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Author: M.J. Putney
Title - The Marriage Spell

It is the year 1813. Magic is real. Clerics have come to accept that magical gifts, especially healing, came from God, not the Devil. Without wizardly healers, the Black Death would have claimed far more lives. However, Aristocrats still despise magic. Male heirs that show any magical talent are often sent somewhere to learn not to ever use it. Often these places use beatings (or worse) to ensure the students never turn to magic.

Jack Langdon (later to become Lord Frayne) was sent to Stonebridge Academy. The headmaster, Colonel Stark, took extra measures on many of his student (including Jack) to quell any urge to use magic. By the time Jack became a man, he loathed anything to do with it.

Abigail "Abby" Barton is a country gentleman's daughter and a wizard healer. When Jack's friends bring him to Abby, Jack's neck is broken. He is dying. To save his life, Jack gives Abby permission to use healing powers. In gratitude, Jack gives each person from the healing circle a personal gift. Abby is to be his wife.

Jack and Abby must not only deal with the Society elite's preconceptions in London but must then travel to his family estate to learn why the land and tenants have been suffering since his mother remarried.

**** FOUR STARS! This must have been a challenge for the author to write. Somehow, the author managed to keep true to the Regency era's proprieties while also instilling the improbable, such as magic. The book is not linked to any current series, it stands alone; however, in my opinion, a publisher needs to reach out to the author about making this into a trilogy. Jack's friends from Stonehedge should have their own stories told.

I have no idea of how to inform readers how much I enjoyed this tale. Historical Romance and Fantasy are two of my favorite genres to read. To find a story that blends them together is rare and oh so fulfilling. Absolutely peerless! ?****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: M.J. Putney
Title - A Kiss of Fate (Guardian Trilogy #1)

Gwyneth Owens was the daughter of Lord Emery Brecon's librarian. Lord Brecon is responsible for precious books and manuscripts dealing with the Guardians. Guardians have various magical abilities. They have taken an oath to keep the balance and protect those without magic. (People without magic are called Mundanes and have no knowledge that magic exists.) When Gwyneth's father dies, Lord Brecon and Gwyneth wed. Both are happy until Emery's death. (He was much older than she.) Gwyneth has no magical abilities, but she was happy taking care of the library.

Every mage in Britain has been sensing an approaching cataclysm. It is almost here, and when it breaks, the whole nation will be rocked to its foundation. The most powerful weather mage is Duncan Macrae. He is the laird of an ancient, powerful Scottish clan. From the moment he sees Gwyneth, he is drawn to her. Yet the lovely widow, though very attracted to Duncan, wants nothing to do with him. That is, until Bethan (Emery's sister and her best friend) asks her to accept Duncan's marriage offer. The Guardians feel that Duncan and Gwyneth are fated. They will play major roles in the upcoming strife.

As Prince Charles Edward Stuart lands in Scotland, tensions rise. Duncan supports King George, but many in Scotland favor Stuart. Gwyneth's task is to balance Duncan and help keep him from being persuaded into aiding Prince Stuart. Once Duncan and she consummate their marriage, Gwyneth's dormant powers surge forward. They are very strong and almost overpowering. Though Duncan and Gwyneth love each other, Gwyneth knows that the day may come that she will have to betray Duncan for the good of the nation.

***** FIVE STARS! A fantastic Regency Romance imbued with various forms of magical powers. The story begins in 1737, as Gwyneth agrees to wed Lord Brecon. Gwyneth and Duncan's part begins in 1745. The author keeps the story true to the historical timeline, while managing to include a very large and structured magical group of defenders.

Following Gwyneth, I could easily see why she wanted nothing to do with Duncan in the beginning. Once wed to Duncan, it was just as easy for me to understand her worries. She is a strong woman who loves her husband but knows she must do what is right.

This is a powerful tale that brought out many different emotions within me but left me feeling deeply satisfied by the end. *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: M.J. Putney
Title - Stolen Magic (Guardian Trilogy #2)

Earl of Falconer, Simon Malmain, is the chief enforcer of the Guardian Council. He is tasked with hunting down those with magical abilities and uses them for harm. This is the reason Simon goes to Castle Drayton. He has proof that Lord Drayton has betrayed his Guardian oath, is abusing his powers, and possibly has plans to do worse. When confronted, Lord Drayton manages to catch Simon in an unusual trap, turning the enforcer into a unicorn. Drayton plans to kill the unicorn in ritual magic and claim the horn as a wand, adding Simon's powers to his own. Simon manages to escape.

Meggie is a simpleton with a love for animals, especially horses. Drayton's men use her to recapture a unicorn. Distressed to be the cause of its capture, she decides to be the one to set the animal free. She did not expect to be forced to flee with it. Though she knows now how, Meggie helps Simon become a man again. No one but the caster can end the spell, but Meggie can help keep Simon from transforming back into the mythical animal.

Upon becoming a man again, Simon realizes that Drayton had multiple enchantments on Meggie. He removes the spell making her into a simpleton and another masking her true beauty. However, he could not help her recall any memory before Drayton met her. Nor could Simon break the last magical line connecting her to Drayton. With that line, Drayton could siphon her power for his own use. Simon does manage to tie a knot in the line, keeping the vile mage from using her.

Lady Bethany Fox (sister to Lord Brecon in the first title of this series) urges Meggie and Simon to pretend to be newlyweds as the travel to the Council, where they hope to prove Lord Drayton has betrayed his oath. This will not be easy because Drayton has other enthralled and is siphoning their powers. No one could possibly imagine what Lord Drayton's ultimate plans were. They only knew that time was running out.

***** FIVE STARS! Each story stands alone, but if you read the previous title (A Kiss of Fate) then you will already know a few of the secondary characters. In my opinion, the first story is just a tiny bit better; however, both are five-star material.

I can almost believe that the author, M.J. Putney, has some magic within her too. Her stories are detailed, the characters are all well developed, and everything is told in such a way that it is totally believable. I could easily envision the scenery. I could feel evil radiating off the villain. I (silently) urged the main characters to be careful and I (loudly) cheered at their successes. You would not be disappointed by anything this author has written, but this trilogy shows her talents in brilliant colors. Brava! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Kristen Painter
Title - Sucks to Be Me (First Fangs Club #1)

Forty-nine-year-old Belladonna “Donna” Barrone wed Joe twenty-seven years ago. However, Donna had not known back then that Joe was part of the mob. She had been six years into the marriage before she realized what was going on. As much as Donna had fantasized about it, she is surprised when the police come to inform her that Joe had conveniently died in a car accident. Now Donna must decide if she is still going through with the plan to provide the FBI with the kind of testimony necessary to take down the Villachi Family. (Big Tony is married to Joe’s sister, Lucinda.) Just after the funeral, Big Tony informs Donna that Joe never finished his last assignment. If Donna simply delivered a package, she would be free of the mob forever.

A few hours before the package is due for delivery, Donna stops by the cemetery to tell her dead husband off. This is where Donna’s life changes for real. Something formed in the darkness and grabbed her. There was a horrible pain in her neck before all went black. She wakes to someone named Claudette telling her not to feed and then Donna is left alone. Vampire never enters Donna’s mind, so being told not to feed makes no sense. On to the delivery she goes, only to be shown her first new ability.

***** FIVE STARS! Having read another trilogy by the author, I searched and found this one and decided to give it a shot. The author did a wonderful job in creating a variety of interesting characters. There is a broad range too, everything from sweet to sleazy. It was odd to watch what appear to be a contemporary novel at first alter into a supernatural one. Yet Painter made the blending of the pair smooth. (I came to enjoy the paranormal side more.) The supernatural world opened up to Donna and I found myself intrigued with the hierarchy. By the end, everything has changed and I was left feeling more than satisfied. I am eager to dive straight into Donna’s second story. *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Kristen Painter
Title - Suck It Up Buttercup (First Fangs Club #2)

Belladonna “Donna” Barrone’s life has done a lot of changing recently. She is somewhat free of the mob, though not fully as yet. She has become the vampire governor of New Jersey. Rico, the FBI werewolf, is still helping with the evidence Joe left behind. She has some awesome new friends from the First Fangs Club. But there are some down sides in her new life too. One of these is dealing with vampire politics, as well as dealing with another governor who thinks she ought to do his bidding. Not happening!

While dealing with the last of the mess Joe had left behind, Donna is asked for sanctuary by a petite female creature who is half fae and half vampire. Her name is Rixaline and she has just escaped from King Dredward of the Fae. Usually her kind are simply killed, if not made into a servant. But Rixaline is special. She can find anything or anyone. She is still a lowly servant, but often used for her ability. Sanctuary granted, Donna has loyal staff and friends helping Rixaline with clothes and the like, while she tends to other things.

*** THREE STARS! Heads up! This novel ends in the most awful way possible – a huge cliffhanger. (That is automatically one star down from me.) I have not read another book or trilogy that ended in such a way from this author. Had I known about the ending, I would either have skipped this trilogy or waited until all three books were out before I began reading.

All the characters from the previous title return in this installment. If you have not read the first book, titled “Sucks to Be Me”, you need to do so before you begin this one. Each story does not stand alone. In fact, this one practically picks up where the previous one leaves off. I know that I make this book sound bad; however, it is anything but. If not for the cliffhanger ending, this story would have gotten four stars. The characters are fully developed and all the plots and sub-plots are well done. The writing style is easy to read and I could easily identify with Donna. The story is fun to read and full of take-no-nonsense sass! Yet, again, I strongly recommend waiting until all three titles are released. In the meantime, why not go read the Shadowvale trilogy by this author? I enjoyed it even more than this one. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Kristen Painter
Title - Sucker Punch (First Fangs Club #3)

Belladonna "Donna" Barrone is the newly appointed vampire governor of New Jersey. Until a month ago, she was the human wife of a mobster. The changes just keep coming. So do the surprises. Turns out her biological sister, Cammie, is not simply a nun. Cammie has been anointed by the church and is a Venari, a secret order who hunts vampires.

Rico Medina is with the FBI and helped Donna get away from her mobster husband. He is also a wolf shifter. As the story opens, Donna is learning that Rico has been kidnapped by the Fae. The Fae is demanding that Donna turn over Rixaline, who is the dhamfir (half vampire and half Fae) that Donna has recently given sanctuary to. No way THAT is going to happen. As Donna assembles the rescue team and plans are being made, she receives two visitors. Louisa Valentina Medina "LV" is the alpha of the New Jersey pack. Maria Antonella "Toni" is the pack's alpha-elect. They also happen to be Rico's grandmother and mother. So of course they, and the entire pack, are going to help get Rico back safely.

Fitzhugh, the vampire governor of New York, is still being a pain in Donna's side; however, thanks to her experience as a mobster's wife, she can handle anything he tries to send her way.

Then there is the hot guy in the building, Kace Donovan. This delicious man is a rare Fairy-tale shifter. His supernatural form is a gargoyle. There are so many ways in which he can help; therefore, Donna quickly adds Kace to her security team.

Now, on to dealing with Rico's rescue and swatting the annoying fly named Fitzhugh.

***** FIVE STARS! This third installment to the series begins where the last one left off - finding out that Rico has been kidnapped by the Fae. I am happy to report that this episode does not end with a cliffhanger. There are strings dangling for the next title, but the rescue left me feeling very satisfied. Several surprises are revealed too.

This series really needs to be read in order. They do not stand alone. In my opinion, the series is worth your time and money though. *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Karen Wiesner
Title - Hidden (Bloodmoon Cove Spirits #6)

Sybilla "Syl" Nygards did not see the scar on the face of Tobias Ocampo Crisanto as hideous. She never cared about any age difference or his bum leg. She married the man for the simple fact that they were in love. Nothing else really mattered.

Tobias has no memory prior to waking up in a military medical bay after his commanding officer, Sergeant Adalwolf "Wolf" Loquin, rescued him. Wolf feels that he let Tobias down. That is one of the many reasons he refused to leave Tobias once they were out of the Marines. Now Tobias and Syl run Offbeat Enterprises and Wolf is not only head of security, but their right-hand-man.

Tobias receives a package from a mysterious law firm informing him that he has inherited his long-deceased parents' home. It is called Howling Halls. It sits on the top of an isolated mountain in Bloodmoon Cove, Wisconsin. They decide to check it out.

The locals, law enforcement, and others warn the trio that even though Howling Halls is an architectural wonder, its history is dark. Police reports say Tobias's mother went crazy during a long winter and killed his sister, Tala. Her ghost still haunts the house, pleading for Syl to become her playmate - forever. The fourth floor is a garret that someone went to great pains to block off and ensure no one could possibly get in - or out. But why?

When Syl discovers she is pregnant, she asks Emily Breslin (former with an OB/GYN office) to come stay with them in the isolated manor. But the house is changing Emily, altering her in more ways than one. Something horrible resides in Howling Halls. Something more than simply Tala's mischievous ghost. With the entrance of humans, something has woken up. And it is hungry.

***** FOUR & AND HALF STARS! The wonderful thing about this series is that each story can stand alone. You do not need to read any of the previous titles to enjoy this chilling tale. It starts out slowly, so readers can be introduced to the main and secondary characters. But after the first chapter, things take off at a sprint and they never really slow back down.

The characters are well developed, believable, and not idiots as many in supernatural romances or movies are. If the situation looks too dangerous, alternatives are discussed. Of course, thanks to the imp that must rest on this author's shoulder, it does not matter. Something will force them to make a move and pray for the best. I loved every second of this spooky tale. *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Karen Wiesner
Title - Reunited
(Bloodmoon Cove Spirits #5)

Twyla Kotter has been married to Dominic Pascal for three long, horrible years. During this time, he has had complete control over her. He has made her cut all ties with friends and family. He has beaten, raped, starved her and worse. The only thing of his that he did not force upon her was his BDSM lifestyle. She would die first and he seems to understand that. Therefore, he practiced BDSM with Mace. Then comes the day that Mace and Dominic argue. Mace walks out, leaving Dominic strangling in a BDSM harness. Dominic manages to phone Twyla, who is working at a women’s shelter. Twyla enters the apartment and realizes she can finally be free. All she has to do is take away his phone and wait. But when Dominic dies, it is not the end of her suffering. Dominic’s spirit attaches to Twyla and he can occasionally come back to the real world to hurt her – and his power seems to be growing.

Gray Mecham and Twyla had been together in their teen years, until her parents moved across the country to part them. But when Gray hears Twyla is in trouble, nothing could stop him from reaching her.

**** FOUR STARS! This installment of the Bloodmoon Cove Spirits Series will send shivers down your spine. I read the entire thing in one afternoon – during a thunderstorm that seemed to make the story even creepier. It broke my heart to think of the years these two main characters could have been happily together, but at least they are now. Various characters from the previous titles of the series play secondary roles. It was refreshing to see them again as they helped this couple with Dominic. Karen Wiesner writes stories that readers will always remember fondly. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Karen Wiesner
Title - Return to Bloodmoon Manor
(Bloodmoon Cove Spirits #4)

Bloodmoon Manor is an isolated mansion at the top of a mountain. There is no electricity, no telephone, and getting to the manor is a time-consuming, weather-dependent ordeal because there is no proper road and storms brew up out of nowhere.

Hannah and Daniel Reynolds are now expecting a child. It has been one (and two months and eighteen days) since Hannah escaped her living nightmare of being a prisoner at Bloodmoon Manor. That timid, fighting for survival girl, has begun to blossom with Daniel’s love. With a child on the way, Hannah is beginning to fear for her baby. They have so many large debts because of Daniel’s education. So even though she swore never to return to Bloodmoon Manor, she now considers it.

When the family matriarch, Miriam Bonavaris, succumbs to cancer, and with no living kin, Bloodmoon Manor and its entire estate is left to Hannah. Daniel, of course, does not want Hannah to return. He does not care how much the items within the manor are worth. He wants Hannah as far away from that evil place as possible. But Hannah just wants to retrieve items for a couple of days. It would not only pay their debts and leave them a nest egg, but she could finally put the horrors in her in her mind to rest. The entire Bonavaris line is dead. They were the evil beings within the manor. Nothing else dwells within the secluded estate. Or does there?

When a massive storm comes out of nowhere, Hannah and Daniel are stuck in the manor. Daniel has become feverish and every time he sleeps, his dreams are full of nightmares. If that is not enough, Hannah keeps waking up in odd places with no memory of how she got there. As events progress, the pair come to realize that they are not alone.

***** FIVE STARS! This story is simply more proof that Karen Wiesner was born to write Gothic Romances. The author writes good romances, but her dark Gothic-flavored stories are the absolute best! With a town such as Bloodmoon Cove, she certainly has a lot of potential tales to dive into. Personally, I hope to learn more about the people that live in this secluded town and their ghosts.

Author Karen Wiesner’s Gothic Romance give readers chills while delivering happily-ever-afters. *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE! or from Writers-Exchange by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Karen Wiesner
Title - Crooked House (Bloodmoon Cove Spirits #3)

On Lake Superior in northern Wisconsin, sits a small, secluded town called Bloodmoon Cove. It is a place with volatile weather, suspicious folk, and newly awakened ghosts.

Rafe Yager is a Native American. Though his family tried their best to keep him from harm, the hardened soldier still ended up becoming a ghost hunter by the young age of eleven. His visions and the ghostly voices really left him with no choice. This time his vision shows him the lovely Corinne “Cori” Zellman as her friend, Ruby, a white witch from New Orleans, tries to do a spell to help her. The spell goes horribly wrong. To save Cori, Rafe must return to Bloodmoon Cove, where all his tribal elders disappeared.

Cori has been a widow six months when she is summoned by her late husband’s grandfather, Edward Buchanan, who has sent a special ring to her. Cori travels to Bloodmoon Cove to meet Edward at the family estate, Crooked House. Upon entering what looks to be a decrepit house, Cori finds herself among such wealth and splendor; however, the house, as well as the Buchanan family members within, is surrounded by vile magic and horrid spirits.

**** FOUR STARS! Author Karen Wiesner brings back a taste of Gothic Romance to her readers in this spooky series. Each spine tingling story within this series stands alone; there is no need to worry if you have not read the previous two titles. (Trust me when I say that they are worth your attention though.) I found myself going back and rereading sections just to enjoy the chill again.

Unlike many novels these days, this one does not contain a lot of “filler” or “fluff” to add pages. Everything written is vital to the plot or a character’s development. The two main characters are fully developed and is the focus of the story. The secondary characters are well developed, however, since they are not primary focus and would not help move the story forward, they do not get their own full back-story told. (I like this about the author. Why give lots of details on a character that readers may not ever see again? As I said, no “fluff” added.)

After the story is finished, readers will find a large section telling the author’s other series. As I glanced through this section, I realized that there are summaries of upcoming titles in this same series. Be sure to check them out to get a glimpse of what happens next. I am eager to get my hands on them! ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE! or from the author by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Karen Wiesner
Title - Out of the Ashes
(Bridge of Fire, Part One / Woodcutter's Grim Series #10)

Loosely based on "The Three Billy Goats Gruff." William Gruff was the youngest son in a family of shape-shifting goats. To protect the family, William's father faced a troll that guarded the magical town named Woodcutter's Grim. In exchange for safe passage, the father agreed to a blood contract. The Gruffs were given the magical means to build amazing bridges. With the help of his mother and the Protectorate (a group sworn to protect the town against the evil pervading it) William escaped. From then on, he was named Liam Grund. He went on to build wonderous bridges that defied logic.

Long was Liam alone. This changed in Italy when he met Adaryn Azar. The pair fell in love almost immediately. But Liam knew very little about his new wife, Adaryn. She, also, had been alone for a very long time. She was being hunted by the Creature of a Million Faces. (Polyhedra.)

*** THREE STARS! For the first few chapters of this novel I felt lost. It was much like entering a darkened theater and sitting down to watch a movie that was already half completed. I was left scrambling, trying to catch up and make sense of what I was reading. Once done, I found the character of Liam/William to be fully formed in my mind. I came to feel as if I understood him, but not well enough to call him a friend.

I never came to care for the character of Adaryn. I do not feel as though I know her at all. There are so many questions and no answers. It was a bit frustrating.

There are two secondary characters that I like better than the main ones. Torin and his daughter, Celee. They are St. Bernard shape-shifters. (So adorable!) This pair I actually came to care for. I can only hope that they get their own story told somewhere in this three-part tale. We shall see. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Karen Wiesner
Title - A New Beginning
(Bridge of Fire, Part Two / Woodcutter's Grim Series #10)

Set in the magical town named Woodcutter's Grim, Wisconsin. Liam, Adaryn, Torin, and Celee have crossed the bridge and entered the town. The group meets Jack Shaussegeny and his family. They are part of the Protectorate, a group formed to fight the evil within the borders. As plans are made in hopes of stopping it, Adaryn faces her pregnancy, worried because no one seems to know what she should expect. Not even how long her term would be or how her species normally gives birth. Shaussegeny's family will be a great help in finding answers.

Meanwhile, Liam (a.k.a. Will) must learn his craft quickly if there is to be any hope of his building a certain magical bridge. His family's blood contract is taking its toll on Liam. Everyone notices his changes - non for the better.

Ember Sidhe works for Shaussegeny Realty. She is one of the fae creatures of Irish folklore and enjoys mixing herbs to help ease the physical pains of those she knows. Ember and Torin have an instant attraction. As they begin to come together, they also begin helping the locals who are in need of hospice services.

Events are all coming to a head. Time is running out.

**** FOUR STARS! Part Two picks up where the first left off. In order to fully understand this novel you must read the previous one.

The character of Adaryn becomes more fleshed out. I feel as though I am beginning to understand her more. Much more time is devoted to her and the pregnancy. I am looking forward to the birth and eager to see what happens in the sanctuary.

There is so much going on that I do not see how the author can possibly tie them together and bring them all to a close within only one more part. But this author often surprises me. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Author: Karen Wiesner
Title - Into the Sun
(Bridge of Fire, Part 3 / Woodcutter's Grim Series #10)

As the story opens, everyone knows that something is coming to Woodcutter's Grim, something that presumably threatens the lives and welfare of the whole town.

Liam works hard to sharpen his skills at the forge. Adaryn will soon give birth. It is up to Liam to master his work so he may build the magical bridge before then. Both understand that this would mark the time for them to decide their fates. Would Liam, the newborn, and the rest of the group cross the bridge together, letting the Real World fall to the evil? Would everyone stay in the Real World and face events together? Or would Liam and Adaryn leave their daughter behind with a guardian, knowing the hunter would be searching for her? (As Adaryn's parents did.)

**** FOUR STARS! Each part must be read in order. Otherwise, you will be lost and unable to fully understand what is happening. Each chapter begins with the name of the character that is being followed. All three parts of the story are told in the viewpoint of multiple characters.

The mysterious Nazarha Pallaton finally appears. I found her character to be the most interesting. (Besides a certain splintercat's.) Nazarha has been helping fight the evil in Woodcutter's Grim long before Liam and his family arrives. (As did her mother before her.) Though she only now enters the story, the author mentioned Nazarha several times in the previous part, so I felt as though I already knew something about her. Upon finally meeting the Seer, she felt very familiar. Perhaps this is why I was drawn to the character.

From the middle of this part, until the very end, I was on the edge of my seat. I could feel time running out and sense the rush to be ready. There is one section that I wish had been more detailed - Nazarha's battle. I can say no more without spoilers. A very satisfying ending to the tale. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Karen Wiesner
Title - Hunter’s Blues
(A Woodcutter’s Grim Series Futuristic Novel)

The Evil first came to Woodcutter’s Grim ten generations ago. Since then, the Guardians have sworn an oath to protect the town from the childhood horrors that lurk through the area. Fifty years ago, the barrier had broken and the world had fallen, overrun by beings of supernatural and mythical origin, unleashed in the form of a virus. It spread throughout the population. Once infected, the undead husk left behind had one mindless purpose: To contaminate everyone and everything everywhere. Humanity’s numbers dwindled to a few thousand. Those left lived behind heavily-fortressed, towering curtain walls within a vast estate. It and the Guardians were all that prevented total annihilation.

Dr. Mishell “Shell” Anderson had an empathetic gift of healing that allowed her to restore someone to health by drawing the injury into her own body, where I would ultimately be neutralized. But until it was, she was damaged, suffering. Shell had lost so many to the undead ghouls that roam at night. So when Reece Pallaton, her love, had been found town apart, bitten, and almost dead, Shell never hesitated to heal him. Yet by doing so, Shell unlocked the memories she had hidden in his mind six years prior.

Aided by their five-year-old, unprecedented genius son, Shell, Reece, and a small band of others would continue to battle the Evil and search for a way to survive.

**** FOUR STARS! This story is loosely based on the old children’s fable of ”Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” There is so much action in this story that there is time for only a little romance. Between battles there are discoveries that thoroughly explain why things are the way they are, where they are, and how much longer humanity could possibly continue to exist. (Things are bleak indeed!)

The author has created a complicated plot that slowly becomes clearer over time. Things began to make more and more sense to me with each discovery. The ending reminded me much of a whirlwind; so many facts coming together as the ghouls got closer and closer. This dark, futuristic tale left me a bit breathless. Awesome! ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE! or from Writers Exchange by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Linda Howard, Linda Jones
Title - Frostline

When little Elijah Tilley witnessed Uncle Bobby (State Senator Robert Markham) kill his mother, he quietly slipped out of the house and ran to a friend’s house. But that friend was out of town for the weekend. Elijah sat shivering in the darkened home until a woman appeared out of a tarot card.

Lenna Frost is Strength of the Major Arcana. She is pulled into the human realm and tasked with protecting Elijah. Lenna is not supposed to be on Earth. If she is gone from Aeonia for more than five days, her world would cease to exist.

Caine is a Hunter for magical beings. Emperor Jerrick has given him the duty of bringing Lenna back to Aeonia, as well as the long lost Alexandra Deck that made travel between worlds possible. Before Caine and Lenna returns, they must ensure Elijah’s safety. Uncle Bobby has hired someone to find and kill the boy. There was also a few other Hunters, sent by Veton, the Tower, to retrieve the magical tarot deck – at any cost. As time counts down, the odds of failure increase. Now that Caine has fallen in love with Lenna, failure is not an option.

***** FIVE STARS! This is an outstanding tale, written co-op by two New York Times bestselling authors. Any one of these authors is a powerhouse; yet working together they have created a magical story that cannot be missed by any true fan of Super Natural / Romantic Suspense. Elijah is adorable and the main couple has a strong chemistry which cannot be denied. I hope that I get to revisit Aeonia again someday. *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Kresley Cole
Title - Sweet Ruin (Immortals after Dark #16))

The Møriør are a brotherhood of killers with very few weaknesses. To their enemies, they were the Bringers of Doom. They have awakened and have arrived on Earth (the Gaia realm). The Accession is near; however, the event has changed. These days the immortal no longer fight one species against another; they have allied into armies. And more, these immortals do not just take down primordials (the alpha of each species). They assassinate gods.

Phenïx “Nïx” the Ever-Knowing is the primordial of the Valkyrie species. She is on the brink of becoming a goddess. The soothsayer seems insane most of the time. Nïx was attempting to transform what should be a drawn-out war of attrition into a great Lorewide battle between immortal alliances. She is the main target of the Møriør.

Josephine “Jo” seems to be a typical street kid. She has no memories, but is positive that the toddler in her care is her brother, Thaddeus “Thaddie”. The only real meal they receive is from Mrs. Brayden. When the leader of a gang kills Jo, Thaddie is adopted by the Braydens. No one is more surprised than Jo when she wakes up as a ghost! But what exactly is she? Jo has never heard of a ghost that can be seen by others, can become solid when she wishes, possess others on a whim, or craves blood. Can vampires fade invisible? No matter. Jo’s only care is for Thaddie. Yet when Jo goes to collect Thaddie, he does not recognize her. Since her presence seems traumatizing to him, Jo leaves Thaddie with the Braydens. For the next sixteen or so years, Jo is alone, but always keeps up with the well being of her brother.

Ruin Darklight the Insatiable is half demon and half fey. He is the eyes and ears of the Møriør. Ruin uses his skill of sexual seduction to infiltrate his enemies’ inner sanctum, assassinate, and to extract information. His blood is a fatal poison to others. He hunts for Nïx along the most decadent streets in the town of New Orleans. He never expects to be attacked by a gorgeous woman, nor for that woman to drink his blood and live. No, not simply live; she seems to crave it! And unlike any woman before her, Ruin’s emotions go wild. He is unable to distance himself and wants no one else to possess her. But how can one hold onto a being that can disappear into thin air?

***** FIVE STARS! Unlike the other titles in the series, this one is written to stand alone. New readers do not need to know anything about the prior events or characters; however, those who have read them will see glimpses of previous characters – especially those connected in some way to the Valkyries at Val Hall. If you recall the wraiths that surround and protect Val Hall, then you are in for a treat. They may not be invulnerable after all. As for Thaddie, dedicated readers to the series have seen him before – briefly. I had totally forgotten him until the story reminded me of where.

All-in-all, I foresee even more awards for Kresley Cole with this, the latest addition in the Immortals after Dark series. Someone needs to explain to me exactly WHY this has not been made into a television series! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Karen Wiesner
Title - Bound Spirits (Bloodmoon Cove Spirits #1)

One hundred years ago, a boy named Harrity Kotter lived. He loved his dog, Charles, like a brother. Harrity was a gentle boy. It made him the target of bullies during his school years, and even after. Dennis Mulvaney was the leader of those bullies. One Halloween night Dennis got drunk and got mean. He killed Charles in front of Harrity, before sealing the traumatized young man in a cave. Every year since then, at least one person had disappeared in that area. Legend says that people sometimes still see Charles, the ghost dog, roaming the lands, protecting Harrity’s remains. It is also said that the dog brings Harrity one person each year to consume.

Twelve-year-old Troy Mulvaney and his friends love urban legends and planned to be famous by recovering Harrity’s bones. Rumor is that the cave is behind a waterfall and cannot be found until it wants to be. The boys do find the cave and begin pulling off the rocks blocking the entrance, but Troy becomes trapped in the rocks. His friends abandon Troy when they are attacked by something mean. All the while, a dog barked.

John Kotter had left Bloodmoon Cove years ago to be a law enforcement ranger in Arizona. When his father died in the mountains, it put John in charge of Bloodmoon Cove Park. John returns to find a squatter, calling herself Esme Dumas in the park’s host house. Having noticed how well Esme had been caring for the park – and since his father had obviously known her – John offers her a job. John knows from the beginning that she has given him a false name and that she is running from some sort of trouble; however, he also knows that she is an innocent and naïve young lady. If his father trusted Esme enough to allow her to stay in the park, that was good enough for him. From their first encounter, John and Esme are attracted to each other. But can John fully open up and let a woman into his heart after what happened to him previously? And can Esme ever trust John enough to tell him or her past?

While John and Esme begin to learn about each other, Sheriff Gray Mecham is suspecting Esme had something to do with Troy’s disappearance. But the sheriff is the least of the couple’s worries. Each night, all animal sounds halt. Then a lone dog begins his wild, eerie barks which are soon followed by the screaming of something evil. It is something that wants revenge after being sealed away for a hundred years. Now it is free and each night it sounds closer than the one before.

***** FIVE STARS! This author has written many stories, in multiple genres, but I feel that THIS type of story fits her best. It has the flavor of an old Gothic Romance (of which the few I still hoard will never be tossed out) yet it can still be classified as a Christian Romance.

The characters are well developed. They never felt flat or two dimensional. The female is frightened, naïve, untrusting, and often compared to a fairy or sprite. The male has made mistakes in his past and tries to keep an open mind – be it about the living or the dead. If this is a taste of what the rest of the series will be like, then I refuse to wait a second longer to begin book two. *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Karen Wiesner
Title - The Bloodmoon Curse
(Bloodmoon Cove Spirits #2)

Twenty-five-year old Amberlyn Lyons lives in Marshfield, Wisconsin and works as a nurse in The Birth Center. She is eight months pregnant when she slips on ice, resulting in the loss of her unborn son. Everyone in the family seems to blame Amberlyn for the baby’s death; even her husband, Cain. Cain throws himself into his work instead of facing the tragedy. He expects Amberlyn to deal with her grief alone. So it is no wonder that it is several days before Cain realizes that his wife has disappeared.

Amberlyn is at a loss for what to do. Cain is unsupportive and she has no one to turn to – except Daniel Reynolds. Daniel was her roommate a couple years ago, when she met Cain. Daniel is like a brother to her, but to sooth Cain’s jealousy, Amberlyn has had no contact with him. Just as any good brother would do, Daniel gives her a place to stay until she can figure out her life. While looking at the newspaper, Amberlyn comes across a want ad for a nanny. There are three children who have recently lost their parents in a house fire and are in dire need of guidance. Amberlyn is unable to stop herself from calling the number given for more information. Not wanting to be a bother to Daniel, she agrees to take the position, but stresses that she would only care for the children temporarily, until a permanent nanny could be hired. Amberlyn intends to call Cain once she is settled into her new position; however, everything changes once Amberlyn reaches her destination.

Bloodmoon Cove is a small town up north, on Lake Superior. The three children are currently living with relatives at Bloodmoon Manor. The manor is high in the mountains. Treacherous passes surround the place and the recent heavy snowfalls make the journey even more dangerous. The manor is huge, several stories high. There are no phones, no electricity, and the only real modern touch is that they have running water. Amberlyn is completely isolated from the rest of the world. Amberlyn writes a letter for Cain, but it may be several weeks before Cecil, the gatekeeper, would be able to reach the manor again to pick it up and posting it; and that is only if the snow stops. Amberlyn takes to the children instantly, but everyone else in the manor makes her skin crawl. Other than the timid maid, Hannah, all the adults are harsh, cold, and often cruel. Hannah seems to know what is going on, but fear keeps her silent. Amberlyn and the children are not allowed to leave the house, nor explore it. They are expected to remain only in the few designated sections of the manor. All the while, tales are being told of a ghost that haunts Bloodmoon Manor; a ghost which intends to claim Amberlyn as his own on the next full moon.

***** FIVE STARS! There are so many of us out there that recall those old Gothic Romances with great fondness. Those romances had a bit of the supernatural within them and, in rare cases, not all of them had a perfect ending. But that is what kept me guessing back then. Would there be a perfect and happy ending or would it end with a bit of creepiness? In the not so distant past, Gothic Romances came back but always had a happy ending with all loose ends tied up. Again, so many of us loved them and yet the Gothic Romance would disappear for several years, reappear a bit different, disappear, reappear a bit different, and so on. Well I am thrilled to say that the Gothic Romance seems to be coming back again thanks to Karen Wiesner. (Woo-Hoo!) So I bet you are wondering what the “a bit different” is this time. Karen Wiesner includes a bit of the modern time. The story has the same spine chilling creepiness, but is set in the present time and includes modern troubles. This tale involves a couple who has undergone a recent, personal tragedy which is compounded by Cain’s parents’ ethics. (They care about Cain being hurt by Amberlyn, just as the two ladies before her did.) The pair have not been married long, a couple of years, and Cain is adrift, unable to realize how much his distraught wife needs him.

Karen Wiesner’s writing style is easy to read and understand. She creates well developed characters and gives each their own personality. I have read many of her books in the past – she has written in various genres – but I believe the Gothic Romances are her best ever. Highly recommended to one and all. *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Kresley Cole
Title - Dark Skye (Immortals After Dark #15)

The Sept of Sorceri is a breed-line broken from the enchantment caste of the House of Witches. They use elaborate armors to protect their bodies. They hold metals – and especially gold – sacred. Each has a root power that is consider to be their soul.

The Vrekeners are mortal enemies of the Sept of Sorceri, most of whom they consider wicked and unclean. They have wings and live in a realm consisting of floating islands, hidden above the clouds.

The Accession is a time when all immortals beings in the Lore (Valkyrie, vampire, shifters, fey, etc) must fight and destroy each other. This happens every five hundred years. Or right now…

The Order had many Lore imprisoned on a hidden island and did horrible experiments on them. As this story opens, those Lore prisoners have been released. Many of these former prisoners want nothing more than to get off the island and return home. However, several of the Lore remains to slaughter as many of their enemies as possible.

Melanthe “Lanthe” is the Queen of Persuasion. Her root/soul is the ability to persuade anyone to do her bidding. But the Vrekeners have been trying to kill her and her older sister, Sabine, almost all of their lives. Sabine has died multiple times and Lanthe has almost extinguished her root by healing Sabine (and bringing her back to life) each time.

Prince Thronos (of Skye Hall and all Air Territories) has been hunting Lanthe for five hundred years. He has known since childhood that Lanthe was his destined Mate. But his father had killed her parents and the young Lanthe, in her anger, retaliated instantly. To this day, if pains Thronos to fly or walk long distances. Finally, as she tried to flee the island, Thronos has captured Lanthe. He will stop at nothing to claim her as his Mate or to extract his vengeance.

**** FOUR STARS! You do not have to read the entire series to enjoy this episode, but new readers will find themselves confused quite a few times. In this series, several stories are happening simultaneously; therefore, various places, people, and situation are explained only vaguely.

A certain strange, almost insane, but captivating Valkyrie character plays a larger role this time around. Readers will see that she not only moves the main characters around like chess pieces, but she also has some of her own story told. (Yes! Finally! A small glimpse!)

The plot and its execution are a bit predictable, but the tale is a joy to read nonetheless! ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Karen Wiesner
Title - The Deep (Woodcutter’s Grim)

The evil first came to Woodcutter’s Grim about ten generations ago. The Guardians have sworn an oath to protect the town from the horrors that lurk in the surrounding black woods. That horror often took the form of characters from childhood fables. Yet sometimes the evil came in the form of mythology, such as this time.

Fifteen-year-old Cheyenne “Chey” Welsh has had to carry a burden far too heavy for one her age. Her mother is mentally ill. Her father is obsessed with his work. Caring for the house and her five-year-old sister, Dulcie, is all up to Chey. But late one stormy afternoon the unthinkable happens and little Dulcie disappears. Chey spies the hideous ragdoll on the steps leading to the basement. Dulcie is never without the doll. Yet her father tells the police that Dulcie has never been in the basement. In fact, there is a steel door with bolts to keep his daughters out. Chey somehow knows that her father is responsible for Dulcie’s disappearance. Her belief is confirmed when her father breaks down and confesses to her that the Die Diep should now be appeased. On the day Chey graduates high school she leaves Woodcutter’s Grim, even though it means leaving her true love, James Beck, behind. Fifteen years pass.

It is not her father’s funeral which brings Chey back to Woodcutter’s Grim. She simply has no money and nowhere else to go. Her mother has long since died, so Chey plans to sell off everything and collect her inheritance before putting the town and all her old memories behind her. Then she could begin life anew elsewhere. She could try to forget her dysfunctional family, the horror of losing her baby sister, and the last few miserable years of her existence. However, from the moment Chey enters her old home she can feel Dulcie’s presence, as well as something evil lurking, waiting.

Dr. James Beck has never gotten over Chey. He has been unable to forget her and move on with his life. He understands why she left – mostly. She even begged him several times to leave with her. But James cannot envision living anywhere else. He belongs in Woodcutter’s Grim. Unexplainable orange lights are appearing around the Welsh house at odd times. He knows he is not imagining things because his dog stares toward the house and growls whenever the orange glow flares up. Now Chey has suddenly returned; but she looks unhealthy. What has happened to Chey? Does she plan to leave town again? And if so, can he survive her leaving him a second time?

***** FIVE STARS! If you have not read the previous stories in this series, do not worry. You will still fully understand what is happening. Each title is a stand-alone story. However, those who have read at least a couple of them will be able to envision these events in a broader scope. Each story is a different, dark piece of the evil puzzle that is known as Woodcutter’s Grim. The town and the evil are the only things connecting the stories. The Guardians have little involvement this time around, at least until late in the story.

If you enjoy authors who write “old school style” then this entire series should be to your taste. All the titles, especially this one, has the spicy flavor of the old Gothic Romances that I used to greedily consume. This story has romance, mystery, suspense, adventure, and horror all blended together. Something for everyone. As usual, Karen Wiesner gives readers what they crave – and more. *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Annette Blair
Title - Tulle Death Do Us Part (Vintage Magic)

Madeira “Mad or Maddie” Cutler is learning to live with her psychometric gift. She now knows to “listen” to whatever vintage fashion item “speaks” to her. Basically, Mad will sometimes touch a vintage item and have a vision. Mad uses those visions to help solve crimes. Since Mad owns the dress shop “Vintage Magic”, the odds are pretty good for visions to pop-up. She has learned how to, for the most part, avoid touching fabric. (Even while hemming.)

During her shop’s roof-raising, a box is discovered. It is wrapped in a piece of fabric that sends Mad’s mind back in time. The fabric is part of a petticoat that was worn to a country club’s Golden Jubilee. A group of young people had been engaged in a scavenger hunt that may have ended with the death of a lady. Maddie turns to her boyfriend, Detective Lytton Werner, for help. Records show that Robin, a Vassar swimmer, had been swept away by a rogue wave on that fateful night. With no body found, she was declared dead seven years later. In order to learn the truth of what really happened forty years ago, Maddie will have to bring Lytton into the elite group of friends who know about her special gift. But will he believe her or will their new relationship come to a quick end?

**** FOUR STARS! Maddie has finally decided to move on with her private life, so Nick has been reduced to little more than a footnote or two. Dante, the shop’s resident ghost, is a bit of help since he was alive and knew at least one of the people involved in this mystery. The spoiled coeds from long ago have grown up to become today’s sour cream of society. The author helps Mad identify people she sees in her visions by giving each person a nickname. (Such as Grody, Vainglory, and Tagalong.) When the real names come to light, those nicknames take on special meanings. You have to read the story to fully appreciate what I am trying to explain.

Once again the author has penned another wonderful mystery. I look forward to rejoining those fictional friends in the next adventure. Annette Blair’s storytelling continues to shine brighter than any star possibly could. ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Cassie Alexander
Title - Shapeshifted (Edie Spence #3)

Edie Spence is a very good nurse with a lot of experience; however, her types of experiences are not ones she is able to write on her résumé. Until recently, Edie served as a nurse at County General on Y4. This is the hidden section of the hospital where the Super Natural beings are tended to. Edie has dealt with werewolves, vampires, dragons, and more. Ti, her former boyfriend, was a zombie. Asher, another former boyfriend, was a shapeshifter. Yet since Edie had been “shunned” her life has changed – again.

Edie’s mother is terminally ill. The only thing that could save her is vampire blood. But Edie had been previously forced to destroy all vampire blood in the region. Y4 is under the Shadows’ yoke and the Shadows refuse to help Edie unless she finds Santa Muerte. Just as bad is the fact that since Edie no longer works on Y4, the Shadows is no longer keeping her heroin-addicted brother clean.

Edie lands a job at a clinic in a bad part of town. Not understanding Spanish is a big problem, but being able to think clearly and quickly under stress (such as gangbangers with guns entering the clinic) makes Edie a valuable asset. As Edie tries to find a powerful being that not even the Shadows can locate, she must also do her best to keep innocent people out of harm’s way. Turf wars are common. One gang, the Three Crosses, is trying to get protection money from Dr. Hector Tovar, who runs the clinic. Her coworkers, especially Catrina, are not very welcoming and are keeping secrets. But friendship and cooperation can come from unexpected people and odd places.

**** FOUR STARS! This may be the third title in the Edie Spence series, but it will not be the last. Each book contains a stand-alone tale. Edie’s life, both private and public, is the only constant running theme. Characters from the previous stories return in this episode; however, a reader does not have to read them in order to understand what is going on here. Author Cassie Alexander is definitely making her mark in the Paranormal genre! ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Molly Harper
Title - A Witch’s Handbook of Kisses & Curses

Nola Leary lived in Boston until her early teens, but when her father died she moved to Kilcairy, Ireland, to live with relatives. Nola, like most in her family, is a witch. She is a medical empathy, able to feel where pain is in another. She is a nurse practitioner and works at her family’s clinic. A deathbed promise to her grandmother, Nana Fee, sends Nola on a quest to Half-Moon Hollow, Kentucky, to locate and obtain four items (called Elements) before their rivals, the Kerrigans, could find them. The artifacts had been hidden long ago by Nola’s grandfather, Gilbert Wainwright, and should be somewhere in his cluttered bookstore. But Wainwright passed away and, since he never knew that he had a granddaughter, he left the bookstore to a vampire, Jane Jameson.

Once Jane knows who Nola is and why she is in town, Jane and her friends begin to help the young witch in her task. Nola’s biggest distraction is Jed Trudeau, who is renting the other side of the duplex. The gorgeous man seems to have something against shirts and keeps turning up at the strangest times. But Nola’s time is limited. Even with the help of her new supernatural friends, Nola still might not be able to obtain the objects she seeks before the deadline.

**** FOUR STARS! Molly Harper has a magical gift of her own when it comes to storytelling. The book starts out with sassy with that foretells how the story will continue: witty, creative, and just plain fun. Some events are predictable, but for the most part, the author has done a great job of inserting surprises. A terrific blend of romance, a magical scavenger hunt, and comedy. ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Zoë Archer
Title - Sinner’s Heart (Hellraisers #3)

Set in London, 1763. Abraham “Bram” Stirling, Baron Rothwell, was once a soldier in the Colonies. He returned a changed man. To keep his grim horrors at bay, he and his fellow Hellraisers drowned themselves in vice. Nothing could separate the five Hellraisers until the Devil himself grants them each a wish, a power. Each has a fire tattoo, the mark of the Devil, and it slowly spreads across their bodies. When it covers the man entirely, the Devil will own his soul. Two of the Hellraisers have already turned away from the Devil and found ways to retrieve their souls. One of their group, Edmund, is dead; killed by John Godfrey. Today, only Bram and John remain bound by their pacts with the Devil.

Now Bram finds that he is magically bound to Valeria Livia Corva, the Roman priestess who raised the Devil the first time – and died to send the demon back. Livia’s physical body is trapped in a half state. She is a ghost, without substance and without feeling. Bound to Bram, she witnesses Bram’s memories and learns that they are not so different from each other. But unless she can convince Bram to turn against the Devil, recover his soul, and defeat John, there will be hell on earth.

***** FIVE STARS! The third and last installment of the Hellraisers’ Trilogy has finally arrived! And it is even more magnificent than I could have hoped for. In the first story, Zoë Archer prepared a seductive saga and cast her net, ensnaring her readers in a magical spell in which none wished to escape. In the second story, the author chanted a blissful mantra about love and sent out a wave of warmth and hope to all who read it. Now Zoë has combined the powerful characters of those two novels with the two most important ones of the trilogy. Everything falls upon the shoulders of the man who had the least amount of faith and the woman who may be given a second chance at mortality. The end result is spectacular! Throughout each story of the trilogy, the author has given the reader a shameless, immoral man and thrust a strong and determined woman in his path. Each couple had their love tested by fire, often literally, and come out the better for it. But Bram is the most sinful of the three male leads and Livia was not much better when she once breathed. To make things more suspenseful (and entertaining), Zoë has created a villain that I could not help but love to hate! The Devil is the only creature viler than John Godfrey. I mean, John was cruel in the first two stories, but he is evil reincarnate in this one. I ended up reading this entire book in a single afternoon.

Zoë Archer writes breathtaking stories that I doubt I will ever forget. As I said earlier, “Spectacular!” *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Nalini Singh
Title - Heart of Obsidian (Psy/Changeling)

Kaleb Krychek is the most powerful Psy in the Net. He is a deadly dual cardinal with impenetrable mind shields of obsidian and has the ability to split the world in two with ease. According to rumors, Kaleb had been the protégé of Santano, a former Councilor who had enjoyed torture and murder. The lethal telekinetic is said to be aiming for a total takeover of the Net or to destroy it. The latter would kill millions of people. No one, not even Kaleb himself, knew if he would end up destroying the very fabric of their race or not. It all depended on a single person – Sahara. And after seven years of constant searching, Kaleb has found her at last!

Sahara Kyriakus survived seven years of imprisonment. The guards had obeyed every order from their leader. Yet no matter the pain or punishment given, Sahara kept her mind hidden deep within a mental labyrinth. She had consciously sabotaged her own mind and hobbled her abilities. She refused to break and hand over her will, because whoever controlled Sahara could control the PsyNet. But now a man has teleported her out of the white room and into a huge home – a fortress. Even though her mind is still deeply submerged, Sahara can tell that the man is dark. This man is unable to feel any empathy or sorrow for others. So why does her subconscious feel safe enough to begin unraveling the labyrinth?

Kaleb and Sahara were on opposite sides of the line that separated dark from light, good from evil. For a few short years, until she was sixteen, they had been friends. That friendship ended with her blood on his knife. Sahara was close to death when she had been taken from him. Now that she was back in his grasp, Kaleb would never let her go. She belonged to him.

***** FIVE STARS! Since I have not read any of the previous titles in this series, I can say from experience that you do not need to in order to fully understand and enjoy this story. The main focus is on Kaleb and Sahara, where it should be; however, the story’s plot line is never ignored. (The Psy, Changeling, and Human races are being attacked by Pure Psy, a shadowy group who seeks to topple the current power structure and dreams of a world enslaved by the Psy.) Nalini Singh’s writing style is crisp, vivid, and easy to follow. I, as the reader, am able to understand why Kaleb is who/what he is, as well as why Sahara believes in him, though he will always be dark. I could actually feel the characters’ pain, sorrow, dread, and joy.

If you have read the previous titles in this series, you will be happy to know that past characters make cameo appearances. Again, the author does not lose focus on the main characters and new readers will not feel as though they are missing something. But seeing who/what is the mate of who/what (such as a human with a Changeling) makes it tempting to find their stories. I will definitely be keeping an eye on this author! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: J.K. Beck
Title - When Blood Calls

Prosecutor Sara Constantine has a promotion, but she is not too happy to learn that she must now prosecute Supernaturals, such as vampires and werewolves. Her first case involves Lucius “Luke” Dragos, a man she recently had a one-night-stand with.

*** THREE STARS! The author has done a good job with how I believe a real person would react should she learn that Supernatural begins live among us. But be warned that there are many secondary characters and it can become confusing trying to recall who is what or why and how something was done. I feel that some of the scenes are over-the-top or that the author is trying too hard to add in a shock factor. Yet, overall, this is a pretty good story. ***

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Kresley Cole
Title - Shadow’s Claim (The Dacians #1)

Princess Bettina of Abaddon would soon become the queen of the Deathly Ones. But on almost every day of her life, she is reminded of her own ordinariness. Worse, she is a “halfling freak”; not a real demon and not a real sorceress. She felt normal only while blending in with mortals at a college for a couple of semesters. That ends when she is attacked by a group of Vrekeners. The Vrekeners steal her power and then proceed to beat her to death. Bettina lives only because her medallion is used to summon her back to Castle Rune just before the killing blow.

Raum, the Grand Duke of the Deathly Ones, and Morgana, the Queen of Sorceri, are Bettina’s godparents. When Bettina’s broken body appears in Court, everyone is furious. Raum immediately proclaims that Abaddon would return to the old ways. Caspion the Tracker has been Bettina’s best friend for so long and she believes herself to be in love with him. Yet Cas sees her only as a little sister. Cas seeks the winged scum who attacked her for two months before Raum stops him. The Vrekeners live in the air territories, and each day Skye Hall moves. Finding them is near impossible. Failure has Cas visiting Dacia, a hidden realm where no one leaves, under penalty of death. Thus, when Cas leaves Dacia to return to Bettina’s side, he becomes prey.

Prince Trehan Daciano is from the House of Shadow, the assassin arm of the family. He tracks Caspion to Abaddon and is shocked to find his Bride. The Prince of Shadow has to choose between leaving his fated Bride forever or entering the blood tournament to win her hand. Entering the tournament means that Trehan can never return to Dacia and he forfeits his rights to claiming Dacia’s crown; but should he win the tournament, Trehan would claim his Bride and rule the Deathly Ones with her by his side. Problem is that his Bride loves his prey. Killing Caspion, even in the tournament, would cause Bettina to hate him forever.

**** FOUR STARS! Though this is the first of a new series, it is connected to the author’s “Immortals after Dark” series. Readers do not have to read the other series to enjoy this new one; however, many characters from the previous series are mentioned and/or make cameo appearances in this story. (Sorry fans, but only one Valkyrie has any cameo this time around; and I sorely miss those wild ladies.) This new series will focus on the Dacians. Prince Trehan’s story is the first to be told. As this story plays out, events involving Lothaire, the Enemy of Old, is also happening. Before this tale ends, Lothaire and his new Bride will take their places in Dacia.

Kresley Cole proves to all that she still writes with a poisoned pen or types on a lethal keyboard. (No one knows for sure which is true.) Multiple characters, each with their own individual personality and set of quirks, are seamlessly sewn together. (Hmm, perhaps Cole utilizes a mystical sewing machine with a poisoned needle or a loom.) The Sept of Sorceri is one of the physically weaker species of the Lore, so readers will be more able to sympathize with Bettina. Without her powers, Bettina is little different than the average human mortal. But rest assured that Bettina’s story is just as irresistible as the Valkyries’.

The name of Kresley Cole is quickly becoming as infamous as the name of King Arthur! ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Thea Harrison
Title - Lord’s Fall (Elder Races #5)

Dragos Cuelebre, Lord of the Wyrkind, has been mated to Pia Giovanni since last May. In his human form Dragos is intimidating enough, but when he shifts into his massive dragon form he is downright frightening. Well, except to Pia. Her Wyr form may not be a dragon, gryphon, harpy, or anything that would ever strike fear into her enemies, but her form is rare and would inspire awe. And no matter what form Dragos is in, Pia’s human for can (and does) stand up to him.

As the book opens, Pia is en route to South Carolina. Her mission is to repair the Wyr treaty with the Elven Lord. But Pia also hopes to have a nice visit and perhaps hear some stories about her late mother. When Pia arrives she learns that Elven High Lord Calondir is not home. Beluviel, his consort, invites Pia and her Wyr bodyguards to travel with her into Lirithriel Wood, where Calondir is meeting with an emissary from Numenlaur. (Numenlaur is the Other land connected to Europe and the seat of the oldest Elven demesne in the world.)

Meanwhile back home, Dragos is overseeing the Sentinel Games. Dragos lost two of his seven sentinels in quick succession last summer. The Games will determine the seven mightiest Wyr to be in his elite group of Sentinels. The five current sentinels must also compete in order to prove themselves worthy to remain in their positions. The Sentinel Games are brutal. Much as the gladiators in an arena, the Wyr duel each other until, by the week’s end, only seven remain. The battles are not to the death, but no every participant survives.

When Dragos is unable to reach Pia via dreamwalking, he must decide on whether to wait for Pia to contact him another way (and fear for her safety the entire time, or again break the Wyr/Elven treaty that she is trying so hard to repair. Once they are reunited, everyone learns that an ancient power is being used which may destroy everything. To have any chance of defeating their common for, Wyr and Elf must fight side-by-side and somehow learn to trust each other.

**** FOUR STARS! If you have not read the previous titles in the series, you will still enjoy this story. However, I urge you to read them prior to opening this book because (most of) all the previous main characters have at least a small cameo to play in this episode. Pia’s Wyr form is not revealed in this tale either, so if you did not read the first book (Dragon Bound) you will remain in the dark.

My main problem with this story is how the common enemy of the Wyr and Elves is defeated. Most of the story builds up the tension as it explains the powerful device and its mighty user. After all, two armies have to unite against it and many warriors die. Yet its defeat is easy. Way too easy. Other than that, the story is awesome! For those wondering, Pia does deliver her baby in this story. But that is all I can say about it. Perhaps he will get his own story told someday. Come to think of it, I would not mind reading Quentin Caeravorn’s either. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Thea Harrison
Title - Dragon Bound (Elder Races #1)

Dragos Cuelebre, Lord of the Wyrkind demesne, is an ancient dragon who takes on a human form. He has led all of the Wyrkind for centuries from his demesne based in New York. As founder and head of Cuelebre Enterprises, Dragos is very powerful, financially, politically and magically. He can be selfish, callous, possessive, territorial, wicked, cunning, and ruthless - and those are his kinder traits.

Then something happens that has never before been accomplished. Someone manages to locate his hidden horde and steals a small object. Finding the horde is a miracle in itself, but to somehow slip through all the magical wards and traps - and survive - should have been impossible. Worse, none of Dragos's wards ever warned him of an intruder. His bellow of rage shakes all of New York. He would find and tear the little thief to pieces.

Pia Giovanni's late mother had engraved the lessons into her mind. Pia was never to tell anyone about herself. She was to blend in with the humans. Stay under the radar and avoid scrutiny. Never tell anyone that she was half human and half something else. She was to live her life in secret. But her mother is dead and Pia did not want to be alone. She told one minor secret to her boyfriend, Keith, the man she once loved, while they had been tipsy. No lock can hold her. She can open any lock as if it was not there. Uttering that single fact marked the end of life as she knew it. Months after Pia broke up with him, Keith reappears and blackmails her into stealing an object, any object, from Dragos's secret horde. Pia takes a secret pleasure in retrieving a simple copper penny for Keith instead of anything valuable. Her conscience has her leaving another penny in its place, along with a short note of apology. Before handing the coin over to Keith, she returns the favor of blackmail. To get what Pia stole, Keith has to read a binding spell. Never again would Keith be able to use her or tell any of her secrets. When the Great Beast roars and all of New York trembles, Pia knows her theft has been noted. She must leave everything and everyone she cares for behind. There is no doubt that the massive dragon would find her. Dragos has never shown mercy. Her circumstances would not matter. He would find her. He would rend her to pieces. Pia can only run to dely the inevitable.

Pia makes it to Charleston, South Carolina. It is the seat of the Elven Court and the Wyr, especially their leader Dragos, cannot trespass without breaking all sorts of treaties. So Pia is standing on the beach, feeling safe and secure, at least for the moment, when a humongous dragon dives from the sky, morphing into the form of Dragos, as he pounces upon his prey - her. Stalling, Pia starts answering all of Dragos's questions while wondering when he would begin dishing out justice for her crime against him. Once she finishes explaining how and why she committed the theft, Pia is shocked to hear that Dragos is sparing her life. Of course, she will have to make recompense by serving him (at Cuelebre Enterprise) until he deems the debt is paid.

Upon catching his little thief, Dragos realizes that, for the first time in centuries, he is not bored. Pia constantly surprises him and he is eager for her to remain close. Until Dragos releases Pia, she is his! But getting her safely back to Cuelebre Tower in New York turns out to be a challenge. The Light Fae, goblins, the Dark Fae, and even the sadistic Dark Fae King, Urien Lorelle, stands in the way.

***** FIVE STARS! This is the first title of the Elder Races Series. My synopsis explains the main characters, what first brings them together, and some challenges they must overcome; however, it does not really do the story justice. All the obstacles I mention do not even cover the first half of this book. The second half is in New York, where the pair will face much more danger. Secondary characters (who play vital roles and who may have their own story in the future) have their backgrounds developed. In other words, I cannot name and/or describe the other people and events without more than tripling my review and possibly having spoilers. (I refuse to write spoilers!)

The author has (basically) kept the world as we know it today. Since it is familiar to me, I feel a connection with the story. It is believable to me. Other authors have done this. The "Sookie Stackhouse Series" is a good example and I feel that Harrison's world and characters are just as well done. Readers will find themselves hooked immediately and dread having to put the book down for even a brief time. I warn you not to being reading this story until you are sure that you have plenty of alone time. With this one story, the author has made a fan of me. Thea Harrison's writing is exceptional in every way. *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Thea Harrison
Title - Storm's Heart (Elder Races #2)

The Dark Fae King, Urien Lorelle, is finally dead. Urien's segregationist rule had isolated the Dark Fae society from the rest of the world. Unlike their kin, called the Light Fae, the Dark Fae was known for subterfuge and silent political allegiances. Long ago Urien had taken the Dark Fae throne in a bloody coup. He had slaughtered his brother, King Rhian, and the entire royal family to get it - or so he thought. There had been one body unaccounted for.

Niniane Lorelle had been seventeen-years-old when her uncle had butchered her family. She had run straight to Dragos, Lord of the Wyr, for sanctuary and had been part of the Wyrkind inner circle for almost two hundred years. She was known as Thistle "Tricks" Periwinkle, Public Relations spokesperson for Cuelebre Enterprises in New York. But with the death of King Urien, it was time for Tricks to reveal herself as Niniane, rightful heir to the throne.

Niniane met with a small delegation for only a short time, one of whom was her cousin, before she was stabbed. For the second time in her life, Niniane had been betrayed by her own blood kin. Someone caught the assassination attempt on video and uploaded it to the web. This was how Dragos found out about the attack. Tricks was in hiding, if not dead somewhere. Dragos sent his best man to locate Tricks and to keep her alive until after her coronation.

Tiago Black Eagle is one of only three known thunderbirds in existence. When not in his human form, Tiago is a gigantic bird of prey with a thirty-foot wingspan. He has been the head of Dragos's private army for several hundred years now. The other Wyr sentinels call him "Dr. Death" behind his back for good reason. He is a killing machine quick to anger and fueled by immense Power. He has an intimate understanding of vengeance, hunting, and killing. When he loses his temper, thunder rolls and lightning strikes. For Tiago, tracking Tricks is easy. Tending her wounds and keeping the spitfire alive is not. She is a fragile faery yet, unlike any other sane creature in the world, she did not hesitate to needle a pissed-off thunderbird. She may not be a warrior, but she is nicknamed "Tricks" for a reason. Dragos's sentinels, who are mostly gryphons, had taught her to fight dirty, and the little faery has managed to get under his skin somehow. When a second assassination attempt occurs, Tiago is prepared to shoot and ask question later. Niniane refuses to return to New York and Tiago refuses to leave her side.

Niniane is in pain, has no idea of whom she can trust, and the warlord sentinel is tap dancing on her last nerve. The man is always angry, irritable, rude, protective and sarcastic, comforting in danger and calm under fire and unrepentantly, aggressively antisocial. His is an unconquerable spirit and his bedside manner is sociopathic. But he is also the only one she can totally trust to guard her back. With Urien dead, Niniane can finally help her people return to a better way of life. She would be firm but fair, as her father had been. During this time of transition, Niniane needs all the help she can get; however, she cannot ask for too much more from the Wyrkind. Niniane must be careful not to alienate any powerful government officials and much-needed Dark Fae allies. No other Elder demesne will tolerate it should they believe the Wyr to be getting too much favoritism. Power among the United States Elder Races is carefully balanced and needs to remain so for the sake of peace. So when she finally becomes the Dark Fae Queen, the thunderbird must return to New York. Taking her broken heart with him.

**** FOUR STARS! Though this is a stand-alone story, I strongly urge you to read the first title of this series (Dragon Bound) before beginning this one. In the first story, readers not only get to enjoy watching Tricks and Tiago clash, but they also get some foreshadowing for this current story. It will help you understand Tricks and Tiago just a bit better. However, you do not HAVE to. The author has done a terrific job of introducing the pair. In this story, the backgrounds of Tricks and Tiago become fully developed. They are opposites. Yin and yang. In short, exactly what each needs to make them whole.

Thea Harrison keeps events moving alone at a good pace. Danger, suspense, and political intrigue are everywhere. But best of all are the clashes between the hero and the heroine, both in and out of the bedroom. Delicious! ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Thea Harrison
Title - Serpents Kiss (Elder Races #3)

In order to save a friend's life, Wyr sentinel Rune Ainissesthai made a pact with Carling Severan - without knowing what she would ask in return. Now the time has come for this First Sentinel to fulfill his obligation. Of course, Dragos, Lord of the Wyr, is not happy, but a magical debt is legally binding. With luck, the former Vampyre Queen would not demand anything from Rune that would take the massive gryphon decades, if not centuries, to accomplish. Yet when Rune appears before Carling, he finds an ailing woman on the edge.

Carling is dying. There comes a time in all vampyres' lives (if something does not kills them first) when they begin to suffer from periodic episodes and their minds drift off. Carling has spent over two hundred years studying the phenomenon, researching for its cause and a possible cure. All in vain. Carling's Power has become erratic and her episodes are increasing in severity and frequency. Most of her followers have fled in fear. Other than a dog and one of her youngest progenies, Carling is alone on her island.

Though Carling tosses away the debt Runes owes and releases him from their bargain, Rune simply cannot bring himself to leave. Regardless of the risk, Rune decides to help Carling find a cure for whatever the disease is that is killing her. Rune is very attracted to the dangerous vampyre. To be honest, Rune likes her penchant for violence. He finds is exciting. And even a handsome, immortal shifter can never be conceited while Carling is around.

Rune brings the talented pathologist, Dr. Seremela Telemar, in for a private consultation. Seremela is of the Medusa race and often has a unique perspective on her cases. Rune is not the only one pulling strings. The Djinn, Khalil, still owes Carling two more favors. With the very real possibility of her death in the near future, Carling has no need to horde them. Might as well use them while she can.

If all of this is not enough, something odd and dangerous is happening every time Carling has an "episode". (Ahem, I mean whenever she wanders off to feed the bats in her belfry.) Then there is Julian Regillus, King of the Nightkind, who may be willing to risk a war in order to either control Carling or hasten her to her doom. With the entire situation quickly escalating, the sentinel and the former Queen will have to rely on each other is they have any hope of surviving.

**** FOUR STARS! Thea Harrison has created a magnificent world where the night overflows with malevolent intents, yet rare romances can still be found to last for eternity. Both main characters are more dangerous than most in the Elder Races. In fact, Carling seems to ooze danger from her pores and Rune seems to radiate hostility from his aura. Still, the author manages to show a lighter, more flirting and humorous, side to the pair.

The Djinn, Khalil, will be getting his story told next in the book titled, Oracle's Moon. I am hoping that Dr. Seremela Telemar will have a story sometime in the future. A character that is a combination of a Pathologist and a Medusa is just too juicy to create and NOT dedicate a full length novel for. I found the author's unique take on the snakes, each with individual minds, to be utterly brilliant!

This story is beyond the norm, a story that has eclectic personalities, and high in drama, yet still with some romance (though often a détente-type of romance). No one writes incorrigible characters like Thea Harrison. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Thea Harrison
Title - Oracle’s Moon (Elder Races #4)

Grace Andreas never had to worry about the intrigues of the Elder Races. But earlier this year, Petra and her husband had been killed in a car accident. When Petra died, the Power moved to the second daughter, Grace. As the new Oracle of Louisville, Grace has the unwanted Power of prophecy. When Grace was in the hospital recovering from the wreck, she had promised herself she would not make any long-term decisions or commitments to anything or anyone other than Chloe and Max. Now that Grace is the guardian of her four-year-old niece and nine-month-old nephew, their well being would always come first.

Grace gets caught up in the Elder Races’ politics when she helps Wyr Sentinel Rune and his mate, Vampyre Queen Carling. With them is an ancient Djinn, Khalil. Grace is relieved when the sentinel and vampyre finally leave. Her big problem since those events (of only this morning) is the fact that the Djinn did not leave with them. Grace has monstrous medical bills and no health insurance coverage. She has received nothing from the dead trucker who had let his insurance coverage lapse. Her new responsibilities has brought her schooling to an abrupt halt, leaving her with a large amount of student debt. Grace is now on food stamps and is seriously considering filing for bankruptcy. Needless-to-say, Grace has enough to worry about without adding a Djinn to the list. And no matter how much Chloe and Max seem to like Khalil, Grace wants no part of his attention. When her life is endangered, Grace realizes how much protection a Djinn can offer. The Djinn do not use money. They traded in favors. A bargain is a sacred thing. So when Grace makes a deal with Khalil, she understands that her life has taken a dangerous turn.

**** FOUR STARS! This is the fourth book in the Elder Races series. As the reader, my biggest concern was how an immortal Djinn and a mortal Oracle could possibly have a lasting relationship. Not only are they different species, but mortals grow old and die. Khalil’s character is unique to me. I have never read a story with a Djinn being a main character. The author did a terrific job with his volatile emotions, very stiff code of honor, and his need for swift justice/revenge.

Grace is a strong character and a wonderful role model for little Chloe and Max, who are absolutely charming. (Chloe managed to steal the spotlight once or twice. Very intriguing character there with lots of future potential.) Because Grace is human and under the normal stress of being a single parent, I could easily relate to her. Yet those same traits kept her from being MORE in my eyes. The previous titles had larger-than-life characters. Grace is just human. Yes, a human with a special gift, yet still a mere human; therefore, my interest in her character did not begin to grow until late in the story.

This is a very well written tale with cameos from previous main characters of earlier titles in the series. It is not as fast paced as the earlier stories, but it is definitely worth your time to read and enjoy. As an added bonus, there is a peek at the next title, Lord’s Fall, which is due for release early November 2012. I look forward to reading it…“Indeed”. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Jacquelyn Frank
Title - Seduce Me in Dreams (Three Worlds)

Bronse Chapel is the commander of a specialized unit of the Interplanetary Militia. After his new communications officer returns to duty from a serious injury, Bronse’s gut tells him that something is wrong. He voices his concerns to “Lasher”, his Second. In Bronse’s dreams, a lovely brunette begins warning him that he is in danger. Those vivid warnings turn out to be correct and Bronse knows he must not be separated from his team. Later, Bronse ends up rescuing the woman from his dreams, Ravenna. She is the leader of a group of young people with special gifts.

**** FOUR STARS! This story took me awhile to really sink into. Too many characters’ backgrounds are thrown at the reader too quickly. But once I finally got everyone straight, the story become enthralling. The plot sits on a strong foundation, upon which more stories may be built. Several other characters, especially Lasher, grabbed my attention. By the ending, I was ready for more. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Caroline Hanson
Title - Love is … the Beginning
(Prequel to the Valerie Dearborn Series)

This story is a quick read. The main character is Jack, who is on the verge of entering his years as a teenager. This short tale is actually a prequel to the author’s Valerie Dearborn Trilogy. In the series, Jack is a secondary character who joined Valerie and her father, Nate, in hunting vampires after they slaughtered his parents and (one of the vampires, Marion) tried to kidnap him. The series also revealed how nine-year-old Valerie saved Jack. Now readers can see what happed to Jack on the blackest and bloodiest day of his young life.

**** FOUR STARS! I read a post somewhere, by the author, which stated no one should read this story unless they had already read the series. The reasoning was that if you did not already know who the characters were, you would be lost and confused; however, I beg to differ. This story is what enticed me to purchase (Kindle) the Valerie Dearborn Series. By reading this story first, I believe that I had a much better understanding of Jack’s need for revenge. The other characters from the series have only small parts to play. The vampires from the series are hardly seen and heard from even less. Only little Val gets a brief time in the spotlight, after the slaughter is over. Once I finished this story, I began reading the series. From the first page I had a deep understanding on what drove Jack so hard to train and his determination of someday avenging his parents. I also understood Valerie’s relief at having Jack take her place as Nate’s apprentice/partner. The only thing that I will stress is that if you read the series – and you really should, it is very well done – those three titles MUST be read in order. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Caroline Hanson
Title - Love is Darkness (Valerie Dearborn #1)

Long, long ago there had been an uneasy balance of vampires, witches, werewolves, empaths, and Fey. The Empaths were special mortals with an emotional gift. The blood of an empath could restore feeling and emotion for a vampire. It could also calm a werewolf. Empaths were often used as delegates between the Other races. But Lucas Tiberius Janius, King of the Vampires, decided to wipe out all of the Other races. Vampires could feel emotions to a certain extent, but it faded over time, especially positive emotions. The older a vampire got, the more they are drawn to slaughter because they are emotions that could still be felt. This was why empaths had been the most sought after prey for vampires. Eventually, only vampires and humans remained. Centuries passed.

Lucas well knows that being a vampire over sixteen hundred years of age has its Pros and Cons. For example, being able to walk in the sun is a Pro. But in the Con section is extreme boredom. It has been centuries since Lucas last enjoyed being at the top of the food chain. It has been even longer since he has felt anything remotely close to joy or happiness. So Lucas is intrigued when he learns that one empath must have survived the slaughter of long ago, because one half-breed little girl lives in California. Unsure as to whether he should kill the child or not, the king keeps her existence quiet. Until he decides her fate, little Valerie and her family would be under his protection – even though her family members are Hunters. Five years pass.

Valerie Dearborn’s mother had been drained and killed by a vampire years ago. She grew up with her father, Nate, learning how to hunt the monsters down and slay them. Val never wanted to learn or do any of the violent demands from her father. So when Jack, whose parents had been slaughtered by vampires, had joined her family to help eliminate the blood thirsty parasites, Val was happy to step away and let him fill the vacancy. When it came time for college, Valerie chooses one on the other side of the world. Valerie is excited to be in London, England. She is finally on her own and can begin her new life as an ordinary person. Unfortunately, that feeling of freedom is short lived. Lucas, King of the Vampires, has decided Valerie’s fate. Lucas wants to know if anyone else survived the war. It is time for Val to begin her helping him locating any surviving Others. And no matter how tempting he finds her blood to be, Lucas would keep his fangs to himself.

**** FOUR STARS! This is the first book of the series. Valerie Dearborn’s story is three novels in length. Other than a separate novella telling Jack’s story as a boy (Love is … the Beginning) readers must read the titles in order. Each book continues where the one before left off.

In this first story, Caroline Hanson has created a dark (vampire) monster and keeps the creature in character. Too many authors give their leading lady some sort of special ability which they are well versed in using before she actually meets the leading male. But this author steps a bit outside the box. Val has no idea what an empath is, much less what her potential powers could be or how to use them. Lucas views Val as simply a tool. Neither Valerie, nor the reader, is allowed to forget that Lucas is a cold-blooded killer. I look forward to seeing where the author will take this series. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Caroline Hanson
Title – Love is Fear (Valerie Dearborn #2)

Valerie Dearborn is half Empath, the last of her kind. With the death of her father, Val only has Jack left. The two travel to Hawaii, ready to take their relationship to the next level. But Lucas, King of the Vampires, is determined to keep that from happening. Lucas sends his vampire witch, Rachel, to seduce Jack so that Valerie would return to him. Once Val willingly embraces her fate she would aid Lucas in discovering whether or not any Other races still remain.

Most everyone has heard about North Carolina’s Roanoke settlers who disappeared without a trace long ago. Virginia Dare was the first baby born before the colony vanished. But the Lost Colony was never really lost. Back then, thanks to Lucas, the Fey and the werewolves had been on the brink of extinction. Cerdewellyn, King of the Fey, used elemental magic to create a portal. The few “Other” survivors and the Roanoke settlers were transported to the Land of the Fey. Once Virginia Dare had grown up, Cer was to make her his new queen. Problem was that his current queen refused to do her duty and die. With the wolves by her side, the queen rebelled. Virginia was killed. Cer was cut into pieces and then his remains were scattered. As time seemed to stop in the Fey land and life began to decay, Cer manages to reach Valerie through her dreams. Unknowingly, Valerie has been retrieving Cer’s body parts for him. Before they know what is happening, Valerie, Lucas, Jack, and Rachel find themselves in Cer’s realm. Lucas’s hope of bringing the Other races back dies as Cer reveals his intensions.

**** FOUR STARS! This story picks up where the previous left off. Due to a blood connection, Lucas is unable to remain cold and detached from Val. The author has done a beautiful job of showing the small cracks in the walls surrounding the vampire’s dark heart. Small, but there.

Though Lucas is still a bad dude, Cer takes the stage as the main villain. Again the author has done a great job. Caroline Hanson shows how much the Fey King loved his people, but was betrayed. Now Cer is forced to harden his heart and make cruel decisions in order to save his misguided subjects.

In order to fully understand and enjoy this story, the first title (Love is Darkness) must be read prior to beginning this one. New readers will often find themselves lost and confused. Also, this story ends with a huge cliff hanger. Consider yourself warned. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Caroline Hanson
Title - Love is Mortal (Valerie Dearborn #3)

The Fey were weak, almost gone; their only chance of survival was to find the Sard, a mystical object that resembles a jewel. When used in combination with the Book of Life and Death, its power could restore Cerdewellyn, King of the Fey, to greatness. To save his people, Cer needs to make Valerie Dearborn, the last Empath, his new queen. But Val is fed up with all the supernatural crap in her life and wants only to return to her realm and live a normal life. The only real hold Cer has over Val is her feelings for Lucas, King of the Vampires, who is currently weak and chained in the dungeon. Cer looks forward to what he plans to do with Lucas, the vampire that slaughtered his people; however, in exchange for Valerie’s aid, Cer promises not to kill Lucas for a certain amount of time and to listen to everything the dark creature has to say.

Valerie’s life is out of her control. She is in love with the most cold-hearted vampire ever created. To keep Lucas alive, she must help another king, Cer. But life with the Fey king would be no better than life with the vampire king. To make matters worse, Jack, the man she loves as a brother, has been transformed into a werewolf and has chosen to bond himself with Rachel, the vampire witch, instead of to her, his family. Bad news usually comes in threes, so it is no real surprise to Valerie when the spirit of Cer’s dead love, Virginia Dare, begins to make herself known to Val.

The fate of all Other races is about to be decided. Everything depends on who wields the Sard.

*** THREE STARS! This is the third title of the series. It begins where the previous story left off. (I detest cliff hanger endings.) Valerie’s story concludes in this episode, but a couple of threads are left dangling. The author may begin a new series if she so desires.

This installment has a lot of suffering, a lot of pain and torture. The plot itself slows way down so that the character of Virginia Dare has her time in the spotlight. Because so much needs to be accomplished and several couples (Rachel/Jack, Cer/Virginia, Lucas/Valerie) need to be followed, sections of the story came across as rushed to me. Lucas’s character goes from stone-cold-hearted to take-my-blood-so-you-may-escape,-because-your-mortal-life-means-everything-to-my-undead-heart. As for Virginia, her spirit takes over too swiftly and Valerie’s return seemed a bit too easy for me to believe. I was totally disappointed in Marion.

In my personal opinion, the events in this book should have been spread out over two titles. Doing so would have allowed the author to include more details and give room so that each character could have been well developed and their actions more believable. In fact, I would have preferred it if Dare’s character were totally deleted. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Susan Sizemore
Title - Personal Demon

Ivy Bailey is one of Chicago’s vampire hunters, responsible for keeping the city’s human residents safe. Most of the world follows the old Laws of the Blood, but in Chicago it is different. The vampire hunters are working with the Chicago area vampire nests to keep things ethical. The rules are known as the Covenant. Hunters do not deny that vampires crave companions, but those companions have to be willing lovers. Hunters have the tacit cooperation of the Vampire Enforcer of the City.

Vampire Enforcer Christopher Bell has been sent from England to investigate rumors of a revolution. When he encounters Ivy, who is being followed through the dark streets, he finds himself utterly intrigued. But more than a century ago, Christopher killed Jack the Ripper in London and now it seems that the Ripper’s tainted soul is back. Ivy’s Aunt Cate has performed a binding-and-bringing ritual, making Ivy responsible for ending the killings. Problem is that the Ripper’s is not the only serial killer soul that has been brought back to play.

Ivy claims that she does not need protection, especially from an Enforcer, but Christopher cannot stop himself. He soon finds himself in the middle of a fight between demons and mortals, determined to safe guard the vexing woman who has managed to stir his undead heart.

***** FIVE STARS! If you love reading urban vampire fiction, then you should already recognize the name of Susan Sizemore. If the author’s name – somehow – does not sound familiar, then you either live in seclusion, away from society, or you are not a big fan of the genre. This is one author that is not to be missed.

Sizemore’s writing style is uncluttered, allowing me to easily envision the story in all its glory – or sometimes in all its gory glory. The author holds back no punches. From the instant I began to read the prologue, I was unable to tear myself away.

The storytelling talent of Susan Sizemore leaves me in awe! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Katie MacAlister
Title - A Tale of Two Vampires (Dark Ones Novel)

To get away from the horrible men in her life, Iolanthe “Io” Tennyson accepted her cousin’s invitation to spend the summer in Austria. During this rest period Io expected to relax and take several fantastic photos in hopes of turning her photography hobby into a career. But shortly after she met Imogen at the GothFaire, Io found herself whisked back in time. The shimmering mist she had seen in the woods had been a portal. Io ended up stuck in the year 1703.

Forced by his half brothers to live forever as a Dark One, Nikola Czerny’s only true joy had been his son, Benedikt, and his daughter, Imogen. But when fate tossed a mysterious and strangely attired woman at his horse, Nikola became intrigued. Oddly enough, the woman who’s name had no consonants in it claimed she knew his daughter three hundred years in the future.

Io could not help the feelings that Nikola stirred within her. Yet Io also knew what his murderous half brothers had planned for Nikola. If Io saved Nikola, what would be the consequences to the future?

***** FIVE STARS! This story begins in the present, travels three hundred years into the past, and back to the present. I admit to finding the past quaint, but I totally agree with Io about missing all the luxuries that I have come to take for granted – such as toilet paper. Nikola’s reaction to our time is just as humorous.

Author Katie MacAlister has given a delightful twist to the Vampire Romance genre. This story, in my opinion, is one of the best within the “Dark Ones” series. Romance, suspense, and humor blend together smoothly to give readers a memorable afternoon. *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Kristen Callihan
Title - Firelight (Darkest London #1)

Set in London, 1881. Since her birth Miranda Ellis has had an affinity with fire. For her entire life she has struggled to control it. At the age of ten, Miranda made a mistake that cost her family their fortune. It had been an accident, but her father, Hector Ellis, refuses to let Miranda forget it. Her older sisters, Daisy and Poppy, are married and out from under their father's thumb. But Miranda is often forced to steal trinkets for her father to sell. After all, the man has already sold everything in the house worth a few coins. Now he is giving Miranda a choice: Marry the man called the Dread Lord Archer or be put out into the streets forever.

Lord Benjamin Archer, Fifth Baron Archer of Umberslade, hides his face behind dark masks. The right side of his body is deformed due to an "accident". He has been away from London for several years, searching for a cure or to help ease his pain. He knows it is selfish to take Miranda as his bride, but he feels drawn to her. He looks into her eyes and sees the reflection of his salvation. Miranda can see him, the man, instead of a monster. Miranda can ease his loneliness and Archer can ensure that she never wants for anything.

Titled men from Archer's past begin showing up dead and Archer realizes that he can no longer ignore his fate. There is a lot of circumstantial evidence that pints to Archer as being the killer, yet Miranda refuses to believe it. Archer refuses to tell her what the accident was that had deformed him, so she begins searching for her own answers. Archer must give in to the beastly nature he has struggled so hard to hide if he wants to keep Miranda safe. And Miranda must enter a world of dark magic and fire if she wants to save Archer's soul.

***** FIVE STARS! It is hard to believe that this is Callihan's debut novel. The story is set during the Regency Era and has the dark flavor of an old Gothic Romance. Archer's mysterious past is slowly revealed, coaxed into the light by the curious and tenacious Miranda, and it is an unmitigated disaster. The heroine is audacious, especially when it comes to those she cares for. She is a strong-willed character and the perfect match for Archer.

The author has a rich and vivid writing style that seems to clash with the darkness of the story's plot, making it all the more fascinating to me. I was hooked almost immediately and frustrated whenever I had to put the book down for even a moment. Kristen Callihan is destined for greatness! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Kristen Callihan
Title - Moonglow (Darkest London #2)

Daisy Ellis Craigmore is finally a widow. No longer must she deal with her late husband’s abuse. Knowing long before his death that he husband would not ensure her welfare once he was gone, Daisy has used her undignified talent for dissecting smells to create several successful perfumes. However, Daisy never sold the formula for her personal scent. The unique scent is exclusively Daisy’s. While attending a gala one evening, she is one of the people attacked by a vicious beast. It is only by chance that Daisy survives.

Lord Ian Ranulf, the Marquis of Northrup, has spent several lifetimes hiding his Lycan nature from society. He is nearby when the screaming begins. The mad werewolf is gone by the time Ian gets to the scene of attack. He is shocked to find a survivor among the bloody carnage. To keep Daisy from revealing what had attacked her, Ian has Daisy taken to his home for care. (He used to be a doctor.) He soon learns that all the women that the beast has attacked had one thing in common; they each wore a perfume called “Daisy”. Ian pledges to protect Daisy until the threat is neutralized. It is the duty of Clan Ranulf’s to protect society from threat of their kind, yet the clan has done nothing. Ian is in self-chosen exile from the clan. His brother, Conall, currently sits upon the Lycan throne. Even so, the duty has fallen upon Ian to protect London from the insane werewolf. That means keeping Daisy close. There are joined in their quest to unmask the villain by Daisy’s sister, Lady Miranda Archer, who can manipulate fire, and her husband, Lord Benjamin Archer, who is Lycan. Daisy seems to be the only one in the group without some sort of supernatural ability. It is also up to Daisy to keep the peace, because there are hard feelings between Ian, Benjamin, and Miranda. But the power in Daisy’s family line usually only appears when the person is under extreme duress … and Daisy is certainly under a lot of stress lately.

**** FOUR STARS! This may be the second title in the Darkest London Series, but you do not have to read the first book to fully enjoy this story. The first book is titled Firelight and tells the story between Miranda and Lord Archer. The third title involves the eldest sister, Poppy, who plays a small role in this adventure. However, Poppy’s husband is Inspector Winston Lane and he plays a huge part in this story. He is ignorant of the supernaturals around him and not part of Daisy’s investigating group.

Author Kristen Callihan has given more information on the Lycan background and the reader learns more about the Lycan hierarchy. It is not a very pretty picture either. Backgrounds of all the major and secondary characters are well developed. The plot is solid and the writing style flows smoothly. This story owes me a night of sleep. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Lynsay Sands
Title - The Lady is a Vamp (An Argeneau Novel)

When Jeanne Louise Argeneau leaves work and gets into her car, the last thing she expects is to be drugged and kidnapped by a good-looking mortal; however, that is exactly what happens. Needless-to-say, Jeanne Louise is upset at first, but that feeling changes to one of curiousness. Jeanne Louise is unable to read her captor’s mind or control him. That is one of the clues of a possible life mate. To learn whether he is her life mate or not would take a few days, so she decides not to try escaping just yet.

Paul Jones works at Argeneau Enterprises. To do his job, the fact that vampires existed was revealed. But Paul was not told everything about his immortal employers. (Such as they are able to read minds and control mortals.) Paul does not wish to cause harm to anyone, but he is in desperate need of a vampire’s help. His five-year-old daughter, Olivia, is dying of cancer. Livy means everything to him. Paul wants Jeanne Louise to make Livy an immortal and teach her how to survive. Falling in love with Jeanne Louise comes as a surprise. Now the immortal world’s answer to law enforcement is hunting them. Paul and Jeanne Louise are trying to evade them until they can decide what to do.

*** THREE STARS! There is no real danger this time around and the story is predictable, but I believe it is still a good addition to the series and worth your time to read. There are a few cameos from characters of previous titles, but this remains a stand-alone story. If you want a vampire story of a dark variety, go elsewhere. This tale is pretty light and better suited to those wanting to simply relax with a romance. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE! /p> Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Joyce Lamb
Title - True Vision (True Series #1)

Charlotte “Charlie” Trudeau lives in Florida. She works as an investigative journalist for her father’s newspaper, the Lake Avalon Gazette (LAG). While she is out one afternoon, Charlie hears her name being called out by a lady she does not know. As the woman is crossing the street to speak with Charlie, she is the victim of a hit-and-run. The lady dies while Charlie is holding her hand. The next thing Charlie knows is that she is reliving the last several minutes, but it is as if Charlie was the unknown woman instead of herself. This is Charlie’s first empathic vision.

Chicago Police Detective Noah Lassiter is understandably upset when he travels to Florida. His good friend, Laurette, had recently gone to Lake Avalon in hopes of finding her cousin. Instead of bringing about a family reunion, Laurette was hit by a car and killed. When Noah walks up to Charlie’s house, he is just in time to save her life. Someone in a ninja outfit is strangling Charlie.

As Noah and Charlie spend time together, Charlie learns things about herself and her mother’s side of the family that she has never before imagined. Elise, her mother, claims not to have any living relatives, yet when Charlie confronts Elise about her cousin, Laurette, it is clear that Noah is right. Charlie has an entire line of unknown relatives somewhere. Elise can refuse to answer Charlie’s questions, but that would not stop the investigative journalist from seeking out the truth. Charlie is equally amazed when Noah realizes that Charlie is having empathic visions and considers them to be normal. Noah has solved quite a few cases with the help of Laurette’s abilities.

Her new frightening abilities are not Charlie’s only major problem. Charlie is tired of her boss shooting down her articles because they revealed scams that local businesses were pulling on the public. Some of those businesses advertised in the LAG. Charlie went around his back to get one published about a local car dealership. The article resulted in most of LAG’s advertisers pulling out their ads. Now the newspaper is about to go out of business and it seems as if everyone is furious with Charlie.

As Charlie tries to get a grip on her empathy and fix the problems she caused at the LAG, Noah tries to simply keep her alive. The longer Charlie and Noah are together, the hotter their attraction to each other seems to burn. No matter What, Noah is determined to keep this amazing reporter alive, by his side, and in his bed.

**** FOUR STARS! This is the first title in the series about three sisters who have no idea about the empathic ability hiding within each of them. This is Charlie’s story. The author, Joyce Lamb, has done a terrific job of showing how much trouble Charlie has in believing her powers are real and then learning to cope with them. To help Charlie out a bit, the author adds a beach side psychic who is extremely charming, as well as a tad mysterious. I feel the lady to be a brilliant touch and adds some Southern flavor. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Joyce Lamb
Title - True Colors (True Series #2)

Alexandra “Alex” Trudeau lives in Lake Avalon, Florida. She is a photojournalist for a local newspaper. In her not too distant past, Alex had been shot by someone that had been trying to kill her sister, Charlie. Alex died in the Emergency Room and had been shocked back to life. That experience is what caused Alex’s empathic abilities to emerge. Just like Charlie, whenever Alex has skin-on-skin contact with someone, Alex relives a traumatic event of that person’s past. However, unlike her sister, Alex’s ability does not show her only recent horrors. Alex can see any horrible event in that person’s entire life time. To make the ability even more horrific, Alex wakes up to find her own body covered with any marks and wounds that the other person sustained during the past event. The only good thing is that the wounds fade away within an hour or so.

Lake Avalon Detective John Logan used to be a detective in Chicago. He has been very attracted to Alex for quite some time. When she seems recovered from being shot, Logan finally asks Alex out. Their relationship is still new and fragile when Alex is kidnapped by Butch McGee. McGee is the brother of a man Logan had killed back in Chicago.

McGee is a serial killer who enjoys torturing and killing women. The FBI knows of twenty-three victims, but they are sure more remain unfound as yet. To punish Logan and avenge his brother, McGee goes after Alex. But every time McGee gets ready to torture Logan’s girlfriend, Alex’s eyes become unfocussed and her minds seems to go elsewhere. Alex finally becomes conscious to find that she has been rescued. Logan professes to love her, but he refuses to believe that she has empathic abilities. The last thing Logan wants is for the woman he loves to witness firsthand the horrors he has seen and done in his past. As Alex and Logan work on their relationship, McGee is still out there somewhere. Alex is the only one to ever survive an encounter with McGee and the killer looks forward to meeting Alex again very soon.

**** FOUR STARS! Alex’s psychic ability is a lot harsher than her sister’s and Alex sees/feels things from McGee that are horrible. More information is given about the mother’s secret background. The last sister, Sam, who left fourteen years ago, is mentioned more than once too. Charlie and Noah are reduced to secondary characters but are still vital to helping Alex deal with her so-called gift. The beach side psychic helps Alex just as much and her down-home Southern hospitality shines through in every scene she appears. I look forward to more from this author. Stories by Joyce Lamb pack a serious punch to the gut! ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Joyce Lamb
Title - True Shot (True Series #3)

Mackenzie “Mac” Hunter is the editor for a newspaper in Lake Avalon, Florida. When his depression begins to make him drink too often, the Trudeau sisters, Charlie and Alex, convince him to spend a week in their remote family cabin. Mac walks in to discover a young woman unconscious on the floor with a gunshot wound through her shoulder. Since a storm has washed out the roads, it is up to Mac to care for the mysterious lady.

N3 stands for National Neural Network. It is a secret division of the FBI. Each agent has some form of psychic ability. N3 has been Samantha “Sam” Trudeau’s family for almost fifteen years. With skin-on-skin contact, Sam is able to mine the memories and experiences of her target. When Zoe, a fellow N3 operative, approaches her with a wild story about their boss, Flinn Ford, impregnating her to create some kind of super psychic spy, Sam’s world tilts. Before Zoe’s words can fully sink in, she is killed. Sam manages to eliminate the assassin, but is now on the run with a bullet hole through her shoulder.

Sam wakes in a cabin to find Mac, a civilian, tending her wound. Before Sam can safely get rid of the man, Flinn is there. Sam and Mac are now fleeing for their lives, trying to stay one step ahead of Flinn and other agents. Their biggest problem is that a drug has been released into Sam’s system that has temporarily wiped her memories. As they scramble to make sense out of what is going on, Sam and Mac begin to act upon the passion that has been sizzling between them. Yet in the end, Sam knows that she will eventually have to find a way to leave Mac safely behind, because staying with her would get him killed for sure.

**** FOUR STARS! The author saved the best sister’s story for last. Yet toward the end, Charlie, Alex, and their men enter for a cameo or two. There is one child that I would dearly have loved to see grow up. (I refuse to give away his name. No spoilers.) Perhaps someday he will have his own story told. I would not mind meeting Sloan again either.

This story stands alone. You do not have to read other books of the series to fully enjoy this one; however, those stories are just as terrific as Sam’s. Action, suspense, romance, and paranormal conspiracy blend smoothly together to give readers a heart pounding ride. Awesome! ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Gabi Stevens
Title - The Wish List (Time of Transition, #1)

Kristin Montgomery is a CPA. She likes everything organized and in its place. But when her three aunts send her a cryptic message, Kristin drops everything and rushes to their bungalow in Mission Beach. The aunts are almost finished packing. They are going on a world cruise. Kristin is shocked; however, that is only the beginning of how Kristin's organized world crumbles around her. Aunts Rose, Lily, and Hyacinth tell Kristin that they are fairy godmothers and the Time of Transition is at hand. During the Time of Transition, the magical (Arcani) world is at its weakest. The old fairy godmothers start to lose some of their powers, and the new ones are not used to theirs yet. New Council members (who govern the magical world) are chosen and others must step down. Kristin, according to the aunts, is the one they have chosen to become their replacement. Kristin is soon having to deal with her own burgeoning magical powers.

Tennyson Ritter is a brilliant wizard. He is in the midst of studying an ancient book of Merlin's that he had only recently found. (It had been lost back in the Dark Ages and believed to only be a myth until now.) The last thing Tennyson has time for is being the arbiter of anew fairy godmother. As arbiter, he must observe Kristin, help her learn about her powers, and judge whether she is able to handle such a responsible position. Unfortunately for Tennyson, Kristin is a Rare One. Though her deceased parents were both Groundlings (non-magical humans), Kristin is Arcani (a magical human).

Kristin never knew she had magical powers waiting to erupt during the Time of Transition. She never believed in magic. And she is having a hard time believing all that happening to, and around, her. But between the rude Tennyson and her new friend, a tiny sprite named Callie, Kristin just may get the hang of it all. Problem is that during this vulnerable time of the magical world, an enemy of the Arcani has returned for vengeance.

***** FIVE STARS! It is hard for me to believe that this is the author's debut novel. It is an incredible story filled with romance, suspense, and some utterly delightful magical beings. Fans of the classic television show Bewitched will especially enjoy this trilogy. The character of Kristin reminds me strongly of Samantha. I want MORE! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Gabi Stevens
Title - Wishful Thinking (Time of Transition #3)

In Arcani history, new fairy godmothers are chosen every seventy years. It is called the Time of Transition. This is one of those years. Two new fairy godmothers were chosen about a month ago. This Time of Transition there is trouble. The “aunts” (fairy godmothers named Lily, Rose, and Hyacinth) have gone against the Council and are considered fugitives. The last two godmothers defected rather than submit themselves to the Council’s will.

Luc LeRoy wants the Arcani to reveal themselves and essentially rule the world as the superior beings. His supporters seem to think he is right. That hiding is somehow wrong. However the godmothers know that the Groundlings (humans without any magical abilities) would react with fear, and some Arcani with arrogance and glee, a sure recipe for hostility. Should Luc sway the Council, he will drag both worlds into a conflict that will make both sides suffer. When the magic chooses the third fairy godmother, the current godmothers would probably try to influence her. The Council, fearing the fairy fugitives may convince the new one to defect, have assigned two of the best Guards to protect/babysit her. Now everyone waits for Magic to choose the next godmother and create a wand especially for her. As soon as she touches her wand, everyone would know.

Stormy Jones-Smythe was raised by two talented wizard fathers but never showed the slightest hint of magical abilities. So she is surprised when three famous fairy godmothers appear at her door to tell her she is one of them. Within one minute of accepting her wand, Stormy has more visitors. (But they are too late to nab the old godmothers.) Ian Talbott introduces himself as her arbiter. Stormy immediately pegs the man to be a snob and that he considers almost everyone else to be beneath him. Two of the other huge men, Hunter and Tank, are Guards, assigned to protect the new “asset”. It does not take Stormy long to realize that she is not going to escape Hunter’s watch. Her freedom depends on her ability to expose the plot against the godmothers, and that means getting control of her magic and getting near Luc.

Hunter Merrick is not only very intelligent, but also has top skills as a Guard, excellent dexterity, and very fast reflexes. Despite the growing chemistry between them, Hunter is fiercely loyal to the Council. He is duty-bound to keep the asset in his sight, safe, and away from the other godmothers. (And to arrest the other godmothers if the opportunity presents itself.) But he does not count on Stormy’s interesting talents. She was proving to be more of a chameleon than her demeanor indicated. Before long, Hunter is not sure which side he is on, and he cannot contain Stormy either way.

***** FIVE STARS! This story can easily stand alone. You do not have to read the previous titles in order to fully enjoy this one. Yet this book is also the third of a trilogy. (The first two are titled “The Wish List” and “As You Wish”.) Due to this story ending the trilogy, all the main characters from the first two novels have roles in this one; however, the author introduces them in such a way that new readers will not be confused in the least. As for those who have read the other stories in the trilogy, consider the author’s subtle introductions as a memory refresher. (Which new godmother has the orb, which has the staff, what they can do, etcetera.)

The characters of Hunter and Tank impress me most. Tank is almost indescribable. I would so enjoy seeing more of him. Hunter is extremely loyal to the Council, but his intelligence also lets him evaluate situations quickly and (usually) correctly. As the reader, I could understand why he feels pulled in two directions, as well as why he chooses his course of actions. The author adds a surprise twist to the Guard’s character (late in the story) that raised Hunter even higher in my esteem.

Gabi Stevens has a strong, yet flexible, writing style. I could easy believe magic to be real and almost to be a normal, everyday tool, Astounding! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Cynthia & Mike Arsuaga
Title - My Life as a Dog

The hitman has been a shape shifter for nearly sixty years, when he finally ends up botching a hit. To escape the law closing in on the building, Drake Martin morphs into his animal form - a small Yorkshire terrier. Though the police could not find Drake, they do pick up a stray Yorkie. This is how Drake ends up at an animal shelter. Luckily, six-year-old Katherine "Kady" Hartley adopts the Yorkie and names him Precious. Drake had planned to simply disappear from Kady's life within a week; however, Kady's guileless eyes and unconditional love convinces him to stick around for awhile. Years pass and Kady is soon off to college. The family's vet begins noticing that Precious never seemed to age, so Drake finally leaves the Hartley family behind.

Years later, Drake works as a private investigator. While finding proof of adultery for his client, Mrs. Beamer, Drake - in his Yorkie animal form - stumbles across a slave trade. Before Drake can slip away from the Russian mob and their captives, the FBI raids the building. Among the group is Special Agent Kady Hartley.

Unable to force himself away from Kady a second time, Drake begins to lead a double life. During the day, Drake runs martin Investigations and dates Kady. Otherwise, he lives in Kady's apartment as Little Dude. As a dog, Drake adores his human owner. But when Drake is in human form, he is in love with the woman. As Kady's Yorkie companion, Little Dude, Drake learns that Kady is going to New Orleans on a secret mission. Knowing that the Russian mob will be involved, Drake makes plans to follow and keep Kady safe. To do this, Drake must meet with New Orleans's shifter pack.

A Sufi is a shifter with one or more subordinate Alphas and packs. The Sufi agrees to help keep Kady in sight and safe. In return, Drake is to help rescue the Sufi's great granddaughter. Though Drake detests all the laws and traditions associated with packs, protecting Kady is worth the hassle. But events quickly start spinning out of control. The Russians have a lot of money and a long reach. Kady and the other agents are in more danger than they could possibly imagine.

**** FOUR STARS! This was a difficult synopsis to write. I wanted to make it clear to readers how Drake and Kady first met, parted, met again years later, and then began their adult lives. Once done, I needed to explain Drake's double life, their dating, and then the dangerous plots. I believe that I succeeded without giving away spoilers. I have no idea if this is a stand-alone story or the first of a series. I guess it depends on the authors. Personally, I am happy with the way this tale ended; however, I find the notion of seeing future cases and/or missions intriguing.

The story is told from Drake's point-of-view. His running commentary reminds me of the old black and white detective shows on television from long ago. Backgrounds are not very detailed at first, but more and more is learned as the story progresses. I look forward to seeing more from this writing team. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Marjorie M. Liu
Title - Within the Flames (A Dirk & Steele novel)

Eddie's life turned around when he joined the Dirk & Steele Agency. The former car thief is a pyrokinetic who sometimes still loses control of his fire. He has recently learned that the man who had killed his little sister has been released from prison. Eddie would enjoy nothing more than to crush the life from the man. But dealing with Swint will have to wait, because Eddie has an urgent assignment. Eddie must travel to New York City to find and protect Lyssa Andreanos from those who hunt her.

Lyssa is the last of her shape-shifting kind. The dragon within her sleeps, waiting for the day Lyssa kills for the first time. Lyssa has been on the run from the Cruor Venator for ten years. That was when the Cruor Venator murdered her family. The Cruor Venator are Blood Hunters. Witches who steal power from blood. Lyssa's dragon blood would give the ultimate power boost. Like Eddie, fire is Lyssa's weapon. But she refuses to give in to her dark urges. She wears long sleeves and gloves to conceal the red dragon-scales down her right arm and the golden claw where her right hand should have been.

When Eddie finds her, Lyssa wants nothing to do with him. But the stubborn and tenacious man refuses to budge. He was sent to protect her and nothing would stop him from doing so. Lyssa finally understands that after a decade of hiding, it is time to fight and die. Or fight and kill. And Eddie will do anything he has to in order to stand by her side.

**** FOUR STARS! Do not worry if you have never read a Dirk & Steele novel. The agency is only mentioned in passing. This is a stand-along story that focuses on Eddie and Lyssa. As the reader, I watched as Lyssa went from the prey to the hunter. She went from constantly hiding and depending upon no one, to letting herself trust someone (Eddie) and fighting to protect the few people that she considered friends. The author, in no way, made Lyssa sound weak. The character of Lyssa has a strong spine for the entire story. But the author did put Lyssa's back to the wall and forced her to consider ideas outside of her comfort zone.

With this story, Marjorie M. Liu proves why her name is often seen on the best seller lists. Action, suspense, drama, and magic overflow in this fast paced tale. The danger and intrigue is almost nonstop. If nothing else, I have learned that there is nothing mundane about a story written by Marjorie M. Liu. Fantastic! ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Marjorie M. Liu
Title - The Fire King (A Dirk & Steele Novel)

He is Karr, a chimera. He was strong, quick, and deadly. He led and protected his people. Then he saw everything he loved consumed in flames. The sword that pierced his stomach was a killing blow. Death was to be his salvation, but thousands of years later he has been awakened against his will. Worse, he is in the presence of shape-shifters, his enemy. The sounds they make are meaningless noise. All Karr desires is to escape and locate his people. If they still exist.

Soria is still not used to having only one arm. She had spent the last year as a recluse. Before then, Soria worked for Dirk and Steele. She has a unique ability, allowing her to hold a conversation in any language, no matter how rare. She is a universal translator. Even should aliens arrive from space, Soria would be able to speak their language. Now Soria is called back into the game by Roland Dirk to help communicate with a tormented warrior whose language was forgotten long ago.

Mercenaries break into the facility, intending to kidnap Karr and Soria for unknown reasons. The pair manages to escape and make it to the border between Mongolia and China. Roland is Soria’s only real contact, but he is keeping secrets. His only advice is for her to make it to Beijing. But Soria has no idea how she is going to convince a semi-hostile chimera to trust her with his life.

*** THREE STARS! When I realized that Karr was a chimera, I got very excited; however, the creatures I learned about had three heads. (Lion, dragon, and goat.) Therefore, I had a hard time keeping Karr’s strange beast form in my head. As for Soria’s character, she came across as very brave, yet too sympathetic toward others. For example: Soria lost her right arm over a year ago. But when others around Soria are unsure how to treat her, it is Soria that speaks up – putting them at ease about her missing limb. I really admire how the author made the heroine so obviously handicapped. I believe that there are just too many perfect heroines out there. My only concern was that, to me, Soria’s brave and strong personality should have had her learning to shoot with her weaker hand, instead of becoming a hermit. That part did not make Soria sound brave at all. It made her sound like a coward, which her character was not.

As for the story, I found the plot to be sound and the minor subplots to be riveting! Marjorie Liu did an awesome job of making this story believable, in a paranormal way. There are a few secondary characters that I would love to see get their own story told in the future. (To name a couple of these: Robert and Serena.) A wonderful adventure! I look forward to more. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Lynsay Sands
Title - Under a Vampire Moon (An Argeneau Novel)

Carolyn "Caro" Connor is celebrating her escape form a horrible marriage by taking a vacation in St. Lucia. Though Caro enjoys Soaking up the Caribbean sun and drinking plenty of tropical drinks, she has no intention of seeking out any male company. But then Caro meets Marguerite Argeneau, who is infamous among her family for her matchmaking skills. One look at Caro and Marguerite knows that she has found a life mate for Christian.

Christian Notte never imagined that he would be lucky enough to find a life mate. Marguerite contacts Christian and has him bring his band to a resort in St. Lucia where the entertainment had suddenly canceled. When he meets Caro, Christian finds himself falling in love. But Caro believes she is far too old for him and would turn down any dating attempts he would try. Therefore, Gia convinces Caro that Christian is gay and that Caro should pretend to be his date so that the family would not find out.

The more time Caro spends with Christian, the more she begins to open up to him. But how will Christian reveal to her that he was only pretending to be gay so she would spend some time with him? How will he reveal that he is an Immortal without her running away? And should he succeed in health tasks, how will he then convince the once-bitten mortal to trust him with her heart - forever?

*** THREE STARS! The Immortals this author writes about may drink (bagged) blood, but they are not vampires. Each immortal yearns to find their life mate that is not something that many Immortals ever locate. In this episode of the series, there is little danger or suspense. It is pretty humorous situations. The story overflows with intriguing characters. (Especially a certain male member of the band, not to mention Gia.) Very well done indeed. ***

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Kresley Cole
Title - The Warlord Wants Forever
(Immortals After Dark prequel - Only available in Electronic & Audio)

Myst the Coveted is a Valkyrie, one of the most deadly beings within the Lore. When her coven hears that the vampire named Ivo the Cruel is making dark alliances, the Valkyries decide that a reconnoiter is in order. Myst allows herself to be captured by Ivo at Mt. Oblak Castle in Russia. After spending four nights in his dungeon, Myst witnesses Ivo's stronghold be overrun and claimed by the Forbearers. The Forbearers are turned humans, however, this faction of vampires never drink from living beings. (A vampire received the memories from every being he drains. Eventually the vampire will go insane.) Myst is attracted to the leader of the conquering army. Nikolai Wroth is quite impressive. But all vampires are the enemies of her kind.

Wroth's king, Kristoff, seeks information about the Lore. Since Ivo left none behind when he fled, the Forbearers turn their attentions toward the prisoners. Wroth has been drawn toward the stunning fey-like being since he first spied the creature sitting at her cell window watching him fight. When Kristoff orders Wroth to get information from her via torture, he must obey. Yet just before Wroth begins, he realizes that Myst is his predestined Bride. Wroth's body comes back to life.

Myst's sisters arrive to break Myst out. Though Myst "blooded" Wroth, she never gave his seed release. So Wroth would remain in a state of constant ache and need until he could locate his Bride and release his seed for the first time (since he became a vampire). The drop of blood Wroth ingested when Myst had "blooded" him gives him enough of her memories to eventually learn that his Bride is a Valkyrie and that her coven resides in New Orleans. However, finding Myst and easing his ache is not enough. Wroth demands that she gives up everyone and everything in her life to be constantly by his side. Wroth even demands that Myst never go into battle again. Of course, Myst refuses. (No surprise there.) But by taking possession of the golden chain from around her waist, a chain that had been unbreakable for over two centuries, Wroth now has complete control of Myst. Anything he tells her to do, she must. Any question he asks, she must answer. Wroth intends to keep his Bride by his side at Blachmount, his manor in Eesti.

As for Myst, she is furious! When they had first met, Wroth offered her torture. Now he is following it by stealing her freedom. And Myst is determined to get it back!

***** FIVE STARS! This is a prequel for the "Immortal After Dark" series. Once Myst leaves Wroth in Russia, it takes him five years to locate her again. By this time, Emma's story has begun. I love how the author incorporates part of Emma's story in a "by-the-way" manner. (Cole does this in many books of the series.) If you have kept up with the series, the overlapping events will trigger fond memories. If you have never read any of the books within this series, then it will make you briefly wonder what is going on outside Val Hall toward the end of Myst's story. However, new readers will NOT feel lost!

I cannot help but feel sorry for anyone who misses this series. It is deserving of its own television series. In my opinion, it is better than the "Twilight" and "Sookie Stackhouse" shows/books. (And I enjoy them both!) Kresley Cole needs to write faster so I can feed my Immortal addiction! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Kresley Cole
Title - A Hunger Like No Other
(Immortals After Dark #1)

Emmaline "Emma" Troy is half vampire and half Valkyrie. She grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, protected by a coven of Valkyries. Her existence has been kept secret from all other immortal beings of the Lore. For the first time in her young seventy years of life, Emma leaves the coven. Emma goes to Paris in hopes of discovering information about her deceased parents. (Her Valkyrie mother and unknown vampire father had met in the City of Light.) Unlike the Valkyries or vampires, Emma is very innocent. Her Valkyrie aunts have taught Emma to fight to protect herself, but she has never killed. Not even a fly. She has never taken blood directly from the flesh of a living being. She is timid and gives up at the first sign of pain. Therefore, it is no wonder that, when faced with a charging madman, Emma tries to flee.

Lachlain MacRieve, King of the Lykae Clan, had searched without cease for his Mate for over a thousand years - up until the day of his capture by the Vampire Horde. Each of the Lykae (werewolf) is given a Mate, the one woman made for him alone. She is the only one able to calm the beast within him. Lachlain has been the prisoner of Demestriu, the Vampire King, for centuries. For most of that time, Lachlain has been pinned within the catacombs deep beneath Paris and fed to the fires. He has been burned alive over and over. But when Lachlain catches the scent of his Mate far above, nothing can keep him from reaching her. After all the years of torture, Lachlain is pretty much insane. Both his man and beast halves are operating on instinct. The very last thing Lachlain ever expects is to see that his fated Mate is a vampire. Though he considers Emma to be a helpless parasite, Lachlain refuses to let her go. She belongs to him. Because she is a bloody Leech, he is less than kind to her. Yet as he spends time with Emma, traveling to his home in Scotland, he comes to understand and admire her true nature. By her pointed ears, he knows her to be only half vampire. Perhaps this is why he has mixed feelings. He must claim her before the next full moon or his inner beast will emerge and be uncontrollable. He could seriously harm or kill Emma.

To keep her from running, Lachlain has told Emma a series of lies. Emma believes that she is not his Mate and that he will let her go once she escorts him to his home. But what Lachlain does not realize is that Emma's coven is coming to free her. If that means the fierce warrior women must peel the Celt pelt off of Lachlain, so much the better.

***** FIVE STARS! Kresley Cole's immortal characters are beings whose lives or world have been razed to the ground and must be totally rebuilt. Of all the books in this series (around a dozen thus far, including stories published exclusively as novellas, audio, or Kindle formats), this first story has the most impact. To me, it is the darkest. Needless-to-say, it is my favorite. I find Emma's transformation from a meek creature into an indomitable force to be reckoned with to be awe-inspiring. recommended reading for Paranormal/Fantasy Romance fans! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Kresley Cole
Title - No Rest for the Wicked
(Immortals After Dark #2)

Sebastian Wroth had not wanted to become a vampire. His brothers had forced the Change upon him. After three hundred horrible years, Sebastian wants only for his existence to come to an end. His brother had said that one day, when he had found his Bride, Sebastian would thank him for turning him into a vampire. It is said that each vampire is given a Bride, an eternal wife, who would "blood" him. With his blooding, his body would come back to life. His lungs would again function. His heart would begin beating. And he would be able to feel lust and passion once more. A vampire has only to find her. But Sebastian does not believe the Bride story to be true until an angel of death appears before him, intending to eliminate him.

Of all the immortal creatures in the Lore, the Valkyrie are the most lethal. They are often underestimated because of their small, elven stature. And of all the fierce Valkyries, none is more merciless than Kaderin the Cold Hearted. Long ago, Kaderin hesitated to kill a young vampire. Moments later the leech had killed her two sisters. Kaderin had begged to become unfeeling and an unknown power granted her wish. Since that day, Kaderin has not felt any emotion. She does not suffer from sorrow, lust, anger, or joy. Nothing gets in the way of her killing. Kaderin the Cold Hearted is a perfect killer. Other than hunting vampires, competing in the Talisman's Hie, which was basically a deadly immortal scavenger hunt, is the only thing she lives for. The Hie is held every two hundred and fifty years and Kaderin has won the last several. This time the grand prize is Thrane's Key. The key unlocks a door through time, enabling its possessor to go back into the past. The key will work only twice. With the key, Kaderin could go back in time and save her sisters.

Kaderin was sent to eliminate the vampire named Sebastian. The last thing she expects is to learn that she is his Bride! Whenever they are close to each other, his body begins working. Worse, Kaderin beings to feel again. The blessing of numbness deserts her. Actually flustered for once, Kaderin leaves without killing Sebastian. Even though vampires can trace (teleport), they can only go to a place they have already been. Since Sebastian did not know where Kaderin lived, he should not have been able to find her. Yet he appears in Riora's hidden temple, by Kaderin's side, as she is beginning the Hie. The Valkyrie is unable to lose her vampire shadow and, because he has joined the Hie competition, Kaderin is not allowed to kill him. Should she kill the leech, she would be disqualified, and Kaderin desperately wants Thrane's Key.

**** FOUR STARS! The story of Kaderin and Sebastian will entice any who enjoy a lot of action and adventure in their romances. This tale is like an "Indiana Jones" movie on crack! Rough terrains, betrayals, and booby traps galore! No one pours more bloody life into her characters than Kresley Cole. ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Kresley Cole
Title - Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night
(Immortals After Dark #3)

It was foretold that a male from the Lore would recognize Mariketa the Awaited as his own and claim her. He would seek to lock her away, guarding her with a ferocity that no magicks could defeat, thus robbing the House of her powers. Since the prediction, Mari has covered herself every time she has set foot outside her home. The witch has no desire to be taken from her House. So Mari is covered when she competes in the Hie. But while retrieving a needed item of the scavenger hunt, her cloak is lost. Then one from the Lykae Clan, Bowen MacRieve, traps Mari and a few other competitors in a tomb. Those in the Hie are not allowed to kill other players, however, entrapping is encouraged. Problem is that Mari and the others are not alone in the tomb. Though she is a witch, Mari has yet to come into her full power and is still unable to control them. The group is in peril.

Bowen MacRieve lost his Mate long ago. She had run from him in fear, fallen, and died. Bowen's existence has been agony ever since. When Bowen thinks Mari has cast a spell to make him believe her to be his Mate, he collapses the tomb's entrance, trapping her and others within. Bowen does not know what is locked inside the tomb with them. He is sure that they will eventually find a way out. But two weeks after the Hie ends the House of Witches is about to declare war on the Lykae. Only Bowen knows where they are trapped. By the time Bowen reaches the tomb and frees them, Mari is barely alive. Unlike the others, Mari is still mortal. The group must protect the weakened witch as they travel through a territory in which humans are at war with each other.

*** THREE STARS! There is more going on than I tell in my synopsis. Bowen refuses to believe that the witch has not cast a spell on him or the possibility that fate has given him a second Mate - something that has never before happened. As for Mariketa the Awaited, she is called that for a good reason. I can say nothing about her awaited destiny or her powers without spoiling the story. But rest assured that this story is worth your time and money. Hints are given about some secondary characters that will appear in later titles. If you already plan to read this entire series, be sure that you do not skip this story. Mari will play vital parts in a couple of the next installments. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Zoë Archer
Title - Devil's Kiss (Hellraisers #1)

Set in England, 1762. James Sherbourne, Earl of Whitney, is called "Whit" by his friends. As with many Aristocrats, Whit filled his years with drinking, idleness, and indulgence. But nothing sends a thrill through Whit as gambling. He and his four friends have become infamous for losing themselves in the chase for adventure and pleasure. The five men are called the Hellraisers. This is how Whit found himself in a gypsy encampment. Whit sits with a lovely Romani lady, Zora Grey, and is amazed as he watches her talented hands handle and manipulate the cards. He knows that she must be cheating, but cannot spy how. Whit usually could not be distracted, especially while gambling, yet it seems that Zora was succeeding somehow. Perhaps it was because Whit has wanted Zora from the moment he laid eyes on her. She is a beautiful, wild thing.

When his friends mention exploring a nearby ruin, Whit agrees to accompany them. Zora warns the Hellraisers that it is a bad place, but she is ignored. The Hellraisers discover a hidden temple beneath the ruin and unknowingly release a powerful evil. It goes by many names. This time the evil introduces himself as Mr. Holliday. To show his appreciation in being released, Mr. Holliday offers each of the five men a gift. For Whit, that gift is the ability to control the odds. He can make them as good or bad as he desires. Whit accepts the gift.

Feeling uneasy, Zora races to stop the men, however, she enters the temple to find that she is too late. Mr. Holliday grants Whit an extra boon. Zora is bound to a playing card, the queen of diamonds, and given to Whit as his play thing. Whit returns to his London home, places the playing card in his game room, and brings Zora forth. She is unable to move more than twenty feet from the card and unable to pick up or move the card herself. Worse, when Whit asks Zora a question, she is compelled to tell the truth. The servants are no help. Due to Mr. Holliday's dark magic, they can neither see nor hear Zora. She is the prisoner of a man who has made a bargain with the Devil. As much as Zora longs to be free and return to her family, she finds herself still wanting to convince Whit to deny Mr. Holliday's gift and save his soul.

Mr. Holliday was not the only entity that was trapped within the temple. Valeria "Livia" Corva had once been a priestess. Now she is little more than an insane Roman ghost. To break the spell binding Zora to the card and to have any hope of helping Whit recover his soul from his evil doppelganger, Zora must place her trust in a mad ghost and the man she is slowly falling in love with.

***** FIVE STARS! The author has done a fantastic job of taking Zora out of her comfort zone by forcing her into the presence of a callous lord who has an obsession with her. Though the character of Zora is not fully thrown into London's elite society, she is definitely not in her normal milieu. As for Whit, at the beginning of this story he is the very definition of what I would term a cynic. Zoë Archer could not have done better with the development of his character. I enjoyed watching as he struggled to understand and/or overcome the many emotions clashing within him.

This is the first title of a new series. Each of the five Hellraisers must find a way, any way, toward salvation before it is too late. One of the five, Bram, adds an extra bit of suspense because he wants Whit to embrace the dark gift just as badly as Zora wants him to deny it. I, as the reader, was given the impression that Bram and his antagonistic behavior would extrapolate, continuing onward and spreading into the future stories of the Hellraisers. I can only hope that I am correct.

Same as in the past, Zoë Archer has created a gripping tale that managed to hook my interest quickly and only got better as the plot picked up speed as it progressed. I can hardly wait for the next Hellraisers story! Absolutely stupendous! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Zoë Archer
Title - Demon's Bride (Hellraisers #2)

Three months ago, five gentlemen went beneath a Roman ruin and made a deal with the Devil. Each received a magical ability in exchange for a small token. Each have a mark (tattoo) on their body somewhere and every day it spreads a little bit more. Since then, one of the men, the Earl of Whitney, realized what was really happening and has managed to receive redemption. The other four now consider Whit (and his Gypsy wife, Zora Grey) to be their enemy.

London, England, 1763. Leopold "Leo" Bailey is one of the wealthiest nontitled men in England. As the story opens, Leo has just wed the Honorable Anne Hartfield, an impoverished baron's daughter. Leo did not marry for love. Leo has always felt that Society looked down at him. Now Leo has a massive house in Bloomsbury, an aristocratic wife, more money than he would ever be able to spend, and the power to crush his enemies! Leo spends most days at the stock exchange. Everyone refers to him as the Demon of the Exchange. People believe Leo to have a talent at gauging stocks. But in truth Leo has the ability to foresee financial disaster and he counterinvests.

Anne understands that Leo did not marry her for love, but she is determined to make the best of it. This is hard to do when her new husband is seldom home. Intent on making herself essential to Leo, she undertakes the difficult task of transforming the richly furnished mausoleum into a warm and welcoming home.

As the newlyweds come to know each other, the passion between them flairs hotter and hotter. Anne has become everything to Leo. Though he can still be found at the exchange amassing wealth, Leo now spends more time with his genteel wife. Anne must never know of his special ability or how he obtained it. Her innocence had to be preserved.

But Anne can tell something is horribly wrong simply by looking around. Violence has begun to erupt throughout London. Riots are occurring in greater and greater frequency. And she is getting messages from a ghost and Lord Whitney. They are warnings of Leo being in monstrous danger. Unless Anne could do something, her husband would soon lose his soul forever.

***** FIVE STARS! This is the second title in the Hellraisers series. Whitney and Zora's story is told in "Devil's Kiss". In my opinion, this adventure is even better than the first. Filled with romance, action, suspense, and dark magic, I often found myself biting my fingernails. (Something I have no done since my childhood.) But the weeks my nails will take to grow back were worth it. Due to their sacrifice, I now have an unforgettable tale that will be reread in the near future. Zoë Archer has blended a Regency Historical Romance with a Super Natural Thriller to create a thrilling ride on the darker side. Intense! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Janet Chapman
Title - Spellbound Falls

Olivia Baldwin has been a widow for four years. She runs a camp for families called Inglenook. It is six hundred acres of prime wilderness lake frontage. Inglenook is designed to help parents and children connect with each other, while enjoying a camping vacation. Olivia has three weeks to get Inglenook ready for the new season and she only has one employee to help her do it.

Maximilian "Mac" Oceanus arrives in Spellbound Falls just in time to save Olivia from an overly aggressive suitor. (Olivia is grateful for the rescue, but now she has NO employee to help her with all of the necessary maintenance and repairs.) Mac has come to Inglenook camp to learn how to be a father to Henry, his newly discovered six-year-old son. Both father and son find themselves drawn to the lovely widow, as well as to her eight-year-old daughter, Sophie. Mac was supposed to receive some undivided attention from Olivia before the season actually began, but since Olivia no longer has an employee she must focus entirely on preparing Inglenook.

Though Olivia feels it to be unfair for Mac, she agrees to allow him be her handyman. Perhaps as they work together (or relax afterward) Olivia can help Mac transition from bachelorhood to parenthood. Olivia does not have time to deal with her growing attraction to the strange and seductive Mac. Besides, weird stuff seems to happen around him. Locks magically open for him without keys. When he tells her to stay in the vehicle, Olivia's seatbelt gets stuck so she has no choice but remain. Oddest of all is that both Mac and Henry have a talent for sensing things. There is definitely more to Mac and Henry than meets the eye.

As the days pass, Olivia begins to realize that her heart will break on the day Mac and Henry finally leave. And Mac wonders if they will be able to weather the devastating storm that is approaching.

***** FIVE STARS! Janet Chapman obviously knows what readers want in their stories. Chapman has blended the paranormal and the real world together seamlessly. The children are charming. I even found the secondary characters to be more than simply interesting. Single parents can easily relate to Olivia. Her daughter and her income are her primary focus. Therefore, Olivia never freezes when obstacles appear. She immediately begins looking for ways over or around them.

Fans of Mythology will especially love this book. Details about Pegasus, Athena, and more are littered throughout the story. This also adds to the mystery surrounding father and son.

Romance, sassy dialog, humor when you least expect it - it all adds up to deliver a very memorable story. *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Dianne Duvall
Title - Night Reigns (Immortal Guardians #2)

Marcus Graden has been an Immortal protector of humanity for eight hundred years. He prefers to be alone and feels no need to have a backup. But when he is surrounded by eight deranged vampires, Marcus is glad to realize that someone was guarding his backside, even if she was a mortal.

Amiriska "Ami" has trouble trusting anyone, but a coward she is not. When she sees a mysterious warrior fighting against impossible odds, Ami does not hesitate to help and save him. When Seth, the leader and most powerful immortal, assigns Ami to be Marcus's Second, she does not argue. Seth knows all about Ami's private past and her secrets. She may not be an Immortal Guardian, but she IS better than any other Second - excluding Seth's. Ami knows that Marcus does not want a Second, but there is nothing he can do or say that will keep her from doing her job.

It does not take Marcus long to realize that there is more to Ami than what can be seen on the surface and Marcus cannot help but be very attracted to that surface. The little spitfire always seems to know whenever he is in danger and arrives to watch his six whether he likes it or not. But as the battle between vampires and immortals grows, and the danger mounts almost by the hour, Ami may be the only person able to ensure Marcus is still alive in the end.

*** THREE STARS! This is the second novel of the Immortal Guardians series. It started out with a ferocious battle, hooking my attention quickly. The ending was just as fabulous. However, I feel as though the story slowed down too often between the two. The story's point-of-view comes from a variety of characters, causing frequent scene shifts. Be that as it may, the plot is devious and the main characters are engaging. I look forward to the third installment. ***

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Brenda Jernigan
Title - Black Magic (Time Travel Romance)

Story opens in Raleigh, North Carolina, 1980. Alexandria Dumont is a doctor of physical medicine and a doctor of rehabilitation medicine. While at a flea market, Alex purchases an oil painting from Hattie, an old Cajun woman. The painting shows a lovely plantation with a small lake in its front. Beside the lake is a young lady in a peach gown. The mystery lady is peering into the water. But the reflection does not show the beauty that surrounds it. Instead, it shows a home burned to the ground and the lady dressed in rags. When Alex moves her new portrait, a child's diary falls from its backing. That night Alex begins reading the journal as she falls asleep.

Alex wakes up the next morning to find herself in 1835. The only familiar things around Alex are her black medical bag and Hattie. In this time, Hattie is a free black woman who works as the housekeeper of River Bends, a large cotton plantation in New Orleans. Alex is unsure why she has fallen back to 1835 until she meets Melissa "Missy", a twelve-year-old crippled girl. Alex knows that she can help Missy walk again and convincing her brother/guardian, Brad Wentworth, is a challenge. But soon Alex is settling in at River Bends and working with Missy.

Brad Wentworth is a well known attorney, retired, who has never lost a case. Now he owns and operates the family's plantation and cares for his little sister. With Hattie's assurance that Alexandria is a very good doctor, Brad hires her to care for Missy. Even should his sister never walk again, Missy seems to deeply enjoy Alexandria's company. Though Brad is well known and his friends call him the master of seduction, Alexandria is not intimidated by him or impressed in the slightest. Brad is also about to announce his engagement to Julia Turner. Their marriage would merge their lands, making River Bends the largest plantation in New Orleans. So why can he not get the stubborn, lovely, redheaded doctor out of his head?

***** FIVE STARS! A little magic, a lot of suspense with some drama thrown in for good measure, and romance...what more could one want in a Time Travel Romance? Okay, let's toss some in a villain or two that readers cannot help but love to hate. This story has it all. Brenda Jernigan has written a compelling tale that hooked my interest instantly and refused to let go until the story was over. Alex's sojourn to 1835 was vividly detailed and stayed true to the time period. Julia's character seems to ooze evil at times. I looked forward to seeing her get what she deserved. And Brad's character could never be conceited while Alexandria was around. Alex is a strong character, independent, and has an indomitable spirit. Ms. Jernigan is a pro when it comes to foreshadowing ominous events and I found myself riveted by the mysterious Hattie and the enchanted with little Missy. The name of Brenda Jernigan is simply another way to pronounce the word "Rhapsody". Marvelous! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Cynthia Eden
Title - Immortal Danger

Maya Black had been a cop in L.A. when a vampire attacked and turned her in an alley. But Maya had already known that humans were not the baddest creatures lurking in dark. Maya's gun was loaded with silver bullets, covered in holy water. Maya killed the vampire, but her human self still died.

Five years pass.

Even in Maine, Adam Brody has heard the whispers about Maya Black. Tales of the vampire who hunts her own kind. She fights demons, shifters, vamps, and anything else that gets in her way. Adam considers vampires to be parasites, but he needs her help. Cammie, his nine-year-old niece, has been kidnapped by vampires. Adam has traveled across the country to find Maya, because he knows she can find Cammie. Whoever and whatever Maya hunts, Maya finds, and then usually kills.

To everyone else, Maya is fearless, a bit reckless, and never helps others. Maya lets everyone believe the image, but the truth is that Maya had been a very good cop and she is just unable to shake her cop instincts. So against her better judgment, Maya agrees to find and rescue little Cammie. Problem is that Nassor, the Born Master, the most ancient and powerful vampire, is about to rise. Nassor had gone to ground almost five years ago because he had been staked and nearly decapitated. Now the Master has almost finished healing. The vampires are collecting sacrifices for Nassor to consumer upon his waking. And Cammie is a very special treasure for Nassor.

It takes Maya awhile to figure out that Adam is not human and neither is Cammie. Adam holds his secrets close, but Maya cannot fault him for it because she does the same thing. As for Adam, the longer he is with Maya, the more he sees of the woman beneath the vampire. If he is not careful, he could lose his ancient heart to her.

***** FIVE STARS! The author does not limit the type of paranormal creatures to simply vampires in this story. There are different levels of demons, various types of shifters, and more. In fact, Lucas Simone is the hot and dangerous Alpha of a wolf pack. He has his own story (Never Cry Wolf) that takes place after the events in this book, but Lucas also has a few vital roles in this tale. Cynthia Eden has created a dark, hypnotic world and filled it with the most unforgettable characters. Hot, spicy, and very addictive. *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Caridad Piñeiro
Title - The Lost (Sin Hunters #1)

Adam Bruno was six-years-old when Salvatore Bruno found him in the desert. Now, twenty years later, Adam recalls little of the event beyond the death and fire that had surrounded him. To this day, Adam feels it had been some sort of attack, yet he can think of nothing to support the feeling. But Adam is not ordinary and he wonders if his unique abilities could have been why it had happened. Adam can shapeshift and create energy. He has a natural affinity with lightning. Adam is the founder and CEO of SolTerra Systems. The company is dedicated to developing alternative energies. While doing so, perhaps Adam would come to understand and master his powers.

Roberta "Bobbie" Carrera is home from Iraq. Though Bobbie has survived her injuries, she is still undergoing physical therapy. No longer in service, she wants nothing more than to put the past behind her and have a normal life. When she sees Adam being kidnapped, Bobbie does not hesitate to help him ward off his attackers. Together they begin fighting mysterious paranormal enemies.

Unknown to Adam, two sets of hunters search for him. The Light Hunters honor all life and relieve suffering. They draw energy from nature. Adam's biological parents are Quinchus (leaders) of their clan and have never ceased searching for their son. They now believe Adam to be their lost child. The Shadow Hunters draw energy from other sentient creatures. Humans are vast, but finite, and do not give up much energy with their meager life force. Therefore, the dark ones prefer to drain the life energies of Light Hunters, especially those as powerful as Adam.

Together, Adam and Bobbie are a force to be reckoned with. But the duo must figure out who they can safely trust and the last thing Adam expects is a betrayal by someone close to him.

***** FIVE STARS! Caridad Piñeiro has crafted an exciting new series and, with this first story, I am hooked! All the major characters are well developed; their backgrounds and ambitions are clearly defined. Due to the author's descriptive writing style, I could almost feel the evil malice radiating from the Shadow Hunters. I cannot help but feel bad for Bobbie's war injuries and the depression she is going through knowing that her entire platoon died, yet she (and one other) survived. I sympathize with Adam's sense of being different from everyone else, his need for isolation, and his desire to understand and master his abilities. Then there are the distraught parents, searching desperately for their missing boy. Their hope that, at long last, they may have finally found him. The author brings it all to vivid life.

This story has set a solid foundation upon which the following ones can easily build. Though the ending leaves strings dangling, the story halts in the perfect spot. It is not a cliff-hanger, as if an axe is coming down and the reader is left wondering if the hero survives. Instead, all of Adam's questions are answered and I, as the reader, have a sense of closure. I am eagerly looking forward to the next story. I want to see more battles between the Light and Shadow Hunters. Caridad Piñeiro actually seems to breathe life into each of her characters! Stellar! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Marjorie M. Liu
Title - The Wild Road (A Dirk & Steele Novel)

Those who look upon Lannes Hannelore see only a handsome man. In truth he is a gargoyle. He is one of a sentient, magical species hiding in plain sight. He keeps his wings strapped down and an illusion covers his body to make him look human. Lannes leaves the solitude of his island and travels to Chicago to help restore Frederick Brimley's three-hundred-year-old family Bible. Freddy is one of the few things that could have enticed Lannes away from the island in Maine. The last thing Lannes expects is to encounter a young woman on a deserted street trying to steal his car. She is obviously frightened, desperate, covered in blood, and has no memory. Lannes is a fairly accomplished Mage and knows the lady is not faking amnesia. Someone has stolen her memories, ripped them out of her mind, and there is no chance that she will ever recover them. Lannes finds himself drawn to the woman. He is determined to find the person who had harmed her, and the only way to do that was to keep her around. He could not allow such a violation to stand unpunished or leave open the possibility of it happening again.

Lethe is the name Lannes has given her. (It means "forgetfulness" in Greek.) She had awakened in a hotel room, covered in blood, surrounded by dead bodies, and a piece of paper that simply read "RUN". She may not know anything about herself, but her instincts remain. She knows weapons. Solitude frightens her, but so does the thought of letting anyone be near her. For all she knows, she may be a murderer. But Lannes refuses to let her run from him. Somehow he is positive that she is not as bad as the clues are leading them to believe. With no recollection of what she has done, Lethe must trust the huge stranger and pray that he would not end up dead for helping her.

*** THREE STARS! This story starts out with blood. Lots of blood and confusion. Therefore, it caught my attention immediately. I could not help but find the character of Lethe to be fascinating. Unfortunately, I never came to feel the same way about Lannes. I did find Lannes to be interesting. There was nothing about him that pushed me away emotionally. Yet, somehow, his character remained eclipsed by Lethe's.

As with most stories, things slowed down in the middle, but overall I still found this tale to be a very good addition to the series. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Marjorie M. Liu
Title - Within the Flames (A Dirk & Steele novel)

Eddie's life turned around when he joined the Dirk & Steele Agency. The former car thief is a pyrokinetic who sometimes still loses control of his fire. He has recently learned that the man who had killed his little sister has been released from prison. Eddie would enjoy nothing more than to crush the life from the man. But dealing with Swint will have to wait, because Eddie has an urgent assignment. Eddie must travel to New York City to find and protect Lyssa Andreanos from those who hunt her.

Lyssa is the last of her shape-shifting kind. The dragon within her sleeps, waiting for the day Lyssa kills for the first time. Lyssa has been on the run from the Cruor Venator for ten years. That was when the Cruor Venator murdered her family. The Cruor Venator are Blood Hunters. Witches who steal power from blood. Lyssa's dragon blood would give the ultimate power boost. Like Eddie, fire is Lyssa's weapon. But she refuses to give in to her dark urges. She wears long sleeves and gloves to conceal the red dragon-scales down her right arm and the golden claw where her right hand should have been.

When Eddie finds her, Lyssa wants nothing to do with him. But the stubborn and tenacious man refuses to budge. He was sent to protect her and nothing would stop him from doing so. Lyssa finally understands that after a decade of hiding, it is time to fight and die. Or fight and kill. And Eddie will do anything he has to in order to stand by her side.

**** FOUR STARS! Do not worry if you have never read a Dirk & Steele novel. The agency is only mentioned in passing. This is a stand-along story that focuses on Eddie and Lyssa. As the reader, I watched as Lyssa went from the prey to the hunter. She went from constantly hiding and depending upon no one, to letting herself trust someone (Eddie) and fighting to protect the few people that she considered friends. The author, in no way, made Lyssa sound weak. The character of Lyssa has a strong spine for the entire story. But the author did put Lyssa's back to the wall and forced her to consider ideas outside of her comfort zone.

With this story, Marjorie M. Liu proves why her name is often seen on the best seller lists. Action, suspense, drama, and magic overflow in this fast paced tale. The danger and intrigue is almost nonstop. If nothing else, I have learned that there is nothing mundane about a story written by Marjorie M. Liu. Fantastic! ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Kerrelyn Sparks
Title - Vampire Mine

Marielle Quatriduum is an Angel of Death. As a Deliverer, it is her duty to collect and escort the newly deceased to heaven for Judgement. When her compassion has her disobeying her supervisor, Marielle is banished from the Heavenly Host. Marielle's wings are taken and she is left earthbound in the form of a human female. The longer she stays on Earth, the more human she will become. She will slowly lose her powers until they are gone forever. Until her powers are gone, all who touch her (or she touches them) will immediately die. The only exception is a vampire (since they are technically already dead). Luckily, Marielle is found by Connor, a Scottish vampire, who becomes her protector. All Marielle wants is to prove herself worthy so the Archangels would vote her back into the Heavenly Host.

Connor Buchanan was dying on a battlefield when Roman Draganesti transformed him into a vampire. That was almost five hundred years ago. Connor has spent the last sixty years working for MacKay Security and Investigation. During recent years Connor has been the personal bodyguard of Roman and his family. Roman's groups of vampires are called Vamps. Instead of preying on humans, they survive by drinking the synthetic blood that Roman has invented. The Vamps are in a constant battle with the Malcontents, those who refuse to give up their murderous way of life. Casimir is the leader of the Malcontents and is building his own undead army to destroy the Vamps. Almost every night, Casimir and his Malcontents slaughter a group of innocent humans. The Vamps have no way to know where Casimir will strike next. Until now...

At the scene of Casimir's latest massacre, Connor finds a fallen angel. As a Deliverer, Marielle can sense when someone is dying anywhere on Earth and the ability to know where. Marielle agrees to help the Vamps destroy the Malcontents. By doing so, the world would be a safer place. Perhaps this deed would prove her worthiness to the Archangels. Marielle also hopes to use her time to help heal the darkness she can feel deep within Connor. But suddenly Marielle begins to have a strange, yet pleasant, physical yearning for the vampire. She is not the only one experiencing the attraction either. Since marielle had fallen into his life, Connor believes he finally has a noble purpose. She has awakened his long-dead senses. She is so perfect, and he is so flawed. And yet, he wants her so much. Marielle may say that vampires are still considered to be God's children and that each chooses whether to be good or evil, but Connor lost his faith long ago. However, Connor vows to keep his emotional distance from the angel and do all within his power to help her return to heaven. Even if it kills him.

***** FIVE STARS! More and more Scottish vampires are appearing in today's book market. There is something about the Scottish accent that is pleasant to the ears of females worldwide. The author has given Connor a glorious temper that is chilling to behold, yet it is tempered down with a hungry longing for Marielle. The clashes succeeded in giving me, as the reader, hope that Connor could not only redeemed, but also find last happiness.

Though this seems to be part of a series new readers, such as I, will have no trouble jumping right in. This is a stand-alone story with Connor and Marielle its main focus; however, some of the secondary characters (vampires and shapeshifters) have already found their spouses. Other secondary characters are still "single" (for lack of a better term) and I admit that the author has managed to pique my interest in keeping an eye out for their future stories.

Most of the characters within this story have well developed backgrounds. MacKay S&I and Romatech Industries have obviously given the Vamps a sturdy foundation that enables their main base of operations to keep building upon. Still, most of this story is told off-base. (After all, there is high potential an Angel of Death would accidentally cause premature deaths of non-vampires employees.) I give Kerrelyn Sparks a nod of respect for setting this story off-base instead of trying to shunt the angel into a remote and/or secure section of Romatech Industries. The author doubled my respect by brilliantly entwining Marielle's past decisions and actions into the background stories of a few of the secondary characters, including Roman's. For some odd reason, I feel as though this story will not be the last (by Sparks) to cause serious devastation to my sleeping habits. *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Annette Blair
Title - Vampire Dragon
(Works Like Magick #3)

Once he was a Roman. But that was before an evil sorceress, Killian, turned him into a dragon. Killian sent him and his comrades to the Island of Stars. Now the Island of Stars is dying. Andra, Goddess of Hope, is sending each dragon back to the mortal plain.

After being a dragon for centuries, Darkwyn Dragonelli is a man once more. He is the third Dragonelli to return to the mortal plain. Darkwyn is tasked to find his predetermined heart mate and to make her life quest his own. He must also best Killian. Should Killian win, no other will be able to live the Island of Stars and they will perish. Darkwyn is an alpha male, no matter his current species, wearing unseen scales and spikes like armor. He knows to expect an acclimator, Vivica, to greet him upon his arrival. For two weeks Vivica would teach him how to blend in with society. As he studies, Vivica would create all the paperwork needed for Darkwyn to be legal.

When Darkwyn steps (or rather he rolls) onto the mortal plain, he lands behind a bar counter in Salem, Massachusetts. The counter keeps most from noticing his nudity. Standing over him is Bronte McBride. She is in her full vampiress costume and wearing the mask no one ever sees her without. Bronte owns the Phoenix building and all the businesses within it. Her businesses cater to visitors and locals who enjoy vampire roleplaying. (Whether the person roleplaying is in her building for light entertainment or is a serious [die hard] vampire, Bronte's businesses aims to please.) The brilliant inventor behind the scenes is her twelve-year-old nephew, Zachary Tucker. As Darkwyn rolls to a stop at her feet, Bronte quickly realizes that this man is different from any other she has met. She and Zachary are in hiding from one of Canada's most powerful men. (Not even the RCMP, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, have been able to bring the man down.) After only a few days with Vivica, the alpha feels danger stalking his heart mate, Bronte. He knows telepathy and dragon speak well, but has only a rudimentary grasp of English. Darkwyn is soon employed by Bronte as the Phoenix's Master Vampire. His main duties are to keep the peace and to act as Bronte's vampire mate (a.k.a. bodyguard). Turns out that the appealing woman has a few nebulous and erratic psychic gifts. Her nephew is more than meets the eye as well.

On the Island of Stars he had been one of the fiercest dragons, as unpredictable and dangerous as the black ice he had been nicknamed after. Now he undertakes the most important challenges in his extremely long life span: to eliminate all of his heart mate's powerful enemies and to defeat Killian, clearing the way for the next Dragonelli to arrive.

***** FIVE STARS! If you have read the previous titles then you will be happy to know that Jaydun and Bastian make a cameo or two in this episode. If you are a new reader, you will find yourself confused the first few chapters as you slowly learn the characters for this story and about the continuously running (series) plot involving Killian. It does not take long for Bronte and Darkwyn to wind up in bed together and these scenes downright sizzle! And since Darkwyn was formerly a dragon, these scenes are...interesting.

Many authors insert wacky humor to help break the tension whenever it gets too thick; however, Annette Blair's style of humor is always unusual. Darkwyn arrives with some animal sidekicks. There is a small guardian dragon and two glowing cats that have flutterby wings. Of course the dragon is invisible and the two felines look normal to humans. The one companion that all can see is Puck, a bird with the markings of a Catalina macaw. Puck does not simply quote back what he has heard. Puck swears in his sleep and, when awake, the bird is very talkative. Puck's running commentaries are often (loose) word definitions. Numerous times I found myself laughing long and loud.

Readers wanting a break from all the vampire and werewolf romances do not need to look any further than here. Bring on the dragons! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Amber Scott
Title - Fierce Dawn (Realm, Book 1)

As teenagers Sadie and Heather Graves watched painfully as their (single parent) mother slowly slipped into madness. Their mother often seemed manic, was constantly paranoid, and her journals overflowed with babbling nonsense. She eventually committed suicide. Years passed...

Sadie Graves is tired of all the mind-numbing medications, doctor visits, and her younger sister constantly butting into her privacy. Ever since Sadie's brake down, Heather acts as if she is Sadie's mother. If Sadie is not careful, her doctor and Heather could have her committed. Only recently has Sadie been able to move out of Heather's home. Now Sadie lives with her cousin and closest friend named Jen. Sadie can paint out her vivid dreams and fill her journals without fear of Heather snooping or running to the doctor. Jen gives Sadie the gift of privacy, never treating her as if she were a child. Jen even got Sadie a job at the library.

At the library, all the females, and even some males, are infatuated with a handsome man named Elijah Stokes. He and another lady, Holly, are constantly doing research, hoping to learn the location of the Book of Sorrows. Though everyone is attracted, no one will approach the couple. The humans have no idea that immortals exist or how mortal blood is like a drug to them. Mortals and immortals reside in separate realms, always living apart. But some immortals come to feast on human blood. They turn "vampire". Elijah is a seeker. His team hunts these immortals down. In the not too distant past, one team member, Lyric, went vampire. Holly swears that Lyric has quit, yet Elijah is unable to trust his former friend. That would take time. And time is the one thing they currently do not have.

According to Holly, an elemental, the impossible is happening. Sadie is a changeling, a mortal becoming an immortal. Until Sadie's transformation is complete, there is no sure way to determine what she will become; however, all clues point to Sadie becoming a messenger. If so, Sadie would be able to locate Crusoe (a missing friend and team member) and the Book of Sorrows. Problem is that should other immortals realize that Sadie is evolving, they would kill her. Sadie is a conduit for between the past and possible futures. She can emit an electronic pulse and she is able to see Elijah's blue wings. Elijah, Holly, and Lyric are in desperate need of Sadie's help. In exchange, they would protect Sadie during her transformation and teach her all she needs to know in order to survive in the immortal world.

Though Sadie refuses to believe it, what she feels toward Elijah is not true love. As for Elijah, he has no business wanting a mortal, even a changeling one, for reasons that go well beyond laws and incompatibility. Elijah is built to seek and therefore attract. Even with his shielding up, he cannot help triggering lust in others. To keep Sadie safe from other immortals, the humans who believe she is going insane, and from his own desires, Elijah must keep his focus on the team's task and his wits sharp. It is time to seek!

**** FOUR STARS! Author Amber Scott has created a fascinating universe filled with a dichotomy of races, mortal and immortal. Since this is the first of a new series, it sets a strong foundation for the rest of the titles to follow. Within this first story, the reader must be introduced to the immortal race, their various types, and their laws. Never fear though, there is plenty of drama, suspense, and romance to keep you thoroughly entertained. Fierce Dawn mainly focuses on the characters of Sadie and Elijah. It is a stand-alone tale. However, there is a continuously running plot for the entire series as well.

Lyric, a feeder, will have his story told next. Stealing Dusk is due for release in December of 2011. A feeder's powers are different from a seeker's. After reading this story, I can hardly wait to enjoy Lyric's. But I cannot reveal Lyric's powers without possible spoilers, which I refuse to do. You will simply have to read and find out for yourself. Amber Scott dives into the Paranormal Romance genre so easily, it is as if she were born and raised there. Wonderful! ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Hannah Howell
Title - If He's Dangerous (Psychic Wherlocke series)

Lady Lorelei Sundun, seventh child of the Duke of Sundunmoor, is minding her own business when a handsome man suddenly appears in her garden. He is not wearing any clothing either. Too bad the roses are keeping her from seeing his best parts. Until now Lorelei has never heard of the Wherlocke or Vaughn clans - or their paranormal abilities. His name is Sir Argus Wherlocke and he proceeds to explain that he has been taken captive by a madman. After asking Lorelei to notify his family, the man disappears before her very eyes. Argus had only been able to give a few clues as to where he was being held. But Lorelei has a skill for finding things or people. After sending off letters to his family, Lorelei decides Argus is in too much danger to wait for the letters to reach their destinations, so she begins searching for the poor man.

Argus does not think his family will locate him in time. Charles Cornick has learned of his gift. Argus can use his voice and his eyes to make people tell him the truth, to make them even do as he wishes, or to firmly believe in what he says even if all evidence shows what he said to be a lie. Cornick believes he can steal the ability from Argus. When Lorelei arrives, Argus is in no shape to decline her help. The lady rescues him and hides him in the gatehouse on Sundunmoor lands. As he recovers, Argus comes to learn that Lorelei is clever, kind, has the sort of open mind that allows her to accept his family (when they arrive) and its gifts, and she makes his blood burn with just a smile. Somehow, she is immune to his gift. So is Max, the butler with the personality of a kind-hearted-but-stern general. Trouble is that Argus has seldom seen marriages work for a Wherlocke or a Vaughn. He never intends to wed. Besides, Lorelei is the daughter of a duke and his is but a knight.

Argus's presence could not be kept secret for long. Yet Lorelei's family does not react the way most others would. Roland Sundun, the Eighth Duke of Sundunmoor, is where Lorelei (and all of his relatives) got their open mindedness from. Between His Grace's amazing family and Argus's newly arrived kin, there is hope of stopping Cornick and any allies he may have. Otherwise tales will spread, the Wherlocke and Vaughn clan would be hunted, and death would follow.

**** FOUR STARS! Hannah Howell has taken a stubborn man, matched him with an elegantly unattainable lady, added in plenty of paranormal elements, and then decided to go all out by tossing in lots of danger and suspense. The character of Lorelei may be innocent and kind, but there is a naughty girl under all that prim-and-proper. And Argus is truculent when it comes to the subject of marriage. Before Argus's relatives arrive to help, the story line trots along at a good pace. Yet once they arrive, the plot slows down and more subterfuge enters the story. Argus's relatives must utilize their various gifts to learn who Cornick is, if he has allies, where he is hiding, and what he may be planning to do next.

My only real problem with the story is that no one interferes when it becomes obvious that Lorelei and Argus are lovers. I simply could not swallow the idea of a duke, during the Regency era, standing aside as his favorite daughter gives herself to a man, especially one they have not known but a very short while. Otherwise, I found this to be an excellent tale. I actually read this entire adventure in a single afternoon. Hannah Howell knows what her readers crave in their romance stories! ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Katie MacAlister
Title - Sex, Lies, and Vampires (A Dark Ones Novel)

Dr. Nell Harris is a junior professor of medieval history. She leaves Seattle for the Czech Republic when she is hired to translate the inscription scribed on the inside of an early-fourteenth-century breastplate. Upon meeting Melissande Banacek in Prague, Nell learns she has been duped. Though Melissande does have such a breastplate, the lady actually requires Nell's assistance to locate her nephew, Damian, and her brother, Saer. Ten-year-old Damian was kidnapped three weeks ago and is being held somewhere in London by the demon lord Asmodeus. Saer disappeared while searching for Damian. Somehow Melissande knows that Nell is a Charmer.

Nell refuses to admit that she had been born a Charmer. As such, Nell has the ability to undo charms and curses. However, back during her college years Nell's best friend had convinced her to try her hand at undoing a curse. The event not only killed her friend, but also caused Nell to have a stroke. During her months of recovery, Nell locked away her ability. Though Nell refuses to use her paranormal ability to aid Melissande, she does agree to search the home of Melissande's friend for clues. (Yes, there is a reason Melissande cannot enter her friend's home.) While searching the library Nell finds and pockets an odd ring. She is then interrupted by one of the most dominating, annoying, and menacing men she has ever had the misfortune to meet. (And with her past, that is saying something.)

Adrian Tomas is the most hated enemy of the Dark Ones. Adrian the Betrayer, the one who turns his people over to the demon lord Asmodeus for endless torture and horrible deaths. He has sent countless innocents to the demon lord. The instant Adrian learns that Nell is a Charmer and can see the curse on him, her fate is sealed. Adrian abducts Nell and, no matter how reluctant she may be, Adrian intends to use Nell to remove the curse. But Fate is a fickle lady. Though he denies the possibility at every turn, Nell is his Beloved. She is the one woman able to redeem his dark and tormented soul.

***** FIVE STARS! I did not believe that Katie MacAlister could pen another Dark Ones story as good as the last (Sex & the Single Vampire), however, she has managed to do so. In the past, I had tried to read several titles of this series. But until these two, none were able to keep my interest. I am still unsure as to why. Perhaps it is due to either the hero and/or heroine being totally against the other. Whatever the reason, I found myself fascinated and unable to put this book down. A dark and sensuous that is not to be missed! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Katie MacAlister
Title - Sex and the Single Vampire (A Dark Ones novel)

Allegra "Allie" Telford works for the United Psychical Research Associations (UPRA) in California, USA. Allie is a Summoner, one who is able to summon spirits. The UPRA has sent Allie to a haunted hotel in London and told to either succeed in summoning up her first spirit (and bring back proof) or she will be fired. But instead of a spirit in need of Release, Allie finds a naked man with dozens of deep cuts dripping blood in the basement. By the time she calls for help, the man disappears.

Allie had promised her sister that while in London she would attend the book signing event of C.J. Dante, a paranormal romance author, and get an autographed copy of the man's latest novel. Turns out that the author was the same man Allie had met in the basement. According to the two ladies with him, Joy and Roxy, Christian Dante is not simply the author of the Dark Ones series, but he is, in fact, a Dark One. And Allie is his Beloved.

Christian Dante is close to luring Sebastian's kidnappers to him when a Summoner shows up. She may mean well but all she ends up doing is ruining his plans. Christian is a Dark One (vampire), doomed to spend eternity in search of the one woman (his Beloved) who can redeem his soul. His Beloved could not have shown up at a more inopportune time either. On the plus side, Allegra is proving herself to be a powerful Summoner. Every time he turns around Allie seems to have another spirit by her side. Problem is that Allie has not been able to Release any of them as yet and her ghostly group is growing. Whether Allie likes it or not, Christian plans to persuade Allie to help him rescue Sebastian and then claim her as his lover forever ... or longer.

***** FIVE STARS! Author Katie MacAlister has penned a seductive paranormal romance with just enough darkness to tease and tantalize readers until they melt. The story overflows with witty banter and humorous scenes. It has a suspense-filled plot dealing with evil psychics, ghosts, and demons. And if the heroine is to save the day, she must overcome a powerful demon lord named Asmodeus. In my opinion, this story is the best thus far. *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon in KINDLE format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Kimberly Frost
Title - Halfway Hexed (Southern Witch #3)

Tammy Jo Trask is a pastry chef in the small town of Duvall, Texas. She comes from a long line of witches, but has only come into her magical powers within the past two weeks. With her mother and Aunt Melanie out of the country, there is no one around to help guide or train Tammy Jo. This means that Tammy Jo's magic is often unreliable, often malfunctioning, or simply refusing to work.

It has only been four days since Tammy Jo had almost been incinerated and drowned. Her home is undergoing major repairs. For the time being, Tammy Jo is residing at the home of Zach Sutton, her former husband, who had given Tammy Jo permission to stay while he is temporarily out of town. Zach fully intends to seduce Tammy Jo and remarry her. However, Zach has some serious competition in the form of handsome and wealthy Bryn Lyons. Bryn also intends to seduce and marry Tammy Jo. Zach and Bryn have made no secret of disliking and being jealous of each other. Tammy Jo's feelings for both men have her heart strings tied up in knots. Before Zach had to leave Duvall, Tammy Jo promised that she would wait until his return before choosing between the men.

As this story opens, Tammy Jo has just finished making an exquisite centerpiece, her first chocolatier's commission, for the Texas Friends of Fish and Fowl's fund-raiser. The leader, Sue Carfax, is arriving to view and approve the chocolate sculpture. Lucy and Jenna Reitgarten and Mindy Glusky walk into the shop behind Sue. Though Tammy Jo has had to fight all sorts of supernatural being during the last couple of weeks, she is still unprepared when she is tackled by the ladies and kidnapped. Seems the ladies have formed another group named DeeDAW, Defending Duvall Against Witchcraft. After escaping the religious extremists, Tammy Jo is (almost immediately) kidnapped again. This time she is hit with a tranquilizer dart by a man she dubs "Scarface". Of course, once free, Tammy Jo goes to the police, but she is not their favorite local resident. After all, Zach is one of them, a sheriff's deputy, and Tammy Jo is seeing Bryn while Zach is away.

For her own protection, Tammy Jo has no choice but to turn to Bryn, who happens to be one of the most powerful wizards in the world. Tammy Jo and Bryn share a rare magical synergy, which allows each to tap into the other's powers when needed. Bryn has been trying to convince Tammy Jo to bond with him, making their magical synergy stronger. But the bonding spell would last for life or longer. Though Tammy Jo cares for Bryn deeply, too deeply at times, she refuses to cross that permanent magical line. Not only is the Lyons' family name listed as one of nine that her family line is never to become involved with, but the World Association of Magic (WAM) frowns upon their "entanglement".

This brings up the next set of problems. President John Barrett from the WAM arrives with his entourage to investigate Tammy Jo. Barrett hates Bryn for personal reasons and (in the past) has gone so far as to send wizards to collect evidence against Bryn - and to kill him. Barrett wants nothing more than to see Bryn fall. And who worse to examine Tammy Jo's entanglement with the wizard Bryn Lyons than his ex-girlfriend, Gwendolyn Vaughn?

As Tammy Jo tries to deal with all of this, she is also trying to figure out who sent her a package from London with a magical brooch. This brooch contains a trapped soul and triggers Tammy Jo to have her first premonition ever. Worse, the trapped soul is of someone very close to Tammy Jo and Bryn.

***** FIVE STARS! In a word, "Wow!" I have just finished reading this story and all I can think is "Wow!" If you believe my synopsis is long winded, let me inform you that there are quite a few other problems and events going on that I did not even bother to mention. There is more than one main plot line in this installment of the Southern Witch series. The author, Kimberly Frost, has done an outstanding job of ensuring that any new reader would have no trouble understanding what is going on and why. However, readers that have read the previous two titles (Would-Be Witch & Barely Bewitched) will enjoy the multiple subplots much more. A few surprising secrets involving Tammy Jo's living relatives are revealed. The backgrounds of both Tammy Jo's and Bryn's family lines are more deeply developed. And Merc, Tammy Jo's ocelot partner and super sidekick, is as protective as ever!

This complex, action packed, and romantic story grabbed me quickly and refused to let go until the last page had been read. Exciting and full of sass, Kimberly Frost's writing talent is one-in-a-million. I cannot recommend this story - heck, the entire series - highly enough! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Kalayna Price
Title - Grave Witch (Alex Craft #1)

It has been seventy years since the Magical Awakening, the day the fae decided to announce to the world that the people of folklore actually existed. Alexis "Alex" Craft is a grave with, able to speak to the dead. As a private investigator and consultant for the police, Alex has seen a lot of dark magic. She has even known Death for over eighteen years thus far - who looks hot in his black shirt and jeans. Death keeps his secrets tight and he never interferes in Alex's work. Until now. Had Death not shoved her out of the path of a bullet, Alex would no longer be breathing.

Alex is investigating a high-profile murder, a favor for the family that no longer claims her as a member. Alex ends up being attacked by the "shade" she is raising, which has never been heard of before. Worse, the wound is infected with a dark spell and it is spreading like a virus.

To solve the case Alex must team up with a new homicide detective on the force, Falin Andrews. The tough detective is obviously hiding something and keeps his secrets locked away almost as tightly as Death. Though Falin does not seem to like Alex and could hardly even tolerate her presence, he needs her help as much as she needs his. They have until midnight on the Blood Moon to stop a killer from casting magic so malevolent that it would cost Alex her soul and bring about massive destruction.

***** FIVE STARS! Author Kalayna Price has created a unique world for readers to submerge their imaginations in. Alex Craft's world still resembles what we (readers) are used to, so I still felt a sense of connection to the environment; however, the various types of magic, and their users, adds some serious ZING! to the whole experience. The character of Alex is bold, brave, honorable, and a totally down-to-earth woman that I could easily call a friend had she been real. This series is more addictive than chocolate. Totally yummy! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Claire Delacroix
Title - Rebel

People of the Republic are divided, not by skin color or native land, but by the S.H.A.D.E. (Sub Human Atomic Deficiency Evaluation) test given to all at birth. The children who had been assessed as defective, usually as a result of exposure to radiation while they were still in the uterus, are used as servants and test subjects for new drugs and procedures. But if shades are so mentally challenged or deformed, why do the norms keep most of them continuously drugged?

The angels now called Armand and Baruch sacrificed their wings in the hope of saving humanity. Their mission is to kill Maximilian Blackstone, front-running candidate for the presidency of the Republic. Until they complete their task, they will remain mortal. They keep the scars upon their backs hidden, so no one would know that they used to have wings. But when Baruch interrupts an assassin, the wounded angel finds himself in the hands of Dr. Cosmopoulos, who plans to dissect and vivisect him. Thus Armand finds himself alone, unable to rescue his brother angel and unable to complete the mission. However, Armand decides that since the lovely assassin caused the current problems, she would help solve them.

Theodora is a wraith, a woman who does not officially exist. When she is interrupted from taking out her target, she instinctively shoots the intruder so she can escape. Unfortunately, Theodora finds herself captured by a second intruder. As the two attempt to better the world in their own, individual ways, Theodora and Armand soon find their missions entwined. Working together, they also begin trusting each other. This trust blooms into more. But in their quest to save the world, will they be able to save themselves?

**** FOUR STARS! No need to fret if you have not read the first two novels (Fallen and Guardian). You are still in for a terrific paranormal romance set in the year 2100. However, I strongly recommend buying and reading them so you will receive this story's full effect. The main characters from the first two stories are minor ones in this explosive episode.

Armand's and Theodora's story is not, in my opinion, as exciting as the previous ones; however, I believe that is due to the complicated background of Theodora. This female assassin is a very complex character who has multiple layers to her personality, as well as, in her motives and priorities. I found Theodora to be even more intriguing than the angel due to this. If you are looking for a story that is different and intriguing, look no further than a novel by Claire Delacroix. ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Zoë Archer
Title - Stranger
(Blades of the Rose #4)

Our story begins in the year 1875. Frontier woman Astrid Bramfield and her Native attorney lover, Nathan Lesperance, have left the Canadian Rockies and travel to England with fellow Blade, Catullus Graves. They are but two days shy of reaching Liverpool when Catullus learns that the lovely American journalist, Gemma Murphy, did not remain in Canada. Instead, she has discretely followed the trio in hopes of finding a story. After a short brawl in Liverpool, the trio has no choice but to keep Gemma close.

The Heirs of Albion are the Blades of the Rose's most persistent enemy. Within the Heirs' grasp is the Primal Source. It is the origin of magic and has the power to grant and embody the possessor's most profound hopes and dreams. The Heirs have unlocked the Primal Source and magic is beginning to go wild. Even worse, the Primal Source has begun the process of bringing the entire would under England's sole rule. To do this, magic has brought a legendary myth to real life. A giant version of King Arthur has been called in to being. Under the Heirs' influence, Arthur travels toward London. In his wake, magical beings from the Otherworld appear and begin to cause major chaos and destruction. Should Arthur reach London and touch the Primal Source, all hope would be lost.

Forty-one-year-old Catullus Graves has been with the Blades for twenty-three years. He is a reserved, bespectacled inventor with dark eyes and skin color. The acclaimed inventor is not only a genius, but a warrior whenever the need arises. He has witnessed a few of his fellow Blades find love with rare, strong-willed women; however, Catullus never thought he could be as lucky. But the redheaded journalist from Chicago is quickly changing his mind. Mixed-race couples are still frowned upon, yet Catullus and Gemma do not care. With the help of other Blades of the Rose agents, the inventor and magical journalist must somehow stop an unstoppable, legendary king.

***** FIVE STARS! This is the fourth installment in the Blades of the Rose series. All of the major and secondary characters from the first three titles have parts to play. Therefore, I strongly urge readers not to begin this episode until they have read the previous adventures.

Fans of the legends involving King Arthur will especially enjoy this story. Arthur is not the only mythical character to have a cameo role. But to tell more would cause spoilers, something I refuse to do. (I only decided to mention Arthur because his role begins early in the story and the plot revolves around his character.)

Zoë Archer dares to do what few novelists will. She shows that true love sees beyond skin color. Add this to Archer's own magical writing talent and readers are treated to an exciting roller coaster ride of majestic proportions. This story is not to be missed! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Zoë Archer
Title - Rebel (Blades of the Rose #3)

Set in Canada, 1875. The government had taken Nathan Lesperance when he was small. Now he is the first Native attorney in Vancouver. He is welcome neither with his sometime tribe nor white society. All his life Nathan has felt something wild within him, straining to get free, but he has always been able to beat it down. It is no big surprise to Nathan when his law firm chooses him to be the lawyer that must travel to the Northwest Territory. He is to meet up with the newly formed Mounted Police and claim the possessions of the late Douglas Prescott. He ends up being kidnapped and escaping a group of evil men belonging to a group called the Heirs of Albrion. He is found by a lovely recluse who will change his life forever.

Astrid Bramfield used to be a Blade of the Rose, protecting the world's magic from those who would abuse it. The Heirs seek out the world's most powerful objects infused with magic, dreaming of England's imperial supremacy over the world. Astrid's late husband had been her partner within the Blades. Together they had studied the Primal Source, until the Heirs killed Astrid's husband and stole the Source. Astrid is now a world-class frontiers woman and knows all about survival. But she keeps her distance from people, preferring to be alone. Then she finds Nathan, nearly dead, and sees within him a kindred spirit.

Astrid and Nathan are being hunted by the Heirs. They want Astrid, for her knowledge of the Primal Source, and Nathan, for the magical abilities he keeps suppressed. The pair must stay one step ahead of the Heirs as they search the frozen mountains for a legendary tribe said to be filled with shapeshifters.

***** FIVE STARS! With every story I read about the Blades of the Rose I become more and more intrigued. Each story seems to be better than the last. Zoë Archer has combined Historical Romance, Suspense, and Paranormal Fantasy to create a fascinating series that will take your breath away. (It is as if a Hitchcock mystery meets and Indiana Jones adventure and then gets a pinch of a Sookie Stackhouse novel.) I can hardly wait for the next story in this exciting series. An absolutely thrilling ride on the wild side! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Zoë Archer
Title - Scoundrel (The Blades of the Rose #2)

As mankind developed, so did its capacity for destruction and abuse. To keep mankind from annihilating itself, magic needed to be hidden. Even though magic was sheltered in myth and legend, people managed to concentrate it into physical objects that hold great power. Those objects are known as Sources. Most are safely hidden from those that would exploit them, such as the Heirs of Albion. The Heirs believe that Britain and its citizens are superior to all others and should rule the world. They have already managed to get hold of the Primal Source from Africa. It is the oldest and most powerful Source of all. No one knows what horrors will occur should the Heirs manage to unlock its secrets. One group stands and fights the Heirs. They are known as the Blades of the Rose. The Blades believe that no one should rule over all. Where the Heirs pillage, plunder, and slaughter, the Blades help and protect.

London Harcourt never knew that her brother, father, and even her late husband were major players of the Heirs of Albion. The Heirs do not allow women in their elite group. London always thought they worked for the government in some fashion. Her father, Joseph Edgeworth, has a seat within the inner circle and is planning to subjugate the world's magic to British rule. After her smothering marriage and three years of widowhood, London is thrilled to travel with her father to the Greek isles. She only wishes the horrid men around her father were not accompanying them. London is the only known speaker of a dialect of ancient Greek that holds the key to calling down the wrath of the gods. Of course, London has no idea what it is her father wants her to translate. But then she meets Day.

Bennett Day has always had a way with the ladies. After all, a man has to have some stress relief after dodging lethal attacks to protect the Sources. When he meets London, it is obvious she has been kept in the dark as to the destruction the men around her has accomplished and have plans to do in the near future. Can Bennett and his allies open London's eyes to the truth? Once done, will the lovely and brilliant linguist join the Blades against her father? And can Bennett survive the spell London seems to be weaving around his heart?

***** FIVE STARS! This story is a Historical Romance with a touch of the paranormal. I believe that the story also has an "Indiana Jones" flavoring to it. Action, drama, suspense, and romance all blend together to form a whirlwind adventure that kept me super-glued to the pages. Well developed characters, with manners depicted true for their era, and a sold base-plot makes the story very believable. And minor sub-plots keep the story flowing smoothly, enticing readers to continue turning the pages for more. Admirably crafted and very addictive. *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Alayna Williams
Title - Dark Oracle

Until five years ago, Tara Sheridan had been a criminal profiler. She used science and her intuitive skill at Tarot card divination to track down the dangerous and depraved. Her last assignment included a serial killer who left her scarred from head to toe. Since then, Tara has been a recluse. But now the ancient secret society known as Delphi's Daughters is asking for her help. Delphi's Daughters are dedicated to salvaging hidden things, to preserving the intellectual and physical lineages of esoteric knowledge. Tara's late mother had been in line for the title of Pythia (leader) until cancer ended her life. Though Tara wants nothing to do with the society, she reluctantly agrees to help locate a missing quantum physicist named Lowell Magnusson.

Only a small percentage of the universe is made up of visible matter and energy. The rest is made up of dark matter. Lowell, on contract for the Department of Defense, was working on detecting dark energy. (Think of black holes.) But after an explosion, Lowell has gone missing and so has his research. Tara works alongside Agent Harry Li. They discover that Lowell's daughter, Cassie, has possible knowledge that makes her a target.

Tara's cards and sources soon show that the missing scientist is not the only danger in her near future. She has to protect Cassie, but there may be no way to protect herself from her multiple enemies.

**** FOUR STARS! The author has done an exceptional job of explaining the complex Tarot methods in easy to understand ways. Even though I know only a little about Tarot cards, I had absolutely no trouble understanding everything. However, due to each card's multiple meanings, in addition to the meaning of each card's placement within a pattern, the divination scenes are very long winded. Necessary, I understand, but still tedious. The characters' developments are well done, the plot is solid, and I felt an underlining tension throughout the entire story. These made the pages seem to fly by for me. I stayed awake much longer than I should have, but Tara's mysterious background kept me enthralled. I wanted to know more - now, now, now! Other than having to read slowly during the long divinations, I found this story to be fantastic. ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Michelle Rowen
Title - The Demon in Me (Living in Eden #1)

Eden Riley did not want to become a "psychic consultant" for the police. But after helping a distraught client (on the psychic hotline she worked for) find her dog, Eden really had no choice if she wanted to eat. The client had been the wife of Toronto's current chief of police. The chief insisted Eden becomes their consultant on the force. The hotline agency, not wanting the close attention of the law, fired Eden. So Eden's choices were to starve or accept the chief's job offer. Per her late mother's will, Eden also inherited forty-nine percent ownership of a private investigations agency, Triple-A. Andy McCoy owns the rest of it. Problem is that the Triple-A is in the red and may close very soon.

Eden's psychic powers are unreliable at best. She does not believe she will be of any help to the police. Unfortunately for Eden, those paranormal senses DO work. After Detective Ben Hanson guns down a serial killer in front of her, Eden realizes that she is no longer alone in her body. The voice in her head introduces himself as Darrak. He is a demon, but no longer the evil being he once was. Thanks to a curse from a black witch three hundred years ago, Darrak jumps from host to host. This is the first time he has been able to speak directly to a host though. As a bonus, thanks to Eden's psychic energy, Darrak is able to take form during daylight hours. The downside is that unless they can locate the black witch and find a way to break the curse, Eden will die in one year.

As for Triple-A, Eden's energy has made it a hot spot for Other beings. If the being is no human and needs help, they are drawn to the Triple-A. The supernatural clientele is great for the business, but Eden only has a year to solve her own demon problem. It does not help Eden to know that a determined exorcist is hounding her either.

**** FOUR STARS! This is a solid beginning to a new series which I believe will only get better and better. This installment brings together the major characters for readers to meet and understand. It shows how Eden and Darrak first join together, as well as how Eden changes, or evolves, a bit. The ending is both climatic and shocking. A huge secret is revealed - which confirms my belief that this series will be spectacular - and foreshadows future events. I highly recommend this story to all fans of paranormal romance. ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Vicki Lewis Thompson
Title - Chick with a Charm (Babes on Brooms #2)

Hot divorce lawyer, Griffin Taylor, has been coming into the Bubbling Cauldron with his two friends/coworkers at happy hour for quite some time now. Yet no matter how Lily Revere flirts, teases, and all but bluntly displays her interest in neon lights, the man refuses to ask her out. As a witch, Lily can and does resort to magic. Even though it is forbidden to alter the behaviors of others, Lily brews up a devotion elixir and discretely slips it into Griffin's drink. She soon regrets doing so. If Lily can resist Griffin's temptations for twenty-four hours, the elixir will wear off with no harm done. But should Lily go to bed with him during that time, she would never know if Griffin truly desires her.

Griffin has seen what love and marriage can convince people to do. So even though he finds Lily irresistible, resist her he would! Then he suddenly changes his mind, drops his defenses, and goes after the desirable witch.

*** THREE STARS! This is a very good story, but the character of Lily does not come across to me as wild and reckless as I thought she would be. Lily's sister (from a previous title) plays a secondary character this time, filling the role of Lily's conscious early within the tale. However, it is Daisy, Lily's golden retriever, who I enjoyed watching. This smart dog stole the spotlight often. I am very interested to know what Vicki Lewis Thompson will pull out of her magical hat next! ***

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Vicki Lewis Thompson
Title - Blonde with a Wand (Babes on Brooms #1)

Anica Revere refuses to become involved with a mortal man before telling him she is a witch. But when her handsome date, Jasper Danes, pushes her too far, Anica ends up breaking a much more serious rule. It is forbidden for one to use their powers to alter a being from one form into another. In her anger, Anica changes Jasper into a cat. By doing so, Anica finds herself stripped of her powers. For help, Anica turns to her sister, Lilly. It is up to the witch sisters to find a counterspell before the Wizard Council finds out what has happened. And until Jasper can be turned back into human man, Anica is powerless, which leaves her with some personal problems. No powers mean that her home and place of business are without any magical wards. Mischievous fairies or worse can walk right in.

Jasper thought Anica's no really meant yes. Finding himself transformed into a cat has made him furious. Yet while contemplating strategic forms of revenge, Jasper realizes that a cat's view of the world is a real eye-opener. There are numerous things he is coming to appreciate that he had never had time to pay attention to before. It is also hard to stay mad at the gorgeous lady that is responsible for his predicament, especially when she rubs his belly.

***** FIVE STARS! This is the first of a new series, but a couple of characters from previous novels make guest appearances. Filled with warmth, romance, and some spunky humor, this scrumptious story will keep readers laughing loud and often. *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Angela Knight
Title - Master of Fire (Mageverse)

Giada Shepherd is a brilliant chemist and an immortal witch. She, and those like her, dwell in the Mageverse. Their duty is to save our world from itself. Her current mission is to protect the life of Logan MacRoy, the mortal son of (King) Arthur Pendragon, leader of the immortal vampires. She is undercover as a new civilian forensic chemist for a nearby county. Under the direct orders of Arthur, Giada is not to let Logan find out about the recent string of Latent murders or that she is his bodyguard. Most of all, Giada is to not become Logan's bed partner. Should Logan make love to one of the Magekind three times, his Gift would be triggered and Logan would become an immortal vampire.

Logan has no idea that his new trainee is more than she appears to be. Logan investigates arson, bombing, and drug related crimes within Greendale County. He knows that sooner or later he would have to accept the Gift, but Logan does not feel ready to end his mortal life and fight at his father's side as yet. What he IS ready for is an affair with Giada, but she is fighting the passion smoldering between them. No matter, their priority is to capture a bomber. One that seems to enjoy booby-traps.

***** FIVE STARS! It is no wonder to me as to why each title of the Mageverse series keeps hitting the best seller lists. I have yet to be disappointed in any of them. Technically, this is the ninth story of the series. Some are full-length novels. Some are short, part of anthologies. ALL are Angela Knight-style (a.k.a. Unforgettable!)

The story of Logan and Giada's bonding begins and ends in this title. The ongoing schemes set up by the immortal villains will be continued in the next story, titled Master of Smoke. However, Logan and Giada's adventure reveals the names of those guilty, as well as some major surprises! Angela Knight is truly the Goddess of Immortals! In-Freaking-Credible! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Alyssa Day
Title - Atlantis Redeemed (Warriors of Poseidon)

In Rome, the year mortals call 202 B.C., Brennan is cursed by his father, Poseidon. Brennan lives a life bereft of all feelings until he should meet his one true mate. Whenever Brennan's true mate is in his sight, all his repressed emotions and urges will overcome him. But each time she is out of his sight, Brennan will forget all about her. When his true mate finally dies and her soul has flown, only then would Brennan remember their times together. The madness that followed should kill him.

Present date: Brennan does not remember going wild, killing a vampire the Atlanteans needed to question, or having threatened his own friends and fellow warriors over a human female, Tiernan Butler. The question that haunts him now is whether he was losing some of his control and finally going insane, or whether the curse was coming to its fulfillment. Either way, Brennan must work undercover with the investigative reporter if they are to have any chance of discovering the truth behind some scientists and their horrifying experiments.

Tiernan Butler had a lonely childhood due to her ability of being a living lie detector. She can hear a lie, even a half-truth. But it sure comes in handy with her career as an investigative reporter. When she discovers the truth behind the experiments, only the wildly attractive Atlantean can protect her from those who wish her harm. But who would protect her from the Atlantean?

**** FOUR STARS! The thought of being devoid of emotions during life's rough patches sounds like a blessing to me. But not if those emotions were being stored deep within me and would eventually all spring forth in an overwhelming flood of anguish. It is hard for me to imagine one lifetime's worth of emotions (good and bad) being bottled up to explode, much less over a millennia's worth. Yet the author has somehow managed to capture the bubbling sensations, the fanatical intensities, and express them in writing. Every character is well developed, but Tiernan's and Brennan's are exceptionally so. You do not have to read any of the previous titles of the series to thoroughly enjoy this story; however, those who have read them will enjoy seeing some very familiar names playing secondary roles with vital parts to act out. One thing is for sure, Alyssa Day has a ferocious writing talent! ****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Nalini Singh
Title - Angels' Blood (Guild Hunter #1)

Elena Deveraux is a Guild Hunter. She mainly hunts runaway vampires. Those who sign a contract with an angel to Make them know that their first one hundred years is spent in the angel's servitude. Should a vampire run, he is hunted down and returned to his angel for punishment or death. Elena is the best. She is hunter-born. She did not choose the dangerous career of a hunter, it chose her. Born with an ability to smell and track vampires, Elena became shunned by her family.

The Archangel of New York is the legendary Raphael. He hires Elena to hunt someone for the Cadre of Ten. Anyone Elena dares to tell anything about her assignment would be instantly killed. Elena is to hunt one of the Ten, an archangel who has gone insane. She needs only to locate her target and Raphael will do the terminating. But Elena would have no outside help; she is basically on her own.

The more secrets Elena learns about angels, vampires, and archangels, the more those powerful beings wish her to be permanently silenced once her job is done. And as much as Elena and Raphael clash, they are also attracted to one another.

***** FIVE STARS! An intense story set in a fantastic world where mortals and immortals live among each other. I will never think of vampires or angels the same way again. This compelling tale immediately grabbed me by the throat and refused to let go! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon on Kindle format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Nalini Singh
Title - Archangel's Kiss (Guild Hunter #2)

Guild Hunter Elena Deveraux wakes up from a year-long coma to find herself changed. She is now an angel with wings the colors of midnight and dawn (black and dark blue). She currently resides at the Refuge, a place of sanctuary, unknown about by humans. Elena's fragile body is still weak. She has not learned how to fight or balance with her new wings, much less fly. Her beloved, the gorgeous and dangerous archangel Raphael, is used to always being in control. But Elena has never done will with authority and still refuses to allow Raphael total control of her actions. In fact, anytime Raphael enters her mind without permission, Elena pushes him out - which should have been impossible for anyone to do.

As they begin to learn about each other, an invitation to a ball in Elena's honor is received. The event is to be held in Beijing, by the archangel Zhou Lijuan. To refuse would be a sign of weakness. Elena begins rigorous training to prepare for any surprises that may be awaiting her arrival. Lijuan is evolving and now has the power to bring the dead back from the grave. These pets are called the Reborn and are hardly more than gruesome reanimated corpses.

As Elena prepares, the Refuge is being shaken to its very core. An angel among them has targeted Elena, even going so far as to break the supreme law which forbids the abuse of a child. Raphael and his Seven protect Elena as she uses her hunter-born abilities to track a deadly and cunning foe.

***** FIVE STARS! If I am asked whether the Guild Hunter series is worth reading my answer is always, "Posi-lutely!" This is a stunning world filled with dark and beautiful characters that have already enslaved a huge fan base. Vivid and compelling, this exciting story will quickly grab your imagination and never let so. Imprisonment has never been so seductive! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Dakota Cassidy
Title - Accidentally Demonic (Accidental #4)

Casey Schwartz's job is to escort two trouble-attracting twins everywhere they go, day and night. If she cannot keep the twins from getting into trouble, it is up to Casey to do some damage control. So when the twins get too wild at a bar and a photographer is trying to snap some scandalous pictures, Casey steps in his way. The next thing Casey knows is waking up in jail for assaulting an off-duty cop. Her sister, Wanda Jefferson, comes with two friends to bail Casey out and try to piece together what happened. But mild mannered Casey seems to have had an attitude adjustment, so when one of Wanda's two friends makes her angry Casey sets the woman's hair on fire! Answers to the group's numerous questions begin when Clayton "Clay" Gunnersson walks in the door claiming he is responsible for everything.

Clay had been so close to finally getting rid of Hildegard, the demon who has been the bane of his existence for far too much of his vampire life. Unfortunately, the demon blood Clay had on his person is accidentally spilled on a mortal woman, causing her to become uncontrollably enraged. Like it or not, and she does not, Casey has become half demon and there is no going back. Casey is shooting fireballs from her fingertips, levitating, and sprouting horns. If that is not enough to wrap her mind around, Casey learns that her own sister, Wanda, and the two friends with her are also paranormal. Casey must learn to control her sudden tempers and how to use her powers without harming anyone. But can the still-human half of her control the half that is malicious demon?

***** FIVE STARS! Dakota Cassidy seems to get better and better with every book she writes. In my opinion, this story is the best thus far. Seeing the three main female leads from the three previous titles of the series made everything more fun and realistic. Readers will thoroughly enjoy this romp with the paranormal. Fun, humorous, and booty-licious! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, in Amazon's Kindle format by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Title - Faery Merry Christmas (Christmas novella)
Author: Jacquie Rogers

In the realm of Faeryshire, Cheshya of the Brown Clan is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus. Christmas is four days away. This Christmas will also be Cheshya's two-thousandth birthday. Per Faery tradition, marriages are not allowed after reaching that age. Instead, Queen Merci would appoint a Queen's Quest (a life-long job or task) for the single faery to perform.

Cheshya's heart has yearned for Liam of the Red Clan over five hundred years now. Her live has been a close and personal secret the entire time. No one, not even her best friend, Princess Kaylee, knows of it. The chances of Liam falling in love with Cheshya and marrying her within the next four days are between slim and none. Liam is not even in Faeryshire. For the last five years Liam has been living among the humans in Terra Humanus. So Cheshya asks Queen Merci to go ahead and designate a task for her.

Cheshya's mission is to find unhappy faeries who are living in Terra Humanus and help each fulfill their heart's desire. (The queen hopes the faeries will return to Faeryshire once they have succeeded in doing whatever they wanted in the human realm.) Cheshya's first mission is none other than Liam!

The year in Terra Humanus is 1956. Liam pitches for the Shoreline Sharks baseball team. He is obsessed with signing as a major league pitcher with the Cincinnati Reds and his chance is but a few days away. Faeries competing for a career with humans are not allowed to use faery magic because it would give them an unfair advantage. So when Cheshya arrives, Liam is happy for the help, even though she cannot use her magic to assist him. Liam finds himself attracted to Cheshya, but should he act on the attraction, Liam may lose the major league career he has worked long and hard for.

***** FOUR AND A HALF STARS! Princess Kaylee may very well be the most sly and cunning faery that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Throughout this tale I kept glimpsing hints that Kaylee knew more than those around her believed. Kaylee's subtle manipulations prove her worthy of her royal faery bloodline. I sincerely hope to read future stories involving Princess Kaylee. Faeryshire and the faeries within it are as addictive as fine chocolate. This title is a novella, instead of a full length novel. Therefore, you can enjoy Cheshya's holiday adventure for a very low price. (Consider that to be smooth and creamy icing to dip the chocolate in.)

Faeries have super long lives, so the author can choose any human-time frame as a setting. For Cheshya, the human year is 1956. I found myself treated to the era's snazziest cars, amusing phrases, odd clothing fashions, and upbeat music. All-in-all, a grand story that will keep you royally entertained. *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amazon's Kindle store by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Kelly Ferjutz
Title - Ardenwycke Unveiled

Tessa deGroot is a sculptor. During her divorce settlement, from her former husband's family, she receives a grand stone manor along the Hudson River in New York called Ardenwycke. The house had been built over two hundred years earlier by a deGroot settler. No one has lived in the house for twenty years, yet it is still livable and up to housing codes. During her first visit to Ardenwycke, Tessa feels something strange in an upstairs hallway and faints. It is only the beginning of several odd phenomena Tessa will go through.

Maximillian "Max" MacDougall, a local house inspector, and Annette Williams, Tessa's lawyer and long-time friend, is with Tessa when she passes out that first day. Max and Tessa are immediately attracted to each other and begin dating. Tessa avoids the hallway that always makes her feel cold or strange. Oddly, no one else, including the live-in staff members, feels anything strange while in the hallway.

From outside one day, Tessa notices a round window that looks to be along the eerie hall. Unable to locate the window from within Ardenwycke, Tessa begins taking measurements. Results suggest a hidden room. Tessa has Max help her locate and open the concealed door so she may begin exploring the hidden room. Tessa finds the journal of a young lady who had been imprisoned within the room by her father long ago. Max becomes concerned by Tessa's obsession with the room. Yet the lady's spirit urges Tessa onward. It may take drastic measures for Max and Tessa to uncover Ardenwycke's past and deal with what they learn.

**** FOUR STARS! This Paranormal Romance is set in the present time, yet I was also treated to episodes from Ardenwycke's past. I found events of both time periods to be very interesting. Personally, I disagree with Max and Tessa's decision on what to do with the room, yet can understand the reasons behind their choice. (Perhaps the author will someday create a second Ardenwycke House story. I would enjoy watching Tessa's descendants deal with that room or another section of the manor. I cannot help but feel that the spirit's mother has a story to tell.)

Kelly Ferjutz did an excellent job blending mystery and romance into a paranormal setting without the story becoming confusing. In my personal opinion, the romance between Tessa and Max seemed a bit rushed. After Tessa's experiences with her former husband, it felt to me as though Tessa did not hesitate or worry enough about her relationship with Max and what could happen if they ever wed. Tessa did worry a bit toward the beginning, but the physical and mental scars from her previous marriage should have caused Tessa much more concern as her relationship with Max progressed. Again, however, that is just my personal opinion. I really liked how the author used Tessa's sculpting talent to create a more eerie feeling for me, as the reader, toward that hidden room. I cannot explain more without minor spoilers, but that touch was ingenious! A terrific story that readers will not soon forget. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Cerridwen Press by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Dee Lloyd
Title - Out of Her Dreams

Kate Owens is an author in need of some inspiration. As the new owner of the Barrister House on the shores of Lake Ontario, she hopes to get some. The one thing she does not expect is to be met by Jake Wylie, the residential ghost. He is the spitting image of her dream lover.

For over ninety years he has waited to find his soul mate and break the curse on his family. Jake only spends the summer months in the house. The rest of the year is spent in a gray timeless place. Each year his summer time in the house is shorter and Jake fears his final time may have come.

According to Jake, Kate is the reincarnation of his fiancé, Caitlin, who died in the year 1919. Kate has her doubts though. Kate hopes that with the help of her aunt, Phoebe, and the gifted people at "Other Wise" she will learn the truth. But there is a dark force somewhere in the group. Someone plans to take the crescent-shaped golden charm Kate constantly wears around her neck even if it means having to kill her. With that charm and its mate, hidden somewhere within Barrister House, the killer would be all powerful!

**** A terrific paranormal romance with a very good plot. The characters, even the secondary ones, are engaging. Had there been a little more attention on Aunt Phoebe and Ellen, Kate's friend, I believe that I could have come to care deeper for them. Perhaps Ellen will appear in a future book or get her own story. Who knows? It could happen. As for the villain, I do not think enough time was given. In my opinion, more space should have been devoted to explaining his developing powers, as well as, on the danger he presented to the main couple and those at "Other Wise". One thing is for sure, Dee Lloyd is making a name for herself in the Paranormal Romance genre! ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Awe Struck Publishing by clicking HERE!
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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Sarita Leone
Title - Legal Tender

To fulfill the terms of her grandmother's will, Lindy must live in the old woman's home, take over the business she began, and within a year, marry. She must also, though this is unstated, put up with Granny's ghost hovering around her. Lindy's main motive is to keep her witch of a cousin from getting the place, but soon, she finds herself wondering if there's a murder to solve and discovering romance might be part of her future, but with which of the men pursuing her?

*** This book is fun. Granny's ghost is one that will keep a smile on your face. Though the plot is somewhat meandering, there is such charm to the narrative that you won't mind. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Whiskey Creek by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Rhonda Plummer
Title - Alacazam

Though one of her aunts is named Pesty, Cinnamon Prescott might want to apply that name to more than one relative, namely, her sister-in-law's late mother, Sarina, whose ghost has been assigned to be her fairy godmother. As a result, she has a flamboyant spook trailing her all over Vegas, trying to "help" her snag a soul mate so that she does not give herself to the wrong man, thus losing her "gift", the paranormal talent she was bequeathed by being descended from one particular woman. Cinn's talent is for healing, and often turns out to be rather inconvenient, as she might find herself pulled astrally to another place and forced to use it, exhausting herself. Losing her gift and her virtue to the wrong guy does have appeal, and since the man she most wants to be with has not been tagged as her soul's true love, that sounds like a very good prospect to happen. However, Aunt Pesty did cast the spell that was supposed to speed up Cinn getting her dream of a mate, and her magic is notoriously wrong. Could Jack actually be the one? If Cinnamon ever wants to be godmother free, she'll have to find out.

*** If you loved any version of Topper, then this book will make you Blithe. It's laugh out loud from start to finish. Sarina is a gem of a ghost. I'd love to see her get her own series. To all people in need of a good giggle fest, then the prescription for your glum state has arrived, just like magic. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Whiskey Creek by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Rose Pressey
Title - Me and My Ghoul Friends

Larue sees dead people, and some of them qualify as pains in the you know what, especially our former President Abe Lincoln. Granted, she is able to help many of the dead and they do make decent friends, something not to be under valued. She just wishes she could have a little more of a relationship with the living, especially the hot barista boy next door. Unfortunately, a witch saw him first and now, not only to save her hopes of romance, but just because it is not right for a man to be placed under spell that steals his will, she will have to embrace the fact that there is more to the paranormal experience than what she knows. To go against black magic, she will need all the help her spirit friends and others can provide.

**** This is fun to read and makes you hope that this is not the last we see of Larue. Easily, it can be relished by fans of all ages. The humor and drama balance out nicely and there is no padding in the plot. It is also refreshing to see a heroine and hero have a relationship that does not skip all the bases and head straight for the slide into bed, but goes for true love. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Lyrical Press by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Crystal Inman
Title - One Enchanted Evening

Ivy's life changed forever when she was invited to a party and even sent magic dust that provided a costume for it. Suddenly, the entire fairy tale world invades her life. Gremlins, elves, talking critters, fairies, Mother Goose, and fairy godmothers become regular visitors, and they all say their world needs her help. What's more, a handsome prince asks her to help him save his dying father and his land. Joining forces with the other guest at the party, a kind, but slightly geeky guy, and her sister, Rose, Ivy enters the magical world and finds that there is a dark side to fairy tales. There is also love. As she races against time to save two worlds, Ivy learns some unpleasant truths, some beautiful things, and much about herself.

***** This was a pure treat to read. Initially, it was so cute you couldn't help but smile, then, when the shift came to the more serious plot, it was still enchanting, only in a different way and deeper. One Enchanted Evening feels like the start of a series of adventures, and I hope this is true. *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Whiskey Creek Press by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Donna McGillivray
Title - Soul Savers

Neither Rae nor Alex has any idea why they would be summoned to attend the reading of a will of a man they never heard of, but the two strangers find themselves required to first spend a weekend in his home, and then, in order to receive a hefty bequest, they are to live in it for two years and during that time, attempt to lay to rest two troubled souls haunting it. Seeing the potential uses for the money, both want to do good with it, they agree and find both their residence and the company more than agreeable, for the most part. However, their quest is one that often proves frustrating. The ghosts need their help, but Alex and Rae are stumped until they find a breakthrough that will have profound implications for their own lives.

**** This was both a fun read and a moving one. Without being sappy, it was sweet. The author's use of words paints vivid images in your mind and makes the entire situation seem like something that could happen. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Whiskey Creek by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Charlotte Holley
Title - The Bakery Murders

When a bakery becomes a murder scene, Kim and Liz find themselves drawn into a case that literally spans the cosmos. A serial killer is on the loose, but that human evil is not the only malevance that they must confront. A dragon like being needs help that only the man Liz loves can give him and his people, and really, the universe at large. More than one world teeters on the edge of disaster as John and his past self are forced to leave Liz in this world while he/they try to save another. While they are gone, the two "sisters" of the heart will find themselves struggling to outwit and survive a madman's twisted plot and facing an ordeal that is far too human and painful.

**** It's hard to believe that so much can be in one book alone. Almost every genre is incorporated into this spectacular tale; fantasy, romance, mystery, urban fantasy, and even a touch of horror. I absolutely love the way Ms. Holley portrays ghosts. Ever since discovering The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, I've been hooked on "human ghost" who interact and live with humans, rather than being terrifying. The end note of this chapter in what looks to be a saga leaves us with a bit of a cliff hanger and eager for the next installment. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Mystic Moon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Charlotte Holley
Title - McCann's Manor

Soul sisters Liz and Kim have no idea what they are letting themselves in for when they accept the challenge to live in McCann's Manor for a year and during that time heal the profound psychic wounds that have made life impossible for any living being who tries to inhabit it and sheer torture for the spirits trapped there. The two young women have dealt with ghosts and so forth all their lives; that bond has cemented their friendship into something as profound as a family tie, or better, but they have never faced anything like this. Tortured souls, ancient grudges, reincarnation, and evil from the Pit itself lie in wait for them. If they are not careful, Liz and Kim might not be rewarded for their efforts but condemned to something that makes death look tame. Yet, if they can vanquish the source of the disturbances, they will not only be rich, but perhaps find love.

**** Seldom have I read such a complex novel. Ms. Holley has done a fantastic job of world building here. The ghosts are not mere cameo phantoms, but fully realized individuals. The feature that has a platinum star is her use of relationships. Such strong bonds of friendship are not incorporated often enough in fiction, much less life. It's refreshing to see and should keep this series a winner. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Mystic Moon by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Lynn Lowery
Title - Queen of Trees

When Kail is deposed from his throne by an evil witch, he flees to the forest in search of aid. Though he does not find the man he hoped to, he does encounter the man's ward, Lana, an orphan who was taken in to become a Guardian of the Trees. Her power and the equally powerful attraction he feels for her, one that is returned, make her ideal to join him on his quest to stop the evil. Moreover, she may be the one of whom the prophecy was spoken, but even with their gifts, does this daring couple have a chance against a woman who has no conscience and great puissance?

*** If you like fairy tales, but wish they were passionate, though not erotic, then you will want this. It's a quick read that introduces us to a magical land and charms us with a strong story of love that can work miracles. This initial entry in the series should capture readers' hearts. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Wild Rose Press by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Mimi Riser
Title - Sherwood Charade

Although Robin Hood is the focus of her daydreams and the most intense crush of her life, Marian never believed she'd meet him. Yet, when she and her friend, Orlando, are swept back in time by an overheard spell, where do they land but ancient England in the time of King John, when the wily Sherriff, Sir Guy of Gisborne, and, of course, Robin Hood are alive. Things are not exactly like Errol Flynn, Kevin Costner, Michael Praed, Jason Connery, or Jonas Armstrong have portrayed. For one thing, the "real" Marian is Robin's horse, not the fair maid in the midst of a love triangle with Guy and Robin. That would be Elaine, who this Marian is a dead ringer for, and who is presumed dead, thus losing Guy the dowry money he had hoped to gain by marrying her. Having Marian fall into their laps suits both his and the Sherriff's plans. Not only will they get the money, but they can possibly, by claiming they found Elaine's long lost twin, keep John from being too irate over Elaine's death. Of course, Marian is not happy with that plan and just hopes Robin will show up and rescue her. From there on, things get more complicated, and she finds herself married, but not to Guy. Instead, she's forced to wed Roland, the lord of Huntingdon. Little does she know there's much more to her new husband than there seems to be. Being taken back in time is really the least startling thing, when all is said and done.
**** If, like me, you have had a long standing love affair with the idea of Robin, whether he's Errol, Michael, either Connery, Jonas, or a literary character, you will have to read this story, as will any fan of time travel romance. Marian proves to be just as feisty as the best versions of her namesake. She's no diminutive Marian, Madam Librarian, but a lady who can handle herself in any era. Her story shines against a rich, vivid background of the long ago, far away world that his fascinating whether it is the canvas to tell Robin's story or the verified factual events of the era. This proves that a book can be both fun and have a touch of an epic sweep, all at once. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amber Quill Press by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Renee Fields
Title - Rapture

Though he is not sure why, when prompted, Seth, a prince of the mer-folk or Sirens, obeys the inner command to kidnap Jamie, a marine biologist who has just discovered some very unusual findings in her research. However, what she has seen under the microscope is by no means anything to prepare her for what she is about to discover. Not only a Sirens and other mythological beings real, but she has a place among them because she is Seth's soul mate. Moreover, life is not peaceful beneath the waves; a battle for supremacy is brewing amongst the sea folk as secrets are revealed that reach even to the Fates themselves.

*** With a fairy tale like quality and an added touch of sensuality, this story is guaranteed to intrigue you, whetting your appetite for more tales of the Sirens and the mysterious Sisters that seem to be analogous of the Fates. Ms. Fields has woven a complex mythology that could have well been explored in a longer, more detailed book, but if this is designed to start a series, then only revealing a little is an effective hook. Though the main elements of the story are classic, she has used them well so that they seem original once more. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Cerridwen Press by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Authors: Jennifer Cloud, Regan Taylor
Title - Her Eyes

As she attempts to end her husband, Frank's, life violently, his dog attacks the beautiful Catherine, destroying her best asset, her face, in the process. Yet, a facial transplant and Frank's love seem to work a transformation in Catherine. Now, scarred and with varicolored eyes, she seems to be a new woman, one who loves him and is kind. However, Frank soon discovers that the "new" Catherine is not totally Catherine or totally new. When her eyes go from being one blue and one green to two blue ones, there's trouble ahead. Two souls battle for the right to her body and to a life, and if Catherine wins, all Hell will break loose.

**** I can almost certainly guarantee you have not read a story like this before. Excellent suspense and an intriguing concept blend perfectly. I can also hardly believe two people wrote it, so well do their voices unite; which, considering the subject, has a bit of irony inherent in that fact. Many people avoid small press releases, but this is one you should not miss. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amira Press by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Connie Keenan
Title - The Cop & the Mermaid

Our tale is set in a small town named Windy Harbor in the state of Maine. As the story opens, Jennifer "Jenny" Bryant is at the airport with her friend Tommy Maurer. They are saying painful farewells. Jenny is moving to Florida. Tommy has just graduated from the police academy. Though the pair have strong feeling for each other, neither ever told the other. As close as the friends were, Jenny never revealed her deepest secret to Tommy. The prologue ends as Jenny's plane takes off.

Officer Tommy Maurer is surprised to hear that Jenny Bryant is back in Windy Harbor to stay. Tommy is now forty-five; the single parent of a fourteen-year-old young lady named Sierra. Though Tommy attempts to play it cool, his desire for Jenny immediately resurfaces. Perhaps this time he will take a chance and put his heart on the line.

Jenny still loves Florida. But when her twenty-two-year old son,, Tyler, and his fiancé, Jody, travel north, Jenny simply had to follow. Settling back down in Windy Harbor lessens the distance, letting Jenny stay close enough to be a part of Tyler's life.

Jenny had never told anyone the shocking secret about herself. The secret eventually came out and ruined her marriage; Jenny is a mermaid. Though Keith kept Jenny's secret, he could not stand the thought of being married to a fish, a freak. Amazingly, Jenny and Keith are able to remain friends. Keith still resides in Florida. He is now married to an even younger woman. (Tyler and Jody are also merfolk.)

As Jenny begins dating Tommy, she knows that she must tell him the secret before they become too close. But could Tommy ever come to accept who and what Jenny really is? Could Tommy share the love of his life with the sea?

**** I have long searched for a romance with merfolk involved with humans. In fact, one of my fondest teen memories is watching the movie SPLASH with Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks. Therefore, it is no surprise that I snapped at the chance to read this book. I am very happy to be able to tell everyone how wonderful this story is! It is rated Sensual, meaning there are love scenes late in the tale, but this does NOT mean hot bedroom scenes or Erotica passages. This supernatural romance focuses mainly on the main couple, Jenny and Tommy. If it were not for the merfolk sections, this book could be categorized as a Modern Contemporary, much like the older novels by author Jayne Ann Krentz.

I will be keeping a close eye on author Connie Keenan. She has a bright future before her and the potential to win awards some day. ****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from New Concepts Publishing clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Sylvia Rochester
Title - Come Back to Me, My Love

While visiting a Civil War re-enactment, Olivia Montgomery is swept back in time to the real Civil War where she finds a new home and new life with a handsome, kind doctor, Prentice Angell, and his sister, on the Confederate side of the conflict. Though she feigns amnesia, a lovely woman such as herself who is so clearly not your usual lady can not help but attract attention. Despite the fact that Prentice wins her heart, another, dangerous man craves her and will do anything to have her. Meanwhile, in the present, those who care for her search for Olivia. To which world does she truly belong?

*** Part Somewhere in Time, part Quantum Leap, this charming story combines the best features of both contemporary romance and historical, making it an excellent way for someone to try a new genre, if that's among their resolutions for the year. In any case, I particularly liked that there was a clear reason given for Olivia trek backwards and how even the ugliest situations were able to be portrayed in such a way as to not be graphic, but convey what was going on still. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Whiskey Creek Press by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Skhye Moncrief
Title - He of the Fiery Sword

Shape-shifter and Guardian, Arthur, is sent through time to protect a lovely druid who holds the key to his destiny. His duty is to take her to Avalon, but he had not planned on falling in love. Though ancient curses and other powerful forces seem to be set against them, Solas and Arthur will fight across time and in multiple worlds to become legends.

**** If you think you have read every possible spin on King Arthur possible, think one more time. He of the Fiery Sword is like none of them. Telling you much more would spoil it, but past and future collide and legends meet in this most ambitious of tales. This is a new legend that is designed for the intelligent and imaginative minds out there. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Wild Rose Press by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Rhonda Plummer
Title - Abracadabra

Rosemary was born with certain inherent gifts thanks to her gypsy blood. Those gifts also carry with them a gaes; she cannot misuse her powers in any way or ever give herself to anyone other than her soul mate, lest she lose her gift. She is not particularly happy about that, especially when it appears that her dream man, literally, is not someone she wants him to be. Romance is only one of the issues confronting her at the moment, though. Her family, both those living and dead but not gone, has an assortment of trials, traumas, and joys as well as a penchant for meddling that keep her life interesting. Is Walker a man she loved in another life and are they being given a second chance at getting things right? Yet, when malicious people want to make things go wrong, the question remains, can things go right?

*** Though sometimes convoluted, Abracadabra presents the reader with a charming cast of characters. Rose and Walker almost take a back seat to Salina and to Rose's deceased, but very much involved in things parents. You are guaranteed to laugh as you peruse this one. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Whiskey Creek by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Rene Lyons
Title - The Seraphim: Setheus

Sabrina needs to know the truth about a trio of mystic stones said to be old as Creation, magical rocks tied to her father's legacy and her own destiny. Her quest takes her to see Seth, or more properly, Setheus, an enigmatic man who is actually an angel who sacrificed his place in Heaven to protect humanity from the rebellious angels who want the stones and to wrest control of life away from God. After so long, Seth's life has become a torture to him, but when Sabrina enters his carefully controlled world, he finds new interest. He also finds that the war against evil has flared into intense life and it will take his closest brothers plus all Sabrina has to give to defeat it.

**** The only flaw in this story is that it is far too short. The angelic mythos presented here is utterly fascinating and I would love to explore it in greater depth. You will not regret adding this book to your TBR pile, just don't make it a to be read for long. Read it. ****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from Samhain Publishing clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Rene Lyons
Title - Daystar
(Templar Vampire, Book 2)

Thanks to her sister, Lex has become a part of the world of the Vampire Knights Templar. She is not a vampire, much less a knight, but she is among the few who is trusted with their secrets and allowed to hang out with them. For one, Constantine, aka, the Dragon, she is more, much more. She is a constant source of temptation. Moreover, she is also the keeper of the power of the Daystar, and that means every evil vampire in the world will want to use her. The time is fast approaching when she will have to go through a trial in order for the Daystar's power to be made manifest. That will either end her life or change things forever. In the time she has left, Lex wants to share her love with Constantine, but can he get past the horrors he lived through centuries ago?

**** Ms. Lyons is most adept at building a complex fantasy world and keeping it interesting. Her version of vampirism has much in common with tradition, yet adds new aspects that make it wonderful. There are elements to the plot that remind me of Buffy, but they are things that should have been explored in that show and were not, so I am delighted to see them, in some way, given treatment here. ****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from Samhain Publishing clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Ann Tracy Marr
Title - Thwarting Magic

In an England where magic reigns and the United States is still the Colonies, Margaret Treadway is locked in a loveless marriage of (in)convenience, complicated by her two sisters. One sister is an attractive widow, far prettier than Margaret, at least in her philandering husband's opinion; the other is an ingenue with out-of-control magic that seems to act like a termite on most any substance. Are her domestic worries at all related to the current rash of disasters plaguing the magical community? Will she ever be able to give in to the adulterous love that makes her feel like Guinevere?

*** Ms. Marr weaves a charming tale, sure to appeal to Regency afficienados, that skillfully blends together two genres in a fantastic alternate history that is essentially true to the time period. You cannot help but sympathize with Margaret's dilemas, especially her problematic family issues. How she handles them with ladylike deftness is worthy of applause. ***

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from Awe-Struck Press by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Regan Taylor
Title - Treasures Antique Store Book I: The Photograph

Carrie Taylor never dreamed that she would live a scenario straight out of one of her beloved time travel romance novels, but that's what happens. After being intrigued by the over a century old photo of an Indian warrior who spent his entire life, vainly wishing for love, Carrie wakes up one morning to find him beside her. Black Eagle quickly grasps the fact that he has been brought forward in time and willingly adapts to this world. As much as he might miss home, he is discovering that being with Carrie is the more important thing. Yet, over their new love hangs the shadow of worry that it could all end as quickly as it began.

**** What makes this book work are the characters. Carrie's reactions are wholly credible, and the scenes where Black Eagle confronts her ex-boyfriend are priceless. I was strongly reminded of Jude Devareaux's classic Knight in Shining Armor as I read this, and would say that if you enjoyed that or the Outlander series, then this is definitely one that belongs in your library. ****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from Aphrodite's Apples by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Debra A. Kemp
Title - House of Pendragon Book II: Recruit

Having claimed her birthright as the Pendragon's daughter, Lin now faces the difficult challenge of life at Camelot, which she finds is not as rosy hued as dreams would paint it to be. There is unfairness even there, prejuidice, and worst of her, her mother, the Queen Gwenhywfar, does not seem to like her at all. Moreover, she must deal with the sons of Morgause on a regular basis, the men who grew up in wealth mere feet away from where she was a slave. It does not take long for her to get enough of the Queen and ask to join her father's army, a request Arthur grants readily. Though she is only a young girl, Lin finds that she is able to make a place for herself in the ranks. Yet, her temper continues to get her into trouble and she despairs of ever proving herself worthy to be Arthur's daughter.

**** Lin's story is one of triumph and joy. The story of Camelot is given new life in the hands of this skilled wordsmith. Arthurian afficienados will definitely enjoy this new addition to the varied saga. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this ebook, from Amber Quill by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Liz Jasper
Title - Underdead

Jo was not the sort of woman to kiss on the first date and certainly wouldn't pick up a guy in a bar, but somehow, she finds herself kissing Will while at a bar one evening right before the Christmas break. The kiss was so intense that he actually bit her, and that's when her troubles begin. Jo finds herself to be dreadfully ill, with what feels like a three-day hangover, and a terrible skin condition which is diagnosed as an allergy to the sun. If only it was simply that! Thanks to a police detective who noticed her on the night this began and took her home in the guise of a cabby, Jo learns that she was bitten by a vampire, but did not undergo the full change. Now, every day is a challenge as she tries to avoid the sun, garlic, and all the things vampires are supposed to avoid. She got all the bad parts of being a vampire and none of the good. She also acquired someone intent on slaying her and who will kill innocents to accomplish that goal. If Jo doesn't want to wind up with a stake through her heart, she'd better figure out who that is, and fast.

**** Light-hearted mystery with a touch of the paranormal and a hint of romance is a recipe for a just about perfect read. Having read tons of vampire novels since getting hooked on the genre, I thought I had seen pretty much every variety of the story, but this is something refreshing and new. If the story continues, I definitely would enjoy following it. ****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from Cerridwen Press by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Susan M. Sailors
Title - Night Gardening

When Jennifer moves into the home her grandmother left her, she finds that she has inherited a lot more than she realized. The spectacular rose gardens are actually under the care of the king of the fairies and his clan, and when she meets the king, Asyan, magic happens. For a century, he has been mourning his wife's death, but when he meets Jennifer, he begins to fall in love. Fortunately, there are indications that she can be Turned, adapted to fairy life, but does she want that sort of change? Jennifer knows she feels something, but things are moving fast and his all too enthused relatives trying to prematurely welcome her into the family don't make things exactly easier.

*** This sweet romance with minimal conflict is charming and refreshing. Asyan's grown children and his nephew, Jareth, in particular will catch your interest as I have no doubts they could each merit their own tales, though probably less trouble-free ones than their king's. ***

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from Whiskey Creek Press by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Keira Black
Title - The Protector's Destiny

While being attacked by a vampire is either the best or worst time possible to meet the man who is your destiny. Elizabeth Winters meets her soulmate, Sam Woods, at such a time. Though at first she resists the bond between them, they are both loup garrou and finding one another fills an empty space in each of their beings. When Sam is injured, Elizabeth's opposition to fate crumbles. Romance is not the only thing destiny has in store for the couple. Elizabeth has been on the run from vampires her entire life, and now it is time to settle the score with those who stole her family.

*** This is a quick read, with no bogging down due to excessive verbage. Though the heroes are a different sort of para being, I think Christine Feehan's fans will also enjoy this writer. If this is the start of a series, then it should be a promising one. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this ebook, from Triskelion by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore

Author: Amy Wolff Sorter
Title - Soul Obsession

Peggy Witwater has total belief in her Jewish faith. So she feels a harsh mental slap when congregational politics ends up bumping Peggy from the senior rabbi promotion. Still, for her people, Peggy could and would silently accept it. Then the new senior rabbi decides to stop several long standing traditions. Other than Peggy, all fear to speak out. Soon people begin to resent Peggy for rocking the boat. But these are minor problems next to someone being possessed.

Peggy has always hid her romantic feelings toward Daniel Grogan, even when he was moments away from walking down the aisle and into a loveless marriage. Just before Daniel is due to wed, he goes into convulsions. Once well, his fiancée dumps him for leaving her standing at the alter! Peggy takes charge and begins caring for Daniel once he is released from the emergency room. It is not long before they become romantically involved with each other. But Daniel's condition gets worse. After numerous black outs, visions, and some very dangerous incidents, Daniel is forced to believe that Peggy, his brother, and his sister-in-law (a psychotherapist) are correct when they inform him that he is being overtaken by the vengeful spirit of a lady he knew over the internet.

***** I may not be Jewish, but I enjoy hearing about other religions. I am always amazed at how similar many are. In this story, I came to realize that rabbis, priests, reverends, etc are all human. They are no different from anyone else. They are simply the guidance counselors for the people in their religious faiths.

Having Peggy bumped from an earned promotion was a stroke of genius on the author's part. I, as the reader, could easily sympathize with the female lead character. I quickly came to care for Peggy. The character of Daniel is not as likeable in the beginning; however, his character is totally realistic. Everyone in the world knows more than one person such as Daniel. And somehow, the author convinced me that Peggy and Daniel were perfect for each other.

Author Amy Wolff Sorter has created a marvelous gem that readers, no matter their religious preference, cannot help but lose themselves within. Filled with mystery, drama, ghostly possession, betrayal, and romance, this novel is sure to please! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this ebook, from Amber Quill by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Lina Gardiner
Title - Grave Illusions

Disgraced ex-cop John Brittain never thought he would be able to work in law enforcement again, then Jess Vandermire came into his life with an offer to join her Special Unit, but refusing to tell him exactly what it was other than dangerous. Albeit not without reservations, Britt agrees and finds himself battling vampires and, as it happens, working for one. Jess has been a vampire for fifty years, having begun her fight against the undead by vanquishing her own inner demon with the help of her brother, a now-aged priest. Britt gets under her skin in the best of ways, though she tries to deny it, and her brother thinks he might be the answer to a prayer. Personal issues are not her top priority, though. What she has to worry about is a new, super vampire variant, one capable of dealing with sunlight and even holy objects. Then, things get entirely too personal, endangering all she loves.

***** This is a stunning opening volume in a brilliant new series. Jess is a strong, smart heroine who is admirable in multiple ways, yet it is her softer side, how she relates to her brother, that adds true charm. I absolutely adored Regent, the brother who saved her soul. There is romance here, but it is not the priority of the plot, merely a delicious spice that enhances things. The forthcoming novels in the series should be wonderful, judging by this initial taste. *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Imajinn by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore

Author: Cindy Spence Pape
Title - Curses

Generations of McRae women have lived under a curse that dooms their romantic hopes. In fact, the latest in the line, Melissa (Mel), has never fallen in love or let a man get close to her. Given her reputation as a witch, there are few who really want to anyway. Then, Jonas Pierce comes into her world, at first, just to rent a cabin to get some peace while he writes. However, their relationship quickly takes on a new dimension, a more intimate one. Jonas is as cursed as Mel, only his bane has a more measurable effect; he is a werewolf and has no desire to continue his family tree. Then, evil takes on a less ethereal form than portents of doom as someone begins trying to drive Melissa out of her business and home. Moreover, Jonas and Mel discover that some things in life are just beyond one's control. Their budding relationship will face its greatest test and challenge their love to prove stronger than any curse.

*** The power of love to defy curses of all kinds is put on display in this compelling, yet sweet novel. Jonas is a fascinating hero. Ms. Pape has pegged the destructive power of gossip and how rampant it can be in small communities. This author is worth watching. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this ebook, from Triskelion by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore

Author: Jaye Royecroft
Title - Half Past Hell

An uneasy peace between vampires and humans is on the verge of shattering thanks to a recent streak of vampire deaths. Two, newly partnered cops find themselves working together to try to solve the case before a second Hellish war can tear apart their two races. Duvall, or Vall as he is called, finds himself facing issues that have their roots in his own past, things that he has been dealing with for nearly three hundred years. He also has to put up with his human partner's prejuidice, but this is nothing new. As past and present collide, the future of the world hangs in the balance.

**** Tightly woven police action blends smoothly with the paranormal elements of this story. Particularly interesting is the subtle allegorical angle as issues that are a part of reality are re-imagined and played out in an otherworldly manner. Half Past Hell is like Forever Knight, but without the angst that bogged that show down too often. Ms. Royecroft has another winning tale here. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Imajinn by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore

Author: Lynne Connolly
Title - Rubies of Fire

Department 57 handles the cases that are too "spooky" for the CIA. Its agents are vampires, shapeshifters, telepaths, magic users, and any other kind of gifted being that can pass their tests. Their latest problems involve two dead vampires and a leak in the department. Andreas has gone undercover among to try to find out who killed two Gardiner vampires and plug the leak. In the process, he runs into Roz Templeton, a Gardiner vampire trying to work the same case and avenge her two cousins' deaths. They find themselves partnered as they work to deal with these situations. In the process, they discover that they are in love, though Roz's obligations to her family make more than an affair seem improbable. With every new twist in the case, it becomes clearer that the entire community of paranormal beings will have to face a choice if Department 57 fails this mission; to expose themselves to humanity or to retreat into their own enclaves.

**** Though I suspect I came into the middle of an established series, Ms. Connolly explains things well enough that a newbie reader can pick up on the dynamics of her created world. Her reinvention of vampirism is fascinating and complex. The way she has delved into how such fantastic beings could live alongside ordinary people undetected, the social structures, and so forth involved, demonstrates a keen imagination combined with logic. Brava. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this ebook, from Triskelion by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore

Authors: Various
Title - Behind the Muses (Anthology)

In a fit of temper, Hera scatters the Muses, daughters of one of her many rivals, across time to teach them a lesson. Thus, Clio lands in the Old West, in a water trough from whence she is rescued by Sheriff Ace Nevada. Though mortal life is a challenge, she discovers that love makes it bearable, but is the price of loving her going to prove too high for those who accept and care for the pretty Muse? Her sister Calliope literally crashes into the modern world, right through a wall, into a frustrated writer's life. She's exactly what he needs to learn about love, but she is supposed to leave when her job is complete. If she can convince Bryson that love is real, can he convince her to stay? Finally, Erato steps in to help her sister, Melpomene, teach a lecher a lesson and provide the inspiration for great tragedy. Yet upon meeting the Muse, Dr. Damian Wolfe discovers that he wants to learn about fidelity.

*** Each of these stories is delightfully different. Clio and Calliope are particularly charming in their wide eyed innocence as they learn about the mortal world. Fans of Kathleen Nance should relish this collection. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this ebook, from Triskelion by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore

Author: Joanna K Moore
Title - Seven of Cups

Isuelt MacPherson shut love out of her life after her boyfriend was killed, but then, she decided to try once more, entering into a Romeo and Juliet type romance with a man whose love she had to keep hidden due to bad blood between families. Barely had their affair begun when it was cut short by apparently the same serial killer who took the last lover from her. The twin tragedies alone would attract the attention of not only the cops, but the press, but combined with the fact that Izzy's family are known witches, having a reporter show up is guaranteed. Eric Baxter begins his relationship with Izzy as an irritant, but as he gets to know her, realizes there is more to her than he thought. Izzy is making that discovery about herself as well. Her magic has been something she ignored until now, but she no longer can. Her powers are unlike those of her family's, and if she wants to win a battle against the darkness, she must embrace her Fey side immediately.

*** Magic and murder mix well in this fast-paced tale that will likely appeal to fans of the Southern Vampire, or other small town set paranormal, series. Despite being the second in a series, it was easy to jump into the action without feeling lost. Although the first pages seem racy, gently minded readers will find that the "red" part ends quickly and what remains is a solid, multi-faceted story that will keep your interest and you won't have to skip pages to avoid blushing. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Triskelion by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Brynneth N. Colvin
Title - Tara's Honour

As she returns home to her village, Tara finds that she stands accused of killing her uncle, but she knows this to be impossible. She flees to her mentor, the lorekeeper, Emyr, who believes in her and is willing to help prover her innocence. There is one other way to free Tara, if one hundred voices will speak in her defense, she is off the hook, though a murderer will go unpunished as well. As they wait for one or the other to happen, Emyr suffers a vigil, bound to a platform beyond the village, during which his soul goes on a journey to the shadows. When she is freed by the one hundred voices, Tara learns that her would be love and teacher is gone, and sets out to follow him, even to death. This is only the beginning of the mystery.

*** While this is an extremely imaginative tale, it feels as if you come into the middle of things. With more background information about the world and way of life, the story would have been stronger. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Whiskey Creek Press by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Sara Reinke
Title - Resurrection

Ever since he was six-years-old, Jay Frances has been able to raise the dead. It is not something he WANTS to do. When he comes upon a body, Jay is unable to stop himself from touching them, resurrecting them, and then sleeping a long time. But Jay has never been able to bring the dead all the way back. They can never speak again or care for themselves again.

Jay is now a grown man, a widow, and a single parent. His daughter, Emma, will be six-years-old in only a week. Jay has just purchased Emma's birthday present when he finds the body of a nurse. She is the latest victim of a serial killer that the media has dubbed "The Watcher". Unable to stop himself, Jay brings Jobeth "Jo" Montgomery back to life. She is the first person that Jay succeeds in bringing all the way back.

Paul is Jay's older brother. He is also the detective that is head of a task force within Homicide Division dedicated to capturing the Watcher. Jo is the only person alive who has lived (so to speak) after being attacked by the Watcher. Problem is that Paul notices how Jo and Jay are attracted to each other and fears the serial killer may follow Jo again. What if Jo leads the killer straight to Jay and little Emma? However, the Watcher is no longer interested in Jo. The killer is now interested in Jay's special ability.

**** This story combines a supernatural romance and a detective thriller into one intense novel. It is not a long book, about 125 pages, but it is packed with action. The perfect size to help you chase away a rainy afternoon. As a reader, I can only hope that someday I will get to see Emma's story. Recommended. ****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from Inara Press by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Authors: Ellen Fisher & Angelica Hart
Title - Unicorn Quest

To protect his sister and his clan, Prince Ry needs to find the best horse to win a race and reaffirm the superiority of his clan. An antlered horse, a unicorn, is his best shot, though he has no clue how to tame one if he can find it. When he does, the beast is already tamed, and claimed, by a maiden, the former Princess Sahra, who is now an outcast and has sought the unicorn as her companion. Since the horse and woman are bonded, Ry has no choice but to marry her, however, Sahra is not a placid clan woman, but an independent lady who takes him back to her people as a prisoner. Despite feeling Ry is her true mate, Sahra can not betray her people, anymore than Ry can abandon his. Somehow, a compromise must be reached for not only the sake of two potential lovers, but also for two groups of people. Much rides on one race.

*** This is a sweet, lovely little story, quickly read. If you enjoyed Anne McCaffrey's short story, the Coelura, this will be a welcome addition to your library. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from New Concepts Publishing by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: P.G. Forte
Title - Visions Before Midnight
(Oberon Bk 7)

Kerry Anne Burnett was a math teacher at Our Lady of the Angels High school. She was getting ready to report some of her students for cheating. This would get the girls expelled, and for nothing since the answers the girls were turning in were wrong. The girls' grades were going down hill fast. However, the night Kerry decided to turn the girls in, she was murdered. It remained unsolved for twenty-two years.

The main focus of the story focuses on Erin Allridge and Chayton "Chay" Johnson. Erin is still trying to pull herself together from her divorce when she meets Chay in a bar. He ends up in her bed that very night. Of course, this means things are stilted the next morning. Erin intends to forget Chay ever happened and get on with her life, but Fate has other ideas. As for Chay, he just knows that they are meant to be. He simply does not know how it is to come about. He is trained as a scout and can be almost invisible. The city council has just approved funds for the Native American Interpretive Center that he plans to run in the Mt. Totawka Regional Park.

Hannah "Olivia" Kline is the daughter of the teacher that was murdered over two decades ago. She has begun investigating her mother's death and feels as though the local police is not being very helpful to her. However, Olivia is now the social studies teacher at Our Lady of the Angels High school and she has the daughters of some important people (for her investigation anyway) in her class.

Then there is Scout Patterson. She was forced to leave Oberon following the death of her father. She has only recently returned. When Scout had been a student at Our Lady of Angels High, her girlfriends had been hypnotizing her without her knowledge, and then picking her brain for information. Due to this, Scout has had some side effects. She is now vulnerable to spirit possessions, has heightened psychic awareness that comes and goes at bad times, and she still has some post-hypnotic triggers within her. The LAST thing Scout wants is to be psychic, different. She has a son to raise. She is also not the only one with interesting powers.

**** There are so many characters that it is hard to keep up with them all. That is to be expected since this is a long series. The author has included a "Cast of Characters" at the beginning to help readers keep them all straight. If you have not read the previous novels, you will feel lost a few times, but not too often. The author has done a good job writing things so new readers can understand what is going on. However, I highly recommend reading the previous books before this one.

Though Erin and Chay are considered the main characters, I found that several of the secondary characters received almost as much time in the spot light. Marsha and Seth are a couple of characters that I found myself very interested in. This is not a series you can simply skim through. If you read it slowly, which I recommend since a lot is going on, each book blends into the next, creating a soap opera feeling. I enjoyed it all thoroughly! ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Writer Online Books by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Daria Karpova
Title - Loose Diamonds (Vampire)

Cherise is a very independent, bold and outspoken woman. She is on her way to a party, with some diamonds to deliver to her uncle, when she is kidnapped. She wakes up in a plane to see that her pilot is missing.

Leif is a famous archaeologist. He is also a vampire slayer. When they meet nothing is ever the same again. Cherise is kidnapped, hidden away, and taken on a journey through hidden underground sites where an ancient vampire resides. Once they have the key, other people must get involved. These few, unlikely heroes, must devise a plan to save themselves, as well as, end the ancient vampires and their many followers.

***** The adventures surrounding this story are fast paced and full of romance, adventure, and murder. The main goal in this story is to rid the ancient vampires in the caves and jungles. The story is written very realistically. I found the romance of Cherise and Leif to be full of tension and their relationship is hidden for you to discover. I am certainly not going to give it away to you though. You will have to read to see. I found myself hooked quickly and unable to tear myself away from the pain, horror and relief that Cherise must go through. When you open this novel, you will find yourself peeking into the darker side of life. Prepare yourself. *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Loose ID Publishing by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Kayla Whitmire.

Author: Jane Shoup
Title - Ammey McKeaf
(Book One Azulland Chronicles)

The story is set in the country of Azulland. The country is cloaked from the mortal eyes of the outsiders. It is believed to be only a myth, like the city of Atlantis. Ammey McKeaf is the daughter of The McKeaf. She has been raised safe and secure by her father and five brothers. Being the daughter of General Lucas McKeaf, she also knows her way around some weaponry, but nothing could prepare her for her extraordinary destiny.

King Marko Corin of Bellux-Abry is trying to gain control of the entire island country. His senior counselor, Nafino "Zino" Zephyr, is spreading terror and forcing annexations with the help of mercenaries called "Corin's Wolves". There are also demon scavengers aiding Zino's campaign of terror. The McKeaf sends Ammey away for safe keeping, never knowing that he was pointing his daughter toward danger, pain, and horror.

Ammey begins as a pampered nineteen-year-old beauty. From there she learns to be an assassin when she ends up with the infamous assassins called "Forzenay's Five". You would think that it would be enough for any one person to deal with. But Fate is not done with Ammey. Ammey will learn that there really IS magic within the Vilhae Forest, home to the seidh. Eventually, she will find herself captive of King Corin, but known by the king and his people only as Jade. Ammey's adventures will change the lives of all those she comes into contact with. Prepare yourself, Reader, for a walk on the wild side.

***** OMG! This is one of the most outstanding ebooks I have read... EVER! I found myself hooked from the beginning and did not want to stop reading. Anytime life interrupted me, I would growl and hurry with whatever needed my attention so I could return to Ammey's tale. I feel sorry for those who refuse to read an electronic novel, because Ammey's story is NOT one to miss! I can only hope that the publisher will someday release this in print. As for me, I can hardly wait until Book Two of the Azulland Chronicles is released! Very highly recommended! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Lethal Publishing by clicking HERE!

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Debbie Fritter
Title: A Legacy Through Time (Time Travel)

Emma's mother told her about Manda. Emma's Aunt Manda had been in love with Henry Kinsman. When Henry disappeared without a trace, Manda came home, only to have her father turn her away and disown her. That was the last time Emma's mother heard from her sister ... until now, when Aunt Manda's journal mysteriously appears.

Emma had been hunting for a house to rent for a long time now. It had to be exactly like the one described in Aunt Manda's journal. Emma has been determined to find out what happened to her aunt all those years ago, for her mother's sake. At last, Emma has found THE house! She knows it the instant she sees it. Upon entering the house Emma feels as if the house's spirit is welcoming her. And she is more correct than she can possibly know.

Royal Kinsman is the last of the family line. He and Kate, a close friend of the family, knows that the spirits of his great-great-grandparents still dwell within the house. The spirits of Samuel and Josie made sure no one rented the house. Yet they seem to welcome Emma. Royal certainly welcomed Emma, but finds himself too attracted to her for comfort. After witnessing the Kinsman's family legacy in action as a child, Royal has no intention of ever becoming attached to any woman. So no matter how strongly attracted to Emma he is, Royal plans to keep distanced.

When Emma disobeys Royal and enters the forbidden attic, she stumbles through a portal that transports her back to the year 1862 and beside a very live Captain Samuel Kinsman. Royal must face his childhood fear and enter the portal if there is to be any hope of rescuing Emma. Unknown to hem, only by traveling to the past can they protect their future!

**** An excellent time travel romance that will entice you to believe in ever lasting love. Author Debbie Fritter gives a glimpse into the Civil War's hardships, without detracting from the plot of the story. At the same time, the author shows that love really can triumph over just about anything. Beautiful. ****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from Whiskey Creek Press by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Rowena Cherry
Title: Mating Net (Futuristic / Fantasy Romance)

Prince Djohn-Kronos has violently murdered his father, taken the throne, nullified all existing royal betrothals, and started a war. But he has no intentions of stopping there. He is determined to marry Princess Helispeta, whom the deceased Emperor promised to Djohn-Kronos's twin brother, Prince Devoron-Vitan.

Emperor Djohn-Kronos let Helispeta believe him to be Devoron-Vitan during their hologram visits. He even forbid her grandfather from informing her. But he never forbid her grandfather from sending word to Prince Devoron-Vitan.

Helispeta did not find out until far too late that her husband is the emperor. Her new husband is as cruel as Devoron-Vitan is not. Helispeta has no intension of playing meek and accepting her lot in life. She is determined to flee Emperor Djohn-Kronos and be with Devoron-Vitan ... even though it is treason.

***** This is an incredible tale! I hope that the author will someday adapt it into a full length novel. It is about 10,000 words, an estimated 23 pages. If you love fantasy romance, as I do, then I strongly urge you to click the link and purchase this tale from the publisher. It is not expensive and you will NOT be disappointed. I have no doubt that after reading this you will look up Rowena Cherry's other books. They are all this good! *****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from New Concepts Publishing by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Shannon Leigh
Title: Stairway To Heaven

On a quest to cure cancer, Rhea journeys to South America where she will live and work in a small, native village. She knew it would be different, but is not completey prepared for how much of another world it will be. As she arrives, Rhea and her assistant espy a handsome man watching them in return, but the man who greets them sees no one there. Later, a woman from the village explains that they have seen the Guardian to the Stairway to Heaven, and one of them has been chosen. In her dreams, Rhea meets this Guardian, and is offered her greatest desires in return for giving him life. From then on, he becomes a part of her life, though yet intangible. Only when Valos, as she has named him, vanishes, will Rhea truly comprehend how much she loves him.

**** Impossible love made possible is one of the most appealing plots in existence, and this take on it is very different. Though slightly racy, the overall emotion evoked is one that is heartwarming. We all want to achieve a dream, and when Valos and Rhea do so, you will cheer. ****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from Amber Quill by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Various
Title: Tales From The Treasure Trove:
Jewels Of The Quill Anthology, Vol. I

Twelve stories from twelve talented authors. There are stories with restless spirits reincarnated, suspense, and romance. If you like historical romances, no problem. If you like modern contemporary, it's in here. Want a bit of magic? This book will deliver. No matter what type of romance you prefer, chances are that you will find it within this anthology.

**** As I finished reading I found myself wanting more. So I visited the web site HERE to see if "Vol. II" would be forthcoming. YES! The next volume is due September 2006, exactly one date from the release date of the first volume. I can only hope that this will be an annual collection with many years of releases.

Many, if not all, of the authors have several novels already in print. So do not think you will be reading second rate stories. For example, I, personally, have several books (Gothic Romances) on my shelf by author Jane Toombs. So my advise is to get Volume One quickly. It may become a Collector's Item someday. ****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from Whiskey Creek Press by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Various
Title: Bewitched, Bothered, and Bevampyred

Welcome to Brokenoggin Falls, Michigan. It is the only little town in the world that warns travelers to remain in their locked vehicles at all times, with the windows up, and to NEVER pick up strangers because ALL the locals ARE strange and NEVER harmless.

Everyone that lives in Brokenoggin Falls has some sort of magical talent, curse, or whatever within or on them. Some residents are “were” (werewolves, werepanthers, etc.) and many are witches, but often other types of residents may be seen. There is a vampyre with a stake sticking out of his chest and back, dragons, griffins, repented demons, sub-demons, trolls, living skeletons (if they get out of AnnMarie’s closet), a centaur, succubus, wyverns, garden gnomes … oh, just a bit of everything. Except Slayers, of course. Brokenoggin Falls is off limits to Slayers.

**** Twenty authors got together to create this preternatural soap opera. This is NOT an anthology. The authors obviously did some hilarious brainstorming sessions before any of them began writing. They had to think up the residents and give them appropriate names, such as Sabrina and Tabitha Wartly, bestow humiliating powers or curses on them, and then give each character a surprising twist somehow. Once the authors began writing they HAD to keep in close contact with each other because all the locals interact with each other. I stress to you again that this is like a soap opera. A lot of bed scenes, some hot, some not. An awesome novel by some of today’s outstanding authors!

100% of the advances, royalties and profits from the sale of this eBook will go to the International Red Cross to aid the victims of international disasters like the Christmas 2004 tsunami and subsequent earthquakes. ****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from Triskelion Publishing by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Elizabeth Delisi
Title - Lady Of Two Lands (Time Travel Romance)

Harriet "Hattie" Williams was an artist. She was hired by the Egyptian Curator of a museum to sketch illustrations for his book about Hatshepsut, the first female Pharaoh to rule ancient Egypt.

While holding a necklace that had once belonged to the famous ruler, Hattie's essence was sent backward in time thirty-five hundred years to reside in Queen Hatshepsut's body.

Hatshepsut was poisoned during the funeral of her husband. She searched her relatives through the millennia and selected Hattie to be the one to help her. Hattie was to temporarily BE Hatshepsut. Hattie's duties were to protect the stepson, eight-year-old Prince Tuthmosis, (heir to the throne) and determine the identity of the betrayer. Once done, Hattie would return to her own time and body.

Hattie was not really given a choice. Thus she wanted only to complete her tasks and return home. Hattie found one person she somehow knew she could trust named Senemut. He was the tutor of Hatshepsut's little daughter, Princess Neferure. Promoted a highly honored position and given the title "Steward of Amun", he became not only Hattie's trusted advisor, but also her love.

***** I cannot tell you how WONDERFUL this story is! The author managed to make the story come alive. The characters seemed REAL. The tale is fast paced and the reader will not become bored. It is available in various electronic formats AND in paperback. Highly recommended! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Amber Quill by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Author: Shannon Leigh
Title: Ivonna Knight, Vampyress

It was a dark and stormy night, trapping a group of travellers of variant, to be kind, backgrounds in an inn. Most are tired, hungry, and bored. So, when a story telling contest to determine who wins a sandwhich and chips is proposed, it meets with whole hearted approval. The first entrant does not even care about the prize, but Ivonna nonetheless recounts her history in a winning fashion that unburdens her own soul. A sandwhich would do her little good, you see. She is a vampire, and has been since the days of Dracula. It is this story she tells, of her happy human life until she is transformed by Evil. She tells of her lost family and love, the infamous tyrant who destroyed her world, and the burden she know bears on her own soul.

**** Concisely delivering an epic saga in a few pages, Ms. Leigh enchants us with Ivonna's tale. There is but one drawback- I want to know what happens next. ****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this ebook, from Chippewa Publishing by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Rae Morgan
Title: Treading The Labyrinth
(A Coven of the Wolf book / dark romance)

Igor "Gor" Petrov is a shape shifter. He easily shifts into the forma of a wolfhound. He has strong telepathic powers with a touch of empathic. Gor is relaxing in Bear Hollow, Tennessee, at his mountain retreat. It is there, in his wolfhound form, that he finds Selena Jones as she is being stalked by a rabid dog.

Selena is unaware that she is being stalked. Her friend, June Teague, has breast cancer. Selena must do a soul retrieval for June in the Underworld. First, however, Selena must do one for herself. Recently, Selena has escaped from Laird Benjamin, a sadistic sociopathic drug lord from Chicago. Benjamin had kidnapped Selena and tortured her. To escape, Selena turned to violence. This damaged her.

Gor knows immediately that Selena is his complement. Using his abilities, he easily reads her and knows all. But his little Celtic shaman must be wooed subtly, yet quickly, because Benjamin knows where she is. Bigger problem is that the sociopath is sending people to recapture Selena. Gor calls his twin brother, Boris, and Drake for back up. Paranormal war is about to begin.

***** Whew! There are shifters, telepaths, empaths, seers, witches, astral planes, ancient gods and goddesses, demons, spells, and more! If it has to do with magick, it's in here. The love scenes range from a low simmer to an out of control erotica. The story over flows with danger, strife, romance, and Alpha males.

If you have read the previous books of Rae Morgan's "Cover of the Wolf" series, then you will recognize some of the secondary characters. This book also sets up the main characters for the next book. The author makes no secret that it will be June's daughter, Debby (the sheriff), and Boris. An excellent installment of a fascinating series that dares to delve into the darker side of life. *****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this book in print or electronic, from Liquid Silver Books by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Author: Rae Morgan
Title - Destiny's Magick (Paranormal Erotica)

Legend said that for a hereditary male coven leader there was one, and only one, complement. They would recognize each other by a linking of the minds, a complete and total knowledge of the other. A coven leader who mated with his complement would be mated for life. Once the relationship had been consummated, no force in or out of this world could challenge the leader's power.

Mandrake "Drake" Morgan was CEO of Morgan, Ltd. The company was simply a corporate front for the Coven of the Wolf. Drake was leader of the coven, a powerful mage. Warrick Bettencourt was also a powerful mage. He wanted to take leadership away from Drake. He had several moles in the coven already. Both men had the wolf birthmark. But only one could be leader. It all depended on the female complement.

Rhea Brown had the complement birthmark. She was the chance at unlimited powers of magick. And Rhea had NO CLUE of what she was!

***** OH WOW! That says it all! Lots of witches, shape shifters, magic, and very explicit love scenes in this Dark Fantasy. Consider yourself warned. Author Rae Morgan's imagination has no bounds so there is nothing for readers to hold on to during this roller coaster ride. So good that I read it twice! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Liquid Silver Books by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Author: Brenna Lyons
Title: Second Son (Bk 3 Kegin Series)

Tortured by guilt, Prince Mik takes a new name and goes in search of a new life. When he finds a woman also escaping a cruel destiny, he becomes her rescuer and her lover. In their love comes the hope of redemption and of a new future for their people.

*** Back in Last Chance for Love, Mik was an enigmatic villain who evoked a spark of sympathy that now becomes a full fledged flame as readers see how he fell so far and witness how he remakes himself. Despite a bit of excess description of certain erotic aspects, the psychological and redemptive issues addressed offer the reading audience an uplifting experience. ***

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this book in print or electronic, from Extasy eBooks by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Brenna Lyons
Title: Last Chance For Love (Bk 2 Kegin series)

Three love stories build upon each other in this story of an alien world who finds its salvation on Earth, a culture it considers barbarous. Genetic defects have forced a complex interspecies breeding plan upon a distant planet. Unknown to even the children themselves, crossbred human alien hybrids have lived on Earth for generations, until the time arrives for them to be recalled to their true homeworld. Not all of the hybrids are thrilled when their lives are upended so that they can bear children for men they've never met, immediately or sooner. Susan certainly isn't, but faced with either marrying Joel or submitting to his monstrous brother, Joel is definitely a lesser evil, and one she can love easily. Back on Earth, her cousin is being forced into a similiar circumstance by the government who has learned of aliens and captured a "breeding pair" for study. Susan willingly risks her life and the life of her child to rescue him from a fate far worse than death.

*** The worlds created in this book are intriguing and conceived with a logic that has few flaws. For the most part, it was not overly graphic, though at times did go overboard in certain areas. The main drawback for readers might be the fact that there is not a clear sense of how much time passes during the various segments of the story, though if this can be ignored, readers are in for something different to treat themselves to. ***

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this book in print or electronic, from Extasy eBooks by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Brenna Lyons
Title: Written In The Stars (Fantasy Romance)

Because her birth killed her mother, Rienna has lived under a cloud of resentment for all her short life. Her one friend has been her half brother, Rosher, and it is he who takes her away when her power literally blossoms. The price of their safety is dear; Rienna, only a child at the time, must agree to wed the throne's heir when she comes of age, and her first impression of Karris is less than favorable. As soon as she can when she is old enough, the girl and her brother escape, trading on her gifts to earn their way. Ten years have wrought enough changes so that when she meets her betrothed, Rienna does not recognize Karris, and he does not give away either his identity of knowledge of who she is. Instead, he offers her help, winning the what is already his along the way.

*** Good things come in small packages; though this is a novella short enough to be read all at once, it conveys a complete story without skimping. Overall, it is sweet and has a good message about judging by first appearances. ***

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this book in print or electronic, from Triskelion Publishing by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Tracy Jones
Title: Scent Of The Wolf

Challenged to remain in their ancestral castle for a month in order to claim a legacy, Sophia and Karl are plunged into an ancient pact with evil incarnate. If they live through the month, the fortune will be theirs, but a curse centuries old has come to fruition and is determined to claim Sophia. In all this, her champion seems destined to be Peter Krieg, yet unnatural, or so she believes, desires draw her away from him into the darkness. Forced to choose between the man she loves and her legacy, Sophia must face herself before she can face her enemy.

*** With Freudian complexity woven into a true gothic novel, Ms. Jones has created a novel that you do not want to read in the dark or during a storm. Sophia's struggle allegorizes the change the world stood on the brink of at the time this novel is set- and though the points made may not be ones that the reader agrees with, the intricacy of thematic intermingling is fascinating. ***

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this book in print or electronic, from Amber Quill by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: Shannon Leigh
Title: More Than Prophecy

Hurtled out of her home by a mysterious force, Cheyenne finds herself stranded on a distant world, which, despite a number of similiarities to Earth, is vastly different. She is immediately either captured or befriended, depending on one's point of view, by Darian, a man of some standing, and his cohorts. Cheyenne is a woman unlike any this man has encountered; women's liberation has not reached his world yet, so her constant challenges confound and fascinate him. However, because of a youthful folly, Cheyenne is marked as the chosen one, destined to give birth to the one who will bring peace to the warring clans. The lure of her beauty and potential aggravates long held resentments and tempts even friends to consider betrayal. On her choice hangs the fate of a world. To her heart,the way is clear, but destiny may have different plans.

**** Through an epic scope, a world is born, filled with complex and fascinating people; heroes who have spots and villains who have moments that hint that perhaps they are not totally lost. Of all the epic fantasies, the one this most reminds me of is the Cheysuli series by Jenifer Roberson in tone. Though the story seems to be complete- more than one character did have potential to star as the hero on their own, so readers may have something to hope for. ****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this book in print or electronic, from Amber Quill by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

Author: A. Dee Carey
Title - Fox In The Mist (Fairy / King Arthur)

The Druid Priestess, Morgannia, is nothing like her cousin Morganna (who is still trapped within a tiny cage that rests on Merlin's belt). Morgannia considers herself a lowly kitchen witch. However, the Druids have made her a priestess and given her the responsibility to bring the Ordination into play.

As the story begins, a red fox (also chosen by the Druids) named McTavis "Tavi" is bringing an old crone into the Realm of the Fey for protection. Though she looks to be only a crone, she is Dracha, Queen of Scotland. She wrongly believes her son and her lover are dead. Dracha is also assigned a task by the Druids. She is entrusted with the preservation of an intricately carved box.

King Evan MacCaughley was to be on the throne only temporarily, until the true king could be located. But Evan does not wish to ever give up the crown. To accomplish this goal, Evan plans to destroy the Moor Mists and the Realm of the Fey, along with all within it. The fate of both lands (belonging to the peoples of Reality and the peoples of the Realm of the Fey) rests in the hands of two. Todd, a lad cast out to die when he was seven-years-old, and Tavi, a fox who can change into a woman.

**** Lots of intrigue within this Fantasy Romance. Fans of King Arthur and Merlin will be pleased to know that the famous men play (major) secondary roles. A couple of well known Knights from the Round Table have a small role as well.

Todd and Tavi are the main characters. The author did a wonderful job blending the characters of Camelot with her own characters, especially with Tavi. The fox is a proud breed and Tavi's character and attitude, whether in human or fox form, shows it. Todd's character is not as well done. For a lad who has survived almost on his own since age seven, he comes across as way too trusting and polished. All-in-all, this story is definitely worth your time! ****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this book in print or electronic, from Wings ePress by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Author: Therese MacFarland
Title - Ghosts Of Key West (Jan. 2005)

When Trent gets the short straw of assignments, he's sent to Key West to "de-haunt" an inn by putting its ghost, Emily, to rest. It should be a simple assignment; his family is rather adept at this after all. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, depending on your point of view, Emily needs to have a mystery solved before she can be at peace. She is allowed a certain number of words to try and give Trent clues about what she needs, but the handsome magic man is a bit slow on the uptake in this instance. Could it be that the rather unassuming young librarian has distracted him? Julie does not seem his type at all, but she's exactly what he needs in many ways.

**** Describing the plot is like describing the hero, funny, sexy, magical, and unexpectedly - sweet. ****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this book in print or electronic, from Triskelion Publishing by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore

Author: Karen Wiesner
Title - Mirror Rorrim
(Bk 3: Wounded Warriors Series)

Gwen Nicholson-Nelson has been clairvoyant since she was twelve. She grew up and became a super model. Then she married Tommie, a NASCAR Circuit champion. Tommie died while Gwen was pregnant.

Fourteen years have passed since Tommie's death. Their daughter, Allison, has the best of each parent. Each year "A Star is Born Press" sends Gwen a letter asking for per mission to do a biography book about Tommie's life, personal and professional. Each year Allison watches her mother toss the letter into the trash, unopened.

Gwen knows what is within the envelopes. She does not need to read the words. Her gift tells her. Gwen prefers to bury herself in her volunteer work and time with Allison. Gwen is now a counselor with an outreach program that helps troubled teenage boys. Kyle is her current concern with the program. Kyle is in danger, because "The Other" is within his mind. But Kyle does not think anyone else is influencing his thoughts and actions. "The Other" is someone else with the clairvoyant gift, but his talent is much stronger than Gwen's. He uses the gift to manipulate people to do his bidding. He hides his presence from Gwen and then lets her know where the bodies can be found.

Allsion convinces her mother to allow the biography. Gwen agrees, as long as Dylan Mitchell is the writer that is sent. Also, Dylan and his teen daughter, Randa, are to live at the mansion with them until the book is complete. Dylan quickly accepts. He has not forgotten his one night with Gwen before she married Tommie. He wants nothing more than a second chance. But then "The Other" leaves Kyle's mind and enters Randa's.

***** An excellent physic thriller that will have you holding your breath until your lungs ache. Author Karen Wiesner, once again, clearly shows all sides when it comes to the romance parts of the story. I can easily understand why Gwen keeps herself apart from everyone. I can also understand Dylan's past reasons of staying with his dying wife. Then the author uses her writing gift to connect both Gwen and Dylan's pasts with a dark menacing force and tangles a web so strong that readers will not want to stop reading. Breathtaking! *****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this book in print or electronic, from Hard Shell by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Author: Various
Title - Enchanted Holidays
(Super Natural Romance Anthology)

Haunted Hearts by Kim Cox
Lana and Tony both have a ghost relative living in their homes. The two ghosts knew each other in life. Each also thought (wrongly) that the other had been the murderer. Lana and Tony are out to solve the twenty year old double homicide before Valentine's Day.

Mistletoe Medium by Elizabeth Delisi
Lottie is psychic. That fact has made life more than interesting for her. So when the time came for a change, she moved to Cheyenne. There she meets Harlan, the local law. Christmas is nearing and several robberies have been taking place. Even Lottie has had something stolen from her new home. She knows the visions she is getting has something to do with it all, but none of them make any sense.

Valentine's Inn by Chris Grover
Rianna does not want to sell the country inn that has been in her family for so long, but she knows nothing about running one. She has until Valentine's Day to decide whether to sell or not. She meets Josh while he is rescuing an abandoned kitten and he gives some great advice. Perhaps Rianna will fix the place up and reopen the inn after all.

Curse Of Osiris by Elaine Hopper
Alexis wears the mark of a curse, the Curse of Seth, the Millennium Prophecy. This means she is Seth's reincarnated betrothed, Nepththys. Ryan, the man who broke her heart three years ago, is sent to rescue her from the evil god. But can he do it?

The Ghosts Of Auld Lang Syne by Maureen McMahon
Stacey and Peter (characters from a previous novel from the author titled "Return Of The Gulls") were almost married once. But when college ended they went their separate ways. Holly, Stacey's long time friend, has inherited a house by a secluded lake. Rumor says the house is haunted by Clementine who disappeared decades before on a New Year's Eve. Stacey, Peter, and a few others are going to find out the truth of what happened all those years ago. They must do it quickly though, New Year's is only a few nights away.

Fate's Little Trick by Sheryl Hames Torres
Everything bad that had ever happened to Gemma was around Christmas. When she was in a car wreck, she lost her husband, her baby, and her hearing. However, she suddenly had the gift, or curse, of empathy. With a single touch, Gemma hears all the pain within others. So she avoids all human contact. Now she lives in the Smokey Mountains. When a little deaf girl (also with empathy) mentally asks for help from afar, Gemma tells her to come to her home for safety. The little girl is named Emily. Problem is that Gemma had no idea that the father was a man from her past.

***** An excellent set of stories from some great names in authors! There is a touch of the super natural in each story and each are situated around a holiday. Every single tale is a crafted work of art. Highly recommended! *****

For your convenience you may read more about or purchase this book in print or electronic, from Hard Shell by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Author: Karin Huxman
Title - Melodi's Tune
(Time Travel Romance)

Melodi Mason is a student of anthropology, history of Eastern Woodland Indian culture. Her best friend, Judy, asked her to housesit her family home on the shore of Lake Sebasticook, in Maine. Melodi expects to be secluded all winter and work on her doctoral dissertation in the home's guesthouse. It all changes when Melodi is lounging near the lake shore and hears a haunting tune, but no one is playing. Melodi has what she believes is a hallucination. Upon snapping out of it, a car pulls up at the main house.

Darien Stewart is the latest country music sensation. When a virus affects his throat, and the doctors warn his voice will be hoarse forever, he cancels his pending concerts and returns to his family's lake house. He had forgotten that his sister, Judy, had a friend living in the guesthouse. At first the two plan to avoid each other. She is busy with her dissertation in the guesthouse and his is composing music on the piano in the main house.

Things change again as the haunting tune begins to affect both Melodi and Darien. The tune sends them back thousands of years to a time when Melodi was known as Little Raccoon and Darien was known as Walks With The Wind. Together, they must right a wrong done to the village all those years ago.

***** An interesting mix of reincarnation and time travel phenomenons blend well in this romance adventure. So if you love historical romance, as well as, modern contemporary romance, here is both in one! Author Karin Huxman seems to get better with every book she publishes. I found this novel to be another winner for the crafty author! Keep your eye on this rising star! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from New Concepts Publishing by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Author: Cornelia Amiri
Title - Danger Is Sweet
(Historical Paranormal)

To save a beautiful assassin's life, Malcolm claims her for his handfast bride, but the wild Pict maid would rather be dead than wed to a Scot, especially the king she sought to kill's kinsman. Yet, Malcolm is far more than a mere man. Soon Bethoc finds that the sizzling crackle of passion between them is undeniable; but a secret threatens to either tear them apart or bind them forever. Malcolm tries to hide it, but when Bethoc's life is in jeopardy, he has little choice but to risk losing her love or losing her to death.

*** Journey back to a wilder Scotland, where the old and new faiths mingle freely and passion spans two worlds. Strong characters make this fantasy believeable and quick to read. ***

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Awe Struck by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore

Author: Various
Title - Once In A Blue Moon
(Anthology edited by Penny Hussey / June 2004)

An anthology with five paranormal stories for your enjoyment. Here are the titles with a brief synopsis of each:

LITTLE GARDEN OF THE MOON by Linda Bleser is the first story. Della and Albert knew their baby girl, Emily, would die. The doctors had given up all hope. In a last effort, Della used gypsy magic during a blue moon. Della bartered her soul to the moon goddess in exchange for Emily's life. The deal was accepted. According to legend, the child's life now belonged to the moon goddess. Three times the goddess would call, and three times the debt must be paid.

KATE'S MOON by Lynn Hanna is next. Kate was engaged to a man her sisters did not like. As a birthday present, her sisters gave Kate a ticket to Ireland - alone. Once there, Kate was in the midst of a blue moon festival, where Destiny and magic waited for her.

SANITARIUM by Patricia A. Rasey is third. Jake was tired of being a vampire. He wanted to be mortal again. Thus he chased the "Legend of the Blue Moon". But the older vampires did not want Jake to succeed, so they sent someone to stop him.

THE FACE OF DARK NESS by Lizzie Starr is fourth. Lucidea was psychic, but kept it quiet. When she touched bones, it was as if she knew the person. Thus, she was the best in her forensic field. She was sent to Scotland, for a special assignment against an ancient Elemental.

BY THE LIGHT OF A FULL BLUE MOON by Janet Lane Walters is fifth. Legends says that when one looks into the reflecting pool during the full moon, one will see the face of their true love. Should the seeker reject the vision, a life of lonely sadness will follow. A second chance is possible, if the seeker returns to the pool and gazes on the water when the moon is full and blue. So Thea was thrilled when Luke's face was shown to her, but a "friend" tore her chance at love apart. After years go by, Thea wants nothing more than a second chance.

***** All five stories are worthy of five star reviews! I stayed up late to watch gypsies, vampires, merfolk, and more. When tales are as riveting as these are, I just cannot wait to tell everyone I meet. Such is the case here. If you purchase this anthology, you WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! One of the best paranormal romance anthologies I have found yet. *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Novel Books Inc. by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Author: Karin Huxman
Title - The Talisman

Jaime Campbell had been having the most awful run of bad luck for the past two months. In an act of desperation, she went for a good luck charm. She had never believed in magic, but figured that it could not hurt. On the advice of her Wiccan friend, Maigret, Jaime went to The Broom Closet for her talisman.

Chad Penwarren had always believed himself to be complete. After meeting Jaime, however, he knew he was not. She was his other half. Problem was that she did not believe in magic.

When someone broke the rede and sent dark magic after Jaime, she had no choice but to believe. Chad had been creating a talisman for her. It was natural for Jaime to go to Chad for help...and Chad was more involved in it all than he had ever thought!

***** A charming tale, in more ways than one, with the soft touch of magic. The other made the characters seem real to me and I could see each person's point-of-view. Extremely well done! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from New Concepts Publishing by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Sarah Storme: title - Flight Of The Raven

Amanda Kerr had just gotten divorced and longed for some solitude. When a friend offered the use of a secluded cabin in Ten Mile Valley, Alaska, Amanda jumped at the opportunity. On a plane en route, Amanda met Robert Vincenti. Robert was headed to Anchorage for a short stay. They agreed to meet again at the cabin before they each left the state.

Amanda soon met a strange hermit who dwelled in a cave near the cabin. He was a vampire named Griffin. Amanda and Griffin spent time together telling stories. Their friendship would change the course of their lives forever.

**** Author Sarah Storme has brought an interesting twist to a vampire tale. Griffin's story does not make a vampire's life sound grand at all, but still extremely fascinating. A fast paced story that will make your afternoon speed by quickly! Wonderful. ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Echelon Press by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Rosemary Laurey & JC Wilder: title - Paradox
(Fantasy Romance)

Fly With A Dragon is by author Rosemary Laurey.

Myfanwy was the daughter of the village chieftain. She was staked out as a virginal sacrifice to The Dragon of Cader Bala. But dragons were not the monsters that humans believed.

The dragon's name was Arragh. Winning Myfanwy's trust, he took her away to live among his people and their magical world. She was the only hope for his people.

Heart Of A Raven is by author J.C. Wilder.

Dani had been used by her father as a slave for as long as she could remember. He even kept her leg shackled so she could not run away. All that changed when a blonde traveler won Dani from her father in a game of dice. Dani suddenly found herself living in the lap of luxury. Her rescuer had not been a simple man, but Haaken, an Overseer appointed by the Realm!

Haaken's family lived under a curse. For his entire life he had been searching for a woman with a birthmark resembling a raven's claw. Now that he had found her, he only had a short time to break the curse or he would be doomed.

***** Two incredible stories by two fabulous authors! Both are extremely erotic, so be forewarned. I found myself smiling all the way through the stories and more than a bit envious of the heroines, especially of Myfanwy.

This is not a book to read unless your mate is either home or due to be shortly! And parents best keep it out of the hands of their younger daughters. Mature audiences only. Very highly recommended for fans of erotica and fantasy romance novels! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from LTD Publishing by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Dominique Adair: title - Last Kiss

Set in present date. Elaine Nichols was dying. Barely into her forties and knowing already she would not see her next birthday. Instead of sulking, Elaine was determined to live what was left of her life to its fullest! With that thought in mind, she accepted an invitation to Prentice House. Dirk was well known for his scandaling parties there. The party would last all weekend. No one used last names. All wore masks. During that time the guests could live out any and all fantasies. The only rule was that "No" meant "No!" Elaine never expected to see him there because he was only a man from her dreams. He had been in her dreams for as long as she could remember.

Count Alexei Romanov knew that if he followed his friend, Dirk, he would eventually find her! Alexei had lost her before. But now he had found his love again, reincarnated. He had only to convince her of who she was, who he was, and they could spend all eternity together!

***** A hauntingly romantic gothic that lingers in the minds of its readers! This is NOT one to miss! Many will keep it on their shelf for future readings. On a side note, it is best read before bedtime for wonderful dreams! *****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from Elloras Cave Publishing by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Janet Lane Walters: title - Whispers Out Of Yesteryear

Willow Carey and her twin sister, Brooke, shared a mental bond. However, when Aunt Willow died, she left the house and land only to Willow. Brooke was furious! Even though the first born always received "Indian's Sorrow", Brooke felt it should have been divided between them or left only to her. It caused a rift between the sisters and Brooke closed off her bond. Once grown, Willow became a pediatric nurse. She moved away when she found out the man she had become serious with, Dr. Reid Talbot, was married! Brooke had become wild. No one ever knew where she was or with who. It all remained that way until the year 2000.

Willow had been having nightmares. In them, it was the year 1755. Willow Who Bends had been away from the camp when Dubois and his men kidnapped her twin sister, Willow By The Stream, and a few children. All the others had been slaughtered. Through their bond, Willow Who Bends knew everything that happened. She and her white lover, Hair Of Fire (a.k.a. Jonathan Reed) was able to find them, but too late to keep them from dying. Every time she woke up, Willow could never recall the nightmares.

When Willow's father and step-mother are killed in a car accident, Willow returned to Indian's Sorrow. Her half-sister and brother were both under the age of seven. Willow had been made their sole guardian. Reid Talbot was now a widow with two sons. The flames between Willow and Reid still blazed hot, though Willow still could not trust him. Worse, Brooke showed up with her abusive fiancé, Barry Dubois. He intended to take the children, the house, and the land away from Willow, no matter what!

**** As you can tell, a lot is going on! The author ties the past and present together to show that love will conquer all, including death and time. This is a book that readers will have a very difficult time putting down! The story has all the needed ingredients to make a winning tale. Full of romance, tension, betrayal, and danger! Especially recommended for those who love Gothics! Janet Lane Walters is one fabulous writer! ****

For your convenience you may read more about, or purchase this book, from DiskUs Publishing by clicking HERE!

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

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