither him, nor her father. But Danisa is only bait for Caine.

Mightier than the Sword
Vanessa and Alan stop at a county antique shop. When Alan sees an old Farrington fountain pen, he knows that he would do anything to possess it.

Tempest in a Sewer
Lieutenant Grooms of the New York Pathogenic Department sends Ariel Tempest into the sewers to hunt a rogue vampire.

***** Here are various short stories by the multi-award winning author K.G. McAbee. It does not matter if you enjoy horror, fantasy, or science fiction. All three are here for your warped enjoyment. Readers will also be treated to find one illustration per story by the incredibly talented Nick Neocleous. (Dr. Who fans rejoice!) Happy endings, evil endings, and warped endings - you will never know which you are going to get in this collection. Perfect for Halloween or any stormy night, but only for those of us who enjoy twisted nightmares. *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Wild Cat Books by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Jody Wallace
Title - A Spell for Susannah

The Twelve Dancing Princesses was one of my favorite fairy tales growing up, and lately, thanks to Barbie, has begun receiving a wider audience. Now. Jody Wallace puts her own unique touch on the tale to make it into a humorous delight. After insulting, albeit without intention to do so, one of the fairies attending Princess Susannah's christening, the king and all his nobles find themselves cursed to never sire anything but girls. As the years go by, why this is a major problem becomes more and more obvious and burdensome. By the time of the story, Susannah is in her thirties, but has no hope of marrying, nor do her eleven younger sisters. While trying to find a way to break the curse, the girls discover a subterranean, magical land where enchanted princes drift through life. Soon, it becomes their almost nightly ritual to visit these men and dance for hours. Unfortunately, the guys are impotent, and just a bit dim, but they beat nothing. Since they are keeping their nocturnal activities secret, it is little wonder that their mother becomes concerned by not only their tiredness, but also by the rate at which they are wearing out shoes. Body guard after body guard is hired to discover what is going on, but thanks to Susannah's magic, they have no success. Then, Jon Tom applies for the job, and for the first time, Susannah fears the secret might be on the verge of coming to light. He also gets under her skin like no man, enchanted princes all included, ever has.

**** With a gentle humor that is akin to, but not as bald as Gregory Maguire's, Ms. Wallace sweeps us away to magical lands populated by witty women and somewhat clueless, for the most part, men that they love. It's an interesting place to visit, and I'd enjoy seeing how the other eleven girls find their way to romance. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Samhain Publishing by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Green, Carter, Allison, Chapman
Title - Winter Wonders (Anthology)

**** If you are suffering burnout from the plethora of bad news, holiday let down, or just stress, pick this up. These four darling stories will refresh your soul. Only two are labeled inspirational, but all will be that if you are receptive. Snow Kissed by Cindy Green gives us two people finally realizing they are in love, just on the verge of it being too late, Smuggler of the Heart by JoAnn Carter has a young woman discovering her place in the world, thanks to prayers. Meg Allison gives us the classic story of strangers ringing in the new year and finding more. Muncy Chapman shows us that helping strangers brings rewards. All in all, this is a set to lighten your soul. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from By Grace Publishing by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Jacqui Wood
Title: Cliff Dreamers

Mia's life has always been hard, but she has always been content. Unknown to even herself, Mia has a relationship with the gods that most shamans spend all their lives praying to obtain. At the age of eleven Mia's life changed forever. Karn, the tribe's shaman who has noticed Mia's uniqueness, announced his claim on her. Mia was to become Karn's earth priestess and remain with him forever. Mia dreaded the thought, but she was powerless to stop her fate. When her friend Borg, a trader, offered to help her escape, Mia quickly agrees!

Mia becomes good friends with Kemit, Borg, and the trader crew. Mia takes to the life of a trader quickly. During the winter months, they narrowly escape a major disaster from a place that had previously been safe for the crew. But this is only the first of many adventures waiting for the crew.

Kemit soon announces that he once knew Mia's father. Mia had never known her father. Mia had grown up with her grandmother and had never been allowed to ask about the man. Mia's mother was deceased. So it comes as a total shock when Kemit informs Mia of her heritage. Mia must make one of the most important decisions of her life. Whatever path she ends up choosing will affect her forever, as well as the lives of her friends and future children.

Mia, Kemit, and Borg will go through many adventures together. As they travel, Mia must grow up quickly and try to figure out what her dreams are trying to tell her. She is aided for a brief time by a kind priestess, who teaches Mia all she must know in order to protect herself from dark magic and survive.

Once word gets out as to Mia heritage, there will be many people searching for her; people who will pay anything and kill anyone necessary to find her.

**** As I read this story I could not help but recall a book I had read long ago titled Sacajawea by Anna Waldo. Journeying with Mia is a lot like the journey I took with Sacajawea (in the Lewis and Clark expedition). I saw everything happen as it unfolded with Mia. The story is very engrossing and I enjoyed it thoroughly; however, there was no editing done in this book. Readers can't help but notice many spelling and punctuation errors. Yet, should you overlook this fact, I can honestly say that you will not wish to stop reading. Be warned that this book is close to five hundred pages in length. It covers Mia's eleventh and twelfth years of life. This is also only the first book in what may be a trilogy. Though Mia's entire story is not told, this book ends in a terrific spot. I can only hope that I will be lucky enough to read the second book when it is finally titled and released.

Author Jacqui Wood happens to be an Archaeologist. In fact, you may see her current dig HERE. It shows swan feather pits, which readers will see in this book. The author's experience in Archaeology shows too! As I traveled with Mia, I had no idea how much I was learning about preparing food in different ways. (The author even has a book on the subject HERE.) I found it fascinating. Anyone who enjoys history, or stories set so far back in time that the land had prior names, are encouraged to either download this ebook or get a printed copy! ****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from Lulu Press by clicking HERE! Want it in print? Click HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Pamela Thibodeaux
Title - Choices

Winning a contest with a prize of front row seats and a backstage pass to see Kip Allen, the hottest country star going, gives Camie a chance to reconnect with her first love. Though their reunion is joyful, it shows them both that while Kip's been changed in less than God honoring ways by his fame, Camie's heart has remained unconformed by the world. Yet, it is also clear that their love never died and everything depends upon the choices they will soon make.

**** Christians are called to live in the world, but not be of it, a seemingly impossible task. Books such as this illustrate how it is possible and rewarding. In a very brief space, what feels like an entire novel is played out in a fashion that will gladden your heart and help you live out your Christian walk. If you have ever loved and lost, but wished you could get one more chance, you will also be thrilled with this one. Though there are very few authors I can say have never let me down, this lady is certainly among those few. ****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from Wild Rose Press by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Pamela Thibodeaux
Title - Cathy's Angel

While on a morning run, Cathy's prayer of thanks is mingled with a plea for an angel. Instead, she gets a sprained ankle. Alone, and unable to figure out how to get home to her children, she is confounded until Jared shows up and finds himself cast as the Good Samaritan in her life. Though he really did not plan on getting involved with the attractive young widow and her four kids, he finds himself becoming part of their lives. Could Cathy's prayer have been answered in him?

***** Though this story will take you less than fifteen minutes to read, it will linger in your heart for some time to come. Cathy's poignant prayer could be considered a model one for the busy, rushed lives so many of us live, and the unexpected way in which God answers her will help readers see the truth in Romans 8:28 with new eyes. This is a joyful way to spend a mental break time and may be just what you need to get through the day when you feel overwhelmed. *****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from Wild Rose Press by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Rene Lyons
Title: The Awakening (Fantasy Romance)

War between two corrupt powers has ravaged the world, and only with difficulty has Riana held onto her family home since her father's death. Inevitably though, the castle falls to the might of Warrick, the Witch Queen's faithful servant, who takes her to his mistress. However, Riana finds herself baffled by the consideration her captor shows. Yet, that is nothing compared to the dismay they share when the vile woman announces that Riana is to be given to Warrick as his unwilling and unwanted bride. Though they are forced into the match, is it possible that the secrets the reluctantly matched lovers hold could forge a union capable of changing the world?

**** If you like epic fantasy but are short on time, then you've just discovered the perfect book. In a very brief, all too brief, actually, span of pages, Ms. Lyons builds a world and sets up a romance that leaves you wanting more. She even makes a pairing that I normally find distasteful, that between human and demon, work. I hope sincerely that there is more to the story, and soon. ****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from Tease Publishing by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Various
Title: Bad-Ass Faeries (Anthology)

Part One: Warrior Faeries

First story is "Bad-Ass Faeries" by Monica Richards. Unknown to the human developers, they are caught in the path of a war between the Red and White Faery clans.

Second story is "Cybernetic Assassin Faerie Hasballah" by Adam P. Knave. It is about an assassin and his Ogre target.

Third is "Make Love, Not War" by Lee C. Hillman. The Far-im and Brownies fight over a nesting grove site.

Fourth is "Heart of Vengeance" by Don C. Wilson. A Penn sociology professor comes face-to-face with a canotili.

Part Two: Outlaw Faeries

First story is "Ballad of the Seven Up Sprite" by Brian Kosciensik and Chris Pisano. An outlaw Faery stops in town for a drink and finds himself in a show down.

Second story is "Snow in July" by Jeff Lyman. A pixie village and some outcasts battle birds.

Third is "House Arrest" by Keith R.A. DeCandido. A house Faery is questioned when a member of the human family residing there dies.

Fourth is "A Pressing Problem" by Donald W. Schank. A mercenary is also a publisher and wants to publish a book made of pressed faeries.

Part Three: Wild Faeries

First story is "Hidden in the Folds" by Jesse Harris. In a far off sacred place, a weary ronin learns a hard lesson of dark magic.

Second story is "Pennidreadful" by Lorne Dixon. When a man accidentally kills his lover, he calls for help. But help comes in the form of a tiny magical creature who loves to commune with the dead.

Third is "On Oberon's Throne" by L. Jagi Lamplighter. Pretending to be kind, Puck begins war with the trolls and must make a deal with an arms dealer.

Fourth is "Sally Smiles" by James Chambers. Kids love their dolls, but what if the dolls worship the kids?

Part Four: Street Faeries

First is "The Faerie Queen of Lo Mein" by Vincent Collins. A little street faerie must battle a sewer rat for some left over Chinese food.

Second story is "Hollow Dreams" by Elaine Corvidae. A member of a street gang is a changeling. When his gang enters a house by the river for gin, the changeling just may be their only hope of ever leaving alive.

Third is "Wings of Soul" by R. Allen Leider. A Faery grants the wish of a young girl to stop a drug dealer in the area.

Fourth is "At the Crossroads" by Danielle Ackley-McPhail. Gavin and the Wind Walker go out to rescue their Faery friend.

Part Five: Faeries Noir

First story is "Down Those Mean Streets a Faerie Must Go" by John Sunseri. A Faery private investigator tries to find out why a Faery supposedly suicided.

Second story is "Endgame: A Tale of Terrorbelle" by Patrick Thomas. Ms. Terrorbelle hunts monsters; they have serious bit.

Third is "The Last Night of the Lazarus Brothers" by C.J. Henderson. A new drug is made from the bodies of faeries. Detective Morcey plans to get rid of it, with a little help from Rita of course.

**** Part Five does not have a fourth story. (Perhaps one story was dropped.) So here are nineteen Faery tales which in no way resemble the cute little faeries of our childhood. Some stories are written better than others, but all of them have a serious twist that I could not help but be fascinated by. A terrific anthology that I am proud to recommend! ****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from Marietta Publishing by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Pamela S. Thibodeaux
Title: The Inheritance

As she turns forty, Rebecca Sinclair feels the awful weight of her life pressing down on her soul. She has been a widow for a year, the kids are all out of the nest, and she just feels useless. The bright point of her days tends to happen when the mailman stops by. It's the highlight of Ray Jacobey's day as well. He is a kind, nice looking man who has been wandering through life without connecting with anyone, until now. When he reaches out to help ease the sadness in Rebecca's eyes, their lives begin to change. Romance blossoms, but they are both committed Christians, even if Rebecca has spent little time in church. So, their desire may run hot, but it must be constrained. There are other challenges as they each face their pasts and look toward the future. Old hurts, bitterness, and sins uncovered will have to be handled with care and honesty, but through it all, the truth of God's plan for this couple endures.

***** Some people may be shocked to read an inspirational romance that is so honest. However, the best response is to cheer its frankness, not just in areas of sexuality, but in the grief process and in how Christians can feel anger and hold grudges. Ms. Thibodeaux writes with a refreshing reality that can truly speak to the heart in a way most inspirational books fail to. Remember, the Bible is very open and honest about all the matters of life, so I wish more writers would follow her example and be equally blunt. There is no crassness here, just the truth. *****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from Wild Rose Press by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Various
Title: Tales From the Treasure Trove, Vol. 3
(a Jewels of the Quill anthology)

The Turquoise Talisman by Jane Toombs
Ella Rose is the last of her family line. Ella inherits a dagger with a turquiose hilt from her Great-Uncle Thistle. The day her inheritance arrives in the mail, Ella learns that she has also inherited a djinn guardian. Ella is the new Keeper of the Talisman (dagger) and Talal is her Guardian djinn. Good thing Ella has magical help, because a demon is headed her way.

The Tanzanite Curse by C.J. Winters
Set in Branson, Missouri. The story opens up in October 1985. Bethany Appleton purchases a huge tanzanite as an investment. Novelist Archie Canther and his assistant, Drew Ferris, interview Bethany for research on an upcoming book about cursed stones. Bethany and Drew find themselves attracted to each other. After only a single night spent together, Drew is murdered. His killer is never caught. Could Drew have been right in his talks about past lives together? Would they ever meet again?

Princess Sapphire by Nancy Pirri
Set in 1880 on a ranch in Montana. Laura Woodbury is twenty-one years old and does not believe she needs a guardian. But her father's will made Matthew Black her guardian anyway. Matthew seems to be a "jailer" to her at first. But time may just change her mind.

Mrs. Claus & the Moonstone Murder by Christine DeSmet
Lily Schuster has been a county deputy in Moonstone, Wisconsin, for only two days when her world goes crazy. Her first call of the day is about Marcus Linden, a trespasser digging for ancient beaver bones in the middle of Tootsie Winters's chicken coop area. Before Lily can settle it, the second call comes in. Old Ruth Mueller and young Felicity Starr fight (LOUDLY) over eighty-four year old Henri LeBarron. The women agree to a bakeoff contest to decide which will date Henri. And just in case Lily does not already have her hands full enough with her brother and these two problems, let's add a murder to the mix.

Bloodstone Legacy by Cassie Walder
Lucian is a green dragon from the planet Sauria. He has been sent by the Elders to the planet Heita to find the some much needed Bloodstone and return with it. His race search Heita long ago. A few of his people remained on Heita and blended in with the locals to live. Those of his people became called Kindred. The Elders informed Lucian that should he locate any Kindred on Heita, he is to bring them back with him as well; whether they are willing or not. So when Lucian meets Mina, a Priestess of Light, and helps her fight off the Creatures of the Dark, he is positive she is Kindred. However, Mina does not know it. Does Lucian have the right to force Mina to leaver her own people?

Revenge in Amethyst by Karen Wiesner
Melina Rose is known as New York's Dr. Mindy Rose, famous sex therapist and bestselling self-help author. She left her career to move back to Amethyst, Wisconsin. Melina wants nothing more than to settle down in her small home town, marry Scott Romero, and raise a family. But her where-abouts has leaked to the media. Some of Melina's former clients feel abandoned. And one, in particular, is potentially dangerous.

Garnet Nights by Liz Hunter
Sadie Carlisle has been treated as a pariah ever since Walt, her husband, embezzled half a million dollars and then disappeared over a month ago. For the sake of her two small daughters, Sadie has to remain strong. If Samuel Barrinton, her FBI friend, had not shown up to help, Sadie does not know what she would have done.

*** A collection of seven tales, spanning several genre styles, that will surely tantalize your imagination to no end. If you read Vol. I and Vol. II, then you will be familiar with the series these stories come from. Yes, these are stand alone tales; however, be warned that at least one story leaves off with the dreaded "To Be Continued" message. Even so, you do not need to read the two previous anthology novels to thoroughly enjoy yourself. Sometimes "To Be Continued" is not so bad after all, IMHO. A delightful treat for a rainy afternoon. ***

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from Whiskey Creek Press by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Various
Title: Whiskey Shots VI

Unexpected love finds Lani when she encounters a handsome man on a film set in Corfu, forcing her to make a choice in Press Pass: Corfu. Surprises are still the ticket, but it's in how an old love is rekindled that the wonder lies in Mining Oatman. An older couple discovers a treasure when guided by what might or might not be the spirit of a starlet. They find that the best treasure of all is each other.

*** This little duology covers a spectrum of love shades, from new to old. Especially charming was the latter story, because it came across as being something very true to life. ***

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from Whiskey Creek Press by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Cindy Green
Title: The Spirit of Christmas

Kat Graham's Christmas spirit is on a par with Scrooge's, but her co-worker/writing partner, Nick Pringle, decides that will not do. He therefore begins leaving gifts for her on the twelve days before Christmas, and is rewarded by her returning joy, but soon he finds that like undercover heroes of greater fame, he has to be jealous of himself as Kat falls for her Secret Santa.

**** Although this is a holiday themed story, it can be enjoyed at any time of the year. Kat's dilema is one that will strike a chord with far too many of us who need to vicariously rediscover the joy in life throughout the seasons. This sweet, heartwarming romance is a gift for any occasion. ****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from Fictionwise by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Various
Title: Tales From the Treasure Trove, Vol. II
(Second "Jewels of the Quill" anthology)

Garnet Lake by Liz Hunter is a romantic suspense. LeeAnn Armstrong has lost her job of twelve years, her fiancé, and her beloved grandmother. She goes to the cabin her grandmother left her in Northern Wisconsin on Garnet Lake. LeeAnn's memories of summers spent growing up there would sooth her shattered soul. Former cop Mike Hastings is there too at his parents' home. His wife and two children are dead and he has sent the person responsible to prison. Mike and LeeAnn were close long ago and the two find themselves still drawn to each other.

The Turquoise Cat by Jane Tooms is a paranormal romance. Olivia Sumner unexpectedly inherits her great-aunt's old mansion on Lake Superior and a cat named Mask. In the attic Olivia finds a strange medallion and a turquoise curio of a creature half human/cougar. At the same time, Raoul DeKalb, a DNR officer, is trying to locate a cougar people claim is roaming the area. Lately, Raoul has been having black outs. When he comes to, he finds himself naked and wondering what happened. If Raoul ever told anyone what he believes is happening, they would lock him up and throw away the key.

For the Love of Sapphire by Nancy Pirri is an American historical romance. Spinster school teacher Sapphire Jameson learns that her brother, George, has wagered away his inheritance and is begging for her help. Sapphire learns that George owns a lot of money to Patrick Falconer, the man she was once betrothed to. Sapphire had broken their engagement years ago due to gossip of his betrayal. Patrick is now a widower with twin five-year-old boys. They strike a deal; Sapphire is to be the nanny for three months to pay off George's debt. During that time, Patrick will try to find a new governess since the boys keep running off every one he hires. However, Patrick also plans to win his way back into Sapphire's heart.

The Amethyst Star by Karen Wiesner is a futuristic romance. Thirty years ago, the men and women of Earth went off to fight in Intergalactic War I, which forever altered their world due to all the pollution. Herbivores have all but disappeared. Carnivores have flourished. Man returned to Earth and found humankind on the brink of extinction. Help comes from two other worlds. The Patrollers are a breed of aliens with ESP and the ability to camouflage themselves and their charges in any situation. They become the protectors of the humans. The Hunters have strength, speed and instincts, allowing them to track and destroy the elusive and clever carnivores that have become the dominant species. The human males greatly outnumber the human females who are the last chance for the human race to survive. Lady Sher of the Amethyst Star is humankind's best hope. She understands her duty to her race, yet she drawn to Randolf, a Hunter, which is forbidden.

Heart of Obsidian by Michele Bardsley is a paranormal romance. It is part of the "Angels on Patrol" series. Sophie Malley's body is in the hospital, in a coma. Mac, her trainer in becoming an angel, gives her one year, as an angel, to help her brother and sister find their soulmates. In the previous anthology, Sophie helped her brother find his. This time, Sophie will help her sister do the same.

Misbehavin' in Moonstone by Christine DeSmet is a humorous romantic mystery. Chef Kirsten Peplinski has opened her restaurant in Moonstone, Wisconsin. When the men of the town suddenly seem to be "off fishing" every night instead of being with their women or spending their money in her restaurant, Kirsten knows something is up. She discovers a topless touring boat has set up business just outside the jurisdiction of Moonstone. When the news hits the papers, the mayor has a mild heart attack. The women are furious and Kirsten becomes the reluctant interim mayor sent to negotiate with the boat's owner, Jonathon VanBrocklin. But when Kirsten steps aboard she finds Jonathon waiting for her with a deal. She marries him, he docks the boat forever. And he refuses to take no for an answer. In fact, he already had the wedding planned before she ever met him! But Kirsten comes from a family of con artists. She returns to town and has the women help her teach the men, especially Jonathon VanBrocklin, a lesson they will never forget!

***** This anthology is even better than the first Treasure Trove volume, if that is possible! Six famous authors have put together six fabulous stories that readers will never forget! Here is Romance in all its wild and crazy forms, be they set in the past, present, or future. (The wind whispered in my ear that a third volume is due for release early 2007. I can hardly wait!) If you miss out on this novel, then you miss out on one of the best anthologies of the entire year. *****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from Whiskey Creek Press by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Amy Wolff Sorter
Title: Servant of the Gods

Devorah b'Shiriis a Canaanite. She is a priestess of Anat. All her life Devorah knew that she would take a major role in the Festival Rites of Baal and Anat. Yet shortly before that fateful date, Devorah began having nightmares about the Rite. She knew that Sivah, whom she had known since childhood, was to play the part of Baal and take her virginity during the Rite. But in the nightmare, Devorah foresaw her death at Sivah's hand during the Rite. Devorah had no doubt that she was going to die. Worse, she overhears her own mother telling another that Devorah's sacrifice during the Rite would be fine by her. On the eve before the Rite, Sivah tries to rape Deborah. She severely wounds him. She would have killed him if someone else had not entered at that moment.

Aryeh ben Abinoam "Ari" is a Mosesite. He is Devorah's cousin. He is destined to take over the clan upon the death of his father. However, Ari's desire is to fight on behalf of the Mosesites - The Confederation. It is Ari's entrance that kept Devorah from slaying Sivah. Ari and Devorah have been attracted to each other since they met days before. She gives herself willingly to Ari. This means she is no longer fit for the Rite. Devorah and Ari flee, only hours before dawn. Fearing that being together would lead only to their deaths at the hands of the Shechemites, Devorah left one night as Ari slept.

Gildon ben Hadriel "Gil", one of the tribes of the Ephraimites, is a simple metalworker and trader. His traveling clan found Devorah unconscious by a river. They harbored her, even knowing that she was a Canaanite. Gildon is convinced that God "Yahweh" has plans for the young woman. He is so right! Yahweh sent her the nightmares, protected her from Baal/Sivah, helped her escape and to find her way to Gil's clan. Yahweh decreed that Devorah, a former follower of the Baal's consort, shall be His proof that He is the protector, not Baal. Devorah is to be His messenger. His Laws must be upheld for survival of The Confederation, for survival of the tribes He deemed fit to bring out of Egypt, away from slavery.

This is Devorah's tale!

***** Whether you are religious or not, this powerful tale will speak to you. This novel is based on Judges, Chapter four and five in the Bible. (Mostly on Deborah's Song.) However, this is NOT a religious work. This is a work of fiction. Even knowing this, I was amazed at the emotion and power that author Amy Wolff Sorter was able to weave into the tale. No matter who you are, you will not be the same after reading this masterpiece. Outstanding!*****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from Amber Quill Press by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Title: Desire's Sirocco (Dark Fantasy Erotica)

Jameela Anthus was purchased for the Conclave. The Master Trainer, Dagan Kiel, instructed her on how to give pleasure to men. Once completed, Jameela would be placed before the Conclave until claimed by one of the "Brothers". The man who claims her may share her with other Brothers, should he so desire. But if the Grand Master happens to claim her, no other would ever be allowed to touch her. During all her training, Jameela falls in love with Dagan. Dagan develops deep feelings for her as well. Yet, Dagan had long ago been castrated, by order of his father, so that he could serve the Grand Master by training the future "Her Grace".

The Grand Master does indeed choose Jameela for his bride. He also knows about the love Jameela and Dagan share. He even approves of it. Thus His Grace devises a plan that should please all three of them. Even the Tribunal Brothers agree with His Grace's idea.

Prince Sekhem's keep is called Gaoth and sits on the eastern border. His raiding causes Dagan and his men to retaliate. What Dagan does not know is that Lady Neith plans to have him in her bed. She wants to have a child by Dagan. And with her dark powers, she could very well make it happen. But first, she must capture him and turn him into a blood drinker.

***** Be warned that this is a DARK Fantasy Erotica. The love scenes leave nothing to the imagination. Dark Fantasy is something that author Charlotte Boyett-Compo excels at. Now she has taken her dark ability and mixed it with erotica romance. The combination makes for a powerful and potent story that readers will not be unable to resist. Out of all the eroticas I have read from this author, this book is probably my favorite. Excellent! *****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from Ellora's Cave by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Title: Rapture's Etesian (Erotica Fantasy)

Captain Leksi Helios of the Venturian Guard was captured by five Amazeens and used well. Galatea hoped Leksi would snare the interest of her niece, Kynthia "Kynni". Instead, upon finding the man spread out for her, Kynni released him, hoping to never lay eyes on him again. If Leksi had not stolen her horse as he left, that may have been the end of it.

Kynthia is a Reaper. She changes into wolf form, called Transition, and often runs with a pack. Leksi learns this secret, but is not repulsed. Quite the opposite, and they end up pledged. But this must be delayed due to an impending border war.

Kynthia and Galatea go to gather the forces of the Amazeens and the Daughters of the Night. Blood thirsty Princess Lilit and Flavia Panasriste may become major problems. Not wanting to help the Venturians, but unable to go against her queen, Flavia makes sure the Nebullians find out about the planned invasion. The Nebullians would not kill those they caught; they would torture them well.

**** I warn all that this is an erotica book. It is not "hard core", but nothing in the love scenes is left to the imagination and mild-to-harsh language is used. That said, I take great delight in recommending this story to all who enjoy tales of Amazon women, Red Sonja, and Conan the Barbarian. Of course, the setting is not on Earth. Shape shifters are not the only beings on the world either. Vampyres and goddesses have parts in the tale. Author Charlotte Boyett-Compo uses her poisonous pen to entice her readers into letting go of their physical boundaries and embrace the darker side. Fantastic! ****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from Ellora's Cave by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: P.G. Forte
Title: Touch Of A Vanished Hand
(Bk 5 in Oberon series)

Sinead Quinn is the black sheep of the Quinn clan. She has traveled widely and done many things she ended up regretting. One of those regretful things had been to marry Tommy. Sinead was smart enough to divorce him, but she is finding it difficult to get rid of him. Tommy used to be a cop, so she can't expect help from the police. Now Tommy finds delight in being a con man. He keeps track of Sinead and blackmails her for money. She should have known that he'd be watching her family in Oberon, California, waiting for her to show up.

Adam Sasso has finally gotten control of the family land and business. It took a lot of time and money ... and some sneakiness ... considering how determined his cruel grandfather had been to make sure Adam never inherited it. But Adam is finally where he belongs and with his rightful inheritance. Now Adam is ready to find his soul mate. Using his magic, he begins his summoning. When Sinead shows up, he is ready for her. But Sinead is NOT ready for him.

***** An excellent addition to the Oberon series! This one has lots of tension and suspense. I could not help but wish for more magic, but everything is extremely well done. The author lets readers see glimpses of the relationships involving those close to Sinead's heart (such as her sisters), but not too much that would ruin the stories of the others. Recommended reading! *****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from Writers Online by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: P.G. Forte
Title: The Spirit Of The Place
(Bk 6 in Oberon series)

Marsha Quinn may be psychic, but she is unable to tell her own future. The one person she trusts to read the future for her, Celeste, is dead. In three weeks, Marsha will be walking down the aisle to marry Sam Sterling and pre-wedding jitters are making themselves known. Marsha loves Sam with all her being, but worries, as all good parents do, about how her children will handle it. Seems the boys, Frank and Jesse, are not having any trouble at all. They approve of Sam and already feel close to him. However, the daughter, nineteen-years old (for another month anyway) Jasmine, is not as happy.

Jazz wants nothing more than to break up her mother and Sam. If her life has taught her nothing else, it has taught her that men are unable to be trusted. Once the man gets what he wants he walks away, leaving the woman broken hearted. Jasmine refuses to see her mother hurt again. So Jazz turns to Brandon for help in stopping the wedding. Problem is that Brandon causes her head to become cloudy. It is hard to focus on what needs to be done, when she is too busy needing what the man could make her feel just by kissing her.

Brandon Ablemarle is the assistant to Sam. Brandon believes Sam, an ex-Wall Street guru, to be a genius. In fact, Sam already has two books out in print. Now book three is about to go to the publisher. Problem is that since Sam met Marsha and fallen for her fake psychic act, his recent manuscript is all nonsense. If the book is released to the public Sam will become a laughing stock and Brandon's career will go down the drain before it ever has a chance to begin. If Brandon and Jasmine can stop the wedding and help Sam see Marsha for the phony she is, perhaps Sam will come to his senses.

Sam Sterling wants nothing more than Marsha's happiness. Frank and Jesse seem to instinctively know this, but Jasmine is a problem. No matter how hard he tries to understand her or get through to her, Jasmine rebels. Brandon is another problem. Sam is not sure what is going on between his assistant and Jasmine, but if things become rough Sam will not hesitate to fire Brandon.

**** This story is set in December, modern day. It is book six of a series, but you do not need to read the previous books to fully understand what is going on in THIS one. Each novel is a story in and by itself. Even though Marsha is psychic, do not go assuming (like I did) that this is a supernatural romance. No, this story is more than that. In fact, Marsha's psychic ability is a very minor part of the story. Ana/Celeste comes forth to let Marsha know that she will be visited by three spirits, sort of like the old tale of "A Christmas Carol". These visits not only help Marsha understand the people she loves, but also gives the reader a few things to think about. (You may find a moral or two as well.) All-in-all, I found this to be a delightful story, perfect for the Christmas season. Recommended reading! ****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from Writers Online by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Rae Morgan
Title: Enchantress (Erotica)

Eric Thorsson Ward, CEO of Thor, Inc., is one of the richest men in America. Though is a well known corporate raider, he used to be in the Special Forces, and he uses many of the skills taught to him in the military in his current position. Eric did not need any woman trying to tie him down, so he paid well for a mistress. However, after a background check on his most recent mistress, Eric paid her off and cut her loose. Eric stops at Morelli's Bar and Grill for a drink and to call a taxi. That is where he laid eyes on Gina Morelli. From the bartender, Eric learns that Gina is the baby sister of the bar's owner, Dean. He also learns that she is hard hitting corporate lawyer. So Eric begins making plans.

After nine months of negotiating the contract between the companies of Eric Thorsson Ward and Osbourne Carruthers, Gina has high hopes of sealing the deal and taking a much deserved vacation. "Ozzie" made her skin crawl and she was tired of telling him to get lost. Hopefully, this would be the last time she ever had to see the swine. What Gina never expected though was to finally meet Eric Ward after dealing with only his aide and secretary. Yeah, the guy is a hunk, but a more alpha-male, take charge, guy she has never met. When he all but flat out said she belonged to him, Gina told him exactly where he could go, quit as his company's lawyer, and left. But later that night she finds her brother, Dean, dying in his bar from a gunshot to the back. Eric shows up with the police and Gina is vulnerable enough from shock to allow his help. Then the threatening phone calls begin.

It does not take long for Gina to realize that she needs Eric's help. But would accepting his help mean giving in?

**** Okay, here is my warning that this is an "erotica". That means exactly what it sounds like. No one under 17 should read this novella length book. Previously this story was part of the anthology titled "Business Or Pleasure". Yes, this tale does have a plot and it is very believable. There are two very steamy love scenes and a few hot teasers. If you enjoy Erotica Romances, this is definitely one to consider reading. Once you get past Eric's high handedness, you cannot help but like him. Eric and Gina are very intelligent characters. I hope to see them as secondary characters in future stories by this author. Now, if only "Petey" would get his story told in a full length novel! ****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from Liquid Silver Books by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Various
Title: Tales From The Treasure Trove:
Jewels Of The Quill Anthology, Vol. I

Twelve stories from twelve talented authors. There are stories with restless spirits reincarnated, suspense, and romance. If you like historical romances, no problem. If you like modern contemporary, it's in here. Want a bit of magic? This book will deliver. No matter what type of romance you prefer, chances are that you will find it within this anthology.

**** As I finished reading I found myself wanting more. So I visited the web site HERE to see if "Vol. II" would be forthcoming. YES! The next volume is due September 2006, exactly one date from the release date of the first volume. I can only hope that this will be an annual collection with many years of releases.

Many, if not all, of the authors have several novels already in print. So do not think you will be reading second rate stories. For example, I, personally, have several books (Gothic Romances) on my shelf by author Jane Toombs. So my advise is to get Volume One quickly. It may become a Collector's Item someday. ****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from Whiskey Creek Press by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Various
Title: Bewitched, Bothered, and Bevampyred

Welcome to Brokenoggin Falls, Michigan. It is the only little town in the world that warns travelers to remain in their locked vehicles at all times, with the windows up, and to NEVER pick up strangers because ALL the locals ARE strange and NEVER harmless.

Everyone that lives in Brokenoggin Falls has some sort of magical talent, curse, or whatever within or on them. Some residents are “were” (werewolves, werepanthers, etc.) and many are witches, but often other types of residents may be seen. There is a vampyre with a stake sticking out of his chest and back, dragons, griffins, repented demons, sub-demons, trolls, living skeletons (if they get out of AnnMarie’s closet), a centaur, succubus, wyverns, garden gnomes … oh, just a bit of everything. Except Slayers, of course. Brokenoggin Falls is off limits to Slayers.

**** Twenty authors got together to create this preternatural soap opera. This is NOT an anthology. The authors obviously did some hilarious brainstorming sessions before any of them began writing. They had to think up the residents and give them appropriate names, such as Sabrina and Tabitha Wartly, bestow humiliating powers or curses on them, and then give each character a surprising twist somehow. Once the authors began writing they HAD to keep in close contact with each other because all the locals interact with each other. I stress to you again that this is like a soap opera. A lot of bed scenes, some hot, some not. An awesome novel by some of today’s outstanding authors!

100% of the advances, royalties and profits from the sale of this eBook will go to the International Red Cross to aid the victims of international disasters like the Christmas 2004 tsunami and subsequent earthquakes. ****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from Triskelion Publishing by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Various
Title: Bewitched, Bothered, and Bevampyred

How often can you have fun and benefit charity? That is a strictly rhetorical question. The only thing that matters is that however often you can do so, now you have another opportunity, as this diverse group of well loved authors unites to create a sexy and fun cross between Passions, Dark Shadows, and Desperate Housewives all to benefit victims of diseasters and incidentally, those lucky enough to read it.

*** Therefore, I invite you to take a short trip to Brokenoggin, a magical town where pretty much anything can happen, and likely will, unless it is something mundane. Just be careful and obey the rules and whatever you do, don't make the residents mad. They have very creative ideas about revenge. Love can find and match up even the most diverse of couples in Brokenoggin. However, as in reality, happy endings are not guaranteed, but even if they don't occur, paying back the one who did you wrong can be fun. If you get in a jam, just scream, help will come. Whether your taste runs to weres, vamps, witches (spelled however you wish), dragons, gnomes, fey, or something else, you will find them in Brokenoggin. ***

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from Triskelion Publishing by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Melissa Schroeder
Title - Lost In Emotion (Federation CTD / Erotica)

David Adams is an agent for the Counter-Terrorism unit of the Federation of Nations. He also has empathic abilities, but has kept that hidden from most for fear of being sent to a lab somewhere. His boss (and brother-in-law), Marcus Carlyle, sends him out to look for their missing spy, Genoa. She has not checked in and went silent after announcing that she was on to something big. After six months, David finally finds her in a seedy Rilahlian bar surrounded by Gorgon mercs. She does NOT seem happy to be with the mercs either. His first impression of Genoa is the overwhelming feeling of terror. Yet even though she is scared, it does not show on her face. She keeps her cool. David's second impression is her beauty and his body's reaction toward her. David has never felt such over powering feelings toward or from a woman before this one. Once he gets her away from the Gorgons, he must get her to Marcus...alive. Hard to do when there is a huge price on her head.

Genoa wants nothing more than to transmit her information to Marcus and then disappear for a good long while. She has made way too many enemies. If any of them find out about the information she carries or that she is a spy, she is dead. She is grateful when David rescues her from the Gorgons. However, she is mad at herself for the hot feelings the arrogant human makes her unwillingly feel. He is pig headed and too Alpha for her. Besides, if he found out her heritage, he would be repelled. Genoa wants to know what it is like to the focus of such a man in bed for as long as possible. Once she gives Marcus her report, she will never see him again.

***** No one under age should read this book. This is a work of Erotica! Now that the warning is out of the way, this novel is awesome! Reading this book is like watching Han Solo (or any other space ranger) on a mission. Besides the smoldering bed scenes, there are bounty hunters after them, back stabbers aplenty, and some pretty fancy space piloting! It is a stand alone story; however, the author has what seems to be a series shaping up for this future universe. Do not begin reading this space opera tale until you have plenty of time, because you will not want to stop reading. And make sure your lover is near by. Highly recommended! *****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this book from Loose-Id by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Author: Madeleine Oh
Title - Bedtime Stories (Erotic Anthology)

"Pastoral": Abbie expects to meet up with Rob at his pub. Instead she gets a green surprise.

"At Long Last": Jasmine, an author, accepted an invitation to visit Scotland by one of her readers, Emily. But Emily's husband and Jasmine had met before. Jasmine wanted revenge and Emily would help her get it.

"Leather Love": Jean-Luc presents Annie with an utterly sinful present.

"Our Women Know What To Do": Leyla and Yildiz show the main character how to shave.

"The Bondage Bed": When her aunt dies Marie inherits a bed that was made for lovers.

"A String Of Pearls": Robert gives his wife an anniversary present of six large, exotic, pearls.

"The Kiss Of The Blade": Alicia agrees to let Pete shave her.

"Ready": Annie gets ready to meet with her lover, Jean-Luc.

*** Be warned, no one under eighteen should read these. Eight erotic stories from author Madeleine Oh. Not all are one man and one woman either. Anything goes in these tales. ***

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this book from Phaze by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Author: Various
Title - The Sorrow
(Anthology based on upcoming comic release)

Long ago a tear from God’s son fell to the ground. Instead of being absorbed, the sad teardrop kept going. For centuries, the divine droplet flowed with the waves and fell from the sky as rain. Through it all, the crystal drop kept growing in size and shape, power and passion. Now it has evolved into a watery form that easily shifts from one form to another … and it wields a deadly scythe blade made of Heaven’s gold. His is THE SORROW!

”The Sorrow” is currently in the process of becoming a full-fledged comic book, “Sorrow #0”. Three stories have already been chosen and some tireless people are working to beat a dead line. If you enjoy comics (like myself), you will be seeing this in comic form in the not too distant future. Even if you do not read comics, this anthology will hook you quickly. No pictures here. This is an actual novel.

I found this to be an outstanding collection of stories about “The Sorrow”. He fights for the children who cannot fight for themselves. To quote from the book:

“I work in shadow and tear.
There are and were children beyond my reach.
For them I cannot offer protection.
Only vindication …
And hope that they might one day find peace.”

Even though these stories are fiction, they clearly show the evils that happen to the innocents every single day. I found this anthology to be enthralling and I highly recommend it to all!

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this book at Lulu Press by clicking HERE!

And please visit the site about “Protect” by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Author: Janet Elaine Smith
Title - A Christmas Dream
(Christmas Romance)

Susan Quincey had lost her husband, Mark, in Desert Storm. But Susan still had a part of Mark, in Jeremy. Jeremy is almost four-years-old and is the spitting image of the dad he never knew. The two live in Duluth, Minnesota, far away from any relatives. So they are alone and the weather is icy cold as Christmas draws near. The weather is just one more reason Susan cares nothing for the holiday season.

When her car battery dies after work, her boss, Kevin Dockter, helps charge it up and then follows her home. Soon Kevin finds himself falling in love with Jeremy, as well as, Susan.

***** This one is the PERFECT reading material for those chilly afternoons in early December. Make some hot cocoa, wrap up in a blanket in front of a fire, and read some hours away. This Christmas story will warm your heart and make you believe in miracles. You may want to keep that tissue box handy. There are some very touching moments and the ending is ... well ... perfect. *****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this book by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Author: Angela Hunt
Title - Pearl (Inspriational)

It should have been a good day for radio therapist Dr Diana Sheldon. Her words helped save a man's life, but even as she saves one, another is lost. In one terrible moment, her beloved son is killed, and her world shattered. The weeks that follow are pure Hell for the entire family, and when a ray of light and hope comes, it's impossible to tell if it's a lighthouse glowing or the flames of Hades.

A foreign doctor offers Diana the chance to have her child back, but at what price? Her marriage? Her career? Her soul? At the moment, it doesn't matter to her. Blinded by the hope, Diana can not see all she is risking until the truth slaps her in the head.

**** Unlike a recent movie with a similiar theme, "Pearl" is not a horror story. It is a story that touches everyone who has ever lost someone they love. While Diana's actions are shocking to most Christians, they are understandable and even sympathetic. As science advances, fiction writers who raise these timely issues in a non threatening way are a blessing, giving readers a chance to think about what could be before it is. ****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this book in print or electronic, from W Publishing by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore

Author: Erica DeQuaya
Title - Power Play (Erotica)

Kristen DuChein, dubbed the Ice Angel, was a former Olympian Gold Medalist from 1998. She became the general manager for the North Texas Panthers. However, her deceased husband, Martin, had all but ruined the hockey team. In the last couple of years he caused much scandal and ran the team's name in the mud. Kristen loved the team as much as her father had when he was head of the team long ago. Kristen was determined to bring the team back to glory and win the Emerald Cup. Problem was lack of funds. The team was close to folding and no bank would risk a loan. In desperation, Kristen went to her late husband's archenemy.

Brian Corrigan was owner of the Dallas Blaze, a major league hockey team. He planned to fold the Panthers, after all he owns controlling interest in the team. However, Brian also wanted revenge! Martin caused Brian to have an on-ice accident eighteen years ago which ruined his hockey career. Unable to seek revenge on Martin, he decided to get it from the widow. Brian forced Kristen into a business proposition. They would marry and the Panthers would not fold for one more season. Brian would use her famous name for advertising and Kristen would have access to the Blaze's resources. She must attend various social functions with him as his trophy wife. If the Panthers win the Emerald Cup, the marriage would be annulled and she would get to be 100% owner and general manager of the team. If the Panthers lose, the team folds and she must remain his wife for the foreseeable future. From the moment they wed, Kristen must do whatever Brian says, wear (or not wear) whatever Brian tells her, and be prepared for humiliation over and over.

**** This is an extremely hot and erotic romance. Be warned that there are long "bedroom scenes" that go into detail. He is the "Dom" and she is the "Sub". If you do not know what I mean by that, then this book is NOT for you. In fact, I stress that no one under 18 years of age should read it at all. Now that I have given you all the warnings I feel I must when I review Eroticas, let me say that this is a fascinating story! Never thought I would ever see the game of hockey in a romance book, but here it is! The author, Erica DeQuaya, did a wonderful job in writing the story in such a way that I could not help but feel humiliated FOR the heroine. I highly recommend it to fans of this genre, but make sure your husband, boyfriend, or whoever is close by. You'll be need him! ****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this book in print or electronic, from Liquid Silver Books by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Author: Various Authors
Title - Ain't Your Mama's Bedtime Stories
(Erotica Anthology)

Here are seven stories that some talented authors upgraded from "childhood" tales to "adult only" tales! The titles and authors below are listed in the order they appear in the book.

(1) "R.A. Punzel Lets Down Her Hair" by Dee S. Knight.
(2) "Beauty Or The Bitch" by Jasmine Haynes.
(3) "Snow White And The Seven Dorks" by Dakota Cassidy.
(4) "Little Red, The Wolf And The Hunter" by Leigh Wyndfield.
(5) "Once Upon A Princess" by Rae Morgan.
(6) "Petra And The Werewolf" by Sydney Morgann.
(7) "Peter's Touch" by Vanessa Hart.

***** No reader under 18 years of age for this one! When I say that this is Erotica, this is exactly what I mean! After this book, I will never be able to think of those childhood stories again without blushing! Whether you consider this one to be "Rated R" or "Rated X", you can be sure that when things get hot between the hero and heroine the chapter will neither discretely end, nor the bedroom door gently shut in your face.

Each tale is written very well and detailed. (Pun intended.) For full effect, only read one per night. You will have a week of steamy dreams. Enjoy! *****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this book in print or electronic, from Liquid Silver Books by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Author:Julia Ann Charpentier
Title - Summer Solstice (Romance Anthology)

*** Thirty stories in all. The author seems to be infatuated with dead rock stars and mourning fans, Valentino, love-at-first-sight, and ghosts. Each story is about five pages long. Some end wonderfully, some awful and depressing, and some just leave you wondering.

My advice is not to read this book in one sitting. It has a better impact to the reader if only two or three stories are read at each sitting. A good, light read. ***

For your convenience you may read an excerpt from, or purchase this book, from LTD Books by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Author:Barri Bryan
Title - Brush Country: A Collection Of Western Poetry

***** This is a terrific collection of poetry with a western flavor. There are eighty-one poems in all.

Some touch upon the wildness and harshness of the wild, such as "Brush Country" and "Hide & Seek" ...

Some touch upon nature, such as "Wild Flowers" and "Rebirth" ...

Quite a few are filled with humor, such as "Midwife" and "Jake" ...

But most of these will make the reader picture the Wild West and the towns of long ago, such as "Simon and Seth" and "Sam". Highly recommended for all fans of poetry, western novels, or historical romance novels. *****

For your convenience you may read an excerpt from, or purchase this book, from Creek Press by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Ruth Swayze: title - Kaleidoscope: A Collection of Small Stories (Anthology)

**** This is ten short stories of various types. Some I could label as Sci-Fi, others Young Adult, and two even made me think about thrillers by Mary Higgins-Clark.

Like Gothic books of old, I never knew if the story would have a happy ending or not. However, all the stories did have ONE thing in common. Every ending had a twist!

By the end of the third story I thought to myself that those three would have made very interesting episodes on "The Twilight Zone" or "The Outer Limits". Other endings had me wondering about the sanity of the author. They left me feeling uneasy, which clearly shows writing talent! BRAVA! ****

For your convenience you may read an excerpt from, or purchase this book, from Zander Ebooks by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Various Authors: title - Pleasure Of The Heart & Other Stories (Anthology)

***** Now here are thirteen stories that I can highly recommend to one and all! It would be impossible for me to give a synopsis of each. However, I can say that I was delighted to read about an off planet research facility that comes into contact with an alien and about how playing a D&D role game saved someone's life for real. In fact, they were my two personal favorites! Yet I also read about a drug bust, fairies, vampires, and a helpful ghost.

I began the book thinking I would read just one or two as I drifted off to sleep. Instead, I made the mistake of thinking "Oh, I'll just read the first paragraph of the next story and see what it will be about. I won't read it tonight though." Needless to say, I read the entire novel before I allowed sleep to overcome me. Available in print or electronic form! Highly recommended! *****

For your convenience you may read an excerpt from, or purchase this book, from NovelBooks, Inc by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Elizabeth Delisi: title - Mirror Images (Anthology)

***** A collection of short stories by author Elizabeth Delisi. The very first story is titled the same as the entire anthology, Mirror Images. I cannot honestly say which I liked the most! All through the first, I thought This is excellent. They must have placed this one first to hook the readers. Then I read the second story. Woops! There went THAT theory!

It is much like watching "Tales From The Crypt" or "The Twilight Zone". Each are awesome and pull you in quickly, but a bizarre twists will shock your system! A KEEPER! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! *****

For your convenience you may read an excerpt from, or purchase this book, from DiskUs Publishing by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Denise Dietz, Linda Colwell, Colleen Gleason, Sally Painter, and Kelley Pounds: title - Journeys Of The Heart (Anthology)

**** This is a collection of five preludes to books within Avid Press. You can read each as just a short Historical Romance story, or you can locate the book(s) in which you would like to read even more.

Four of the five spend most of the story in America. The last story does not say, but seems to be set in London. Between the covers is something for everyone, Regency, Western, and Native American. All are packed to the brim with love and danger. Excellent stories! Recommended! ****

For your convenience you may read an excerpt from, or purchase this book, from Avid Press in electronic or print form by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Kathy Carmichael: Title - Angel Be Good (Romance / Christmas Seasonal)

When the Angelic Council made a slight error and took Daphne before her time to die, she demanded to be sent back to Earth to complete her life. She wanted to know what it felt like to fall in love and have children. Problem was she could not return to her own body. An angel named Leonard was to help Daphne choose a new body from those who were due to die soon. Until then, the Council wanted to ask a favor.

Nathaniel Danvers was the CEO of Danvers And Son. He was the ultimate Mr. Scrooge! Daphne had one night, Christmas Eve, to help Nathaniel change his ways.

**** Much like "A Christmas Carol" except with a very modern day twist! This story will definitely put its readers into the holiday spirit! In fact, Kathy Carmichael is offering this entire ebook as a free download from her web page! If you like it, please pledge a donation on her site to help animals. Recommended reading! ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or download this FREE book, from the author's site by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Ann Robinson: Backward Glances (Children / Ages 5 - 10 yrs)

**** Author Ann Robinson glances back to the childhood days during the Depression. It is filled with many drawing for the children to look at while they, or one of their parents, read each charming verse of the story.

The story is told from a First Person view and will teach the young readers much about the years of the Depression in a way that is fun! It will even teach adults a few things! For example, I did not know who proclaimed Mother's Day. But like the child in the story, I recall thinking there should be a Children's Day!

A wonderful addition to anyone's home or local library! ****

For your convenience you may read an excerpt from, or purchase this book, from DiskUs Publishing by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Marjorie Daniels: title - Through Serena's Eyes

Set around the year of 1815. Lord William Clairmont was extremely vain! He kept his body in peak condition. He met Serena Warren when he was visiting the home of a college buddy, Tom Warren. Serena was lovely. However, she had a couple of physical birth defects. She had a thin withered leg and a crippled left hand. William immediately cast her as worthless. When his father, the Earl of Shalford, told him to marry and produce an heir, William looked only for beauty and married Melinda Northrup. Within a year, they had a daughter named Caroline. Melinda was cold and cared nothing for her daughter. But William loved her from the beginning.

Things changed when Napoleon Bonaparte escaped from Elba. Tom, Jenkins, and William joined the Horse Guards in London. When the war ended, Tom was dead and William was no longer physically perfect. His face was deeply scarred from a sword from his forehead to chin on the right side. The cut took the eye as well, so he wore a patch. His lower right leg was gone too. Only the lack of pity from Serena kept him going. She challenged him to rise above his handicaps.

Now enter William's cousin, John Blaydon. If William died without producing a male heir, he would get the title and fortune. As William got healthier, John decided to take action.

***** That is the plot. I cannot tell more without ruining it. Yet you can see how complicated everything is. However, Marjorie Daniels did an AWESOME job! I could see no way for Selena and William to come together! This author writes in the same style as Laura Kinsale! Highly recommended! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from DiskUs Publishing by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Jeff Strand: Elrod McBugle On The Loose (Young Adult)

This story is written by (and about) Elrod McBugle and his weird adventures at Greenwater Junior High. It may be the first of a series. I can only hope so since I enjoyed it sooooo much!

It all begins on Elrod's first day at Greenwater Junior High. His best friend is nick-named Scoopy. The two are simply trying to live through the school year. NOT an easy task for Elrod. Elrod manages to doodle fine artwork (that the principal confiscates for himself), make and sell a super delicious new type of gum (that has just a side effect or two), make friends with the school bullies (surely all those students will heal without too many permanent scars), win the talent show (and forever be remembered for it), catch a killer, and more! (Though I still do not know how the gym floor got to be so blinding a color, but perhaps that mystery will be solved in a sequel.)

For now, know that this is a wonderful and hilarious book for all ages! So go purchase a whole bunch of Slurpy Gulp, put up your feet, and enjoy the latest novel by Jeff Strand (who I still believe to be just a little bit strange!)

For your convenience you may read an excerpt from, or purchase this book, from DiscUs Publishing by clicking HERE!

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this ebook, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Patricia Werner:title - The Lost Diary Of Glamorgan Castle

Set in the Outer Hebrides in 1899, Adriane Hollander went to Weybridge Manor near the tiny village of Thirstlehed. Her grandfather had been a famous painter, Leo Whitsed, who had recently passed away and left the Manor to Adriane's mother. Adriane came in her mother's place to settle all the affairs.

Evan MacKeen was the solicitor and was very helpful in cataloging the painting and placing the manor on the market. He was also very fond of Adriane and found many times to be with her when she went to see the sights of the island.

Nager Saranoff and his half dog and half wolf pet lived close by in Glamorgan Castle. He was also a painter and had spent much time with her grandfather. When Adriane heard about the three women who had disappeared without a trace from Glamorgan Castle, her curiosity demanded she solve the mystery as to what happened to them. Thus she began to dig into a past that some wanted to leave buried!

*** I have always adored Gothics and Patricia Werner is destined to be swarmed with fans for her attempt to bring them back into the public's view! I am among those admirers. Here is one full of danger, mystery, and romance, just begging for readers to try to piece together themselves! Brava, Ms. Werner! Brava! ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this ebook, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Clara Wimberly:title - The Bride Of Sea Crest Hall (Gothic)

Mary Louise had been the best friend of Shelley. They shared one other friend, the boy named Jordan Waverly. The Waverly family were the wealthiest family on St. Catherine. They owned Sea Crest Hall, the most beautiful mansion on the island. Shelley loved him all the years they grew up together, but kept silent because Mary Louise often stated she planned to marry Jordan someday. And so they did.

Shelley was off in a distant school when her father’s frantic letter arrived for her to return home. Once there she learned the Mary Louise had died and her father had made arrangements for Shelley to marry Jordan. The public said she had drowned in an accident. The family and servants said differently. Too late, Shelley found out that the Waverly family had a secret. The first born grandson, be it from Jordan or his brother, Benjamin, would inherit everything! Mary Louise had been pregnant when she died. Shelley even learned that her friend’s life had been threatened from someone. More than just Shelley thought Mary Louise’s death was not an accident at all, but murder. And now, whoever killed Mary Louise was after Shelley too!

***** A gothic lover’s dream! Gothic stories are so hard to find now a days. Author, Clara Wimberly has given us a new source! Dark, gloomy, full of danger, and everyone a possible murderer. Excellent! I loved it! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this ebook, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Allison Knight:title - The Brides Of Owl's Head (Gothic)

In 1842, Miss Isabel Morrison (also known as Bella) promised her dying father to travel and meet Jonathan Besserman to wed. Yet when she arrived, it was to find that her betroved had been killed in a suspicious lumber accident. Jonathan’s lawyer, Duncan Ross, informed Bella that Jonathan had changed his will and left everything to her, even though the wedding had not yet been done. She had a certain amount of time to restore the house to its former glory or the estate would go to Duncan. By no means would the brother, Theo ever be allowed to inherit it. None of the servants, except Sally, seemed to like their new mistress. In fact, someone was trying to scare Bella away from the estate. But Bella would not let herself be frightened away. She would fulfill the last wish of her fiancé. Soon attempts on her life began. It could be any of the servants, Theo the brother, or Duncan the lawyer. Too many murders had happened in this huge home and she seemed to be the next targeted to die!

*** An exciting gothic romance destined to send goose bumps down your arms and back. It seemed pretty obvious to me who the culprit was, but only because I’ve read so many gothics and have a warped mind already. Gothics have always been a favorite topic of mine and author, Allison Knight, has not disappointed me in the least. I loved every second of this one! ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this ebook, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Stephanie Marie Wilson:title - The Kingdom By The Sea (Gothic)

Annabelle Lee was the daughter of the famous horror writer Stuart Lee. Instead of beginning her own career, she stayed with her father to help with the research and editing of his novels. A year after Stuart Lee's death, a villain broke Annabelle's window and beat her almost to death!

With the help of her psychologist, Annabelle took the final step to recovery. She began her life anew in Babylon, Long Island. She opened a bookshop filled with mysteries and horrors. There she met the moody and dark horror author named Brennan O'Rourke. The two were perfect for each other. Brennan, however, had problems in his past to deal with. His fascination for Annabelle had him involving himself in her current problems.

Someone was out to harm Annabelle. Everyone knew that old Mrs. McNaught had fallen down the stairs to her death and one son hanged himself in the basement of what is now Annabelle's house. But someone was using the knowledge to terrify Annabelle, before he kills her!

*** A dark and sumptuous tale, by Stephanie Marie Wilson, for us gothic lovers! This author has a new fan in me! Fascination book that will haunt you for a long time! ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this ebook, from Amazon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Valerie Harden:title - I'm With My Mom On Sunday(Children)

A short story with pictures of a clay family on each page. It is about Little Lucy's family. Her parents are divorced. She lives with her father and has a dog. Her mother lives in the city with Lucy's two siblings.

A perfect little story to help children from divorced parents understand. It also keeps the words short, simple, and wonderful to help children learn to read. Espcially excellent for pre-school children!

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Street Saint Publications by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Tim Lavery:title - Sulin & The China Cat (Children)

Sulin was a baby found locked in a chest among rubble from a ship wreck. Also in the chest was a quilt and a black china cat with green eyes. The kind couple who had found Sulin raised her as their own. When old enough, Sulin named the chinacat Hilo and, pretending Hilo lived, left milk for it each night to drink.

On the eve she turned seven, Sulin was amazed to see Hilo come to life, drink some milk, and then quote her a riddle! On her fourteenth and twenty-first birthdays it happened again!

*** Thus began the wonderful adventures of Sulin. It was filled with mermaids, gnomes, dragons, magic, and more! A delightful tale of love and courage! ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Avid Press in April by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Karin Huxman:title - Virtual Heart (Futuristic Romance)

Jake owned a company called "Dream Catcher". They used a technique to enhance psychic sections of the brain to create a virtual reality world. Megan owned a competitive company called "Virtual Dreams". They used computer, machine, and human interface to create a virtual reality world.

While both were running tests on their creations, an accident occurred. They found themselves trapped together in a virtual world combining both their programs. To survive until they escape the obstacles each had programmed, they called a truce and joined forces.

Megan's psychic abilities had been dormant until the accident. Once free, she did not know how to deal with it all alone. That, along with wanting to locate Jake, she set out to find him. However, Jake no longer had his psychic abilities due to the accident. Slowly they were coming back to him, but he also no longer remembered Megan or the love they found within the virtual world.

***A perfect blend of Sci-Fi and Futuristic Romance! The characters are believable and unforgetable. Readers will be hard pressed to stop reading. A Keeper to be read over and over again!***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase, this book from New Concepts Publishing by clicking HERE!

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